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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. The SPADS Camp


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6. The SPADS Camp

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
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(US and International)

6. The SPADS Camp

The SPADS Camp - Mexico

Infiltrate the SPADS Camp
Jump out of your boat and swim underwater along the rock formation toward the lighthouse. Look along the wall for the sewage drain opening. When you find it pop above the surface for some air, then swim through the drain. Follow it to the end, then quickly pop up for some air. Remain still and listen to the conversation above. When the men leave the catwalk, point your Hook up and look for the Grappling Point. Quickly make your way up and onto the catwalk. Run around to the opposite side and hit the switch on the control panel. This opens up another section of the sewage pipe. Jump into the water immediately as the guards will come back. You can't let them see you.

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Upon jumping into the water, swim forward and enter the newly opened sewage pipe. Take it forward. There will be an opening to your right. Swim in and surface to get some air, then swim back into the pipe and continue forward. Immediately before the dead end, swim upwards through the hole in the pipe and you'll find yourself in a cave of sorts. Exit the cave and you'll find yourself on a little platform. Look right and up. A Grappling Point will expose itself to you. You need to use it to swing across to the next little ledge, then you must repeat the process and make it to the ledge across the way. Enter the cave and move forward. You'll hear some conversation from the camp below.

Check out the scene below and wait until the Colonel is offered a tour of the camp to make any large movements. Move along the fence to the right where you'll find a steaming vent. You have to break through the grate to the vent. It's tough to punch through as the icon doesn't want to easily appear, so go ahead and shoot out the grate. We warned that you shouldn't stand on the grate when you do this, or you'll fall to the bottom, causing some damage. Instead, shoot it from the side then climb down the ladder. Move forward through the vent and you will complete the level.

Avoid Being Spotted No one can see you.

The SPADS Camp - Sabotage

Hide the Spy Microphone in Colonel McCall's Tent
Move forward, along the surface, until you hit the wall. Listen to the above conversation, then dive below the water. Swim under the wall to the opposite side and climb the ladder up and into the shower room. Here you'll get a flashback as the man outside remembers the name "Jason Fly".

Exit out of the showers and into the locker room. Open the lockers to get the 9mm Silencer and the Bolts. Exit out into the yard, and quickly run right and around to the side of the building from which you just exited. You want to kill men discreetly in this area. If someone sees you or sets off an alarm, the game won't be over, but you will be attacked by many, many men at one time. It's easiest to be quiet here. Pull out your Crossbow and first take out the guy in the watch tower. Run around to the backside of the building. Move forward past the crates to the opposite side. Have your silenced 9mm out as the guard who usually does his rounds at the far end may pop out and see you. If he does, shoot him. Otherwise, you should be able to run to the far end and turn right. He will be walking around the little guard post. Kill him silently from behind. Before entering the guard post, scan the yard. You should see one man singing, and another walking along the far side. Follow the walking man with your Crossbow until he stops, then kill him. Follow up by offing the singing guy.

Enter the guard post and collect the Important Document, the MedKit and anything else that's lying around (the body of the guy I killed earlier was in here, along with his Assault Rifle). At this point, the body of the singing man was found outside. Pop out of the guard post to kill the guy before he gets to an alarm. From here, you're clear to run diagonally across the yard to the building across the way. Enter it with your Assault Rifle armed. Kill any guards inside, then pass through the next door.

Move forward and crawl through the square pipes in front of you. Honestly, I was not able to get through this area without alerting all of the guards, so I recommend whipping out your Assault Rifle and taking aim at any and all guards by you. You can use the square pipe for protection, or you can run into the walled in area, which also provides adequate protection from enemy fire. Once the chaos is over, collect the good in the walled in area, the Ammo on a crate behind it, and collect what's on the bodies of the dead, then pass through the next door, which leads to a tunnel through the rock wall. Inside you will get a Checkpoint.

Through the next door is another camp, strikingly similar to the one we encountered earlier. Through the door, immediately turn left. Move behind the buildings, and just past the conversation about the chili. Grab the shovel leaning against the building, and turn around, facing the direction from which you just came. Wait for the chili man to enter the area. He'll turn so his back is to you. At this point, smack him over the head with your shovel. Turn around again and run to the far side of the camp and, again, face right to find the guard post. Stay in this position until a roving guard comes into view. Toast him when he enters the guard post, then, again, move forward and look out into the yard behind the safety of the building. Kill the guard in the watchtower first, followed by the men on the ground. Pick up the goods on their bodies, then, again, run into the garage across the yard. Collect the Ammo and MedKit from the bench, then exit out the next door.

