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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
2. The Beach and Brooklyn


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2. The Beach and Brooklyn

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
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(US and International)

2. The Beach and Brooklyn

Brighton Beach

Pay attention to the scenes leading up to this first level. It seems there's been a Kennedy-esque assassination, complete with a Bobby Kennedy character vowing to complete his now slain brother's work. There has also been talk of the removal of a "Number XIII". You wake up on the beach with the help of a Baywatch babe.

Follow Ms. Babe along the beach to the truck. If you want to invert your Y-axis (I always do) go ahead and go into the "Controls" section of the Start Menu and do so now. In the middle of your walk you'll be hit with a flashback. This will be your first of many throughout the game. It seems you were ambushed on a boat and you were forced to jump off...putting you where you are now. OK then. Continue to follow Ms. Babe to the first aid station. You will pass out and wake up in the station. A checkpoint will be reached here.

Escape from the First Aid Post
Upon waking up, the lifeguard will tell you she found a Key to Winslow Bank, and then she'll be toasted by some men outside. You automatically get up and are given a Throwing Knife. Here is where the action begins. First move forward and right to the First Aid Station just beyond the door. Open it up by pressing your "Action" button, then grab the MedKitkit inside. Use the MedKitkit, select it by scrolling through your inventory, then hit "Action" again. You can also regain your health quickly by using your "Quick Heal" button. Pass through the door next to the First Aid Station, and work your way back to the back porch. Here you will meet your first enemy. Use your "Next Weapon" button to select the throwing knife, aim it at the bad guy's head and toss it with "Fire". If you get him in the head, one hit will do the job. Collect his 44 Special and equip it. There's ammo on a bench outside. Grab it and go back into the first aid station.

Once you pass through the door, notice the white square around something on the desk to your left. Pay attention to the white squares in this game, as they always point out something important. This time the important thing is the Cahute Key. Once you have this, go back to the front of the first aid station. There will be a man outside of the front door. Shoot him, then hit "Action" twice to open the door with your Key.

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Now that you have escaped, pick up the Kalash the man outside was shooting you with and arm it. There will be ammo for it on the two crates in front of you. A couple of men will be shooting at you from the right. Kill them and pick up the dropped 9mm Pistol. Also notice at the far end of the Luncheonette there's another First Aid Box. Open it up for a Full MedKitKit Pack. Once you have them out, continue forward along the dock, killing anyone who gets in your way. Pay attention to the top of the cliff on your right as a number of enemies will appear here. Wait for the crosshair to get some red on its tips to know you have the enemy in line for some damage.

Along the way you'll have to jump some crates...easy enough. Once your down at the boats, keep your eye out for the third one, which will be yellow. Run to it and kill the man the chopper drops off. Jump onto the yellow boat and pick up the MedKit Pack behind the wheel. Once you have this, continue down the main dock to the end.

Leave the Beach Using the Killer's Pick-Up Truck
The pick up truck is in front of you. The man with the key will pop out from behind the small building to your right. Kill him and collect the Key. Walk over to the driver's side of the truck and use the key to open it up.

The Bank - Brooklyn

Access the Strongroom
Move forward into the bank. A man to your left will call out the name "Mr. Rowland". Walk over to him and the key he asks for will automatically be given to him. Follow him over to the security door, and pass through. Continue following him to the large safe that is opened for you. Enter and the door will close behind you.

You find yourself in a huge vault with a number of safe deposit boxes. Run all of the way to the far end and look left. You should see a white square surrounding one of the boxes. Approach it and open the box with your key. Inside you'll find a briefcase strapped to a bomb. Pick up the briefcase. Of course, this makes the timer start ticking. Move back and prepare for a flashback. The flashback reveals that you were, in fact, the one who set this bomb. You fell into your own trap. Ah well. Now you must escape from the bank.

Escape from the Bank
Move through the hole created by the bomb, and move along the pipes until you get to a narrow passage on your right. Take it, climb the ladder, then crouch so you can move through the vents. At the end of the vent is a grate. Punch through it with your "Fire" button. Drop down into the next room and you will have reached a checkpoint.

Move around the right corner slowly and quietly. Approach the man in front of you from behind. Wait for the red hand to appear, then use your "Fire" button to Karate chop him in the back. This takes him down, but doesn't kill him, which is what we are going for here. He'll drop his 44 Special. Pick it up, but remember, no killing of the bank staff.

Work your way up the stairs, through the door and again, up the stairs. You will eventually see a chair highlighted. The game is showing you that chairs and similar objects can be used as non-lethal weapons. So, pick up the chair with "Action", then walk up to the guard at the top of the stairs, and smash him over the head with it with "Fire".

