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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Plain Rock


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5. Plain Rock

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
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(US and International)

5. Plain Rock

Plain Rock Prison

Escape from the High-Security Area In this level, you start off talking to a crazy. Just let it go. Wait until the guards appear, then follow them as you go out. Don't cause trouble or they'll beat you. I kept on getting beaten at the bottom of the stairs. Then I learned that if you stay on the step just above the guard when he pauses, no one will harm you. Continue following the men until the lead you into the bathroom. Here is a scary scene because you overhear some guards explain what they want to do to you. It doesn't sound good, so grab a mop or a bottle and smack the two of them over the head with the items. One of them will drop a Key. Use it to unlock the door at the back of the bathroom, near the washing machines.

In this small room, break the boxes to crate a path for you up to the grate above. Punch through it, then work your way right and around the top of the vents along the walls of the bathroom. There will be a gap in your path along the way. Make a running jump to clear it. You'll see a broken grate. However, before passing through it, be sure to grab the Throwing Knives from the open vent opposite from it. Pass through the broken grate and into the vents. You'll hear a guard. This is why you grabbed the Knives. Up above him, toss one at his head to take him out. This will most likely alert other guards to your presence. Jump down and quickly grab the Key and the Gun the guard you just killed had on him. Open up the door and shoot the two guards. Each of them have a key on them, too. Collect them, then return to the room where you killed the first guard. On a shelf is a MedKit. Grab it then exit out the door and make a quick right. Make your way down the hall and up the stairs to unlock the door.

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Through this door, avoid going through the cells and, instead, unlock the door you your left and move up the stairs. Here you will reach a checkpoint.

At the top of the stairs, unlock the door, draw your weapon, and shoot the guard patrolling the cells. Open up the door and collect the key on the body. Jump into one of the side alcoves and use it for protection as you toast the guards behind the next cell door. When they're killed, run up to the door and kill the men on the above catwalks. Two of them should be in your line of sight. Once you have them down, move through the cell door. There may be one more guard up above, but run to the door to the left first. Inside you will find a Sniper Rifle, Ammo and some Grenades. Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the last man on the catwalks (he was there once for me, but never again). Once you've cleared the area, collect the Key from the earlier downed guard, run into the other little room to collect a MedKit, then move through the locked cell door.

Move forward and equip your Sniper Rifle. Walk into the elevator and hit the button to move up. Wave "Hi" to the crazy. Exit out and slowly move forward. You'll see through the cell door a guard tower. Quickly shoot the guard, then whip out your pistol to shoot the oncoming guards on the ground. One of them will drop a Shotgun. Pick it up and use it. Once all of the men on the ground are taken out, you still have one guy along the top of the wall. Snipe him, then move clockwise around the circle. Pass through the door. Notice the "Tap taps" through the next door. With your Shotgun equipped, pop through that next door and kill the guard.

Move through the execution room and down death row. Pass the guard on the ground and move through the next door. In here, crawl through the opening. Watch for the armed crazy to your right, then move left. Make your way down the ladder into the sewer water below. Look for the opening and swim through it. Move up the ladder and your level is complete.

Plain Rock Prison Pt. 2

Find a Way to Get Out of the Asylum You start off in a bathroom. Move forward through the door. Pass through the double doors in front of you, then through the first door on your right. Close this door behind you. There's a MedKit on the desk in here. Exit out of the left door and walk up to the door with the Keypad. You'll see a nurse at her station greeting a doctor. At this point, slip back into the room you were just in, and wait by the door you closed earlier. You should see some "Tap taps" of a guard now moving about the area. When the stop, pop out of the door and move forward. The guard's back should be to you in the next room. Karate chop him, pick up his 9mm Silencer, then collect the Magnetic Card on the bookcase in the corner. Exit out and use the Magnetic Card on the glass door we saw the nurse through before.

In this Administration area, crawl forward, under the nurse's window, then move right to the next card swiper. Move through the door, then into the room across the way. Kill the guard with your silenced 9mm, then grab the ammo from the desk. Once you exit back out of this room, you can stand up again.

