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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
7. The USS Patriot


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7. The USS Patriot

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
XIII Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (SCREENSHOT Version Available)

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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(US and International)

7. The USS Patriot

Aboard the USS Patriot

Find the Radio and Contact Jones
Pass through the unlocked door and move down the ladder. Look down the next ladder and you'll spot a guard directly below. Use your Crossbow on him as it's silent, and your Silenced 9mm just doesn't work right here. Once he's down, pass through the unlocked door and you'll find a walkway ahead of you. There's a walkway above you with guards, and one across from it with another guard. Quickly move across the walkway without being spotted and enter the next area. A door will be just closing here. Move quickly through it and you'll see a technician with his back to you. Shoot him when he stops with your Crossbow, then listen to the conversation above. When the captain leaves, find a space where you can aim your Crossbow and kill the guard above.

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Work your way around in a "U" shape to the next unlocked door, then straight across through the next two doors. You'll come to a ladder up. Take it and open up the door above with your Crossbow ready to go. Shoot the guard on the walkway in front of you, then quickly move across so you're not spotted by the others. In the next room, pass through the directly across from you and, again, quickly run across the walkway so you're not spotted. Through this door you'll come to a control room of sorts, and you'll get a quick cutscene.

The cutscene will consist of the captain, Number VII, speaking to Number I. This will trigger a flashback. In the flashback, move down the stairs and through the hall to come oh so close to spotting the identity of Number I. Ah well. After the cutscene you are left alone in the control room. Walk over to the radio and use it. This objective will now be complete.

Hide in the Officer's Cabin
Exit out through the unlocked door, then through the next one. There will be a man at the far end of this room. Use your Crossbow to take him out, then move forward. At the end of this hall there will be a door to your right that says "Officer's Cabin". Enter the room, then pull the curtain directly to the left to reveal a hiding spot. Step into the area and the level is complete.

Avoid Being Spotted and Don't Kill the Captain
Don't let guards see you. If they do, take them out before the alarm is activated. If men are on catwalks above you, note that they can see through the floor. If they are moving back and forth above you, follow them closely behind.

Aboard the USS Patriot Pt. 2

You've Been Spotted! