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Lunabean's Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 7 - Joe and Silvia

Viewtiful Joe
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Episode 7 - Joe and Silvia

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Episode 1 - Joe the Hero
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Episode 7 - Joe and Silvia
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Episode 7 - Joe and Silvia

Your goal in this room is to activate the three pressure sensitive buttons to unlock the door. Meanwhile, you'll have an almost endless stream of enemies if you want to earn lots of V-Points. Yep, by the time I got through I had earned over 100,000 V-Points.

Anyway, once you feel you have enough money, you need to activate each of the three switches by doing a Spinning Ground attack with a Slow Mode thrown in right at the end so as to make it powerful.

The key here is to get up as high as you can above each of the switches using the platforms or moving platforms. Then, double jump and do a Ground Spinning Attack (Jump + Zoom) directly above a switch. Right before you are to make impact with the switch go into VFX Slow. This will be enough to activate the switch. Once all three switches are activated...move on.

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In this next room, you'll have 2 cyber tanks. Don't worry, they're the same as regular tanks. Just Slow mode and hit the bullet back. However, this time you have some Black Ninjas to deal with. I hate these guys. For the most part I just ignored them. Be aware that above you there are some V-Films and Full Healths. When you defeat the tanks move on.

Up next is a cylinder room where you have to fight two (maybe 3) Metallic Leos. Make sure to grab all of the V-Films and to go all the way to the top where there are 4 Pink Boxes (3 on the ground, one above with an Extra Life in it - Gamecube version) with goodies in them. To defeat each Leo just dodge the attack, break the shield, dodge 5 consecutive spinning attacks and then pound on him. It took me 7 Slow + Zoom + Hold Punches to defeat him and you can get all 7 in on one try. If you fail on one try, just repeat. The next door will open.

If you go down into the pit and you can't figure out how to get out, use VFX Slow to lower a propeller platform.

Break Time

SAVE! Again, buy as many extra Life Meter Hearts as you can. At this point I have 12. In this next section you will be on a moving platform. Grab as many V-Films as you can along the way while beating up on the progressively harder enemies. Then, at the end is a Joker. Just keep pounding on the Joker. You shouldn't have much of a problem with him. The most annoying part is the fire shooter and the laser beam. Once the Joker is defeated, hop up on top of the fire shooter and use your Mach Speed on the slot machine to get your 3 "V"s. Go through the next door.

In this room you have to punch rockets at the ships out in space. You'll see the countdown of how many you have to destroy, nine of them, in the bottom right of your screen. First, though, take care of the Yellow Mask Guys. They will periodically reappear during the fight, so take them out as they come along. What you need to do is hop up on one of the 3 rocket launcher pads and in Slow mode, punch the rocket. This will cause it to head toward one of the ships. Right before impact, make sure that you have your Slow mode on as the rocket will do much more damage like that. Simply hop over the lasers to avoid them.

In the next room are 3 metallic Leos. You know how to beat them. If for some reason one of them doesn't do a spinning attack but instead shoots blue fire balls at you then simply duck under the blue fire balls and then punch him in the face. Repeat. Once all three are killed, move on.

You will now have to fight a series of timed battles. The first set should be no problem. In the second one you have to fight a bunch of Black Ninjas and then there are 2 left. How do you make them come out. Time is ticking away. Grr! Well, you have to hop all the way to the top and 2 Elite Sword Guys will come out. Kill them. This is the general rule for the rest of the guys. If you don't see or can't find your enemies, just hop around until they come out. I didn't have any big problems until I got to the double metallic Leos on the level right before the Final Boss for this Episode. Anyway, I recommend fighting the metallic Leos on the ground level either all the way to the right or all the way to the left. This way you can fight one Leo at a time without the other one harming you. Break Time!

Boss Fight - The Omnipotent - King Blue

I recommend buying a Take 2 before you start and if you haven't increased your Health Meter to at least 10 I would do that now or earn money until you can afford it.

Hey neat. You're on the Earth and you can make it spin. You're also some sort of crazy Voltron of a Viewtiful Joe now. Pretty cool. This Boss isn't too hard, especially since I'll tell you exactly what to do. First, you can only attack him while he is in the foreground.

Right from the start you'll see him swing into the foreground. Jump up into the air and start whaling on him with the good ol' Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch. Do this until your meter almost runs out (I have all but one segment filled up) or you see him start to turn blue (you'll get the timing of how long you can hit him at a time after you've been shocked a few times). Then, simply drop down to the Earth and duck. He'll throw out at least a vertical lightning attack that is easily avoided if you don't move. I've told you to duck as well because sometimes he throws a curve ball and does a horizontal lightning strike also. Ducking makes you prepared for that. Right after that you'll start to hear and hopefully see a little radio tower come out of the ground. It will launch missiles. But, before you go over to it to destroy it you're going to get attacked by lightning again. However, this time as soon as you see a lightning strike, run towards it (don't run into it). That way you'll know that the next strike that rapidly comes down won't hit you. Whether or not you avoided that attack (I was about 50/50 on it) immediately go up to the radio tower and start beating on it with Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch. It'll blow up but the first round of rockets that it sent out will now be coming at you. Stay in slow and punch/dodge them...just don't forget about them. Now, there may be one more normal lightning attack where you just stay still to avoid it. OK, finally, we can attack King Blue again. He'll swing into the foreground while launching the Tie Fighter looking things (the triangles if you will). At this point, jump up and float down and start whomping on him. Be sure to stay above the level of the oncoming Tie Fighter things or they'll interfere with your attack as you automatically dodge them. Again, keep beating on him until he's just about ready to turn blue and launch the lightning attack and then simply drop down to the Earth and duck and repeat the process until he is dead.

True, sometimes he will vary the order of the attacks but the above should get you through. Oh, and watch out for that laser. It can be a real pain. Nothing that you can really do, just try and avoid it the best that you can.

Boss Fight - Captain Blue

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OK, so one after the other. If you lose all of your lives here, you'll have to start all over again with King Blue so, if you can afford it, I recommend getting some extra lives after you die. Because, oh yes, you will die. Mwahahahahaha.

Actually, Captain Blue isn't that hard and it's a nice change of pace to do some "freestyle" fighting rather than going through the machinations of previous bosses. For Captain Blue I liked doing the Slide Kick to stun him and then go at him with the Slow + Zoom + Hold Punch. Be agressive. When he does his lighting there's really not much that you can do. Often you'll be trapped between two bolts or a bolt and the side of the screen. I tended to go into Slow and then Double Jumped to avoid as much damage as I could. On the way down I'd do a Spinning Ground Pound just in case he was below me. Otherwise, just avoid his Red Hot Kick and quickly attack him. I really don't have that much more advice for him as it's really up to your own fighting style to take him out. His energy bar isn't that big so it shouldn't take too long. When you defeat him, game over!!

You have unlocked "V-Rated Mode" and you can now play as Silvia. If you're playing on the PS2, you can now play as Dante from "Devil May Cry".

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