Now you're on a balcony area. Work your way around left and you'll run into another guard. Grab another chair and smash him over the head with it. Continue moving around. Notice the doors along the way are locked. Before running into the third guard, notice the white square on the desk. I don't know what this item is...perhaps an ashtray? Anyway, it, too can be used to knock down the enemy. So, pick it up and use it on the oncoming guard.

Once you've taken out the guards on the balcony, make your way to the unlocked "Director's" door at the very end. Enter it and watch the action through the glass. Notice the guard leaves the room to the right. Grab a chair and watch the locked door to your right. The guard will pass through it. Watch as his "Tap, taps" approach, then smack him with the chair when he unlocks the door. Enter the newly opened room and pick up the MedKitKit on the shelf just beyond the computer, then move into the next room, then across and into the library. You have a couple of guards here to take out. Hide behind the bookshelves with chairs or ashtrays in hand, then watch their "Tap, taps". Wait for them to pass, then smack them from behind with your weapon of choice. At the far end of the library is a desk with a MedKitKit on top of it. Grab it and jump onto the desk, as, in order to move on, you need to smash through the grate beyond the desk, and through the vents. Do so, then pop out of the next vent and into the hallway. Here you have a checkpoint.

Move forward down the hall toward the woman at the end. She wants you to take a hostage. She will be the hostage. In addition to the normal red hand you'll see at her back, there will also be an image of a hand sneaking up behind a neck. This means you can use your "Action" button to take the person hostage. Do so with this woman, then grab the Magnetic Card on the corner of the table. Walk over to the door and swipe your Magnetic Card to open the door. Be sure to pull out your gun at this point, too, as it will prevent the guards outside from shooting at you. Walk out with your hostage in one hand and your gun in another, and face the guards to your left as you actually move backwards around and to your right. Continue backing around the corner until your see a white box appear on your left. When you do, use your Magnetic Card on it to open the elevator. Once inside, hit the button to your right and drop your hostage with your action button.

On this next floor you will find that some bad guys have infiltrated the building and are killing the security guards. It's finally time to use your gun. Make your way around to the left and kill the enemies as you go. Along the long part of the hallway on the opposite side, watch the doors and enemies will pop out from behind them. Enter the left door. There's a dead security guard on the ground. Pick up his Shotgun and arm it. In the same room there's a MedKitkit on a desk. Pick it up then kill any men attacking you from the room to the right. Exit back out to the balcony area and pass through the now opened door that's actually on the balcony area, kill any attackers, then move through the double doors. Make a quick right and move down the hall and outside. There will be a man on the catwalk in front and on top of you. Kill him, then make your way down the stairs and ladder of the catwalk you are on, all of the way to the ground. Here you will be placed under arrest.

Do not Kill the Bank Staff
If you kill any of the bank staff the game will end.

Under Arrest - Brooklyn

Do Not Kill the FBI Agents
Just like the bank staff, if you kill any FBI Agents, your game will be over.

Rejoin the Soldier on the Rooftops
The level starts off with proof that you were the one who killed Sheridan. Not so lucky. Then, an explosion happens the men leave the room and someone from behind a grate shoots you free from your handcuffs. Lucky. Walk over to the grate and speak to her. She says she'll meet you on the roof. You remember her as the girl from your flashback at the bank. Trust her. Move down to the lower level and walk over to the door. You will automatically pick up the Document. Open up the door and you will have reached a checkpoint.

Move quickly across the hall to the dark area on the right. Don't let the guards to your left see you. Smash open the grate found over here and crawl through the vent. Smash through the next grate and enter the room. Quickly pick up the chair by the door and wait for the FBI Agent to enter. Smack him from behind with the chair, then close the door. While in this room, open up the closet doors. In the middle closet you will find a 9mm Pistol, some Ammo, Health and some bottles (used to knock people out). Grab everything but the bottles and open the door. Pick up the chair across the way so you can pass through the door it's blocking. Inside is a small server. Behind it is a Full MedKitkit. Pick it up, then exit out, still with the chair in hand. Go left and around the corner. Smash the FBI Agent over the head with your chair, pick up the ammo he has on him, then pick up a chair and move through the door. Take down the FBI Agent in this room, then destroy the boxes blocking the grate.

