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Lunabean's Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 4 - The Viewtiful Escape

Viewtiful Joe
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Episode 4 - The Viewtiful Escape

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Episode 4 - The Viewtiful Escape
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Episode 4 - The Viewtiful Escape

Before you begin this episode you may want to do some powering up. Although the "Mach Speed Level 3" looks very tempting, I recommend you purchase the "Ukemi". Both are 30,000 each and it is a tough choice. If you have been using your VFX Mach a lot and you like that style of gameplay, then go ahead and get the "Mach Speed Level 3." However, if you're more like me and use the Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch move a lot and depend on holding VFX Slow to avoid many attacks, then "Ukemi" is the way to go. It makes it so that when you do get hit you can reduce damage by quickly going into VFX Zoom while you're still in the air after being hit. It'll take a little getting used to but it's a good upgrade. The next 30,000 you earn you can spend on "Mach Speed Level 3." Anyway, do what you will and get on with the game.

You are now on a submarine. Fight the never-ending stream of Mummy Guys (now in Sailor outfits...I love these guys) for as long as you want. You need to work your way to the right and don't forget about the V-Films. Watch out for the huge torpedos being launched. Take cover in the well-placed pits and let the torpedos fly over you. Remember, you can use VFX Mach to run faster inbetween the various pits. When you get far enough right, you'll be shown a "Floor Guide." You're location is the star. Go a little to the right and you'll see an arrow pointing to the right and one pointing up. You want to go up. But how?

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Look at the floor to the left of the "Floor Guide" map. See some light shining through? Well, do a Ground Spin Attack (Jump then Zoom) on that area. You'll break it open and get a remote control for a propeller platform. (Also keep an eye out for similar areas that you can break through, there's one in the ceiling that is hiding some V-Films). Backtrack to the left and bust open any section of the floor or ceiling with light shining through. Soon you'll see the platform. It'll start to follow you. The problem is that the torpedos will destroy the platform and you'll have to start over trying to get it to the right.

Using VFX Slow and the various hiding nooks aka pits, make it follow you to the right and make it fall into each pit with you so as to make it avoid the torpedos. Keep doing this as you make your way right, heading just to the right of the "Floor Guide" map.

The platform will automatically go into place once it's in the right location. You'll know this because you'll see it shift forward and the flashing lights on it will go out. Quickly hop on it and use your Mach Speed to make it go up. Once you're up you'll get a flag and be on to a new section.

You'll be faced with some Green Propeller Guys and some iron gates. Take out the first set of guys then, look through the next gate and make the propeller platform fall onto the red switch by using your Slow mode. Go under the gate. Clear out that Green Propeller Guy and go up using the propeller platform and then head to your right.

Mini-Boss - Big Yellow Mask Guy with Wheel

Go up to the ladder with the fence blocking the way up and do a Spin Jump Attack (Zoom plus Jump) to break through. Jump up then run up the ramps and you'll have to face Big Yellow Mask Guy with Wheel. Yes, BYMGwW is quite easy. All you have to do is attack him from behind. He has two attacks. If he pounds his chest, he'll roll up into a yellow ball and jump over you. Simply run under him. He'll be stunned and you can attack him from behind. If you see his arm reach back then he's about ready to punch you. Simply jump over him and land on his backside and then pound on him using Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch. Repeat this until he dies and you have the wheel.

Head left and up the stairs to the Bridge and the Wheel will go into place. This makes the sub turn up-side-down. This is a bit disorienting at first, but deal with it and back track. You'll soon get a Break Time. Save.

Break Time

When you start back up take out the pink electricity orb with a Boomerang (Hold Punch, Release - Use VFX Slow to make it more powerful), then use your Slow mode to pull down the propeller platform. Jump onto it and ride it up. This time to get through the iron gate you'll need to use your Mach Speed to make the platform hit the button on the ceiling. Wait for the platform to hover beneath the button and then use your Mach. Quickly jump over the lowered gate. Take out the next pink orb and then call down the propeller platform using your Slow mode and ride it up.

