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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. The Military Base


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3. The Military Base

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
XIII Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (SCREENSHOT Version Available)

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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(US and International)

3. The Military Base

Military Base - Infiltration

Penetrate the Base Enclosure
Move forward through the snow. Arm whichever weapon you want. I opted for the Crossbow, as it's silent and has a scope. You'll eventually come to a man in a red beret hovering over a body. Shoot him and continue forward. When you come to the road, let the car pass and slowly look down to the left. There will be some men. Again, I opted to use the Crossbow on them, until they started firing back, then I charged with the Shotgun. Once they're out, collect one of their Assault Rifles and go to the guard booth to the left. Collect the two MedKits from inside. Then, work your way down the open road.

Two men will be coming at you. Take them out (Crossbow, again) and move forward. You'll come to two men talking by a truck. Stand back until one guy leaves, then sneak up on the guy left behind and kill him. Continue along your path. In front of you is a garage. Stand back until you see the guard pass by, and take him down. Behind the garage you can hear shooting. Enter the small door to the left.

Inside it's pretty ugly, so have your Shotgun or Assault Rifle on hand. Kill the man in front of you, then the one in the large garage to your left, then grab the Vest and Helmet on the crates near the first man you kill. Go into the garage, and know that once you do, some men will appear from behind. Shoot at the gas cans to take them out if you want, but be aware, they can do the same to you. Once you feel the first level is secure, run up the stairs (opposite the entrance) to the above level. At the top there will be a switch to your left that's highlighted. Activate to in order to Reactivate the Power Supply. Run across to the opposite side and to the far end. Take cover behind the crates and grab the MedKit, Ammo and AR Grenades. You will be attacked from the other side and from below. Shoot your AR Grenades (Alt. Fire for the Assault Rifle) at the groups shooting at you to take them out quickly. Once they're out, head back downstairs. Again, you'll most likely be attacked. If you didn't before grab the MedKit, Ammo and AR Grenades in the back right corner of the room, do so now, then exit out.

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Outside again, head left and into the guard station. Inside, pull the lever to move the bridge across (this is why we had to Reactivate the power). Before crossing the bridge, however, study the area above the doorway at the opposite side. You'll see a guard moving back and forth. Take him out with your Crossbow. Do the same with the guard roaming the cliff just above the house to the left. Once they're out, cross the bridge and enter the house on the left, killing as you enter. Inside, there's a lot of ammo. Collect it then go into the guard station across the way to retract the bridge. Exit then face the little house again. Look above it and you'll find a place to use your Hook. First, climb the crates to the left of the house to get up to the roof, then use your Hook to get up to the above cliff.

On the cliff, move left, and notice that a couple of men stuck now on the opposite side of the bridge are shooting at you. Take them out with your Crossbow. Continue moving until you find the grate. Punch it open and move through the vents. Once through the vents, drop down then climb down the ladder to complete the level.

Military Base - Infiltration Pt. 2

Prevent SPADS from Setting Off the Alarm
No matter what, don't let that alarm go off or the game will be over. If a guard sees you and a "?" appears above his head, either take a quick shot, or move. They will occasionally forget about you if they don't see you. If you shoot and miss, chances are you're toast.

Find a Passage and Infiltrate the Base
Continue through the vents and drop down to the ground. You have four generators to take down. You can tell which buildings house the generators as they all have a red light above their doors. So, with the knowledge, pick up the Bolts and Crossbow in front of you, and run to the opposite side as we're going to stay to the left side of this road. Move forward on the left side. You should be so far left there's a fence preventing you from going any farther. When you can no longer move forward because you're blocked by a crate, move around it, but note the guard on the other side. Shoot him with your Crossbow.

In front of you you should now see your first building with a flashing red light on it. Walk up to it and hit "Action" to use your Lockpick. Once the door is unlocked, equip your Shotgun and storm the inside. Make sure no one inside has a chance to hit the alarm which is on the back wall. The best way to do this is to run inside, shooting your gun, then place yourself between the men and the alarm. Once they're toast, pick up the Throwing Knives on the back table, then walk up to the white square. Hit action once to break the grate, then again to destroy the generator. Three more to go.

Exit out and again, move left and around the building. Look forward and wait for the guard making his round here to appear. Shoot him with your Crossbow from behind. Make your way forward, and keep your Crossbow aimed at the front of the large building ahead. When the guard in front of the large building appears, take him out, then enter the small building to your left. There's no generator to break in here, but there is a MedKit, Throwing Knives and a Helmet. Exit out and run into the little station in front of the large building that the guard you killed a second ago was guarding. Inside is a generator. Destroy it and exit out.

Now that you're outside, head left and notice the walled in area to your right. Go to the door, use your Lockpick, and enter. Once inside, immediately move right and there will be another small building with a flashing red light above it. There's a guard standing in front of it with his back to you. Take him out, unlock the building and destroy generator #3.