Through this door is another camp. This one, however, houses the tent of the Colonel, which you need to enter. Facing out the door, watch as the guard moves across the yard. When he's at a distance, run forward and around the crates and along the fence. After you pass the first tent, look right and you'll see a beige tent in the middle of the camp. This is the Colonel's tent. Watch for guards and simply run into the opening in the tent. Once inside, turn around and look to the watch tower to the right. Kill the guard in it now, with your Crossbow. Once he's out, work your way into the office area of the tent. You'll be told to plant the bug on the back of the intercom. Do so by walking up to the intercom and hitting "Action" twice. At this point, run back into the back area of the tent, crouch and wait at the corner, at the end of the cot. You won't be spotted in this position, and you can listen to the conversation between Numbers XI, V, and III. Once the conversation is over, the men will leave the tent.

Find Steve Rowland's Military File and Blow Up the Ammunition Hangar
When the men leave the tent, move back into the office and collect the File and the Magnetic Card from the desk. Quickly and quietly move around to the back again, and exit out of the tent (collect the MedKit and Important Document from the crates inside before exiting). Move right and around the tent. Use the tent and the crates as cover from the men guarding the tent and move forward. At the end of the next tent, look to ahead and to the right. There's a guard at the door you need to pass through. Take him out then move to the door. If you can make it without being noticed, more power to you. However, I was spotted and had to toast my attackers with the Assault Rifle. Ah well. Either way, get to the door and use your Magnetic Card on the pad, then enter the building. Inside you'll come to a checkpoint.

Exit through the next door and you'll witness three men having a conversation. The first time I played this game, I let them go. However, I soon learned that it's actually easier to just kill them all now with your Assault Rifle. No one will hear and it's a much more efficient way of offing people you'd have to kill later anyway. Once they're out, kill the man in the watch tower. There will be a man walking behind the tower, along the "Explosive" building. Wait until he stops and kill him. Run along the left side of the camp, around the guard post and walled in area, then look right. Here is another row of buildings. There's a guard wandering around them. He must go down, too.

Now that you've killed everyone in the immediate area, move toward the "Explosive" building and beyond the truck parked outside of it. There will be a conversation. Facing the truck and garage, move along the left side of the building with your Assault Rifle, and kill the two men guarding the door with the red light above it. Pick the lock to the door and open it up. Don't enter yet. Wait for the guard to enter the area a kill him. Then, move inside, past the generators, and through the next door. In front of you will be an indicator as to where you need to place your bomb. Select your bomb, walk up to the indicator and hit "Action". Here the level will end.

Discreetly Eliminate the SPADS Around the Beige Tent
Kill quietly and move bodies if necessary. No one can see you.

The SPADS Camp - Escape

Escape from the Camp
You have now entered a free for all. You will be seen as soon as you move, so just accept that and realize you just have to work your way back to the beginning of the level, killing anyone who stands in your way. First, run to the bodies of the downed men in front of you as they have lots of goods on them. Then, run over to the walled in area for protect from the ambush that will start immediately. In the walled in area, you can use the mounted gun by hitting "Action" behind it. However, I found my Assault Rifle to work best. Between that and grenade tossing, I got rid of all of the attackers in this area. Once they're out, run toward the garage and enter.

Inside, locate the Full MedKit on the crate through the smoke, and pass through the unlocked door at the opposite end. Use the garage for protection as you open fire on the Colonel's camp. The guards here are much easier to take out than in the previous camp. Make your way over to the exit. There will be a conversation about the hangar blowing up. I shot an AR Grenade into the conversation to stop it. This will alert some men in the next garage. Just take them out, too. Inside this next garage you'll get a message that SPADS has discovered your boat. No biggie. Just continue forward and through the door next to the barrels with the MedKit on them. This is a checkpoint.

This next camp is pretty much empty. No fear here. Run over to the guard post and collect the Important Document inside, then move to the exit (originally your entrance to this area). Here will be a conversation. Wait outside of the door for the guard to appear, then kill him. Move through the hall and you'll come upon one final group of guards. Kill them all, grab the MedKit from one of their bodies, and pass through the next garage. Before exiting the garage, locate the Full Medkit opposite your exit door (on the backside of some stacked crates). Open the door and in front of you will be Colonel MacCall, who must die.