We are now back in the main hallway (torpedo tube) that we started in. However, because the ship is up-side-down the torpedos are no longer an issue. Head right. Pick up the V-Films and you'll soon get to the place where the torpedos originate.

To get by the first torpedo, use your Mach Speed to run all the way to the right and then you'll be safe on the platform there as you watch the torpedos load from down below. Jump down (Down + Jump) until you can cross the next torpedo, this time VFX Maching to the left. Now use the same Down Jump to get to the bottom. VFX Mach to the right, crossing the final torpedo.

Here we have some Mummy Sailors to deal with. There is a pink box with a Red Bottle (infinite VFX Power for a limited time) in the background. Use VFX Mach and Hold Punch on the Mummies to break it open. Work your way right. You will now have a series of spinning gears to deal with. Jump up into the obstacle course of sorts and use your Slow mode to look at the gear on the right. You'll notice a "Stop" is written on the gears and is marked yellow. Punch/Kick the gear when it comes around and the gear will stop. How nice. Do this in progression but be aware that there is yellow mask guy who will be chucking stuff at you.

When you stop the final ground-level gear go over it and beat up on the Yellow Mask Guy. Make sure you're behind him and simply use Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch to wail on him. If you got that Red Bottle I mentioned a second ago, it makes life much easier as you can stay in VFX Slow the whole time. When you kill him the next door will open and you'll get an arrow going down.

Drop down. It's a soft landing as this is a wind tunnel. Head left and then drop down again. Go right and you'll face 2 Green Propeller Guys and another Yellow Mask Guy. Wait for the YMG to do his yellow spin attack, go under it, then beat on him from behind or just wail on him.

To the right you'll see the two orb meter things that you need to get in the middle of and do a Zoom plus Kick so that they light up simultaneously. Just a note: when I was playing (Gamecube version), right after I beat the YMG the game wouldn't allow me to jump. It was weird. I don't know if my button was on the fritz. But, anyway, I just went up to the left orb meter thingy and started punching it. That cured my problem.

Blue Light Puzzle

Once the two orb meter things are lit the floor of fans will activate. You'll get a short cut scene of the blue and red glowing rocks/lights/things that are above you in the various columns. Pay attention to what it shows you. It'll show you 3 Blue ones. Remember where they are. You have to jump up and punch the correct ones in order to advance. To jump up there, use the fans to your advantage and hold the jump button down to get higher. If you fail, just activate the orb meter again and it'll show you 3 new ones. Pay attention this time! When you succeed, the torpedos will have stopped.

Backtrack past the Stopped gears and you'll have to face a few Red Sword Guys and continue backtracking...you're heading back to the Bridge where you placed the steering wheel. Along the way fight the various enemies. Go by the iron gates by using your VFX Mach on the platform and the ceiling button, fall down, and make your way back to where you placed the Steering Wheel. Jump up and kick/punch it. This will cause the sub to turn right-side-up again. There is a full meal and some V-Films to the left of the steering wheel.

Again, make your way back to the main torpedo tunnel. If you take a look at the "Floor Guide" you'll see that you need to get down to the Engine Room, so head right. When you can't go right any further, jump up the various platforms and go past the Stopped Gears from earlier. Ignore an YMGs along the way. They're not worth fighting. After the gears you'll see another "Floor Guide" telling you to go down from there. Drop down. Break Time.

Boss Fight - Another Joe

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Before we fight this boss I want you to buy "Viewtiful Forever." If you don't have enough money, fight until youdo. And, then later, after you get a really good grasp on how to defeat this guy but you just need that extra lift, buy a "Take 2."

OK, not a fun fight. This one took me the better part of an afternoon and the following morning. Overall, you want to try to stay close to him. If you're near him you'll get a skull attack. Dodge it then rip into him with the Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch. You'll get 5 shots in on him and then he'll do a whirly kick. Keep holding Slow so that you avoid his whirly kick. You'll probably be back to regular Joe but still, follow him. If you can stay near him he'll keep doing that attack and you can continually whomp on him.

