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Lunabean's Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 2 - Some Like it Red Hot

Viewtiful Joe
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Episode 2 - Some Like it Red Hot

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Episode 2 - Some Like it Red Hot

You are now in a city scape environment. You'll be confronted by some Mummy Guys. Deal with them until they are gone. If you want to get some more V-Points you can go all the way to the left of where you started and you'll have a new set of enemies to kill. Otherwise, jump up onto the propeller platform and use your VFX Mach Speed to raise it up. You may have to do some holding down, letting go, holding down, letting go, action with your R-Trigger (Gamecube) or R1 (PS2) but, just get yourself up to the top, next to the green spew of water that is blocking your way. Once your get all the way up, double jump over the spew of sewer water. You don't need to land on it, just clear it.

On the other side you'll have to face a Cowboy Dude. VFX Slow, punch the bullet back at him. Kill him. Now, hop all the way up the various platforms/scaffolds collecting the V-Films on each level. When you get to the top double jump to the top of the green spew of water. See all of those V-Films to your right? They are in a diagonal descending line. Jump up and use your Red Hot Kick to get each and every one of them. If you do it right, you'll land on top of the traffic light.

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Some more Mummies will be below. Also, to your right you'll find an open man hole cover. You can go ahead and drop down there if you want but you can't do anything there yet. First, you have to go all the way to the right to face off in the third and final battle with Captain Blue.

Captain Blue and VFX Zoom

Another tough fight. This one also took me about a dozen tries. Anyway, my main strategy was to use the slide kick in VFX Slow mode and then tear into him with either a slow mode or mach speed alternating punch/kick. I'd also wait for him to try his Red Hot Kick (diagonal from the air kick) and then jump over it right before it hits you so that your are right behind him. Then, tear into him. You can also wait right outside the electricity attack and as soon as it is clear, slide kick your way into him. He has 3 full energy bars to his meter so it's all about patience and timing.

Once he is defeated you will never have to beat him again. You have earned the VFX Zoom Power. Using the yellow C-Stick Up then Down or the B Button (Gamecube) or the Left Analog stick Up then Down or the Circle Button (PS2) you can switch Zoom mode on and off. The advantage is that you do a ton of damage while in that mode and can pull off some pretty cool stunts. Especially if you have Slow mode turned on then go into Zoom mode. You'll start to see some one hit destruction of enemies. Anyway, it takes a little while to get used to so go ahead and beat up some enemies and get a grasp of all three of your powers. Remember, too, if you die you don't have to fight Captain Blue again, you can just drop down the man hole and continue from there.

Remember that man hole cover back to the left? Well head to it and drop down. Collect the V-Films and then go inbetween the two power couplings or whatever those two things are and go into Zoom mode. Hit your kick button and repeat. This will make it so that each power coupling is activated in unison. The door will open. Go through.

You are in the sewers. Hop down and make your way to the wooden crate. Use your Mach Speed to raise the crate, hop to the next one and then continue to your right. Go through the next door and take out the enemies and avoid the lasers by using your VFX Mach to run through the flow of water. Don't miss the V-Films between the lasers.

Go through the next door and it'll close behind you. You are now in a stone cylindar/well type area. Hop up to the propeller platform, but you may want to take care of those bats first. Use your Mach Speed to get to the top, avoiding the lasers and then hop to the finish flag to the left. Go through the door.

Ahh! Lots of bats and a few Mummies. Ignore them all and run to the left and you'll soon get to an electric panel with a cord and plug hanging down. Get near the plug and cord and use VFX Slow to activate it. Go through the door and take out the bats that followed you.


Oh great, another Joker. Here is my strategy for him. Keep jumping, following him. As you come down near him go into Slow mode. If you connect with either a punch or a kick immediately go into Zoom mode (while still in Slow mode) and hold down the Punch Button. This does the "VFX Slow + VFX Zoom + Holding down the Punch Button" attack and you can do some pretty heavy damage to him. The key is to go into Slow mode any time you see him glow pink...whether it's the bullets coming or the spin attack.

You'll also notice here the pink block in the background. If you're lucky, while in VFX Mach while attacking him (if you so choose), you'll be able to warp back there and open it. Once he is dead, go to the slot machine and use your Zoom and Slow to get the 3 "V"s and the 3 coins. Go to the left and you'll be spat out of the sewers and back up to the city streets.