MacCall is hiding behind a barrier. The second you get control of your character, shoot an AR Grenade in his direction, immediately knocking off a good chunk of his meter. From here, toss all other grenades you have at him when you have the chance. Once you deplete your supply, the Assault Rifle is the way to go. With the Assault Rifle, you want to be close to him when you shoot, and you really want to shoot him in the head for most damage. I recommend getting into these positions by playing some cat and mouse with MacCall around the buildings. Sneak up on him. Always know where he is. Don't let him find you. Also, again, you want to be close to him. If you're at a distance, he'll be able to shoot you much easier than you'll be able to shoot him. If he appears before you from a distance, duck behind some crates or a building and wait for him to come closer. Use this time to reload, as it stinks to have him in the perfect position, and you run out of ammo. There is a MedKit in the guard post if you need it (I did). Once MacCall is dead, walk up to him, discover that he's Number XI and collect what's on him.

Jones tells you the submarine is your only way out. Time to find that sub. Go through the open gate at the end of the yard, then unlock the door to your right with the key you picked up from MacCall's body. This is the end of the level.

The SPADS Camp - Escape via Submarine

Infiltrate the Submarine Before it Leaves
Move forward and down the hall, killing as you go. There should be four guards to kill before you get to the office. At the office, enter, then collect the Important Document, the two MedKits and the Armor (Vest and Helmet). Exit out and continue along your path. A group of four guards will move past you. If you have impeccable timing, toss a grenade their way. I don't, so I simply used the Assault Rifle to take them out. From here, a door will be lowering. You want to get under it in time. You can also take the vent through the broken red grate in the room, but it was easier for me just to move under the door and face the men in this room head on. Once they're all gone, collect their goods, and continue through the next lowering door. Again, if you can't make it, Hook up to the farthest Grapple point and break into the next system of vents. Whether you're on the ground or moving through the vents, the next thing you're looking for is a red door atop a red catwalk. When you find it, pass through.

Move forward and down to the next open area. To the right of the large lowering (or lowered) door is another little red door. Use your Lockpick on it and pass through to the other side. From this position, take out the men at the far end. I did so silently, but even this drew the attention of the next round of guards coming through the door on the opposite end of the room. Point being, you're going to be attacked, so kill these guys however you want.

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Upon running forward into the room you'll get a checkpoint. Nice. Take on your attackers. Note that there's ammo along the crates, AND, if you climb the stacked crates by the lengthwise parked truck, you'll come to a whole slew of Grenades. This is also a good position from which you can toss the grenades and generally take aim at your attackers. Once your damage is done, collect the goods from the downed bodies and the Full MedKit from the crates by the open door (which happens to be your exit).

Be cautious passing through the open door. If you didn't make enough noise outside, there could be a guard waiting for you here. If so, take him out, then slowly move to the top of the stairs, killing the two men at the top. Move forward and through the door to your right. You will find yourself above a huge warehouse area. You have to take out the men below, and the easiest way to do so is with your Crossbow. Hit the guy by the door first, as he has access to an alarm. Once he's out, focus on the guys simply walking around below. Once the guards are alerted to your presence, they will start shooting at you. Be aware that some may come right up to the area below you. You can still kill them, but it took me some time to figure out who was damaging me and from where. Once it's quiet down below, go left and use your Hook on the Grapple point at the end of the catwalk. Collect goods from the bodies and make your way to the far end of the warehouse. Keep an eye out for two things. First, a guard or two may still be hiding on you. Look out for them. Second, along the right side of the warehouse, between two huge stacks of crates, you will find a ladder up. Take it, then the next ladder up. Head left. Your exit is through the vent in front of you, but if you want some decent ammo (including many AR Grenades) and a Full MedKit, go ahead and take the pipes across the way. Use your Hook to lower yourself down to the crates below and run across (and jump) to the good stuff. From here, either drop down the stairs of crates below and take the ladder back up, or use your Hook to get back up to the pipes. The Hook sounds easier, but I did die once trying this. Either way, make it to the vent and crawl through it. When you get to the point where there's a drop off below, look up and use your Hook on the Grapple Point to lower yourself down to the level below. If you don't and you fall down, you will die.

Silently lower yourself down and dehook yourself without being heard. Run behind one of the walls so you aren't exposed and start killing the guards around the sub. The AR Grenades are lovely for this. Once the area is clear of guards, check out the sub in front of you. Facing it, run along the right side and jump into the water when you run out of ground. Swim along its right side until you find the ladder. When you do, take it up and crawl into the hatch to complete the level. Now you must fight your way through the sub.

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