From the room, move right. At the end of this hall hang a right and pass through the double doors. Quickly run along the right side of the hall and slip into the first door on your right. Your goal here is to move through the rooms along the hall, without the guards from the outside noticing you. The occasional guard may walk into a room. If he does, kill him silently, cleanly and quickly.

In the third room you pass through, a doctor will be hovering over a patient. He won't hurt you, but knock him out anyway. When you get to the room with two locked doors and only one passage into the hallway, you have no choice but to move out into the hallway. Watch the Tap taps to your right, and run out with you 9mm ready to go. You should be able to kill the two guards without getting the attention of any other guards. Kill them and move through the doors to the right, at the end of the hall. Through the doors and in front of you there's a nameplate on the door, "Dr. Johansson". You can't pass through it, so head right and through the door to the right. Open up the incinerator and hop in to collect the Full Medkit. Exit out the door opposite the incinerator. Head right and enter the morgue. Two people will be in there who won't hurt you, but getting inside will trigger two guards. Kill them.

Inside the morgue, notice the grate on top of the body drawers. Walk up to the one that's pulled out, then sidestep right to pull out the next two, creating a staircase up to the vent. Use it, break the grate, and start crawling. Here you will reach a checkpoint.

Through the vents you'll hear the cries of a nurse who's locked in with a crazy. Continue along, then run around the room with all of the hanging cords until you fall through the ceiling. Here you will meet Dr. Johansson. You really want to keep your distance from Johansson. He'll be tossing knives and scalpels at you, but his worst attack is when he is close to you and injects you with a sedative. Not only does this slow you down, but Johansson will take whatever weapon you have armed at the time away from you...which is a pain. So, run around and shoot him with your Shotgun, and even the Sniper Rifle, for the most damage. There are two MedKits in the surrounding area. Both are on the counters. Once you've killed Johansson it will be revealed that he's number "XX", collect the Key that's on him and run into the office area of the room. You will also be told to Use the Hostage to get Past the Checkpoint. Easy enough.

In the office, walk up to the painting behind the desk. Flashback to something called "The Sanctuary". When you get back, the painting will be moved, revealing a safe. Use the key you got off Johansson to open the safe. Inside you'll find all of your gadgets, a document and a cell key. Use the cell key on the cell with the nurse begging to get out. Upon releasing her, she asks you to take her hostage. First, let her unlock the double doors, then open them up. Kill the guards in the outside hall, then get behind her and use your "Action" button to grab her, and draw a weapon.

Pass through the double glass doors directly opposite Dr. Johansson's room and work your way down the hall with your hostage. When the guard stops moving back, or when some start shooting at you, I honestly recommend getting rid of Karen and simply taking the men on yourself. It's easy enough to do. Continue killing and working your way back down the hall to the Administration area. Enter the admin area and the nurse will tell the guard to open the door. When he does, kill him, then pass through the next door and your level is complete. Do Not Kill Medical Staff
No explanation necessary.

Plain Rock - Runaway

Find the Mine Entrance to Rejoin Jones
Your ambulance crash has placed you in some desert looking area. Follow the path and look up. Above you will see a grapple point. Use your Hook on it and get up to the above level, then drop down on the opposite side. Move forward and along the left to collect the ammo behind the rocks. Continue forward and you'll run into your first enemy. Kill him, the look to the cliff ahead of you and left. Here will be someone you'll have to hit with your Sniper Rifle. Continue moving forward, keeping your head up as you'll have more attackers from the cliffs, and another grapple point.

Hook up to the cliff above after you kill the men, then collect the MedKit, Vest and Helmet in front of you. Beware of the RPG coming at you at this time. Step out of the way, then edge out from the corner and take out the punk shooting them at you. Move forward with your head up, killing any men on the cliffs above. Move up the path and cross over the bridge to the opposite side. Kill anyone in your way. From this opposite side, cross over the next bridge. At the far end, jump to the bridge between the two you just crossed and make your way to the other side.

Collect the Grenades and Ammo from the crate and reach your Checkpoint. Move forward and down. Kill the enemy, then crawl under the rock formation. Use it for cover as you take out the man in front of you, up high on the cliffs. When you emerge from the area, turn right and pass through the cave. Your chopper will be on its way, but don't let that distract you, as when you pop out of the cave, a man from the cliff above will shoot an RPG at you. Kill him then notice another guy shooting at you from the top of a ramp in front of you, that leads right. Take him out from the protection of the cave, too, then go up to his body and pick up his Bazooka. Look out for a man shooting at your from the opposite cliff.