Enter the vents, then exit out and pass through the vents directly across the hall. Make your way to the right and to the far end. You should see an FBI Agent with his back to you. Break open the grate (he doesn't notice), then exit out and quickly pick up a chair. Use it to knock the FBI Agent down. The FBI Agent was facing a now opened door. Grab another chair and walk across to it. You will meet another FBI guy. Use the chair on him then enter the room. Punch the bag if you want, then pull out your gun. Open up the door across the room and in front of you should be an open room with a bad guy shooting at you. Shoot him back and take him out. Another man will pop out of the opposite door. Kill him then move through the door. An FBI Agent will run past you. Leave him alone, but take out the man following him. Move right, then into the room to your left. Open up the left closet to pick up a MedKitkit, then exit out the door from which you entered. Turn left and move around the corner. There's a blown out section of wall here with some stairs leading up. Take them. At the top you will have reached a checkpoint.

Open the doors and move left. You'll hear some bad guys saying "It's him". They are beyond the open door on the opposite side of the room. Kill them, enter their room, then go to the next open doorway. More men will appear. Kill them. When you kill these guys, be sure to check their bodies for ammo. In this room, there are two sets of open doors to your right, and a small doorway to your left. Go to the small doorway and move down the stairs first. Here will be a Shotgun, some Ammo and Health. Nice. Now, go back up and through either of the double doors and the end of the room. Notice the hole in the floor. Move along the right side of the room and stand behind the little bookcase by the hole. Shoot the men below who are shooting at you, then the ones who appear across the way. Then, make your way along the small ledge to your right to the next room. Move left, then right, the straight across. More men will attack you in this room. One of them should have a Vest on. Grab it and use it for your own protection.

Continue moving forward through open doors, then move left along the narrow hallway. At the end, duck under the hole, then climb up the ladder to complete the level.

Rooftops - Brooklyn

Follow Major Jones
Move forward and up the ladder to speak with Major Jones. Once the conversation is over, follow her again until she shows you how to use your Hook. Equip your Hook from your inventory and aim it up to the highlighted hook point. Use "Fire" to be pulled up, "Alt. Fire" to lower yourself, and use your control stick to swing back and forth, then action to let go. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Pull yourself up then swing over to the next rooftop. Again, approach Jones.

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Jones will hide you behind a section of building and hand you a Sniper Rifle. Use the Sniper Rifle like any other gun, but use "Alt. Fire" to Zoom in. You can Zoom in a few times. Move around Jones and look toward the billboard. Zoom in with your Sniper Rifle and take out the enemy. Move forward along the section of wall, keeping yourself pressed against it until you see another man on the next billboard. Take him out. Jones will tell you "Nice Job", then she'll point out a new Grapple Hook point. Use your Hook to lower yourself to the rooftop of the building below. As soon as you approach it, men will start shooting you. Get down there and whip out your Shotgun to take care of business. A couple of them will bust out of a small storage area to the left. Once they do and you take them out, enter the storage area to pick up the Shotgun Ammo and MedKitkit. Exit out then follow Jones as she pick the lock of the door up the small set of stairs.

Open up the door and charge the man behind the turned over table. Kill him, then follow Jones to the catwalk outside. Move up and you'll hit a checkpoint.

Continue moving up the catwalk and you'll have to jump a gap. It's important to get a running start, or you won't make it. Wait for Jones to unlock the door, then run inside and kill the men with your Shotgun. Pick up the Sniper Ammo and Health in the room. Exit out to the rooftop and you'll have more Snipers. Follow Jones and take them out from her position. Once they're out, follow Jones and her crazy jumping down to the next level. Continue to follow her as she kicks open the door to the rooftop area.

This is where you really must look out for Jones. She's going to cause an explosion in front of you, bringing many men out. You will be tempted to take them out first, but you really need to focus on those who pop out from the building to your left first, as they are the biggest threat to Jones. Once you have them, focus on the other guys and you shouldn't have any trouble protecting her. One of the attackers has a MedKitkit on them, and there is a Full MedKitkit to be found in the small building to your left.

Jones will wait for you by a small ramp. She'll show you where to jump. Run up the ramp and do so to meet up with her. She'll run forward, winding through the halls quickly. Just keep moving forward and you'll catch up to her at a checkpoint.

The double doors will be blown out and you'll have many men shooting scary things at your from the other side. I went ahead and stood to the right of the door, then edged my way out with my Sniper Rifle at hand. Two men should be right in front of you, and one, the one shooting the RPGs at you, should be to your right. Once you have them taken care of, step out onto the roof. A man should appear from your left. Toast him. Jones will run up to the gate and tell you the security system is still active, then a man will pop out of the building to the right. Kill him and enter the building. A white square is highlighting something for you. Use your action button and you will have disabled the security system. Go back to Jones and the gate to the chopper will be open. You need to run to the chopper, but you also must take out any of the men who are shooting at Jones. Once Jones is safe in the helicopter, run up to it and join her to complete the level.

Jones Must Not Die
No explanation necessary.

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