Stay in the corner where you were placed and take out the enemies. Otherwise you'll have to deal with the oncoming cars too. Once you clear those 8 or so enemies, hop up onto the traffic light and double jump up for a Burger. Hop on over to the next traffic light, do the same, and then also go for the big pink box. There is an Extra Life in there. Continue on and you'll face some more baddies, including two pink ladies. They're not that tough. Just use your VFX powers and rock them.

Once they are gone you'll have to hop up onto the bus being driven by the black cat. Hehe. There is a Pink Box above you with a full meal in it (full health) so time your jump right and get it. Don't worry, a bus will come every 10 seconds or so. OK, now you have your full health, hop onto the bus and use your VFX Slow mode. This will cause the jets on the bus to ignite and you'll sail over the chasm. If you do fall into the water, just hop to the left until you get out.

Mini-Boss - 2 Attack Helicopters (rotten)

Remember that other helicopter you beat? Well, now you have to do it twice. Again, my advice is to Slow mode when the bullets come and kick them back at it if you can. Then, when the Mummies approach get them all together and dodge one of their attacks. Go into Slow mode and start upper cutting (Down + Punch) and kicking each one of them. They will all fly into the helicopter above causing mucho damage.

Also, if you want to do the full on frontal attack (I recommend it), you can go into VFX Slow, jump up into the helicopter, go into Zoom and then hold down the Punch button. This causes mucho damage. When the first helicopter is done you'll get a Full Meal (full health) so grab it. Then, the next helicopter comes out. Same thing as the first one. SAVE! End of the stage.

Break Time - The Hotel

Before we go on, I want you to power up. If you don't have 30,000 V-Points then play through the next level, earning V-Points and when you get to 30,000, die and then restart the stage and then power up. I want you to buy the "VFX Turbo Charger." This recharges your VFX meter twice as fast. It is much needed and makes life so much easier.

You start in the Hotel lobby. Take out the Cowboys, Ballerinas and Mummies. Once the room is clear jump up to the central chandelier and use your VFX Zoom with your Jump button to do a vertical spinning attack jump thus hitting the pink switch above the chandelier. This will lower the chandeliers on either side.

Jump up to each side balcony and punch each statue on either side and get the jewel and place it in the door below. If you use Mach Speed to break the statues you'll also get the Hamburgers in the boxes off in the distance. Also, don't forget the V-Films. You should now have enough for 2 additional segments of VFX meter. Go through the door and into the elevator.

You are in a hallway. There is a propeller platform above. Use VFX Slow to lower it, ride it up and punch/kick the chandelier to make it fall, thus giving you the Arrow Key.

Go into the room to your left and fight the Mummy Guys. Then, two Red Sword Guys (that is my official name for them) will come out. Just start beating on them using whatever combination of skills that you like. I prefer the Slow mode then into Zoom mode and then holding the Punch button. It tends to do a lot of damage quickly.

Once they're dead a stack of books will pop out. Just run over it and go by the bookcase. It'll cause the bookcase to move. Jump up onto the bookcase and use your Zoom + Jump to do a spinning attack jump in order to break through the ceiling.

You land in a bath room. Go out the door and fight the Cowboys. Try to keep them both on the same side to make life easier. Pick up the V-Films in this room then do a Ground Spinning Attack (Jump then Zoom Power) to break through the floor. You'll have to fight another Red Sword Guy on the level below (the red bedroom).

Exit out the door. You are now in the hallway. There is a spiked barrel off in the distance. It will slowly roll toward you. You have to beat the succession of enemies before it gets there. My strategy: Dodge an attack to get the enemy stunned then go into Slow mode then into Zoom mode. Hold down the Punch Button and you'll do a damaging punching attack. This is why I had you get the "VFX Turbo Charger" (if you don't have it yet, it's OK, just try to earn 30,000 and then buy it). When you're using as much VFX powers as I did it helps to have the meter recharge quickly. The succession of enemies is: Mummy Guys, Ballerinas, the Red Sword Guys. One of the Red Sword Guys has the key you need. Just keep doing the same attack and all will be well.

When you have defeated all of them go into the elevator on the left and you'll be going up. When you exit a bomb will drop. Kick it to the door on the right and use your VFX Slow make the explosion bigger and watch it blow open the door. Go through and you'll have some enemies to deal with like a Red Sword Guy some Mummies and my favorite, the Blue Football Helmet Mummies. Kill them all. Then, kick a bomb over by the next door to your right. Use Slow mode to blow it open. Go in and you'll have a Pink Lady with another key that you need. Battle her and then it's time for some precision kicking.

