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Lunabean's Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 5 - The Midnight Thunderboy

Viewtiful Joe
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Episode 5 - The Midnight Thunderboy

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Episode 5 - The Midnight Thunderboy
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Episode 5 - The Midnight Thunderboy

If you have the money, you may want to upgrade your "Life" meter. You want about 8 or 9 hearts going into this episode.

Start off by going to the right. Watch out for the land mines. You can Mach Speed by them if you'd like. Anyway, when you are by them a Tank will come out and you'll be trapped by two fire water spews. To defeat the tank hit it's bullet back and also hit enemies into it. Do this in Slow mode for the most damage. You can also launch Mummy after Mummy at it. When the tank is gone, you can go back to the left, past where you began and fight 2 Yellow Mask Guys for an extra life and a full meal, but, don't worry about it. Keep heading right.

Now you have to beat a Harrier Jet. How rude! See the Pink box and the construction saw horses on either side of the man hole cover? Well, if you stay to the right of the man hole then you'll have to deal with Black Ninja Guys in addition to the Harrier Jet. If you stay to the left of the man hole cover, basically directly under the pink box, then you'll only have to deal with the Harrier. That's my advice. Now, to beat it. Each time it makes a run at you, go into Slow mode, jump and then Zoom. Starting punching. You want to be punching just below the nose of the Jet so not only are you doing damage by punching it but you'll be hitting back some bullets that it is shooting out. Also, if you're right below the nose you won't be carried by the Jet but just fall when your VFX meter runs out. Repeat. When it fires the rockets, just hit them back...you know how that's done. So basically, stay in the Pink Box area and take on the Harrier head on. The Harrier will drop an Arrow Key. Grab it and bring it to the manhole cover.

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This looks familiar, doesn't it? Well, you have 2 more orb meter things to deal with. This time, to light them simultaneously you need to do a Spinning Ground Attack (Jump then Zoom). The door on your right will open. Hop down and be very aware of the lava. In order to get across the lava pool first, from a safe area, use your Mach Speed to raise the level of the lava. Remember, if you catch on fire you can use your Mach Speed plus Punch/Kick to put yourself out. Then, you have to Slow mode so that the drops of water get big and they'll make temporary platforms for you to go across. When you get across go through the next door.

Hop across the platforms. Be careful. When you get to the far right, use the propeller platform to go up. Be careful of the things shooting lava from the side, though. When you get up and hop to the platform to the right you'll have to make a blind double jump to the next platform to the right. This will be the end of this section and you'll have to fight 2 Pink Ladies.

From the flag, use Slow mode to lower the next platform. It'll stop at the top of the V-Film arrow. Double jump onto it. Use VFX Mach and let it take you to the top. Here you'll find 4 Pink Boxes: 1 life, a full health, and 2 big V-Films. Get back on the platform and go down to the lowest point the platform will go using VFX Slow.

Make another blind double jump to your right. If you're lucky, you'll land on the next platform and snag some V-Films, if not, you'll fall down into the lava below like I did. Don't panic. Just go into slow mode and it'll lower the platform you should've landed on and jump up to it. Or, in Slow mode, the water drops will solidify for you so just jump onto them and don't forget to VFX Mach + Punch/Kick to stop burning from the fire. Make your way right. When you get through the next door, Joker.


OK, by this time the Joker shouldn't give you too much trouble. Just follow him and lay into him with the Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch.

So how do you get out of here? Go ahead and use the Slot Machine Get your "V"s, your Hamburger and your Coins as usual. Next, line up the Bombs in the slot machine. Stay on the right side of the slot machine. When they pop out, kick/punch one into the far right tunnel/pipe and then hop onto the Slot Machine and hold down Slow mode. You'll be shot out of there like a canon and you'll be back to the streets.

Work your way up to the right. Take out the bomb machines by going behind them and laying into them. Take out the rest of the normal enemies. Then you'll have two Yellow Mask Guys. You know what to do. After that...Oh dear god, here is another Harrier Jet.

Harrier Jet

This time, however, I can't spare you from having the Black Ninjas around while you fight. But, the premise is the same as the last one. When you hear the guns a'blazin' jump up go into Slow mode, Zoom, and starting punching. You should have 2 additional VFX segments by now so you can stay up there pretty long as you just wait for the Harrier Jet to come at you. When you are about to run out of VFX do a Spinning Ground Attack so as to disturb anyone below you. Repeat. Remember to hit back the rockets when they come and that the rockets do a ton of damage when you're in Slow mode. It's not a nice fight, so good luck.