If you do get separated from him a little he has two main attacks: 1) He makes clones of himself appear either around you or around him in a circular pattern. These guys are nasty. You can't even dodge them in Slow mode. So, wait for them to whirl and as soon as you see them turn solid red, Zoom and Kick. This will do the spinny kick. This should take out most of them as they come flying at you, but, no promises. They're real jerks. 2) He makes clones of himself appear on the platforms. If you have time, punch/kick as many as you can right after they appear. This will lessen the load when they all start darting after you. If you happen to find the real Joe when you're hitting them just keep whomping on him and the others guys may disappear. Otherwise, the clones will come at you like the circular guys. As soon as you see one of them start coming, do your Zoom and Kick to foil them. If you run out of VFX meter while you're doing the spinny kick then hop around like mad and hope that they don't get you.

In addition to all of that, there is a ship flying above that is dropping bombs or shooting pink bullets at you. The bombs can actually be helpful. If you have a screenful of clones, line up a bomb so that it will hit you. Go into Slow mode and avoid it. Then, right as you're dodging it, Zoom in. Presto. You have activated the "Viewtiful Forever." This will clear the screen of enemies. Fairly useful. When the spaceship is shooting pink bullets at you don't Slow mode. The bullets will get bigger and will hurt you. Also, if you can get it, beat up the ship itself. It'll give you a Hamburger.

Back to beating Another Joe himself...well, he'll get in a pattern where he'll want to make clones. You'll hear a high-pitched squeal and Another Joe will turn black and light will emit from him. At this point, right before the clones comes out, he's vulnerable. I finally had success by getting to him right as he was doing this, whomping on him, then, following him as fast as I could to interrupt the next clone making attempt.

Also, if you have purchased, "Ukemi," make full use of it if you do take a hit. Just Zoom right after you get hit to make a slick recovery.

Seriously, this fight took me about 15 cycles of 3 lives each. When I finally did do it I think it was more luck than skill. Just hang in there. The clones are a real pain. Sometimes it's just better to put the game down for a while and come back to it later. I feel your pain.

WARNING (Gamecube verion). If you die in this part before you get out you will have to fight Another Joe again. I learned this the hard way! I am so mad!! You have plenty of time so don't worry, take your time.

Anyway, the Submarine is now vertical. You have to get out of there. Go to the right and hop up the Stopped Gears from earlier. Then, make your way up the platforms. You'll get to a point where there are torpedos blocking your way to the left. Use the good ol' Slow mode + Upper-cut to send them up then Mach Speed to run under them. Jump up the platforms next to the torpedo and get on top of it. Remember the Rocket Bus from a few episodes ago? Well, make sure you have a full VFX meter and hold down Slow mode. This will ignite the rocket and you'll be off.

You just have to hop up past the lasers (where I died). Take your time! Watch the pattern of the lasers and decide if you can do a double or single jump as you go up. And, be aware that when you land on a few of the platforms you need to duck in order to avoid the laser before you next jump. When you get to the top just do a double jump and episdoe over! Save.

***Alternative Strategy for Another Joe by Ryan...a guy who used my guide***

First things first...don't move or run around the board alot (except maybe to get the v-films). In the beginning I stayed on the side with the big fan. I let the boss make his clones. I'd wait until they looked like they were going to start to surround me then I'd do a double jump and go into slow-mo mode, zoom in, then do the spin kick continuosly until the clones were gone. Then I'd just sit and wait until the boss made his clones and they started to surround me again and I'd repeat the above. I did this until the boss' meter was in the orange/red stage then I went to the other side of the board. On the other side of the board there are three platforms. I stood on the highest one and repeated the process I explained above. Only now the boss is creating a ton of clones but my vfx meter seemed to be the perfect length to kill all the clones and hit the real boss a few times before the vfx meter ran out. It seems that when you kill a clone it takes away from the boss' energy meter. So the more clones you kill the faster the boss dies. Thats it really...wait till the clones look like there going to surround you double jump, slow-mo, zoom and do the spin kick continuosly until the clones are gone. Sit...wait...let your vfx meter rejuvinate and do it over and over again until it's all over. It took about 5 minutes to complete.

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