Using Bombs

In the room where the bombs pop out of the wall there is a door in the ceiling. You need to get through it. Line up Joe directly to the right of where the bombs pop out. As soon as you see a bomb flying toward you, go into VFX Slow. While still holding VFX Slow, while the bomb is still in the air, kick the bomb up towards the door in the ceiling. If you've timed it right, the bomb will explode near the door, thus opening it. You'll get a quick cut scene to confirm you blew it up. This is kind of tough and takes some practice with the timing.

Now, hop up through the hole in the ceiling and draw the various enemies down to where you just were. This way you don't have to fight them with the lasers around. When they are gone, hop up through the ceiling and go to your right, avoiding the lasers and picking up the V-Films. You should have enough for a 3rd additional VFX meter segment. You will see an unlit bomb. Punch it past the last laser and then use your Mach Speed to light it (by setting yourself on fire) then use your Slow mode to make it blow up the door. Go through the door and the key you earned from fighting the Pink Lady will be used on the next door.

Up another elevator and into the hall. Another spiked barrel. You have to dispose of the enemies before the barrel gets to you. Do it just like you did the last spiked barrel. A Cowboy will be your last enemy and he'll have an Arrow Key for you. Go through the door on the left, fight the Mummies and Ground Spin Attack the green button. This drops the stairs. Go up.


Collect the V-Films and the Hamburger then go to the left and a Joker will come out. By now, you shouldn't have any problem with him. Just go into Slow mode any time he turns pink. And hop around a lot to avoid him. Once he is disposed of, get your 3 "V"s and your Coins. The 3 "V"s will give you a set of books. Go over to the bookcase, it'll move, go through the door.

You're in another hallway. This one reads "40" on a plaque hanging off of the elevator. Go through the door on your right. There is a bathtub with V-Films in the shape of an arrow. Do a Ground Spin Attack on the tub.

You'll fall through. GET READY! because you're going to have a Pink Lady with a key come at you almost immediately. I just stayed in Slow mode and did combo after combo on her. After she is defeated you have to get back through the hole in the ceiling. Use the desk to your right to start your jump and then double jump up and out. Go through the door on your left. Up another elevator and Break Time!

Break Time

You're going to be facing a pretty nasty Boss soon, so if you have the money I recommend you get a "Take 2" and any extra "L.I.V."s that you can afford. I started this stage with 4 lives and a Take 2. If you have yet to buy the "VFX Turbo Charger," do so now.

Exit the elevator and you'll have a bomb and chandelier puzzle to figure out. There are 3 chandeliers of increasing height, a door on the upper right that you need to blast open and an unlit bomb. The top chandelier is lit so that is where the bomb's fuse will be ignited. Go into VFX Slow and upper-cut (Down + Punch) the bomb. This will get it to the first chandelier. Now, do the same to get it up to the second chandelier. At this point let me explain what we're going to do: Upper-cut the bomb again to the third chandelier and it'll be ignited. It's now a timing game to jump up there, give it a swift kick and then go into Slow mode to make it explode near the door. It took me about 3 tries before I got the timing right. When the door blows go through.

Boss Fight - Iron Ogre - Hulk Davidson

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This guy appears pretty nasty at first but the key here is simply to stay close to him. So, as soon as the fight starts I want to make sure that you have the "VFX Turbo Charger." If you don't, then keep fighting until you get 30,000, die, then power up and get back here.

OK, the fight starts. Get close to him so that he does the swinging ax attack with the 3 skulls. Go into Slow mode and hit Up to dodge the attack. Hold it long enough for him to swing under you. You can then release it as his backswing won't hurt you. Dodge his 3 skull attack 3 times and he'll bear down and charge you. Simply jump over him and he'll run into the wall, stunning himself briefly. Quickly, get right up behind him and do the Slow + Zoom + Hold the Punch Button attack. Keep doing this until you don't see any more damage coming off of his meter. At this point, jump out of the way. He will probably start with the fire bombs. If you catch on fire you can use your Mach Speed plus either kick or punch to put yourself out. Anyway, he may also charge again so be careful. If you do it right, he won't do anything but turn around and you can start the 3 skull attack process over again and continue to do damage to him that way.

If you do get too far away from him he'll throw his ax. Not cool and hard to avoid. There are also rockets that come out of his desk. Just be aware of them and kick/punch them back towards him.

The moral of the story, though, is stay close. If you stay close to him you'll be able to dodge his 3 skull attack 3 times, he'll charge, you do damage and repeat. He has 3 full energy meters so it'll probably take 5 - 7 rounds of doing what I recommend.

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