Up here notice the poles with the cables from cliff to cliff. You can move along these cables to the opposite side by standing behind the polls. A little zipline icon will appear. When it does, hit "Action" and you'll zoom across the cable. Zip across the first one, kill the man if you didn't before, then stand behind the poll to your right and shoot the guy at the opposite side. Zip across again and collect the Ammo, Full MedKit and Vest. Zip across the same line again, and head right along the path. There will be another Zipline in front of you. Kill the man guarding it, collect the ammo, and zip again. Here you will reach a checkpoint.

Move along the path, and look to the ground as there will be someone shooting RPGs at you. Kill him and make your way down to him. Collect the ammo and move forward. Notice the ramp in front of you. Toss a grenade over it as there are several men on the other side waiting for you, then arm your Bazooka. When you hear the men get toasted by the grenade, move to the top of the ramp and shoot your Bazooka Rockets at anyone coming at you. Don't let them get too close as the rockets will hurt you if they blow up too close. Many men will come out here. Just keep blowing them away. Once it's clear, move forward, collect all of the ammo they had on them and grab the vest on the crate. Then, move up the ramp to the left. Kill the men up on the cliffs with you, then Zipline across to the opposite side.

Enter the mine. When the tracks below you turn right, you go left. Smash through the boards and you will have completed the level.

Plain Rock - Runaway Pt. 2

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Jones has Hidden an Airplane Away. Find it.
Again, smash through the boards and out of the mine. You'll hear voices below. I tossed a couple of grenades below to take out many men, then used my Sniper on the man below and to the right (at the end of the tracks) shooting the RPGs. Zip across the cable, collect the Ammo and move down the tracks to the valley floor. Move forward. There will be a man across the way with a Sniper Rifle. Kill him, then drop down again. Checkpoint.

Turn the corner, kill the RPG wielding man on the above cliff and continue on. Around the next corner you'll have the same situation, but there will be two enemies. Kill them then look up and locate a Grapple point. Use your Hook and work your way up. Move right first, cross the bridge and collect the Ammo and MedKit, then backtrack and move along the left side. When you hear music, look left and two men will be shooting at you. Kill them then work your way around to the broken bridge. Before jumping it, listen for the man singing below you and to the right. Find him with your Sniper Rifle and kill him. Perform a running jump over the bridge.

To your right is a small opening. Through the opening are two men who want you dead. Kill them, then head back to the broken bridge. Stand to the left of it and look down. Notice there are levels below you can safely fall down to. Do so and you'll reach a checkpoint.

At the very bottom of the valley there will be a couple of men shooting at you. Ignore them for now and make your way around the left cliff. This is where you killed the singing man earlier, and there's a dead body at the end. Collect the goods, then peer over the cliff to kill the men below. Once they're toast, work your way down there as you were before. Run to the ladder and climb it. Beware of the man at the top of the ladder.

Run to the far side and face right. There are some ruins here. Moving up the ladder will trigger some men to start shooting from the ruins. So, move up the ladder, then fall back. Equip your Bazooka and take out the guy who appears in the lower window of the building to your right, and the man with the Bazooka in the upper window in the building to your left (preferably the other way around). Once they're out, climb the ladder again and make your way over to the right side of the ruins. Climb the ladder. Be careful here, because there may be a many roaming around (I was able to kill him with the Bazooka when I took out the guy just above him). Run over to the opposite side, gun ready to go as a man will surprise you at the doorway. Kill him, then climb up the ladder. Make your way up and around the ramp. Be aware of the guy who will pop out of the building in front of and below you. Once you toast him, continue up, then drop down into the hole on top of the ruin. Smash through the boarded up hole in the back, drop down, then work your way along the path. Run down to the plane. This will trigger an attacker from above. Use the plane for cover, and kill the guy with your Sniper Rifle. Once he's toast, approach the the plane again and the level will be complete. Time to take on the SPADS!

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