Exit out and move left. Just past the first building, look right. You'll see a guard across the way. Use your Crossbow to kill him, then continue forward. Past the second building, look right again. You should see two guards. One is moving along the main path, the other is just roaming around the tank. When you take these guys out, don't let the other one see you do it. Kill them, then run across to the opposite side and find the last guard. You can shoot him with the Shotgun if you want, as no one will hear you do it. Now that you've cleared the whole inner wall area, run to the building with the flashing red light at the far end of the compound. Storm in, place yourself in front of the alarm button to the right, kill and disable the generator. Pick up the Throwing Knives and Helmet, then exit out of the building and out of the walled in area via the same door you entered.

Outside again, head to the little walled in hut to your right. Unlock the door and pass through. Kill the guard (don't worry about being heard now), then enter the little area to your right. Kill the man inside and collect the MedKit in the locker. Exit, climb the ladder and move left. Kill the guard, and continue forward until you see a hook. Use your Hook on the hook and rappel down to the grate. Pass through it, break the next crate, and your level is complete.

Military Base - Inside

Find General Carrington's Cell
Move forward and crawl through the vent. Work your way toward the voices, and stop once you reach them. Don't even try to harm them, wait for them to leave and you will have successfully eavesdropped on the conversation. Once you do this, continue moving forward, then break through the grate to the left. Drop down into the room below. Move toward the door. The white square is pointing out a camera. Use it to see the action outside.

Exit out of the room and look right. You should see a guard behind some barrels. Take him out with your Crossbow. From here, I just stepped out and took on the men in the hall with my Shotgun. It's not that difficult, really. Check all of the little rooms for grenades, ammo, vests, helmets and health. Work your way to the "04" turn right and kill the guard in front of the elevator. Before stepping into the elevator, though, move to the opposite side and collect the AR Grenades behind the crates. Now you can step into the elevator and hit the button.

Exit out and work your way down the hall until you see a glassed in area. You want in there. Work your way around the left side of the hall to kill the guard, swing around the back, then kill the guard on the right side of the hall. Once the guards are down, move back to the back area of this square hall surrounding the glassed in room. Notice the crates stacked up that lead to a grate. Jump up them and break into the grate then drop down. Here we have a checkpoint.

Here we also have a ladder. Take it all of the way to the top, then get off to the right. Move forward and look down and right to find the next grate. Smash it open and you have in front of you an elevator shaft of sorts. There are men down below. Use one of your AR Grenades to take them out, then pull out your Hook and attach it to the hook at the top of the shaft. Work your way down, but be aware of the "electrical spot" along the way. You can see it and hear it. If you pass through it, you'll die, so wait for a time when it's not active and get down to the floor, Mission Impossible style.

Arm yourself immediately upon reaching the ground, as there's a guy up on a catwalk that wants you dead pretty bad. Kill him. There's a MedKit on the crates right behind the ladder, grab it, then pass through the door. You're now in the glassed in area. Grab the Grenade and the Magnetic Card. This will trigger an attack. Exit out and use your Magnetic Card on the door to your right. Step out and shoot an AR Grenade right, then one left and the two attacking guards will be out of the picture.

Now, work your way back to the door with the red and green light above it by the crates we climbed earlier to the grate. Kill anyone in this hall, then use your Magnetic Card to pass through the door. Here is a checkpoint. Phew.

Grab the MedKit from the crate in the room, then move through the glass doors to your right to take out the guard with your Shotgun. Pick up the Ammo, then move through the door. To your left is a guard. Kill him, then move down the hall, turn the corner and pass through the double doors to your right. Shoot the three men inside with your Shotgun, then ransack the lockers. You will find a MedKit, Ammo, Grenades, AR Grenades and an Important Document. Exit out and open the door at the end of the hall, to your left.

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Here are more crates you must climb to make it to the vents. Do so (grab the MedKit first) and start crawling. Follow the voices and you'll get another flashback. Once that's over, move forward to the end of the vent system and break through the grate. Drop down and turn right. Here is General Carrington.

Set General Carrington Free
Use your Lockpick on the jail cell and Carrington will be free.

Escort Carrington to the exit
Carrington contacts Jones and gets assessed of the situation. While he does this, grab the Vest and Health on the crates. He'll grab a cigar, then it's time to take out the guards. Stand on the opposite side of the door Carrington does and wait for a guard to come in. Kill him. Exit out into the hall. Carrington is going to move right. Protect and follow him. This means killing the many men who appear on the opposite side of the hall (AR Grenades are good here).

Continue following a protecting Carrington as he turns the corner. He'll stand back. Protect him from the men coming down the stairs, and anyone who appears from behind. When clear, Carrington will run up the stairs to the left. Make sure you've killed the man on the stairs to the right. Continue following him and the level will be complete. Time to but on your snowshoes, as you're about to start moving across The Rocky Mountains.

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