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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. The Rocky Mountains


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4. The Rocky Mountains

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
XIII Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (SCREENSHOT Version Available)

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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(US and International)

4. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

Use the Cable Car to leave the Base
Follow Carrington until he takes cover and tells you to "Get rid of these clowns". At this point, pull out your Crossbow and scope the area. Kill what you see, but, be warned, when you do, others will notice and come after you. Take them out. Check out the area. There's a small building by the parked truck. It's locked. You're going to have to enter the large cable car building, but avoid the front door. Instead, face the building and go right. There's a section of building with large windows. Shoot it and enter. Collect the MedKit and pass through the door. Kill the guy in this room, collect the MedKit and open the fuse box. You don't have the fuse. Hmmm.

Exit out into the hall and pass through the door across the way. Kill the guards and collect the Magnetic Card dropped by one of them. Exit out the double doors (the front of the cable car building) and run to the small building by the truck. Use your Magnetic Card to open the door. Inside is the Fuse. Also, open up the lockers to get the MedKit.

Upon picking up the Fuse, Carrington will come to the door and tell you all is clear. He's wrong. You'll be attacked by a few guys. My AR Grenades took them out easily. Carrington will run to the cable car building. Follow him, then place the Fuse in the fuse box we found earlier. Now you must Activate the Cable Car.

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Move to the central area of the building (where the cable car is located), then pass through the door on the opposite side. Move up the stairs and around the platform until you get to the control room. Enter it and pull the lever. Cable car activated. Work you way back downstairs and meet up with Carrington again (he's down the stairs standing next to the cable car). Approach him and you'll be attacked from behind. I, actually, ran into a glitch here my first time around. Carrington remained huddled and I couldn't figure out why. Then, I did some exploring and found one of the attackers upstairs, stuck by the control tower. I had to kill him to get Carrington moving again. When the bad guys are dead, Carrington will hand you a Sniper Rifle. Nice. Follow Carrington into the cable car and the level is complete.

General Carrington Must Not Die
Protect Carrington at all costs.

Rocky Mountains - One Eye Bird Valley

Escort Carrington to Jones's Helicopter
You start off this level still in the cable car, and you're being attacked. Pull out your Sniper Rifle and first focus on the guy shooting RPGs at you. He's actually on top of the truck below. Take out the other two surrounding the truck, then climb the red ladder to the roof of the cable car. Here you will find a Hook Point. Pull out your Hook and quickly connect with it. Lower yourself down to the ground and meet up with Carrington. You will reach a checkpoint here.

Follow Carrington with your Assault Rifle ready to go. Toast the men on the ground, then use your Sniper Rifle to shoot the man on the cliff. Once they're clear, Carrington will run into a cave behind you. Follow him and turn around as three new guys will be after you. Use the rocks for cover and shoot them with your Sniper Rifle. Once they're clear, check their bodies for Ammo and MedKits. Carrington will exit out and run left. There will immediately be a man on a cliff to your right as you follow Carrington. Take him out. Move with Carrington and he'll point out another RPG ahead. Kill the man on the cliff with your Sniper Rifle, then kill the men on the ground coming at you (I used a Grenade).

Again, follow Carrington. Men will attack from behind. I had one jump off a cliff who was easy to toast, then I tossed another grenade at the two men hiding up above. From here, Carrington will run forward. Protect him from those coming at you. Some more enemies will be facing the helicopter on top of the hill. Snipe them from behind. When they're clear, Jones will come out needing help starting the chopper. Your job is to keep killing the surrounding attackers while this happens. The Sniper Rifle was, again, the most useful. Once you've cleared out all of the men, Jones will tell you the chopper is ready to go. Run up to the front of it to complete the level.

Rocky Mountains - Breakdown

Find the Chalet
From the get go, there are two paths to choose from. Go right. Move forward until you come to a group of people talking about the cabin. Kill them and collect what's on them. Continue moving beyond their bodies and you'll walk into another conversation. Follow the voices and you'll see some men speaking to people in a boat. Shoot the men on the ground and the boat will speed off.

Go down and grab the MedKit from the docked boat, turn around and, again, work your way along the right side. Another conversation will warn you of enemies. Kill the guys hiding the man in the snowman, and anyone else who approaches. Continue forward and up the hill to the right. Enter the little cabin and pick up the MedKit. Upon doing so, you'll be attacked from behind. Kill the guy and collect his Mini-Gun. Backtrack to the frozen man and just past him, look left for a path. Take it down to the water and start jumping the icebergs over to the one which appears to be a ramp to the left. From the top of the ramp you'll see some attackers coming forward. Stay where you are and kill them, then make your way over to the path from which they emerged. Collect what's on the and you'll get a checkpoint.

Move forward and up the winding path. There's a guy to kill up top. Do so. Move forward into the open area and follow the voices. Here you will be ambushed from all sides. Go house with your Shotgun, then continue forward. You will find the waterfall between two boulders at the end of the path. Move up to it and walk along the ledge under it to get to the other side. Take out any attackers along the way. Follow the path and the level will be complete.

Rocky Mountains - Breakdown Pt. 2

Be warned, this is a difficult level. It's the first one I had a tough time with. That being said, let's go.

Move forward to the cabin. Inside you'll meet Kim and have a flashback. Apparently, you were made to look like her husband. He was "XIII", she is "XVII". Upon the end of the cutscene, things will start to get nasty. Kim disappears while you are ambushed in the cabin. Collect the ammo and Medkit from the shelf, and the Medkit on the destroyed bench. Now, it's time for action.

Facing out the front door, you'll have men running at you from the front, and several shooting at your from the cliffs on the side. The men who come from the front will continue to come from the front. In other words, they'll regenerate. If you step out to kill them, you'll even find some generating in the cabin. To get past this level you have to take out the men on the cliff to your right. You can exit the cabin and do this, or you can step out. For ease of explanation, I'll say step out.

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Step out of the cabin and turn right. You'll notice a few tiers of the cliffs above. The lowest cliff is what you should focus on (while keeping away anyone running at you from behind and to your left). A couple of men at the high point of the low cliff cause a lot of trouble. Take them out first, then focus on the men on the lower part, close to the cabin. When you take these men out, a man wearing darker clothes (perhaps a vest) will appear. He is the guy that is most vital to kill, as when you kill him, you trigger the chopper coming in. Take cover when it does, protect yourself, then focus on killing the men in the chopper. Once this is done, you'll get a message from Jones. Kim is a bad seed. From here, I ran into the cabin and took out the remaining enemies from the windows. It's still tough, but the chaos that started out has calmed. Once you've taken out the last enemy an RPG will rip a hole in the back of the cabin. Pass through it.

Find Jones and Carrington Again
Once out the back, you'll get this objective. Kill the man that jumps out at you, then go to the outhouse for a MedKit. From here, move forward, killing anyone who gets in your way. Work you way down the path and into the valley, where you will be taken out by an avalanche. Level complete. Now, you're off to prison!

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