Your greatest asset here is the ability to punch back the missile and make sure that when they hit you have VFX Slow active. When you've defeated the Harrier, move right.


Oh great, another Tank. You know how to beat it. Just stun a Mummy guy and hit it into the tank while also hitting back the bullets.

Harrier Jet #2

Really? Another one of these! You have got to be kidding me! Well, at least this time you have a mix of Mummy Guys. The advantage here is that you can easily stun the normal mummies, then, upper-cut them into the Harrier above (all in Slow mode) to do some major damage. Take that while you can as some Black Ninjas will soon come out. Just avoid them while you do the same technique as before on the Harrier.

Once the Harrier is defeated you'll have a train coming at you. Get off to the side. One train will come after another, just Slow mode and double jump on top of it. Finally, Break Time!

Break Time

Upgrade as you see fit. It's definitely worth spending the 20 or 30,000 on the good upgrades. You should have Mach Speed maxed out, Viewtiful Forever, Ukemi, VFX Turbo Charger and around 10 hearts in your meter.

Oh no! The train is out of control. You need to activate the emergency brakes. You're timed! Don't worry too much about the time factor. You should have plenty of it. Drop down and fight the Mummies. Work left and you'll soon get a full meal (yay!) and you'll get to a pink box with a Red Bottle in it. Infinite VFX meter. Cool. Start whomping on the enemies. Two Pink Ladies will come out. Defeat them, get the Arrow Key and hop up onto the crate and go through the now open ceiling.

Go left, punching through the gate. Go to the upper left until you get to a Safe. Break it open and you'll find the Arrow Key that you need. Fight off the Black Ninjas. Be careful as some are now carrying weapons. To the far left will be two Yellow Mask Guys. Not cool. If you don't want to deal with them just Slow mode jump by them and jump up toward the ceiling above them and the Arrow Key will open it. In fact, to get through this part you may just want to avoid all enemies and just go for the Arrow Key and then use it without killing anybody.

Go down into the next train car. If you stay on the upper level you'll reach a safe with a Red Bottle in it. You know what to do. Go back down to the ground level and go left. You'll have a Yellow Mask Guy that has the Arrow Key you need. Defeat him (hit him from behind) and go out the ceiling.

You are now outside of the train, go left collecting V-Films. You'll have 2 Elite Red Sword Guys come out you. Take them out. See the red switch? Step on it to activate the brakes! You have to stay on it until the train comes to a stop. Phew! Break Time!

Boss Fight - Alastor - The Midnight Thunderboy

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The strategy here is to think of the stopped train car (it's the thing that you can jump up on...it kinda looks like a block of stone but it's the train car you just came in on) as your central point: The point where you need to make sure that you're always near. On either side of the train car is a fountain. Get familiar with your surroundings.

Right at the beginning of the fight Alastor will come charging in on you. Just double jump to start and make sure to land a little to the right and then get a few good Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch in on him. Next, head to the top of the train car that I've been speaking so much about. From here, if you can jump up and hit him, do so. He's always vulnerable when he's in the air, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, he'll either come in for an attack like a ground pound with electricity, or he'll start his purple beam attack, or he'll energize the surrounding rotating stones.

If he ground pounds with electricity just double jump and Slow mode and when it's over whale on him. If it's the purple beam attack well, he sends out a preliminary beam quickly followed by the real beam. So, when you see the preliminary beam, just jump and avoid the real beam. That's easy. If it's the energizing of the surrounding stones well, from on top of the train you have the height to simply hop over these rotating menaces. See, that's why I spoke so much of the train. Anyway, the rotten part is that as you're concentrating on hopping over the stones he's shooting swords at you; swords that behave in the same way as the homing rockets that come out of the Harrier Jet and the Attack Helicopter. You know what to do. Go into Slow mode and kick/punch them back. This will cause the swords to go at him doing him some damage.

If you do all of the above and avoid his attacks he'll periodically go down to the ground. At this point go down to whichever side he is on and pummel him. Usually you can get him with 2 solid Slow + Zoom + Hold Punches. This will make him fall to the ground. Go up and do the same. If you end up punching him into the lava be aware that he will quickly reappear in the fountain nearest to you and he'll be stunned. This is great time to lay into him. Also be aware that you can punch through the stone of the fountain. In other words you don't have to land the perfect jump right into the fountain when he is stunned in order to attack him. Usually you can run right up to the wall of the fountain and just punch/kick him through it.

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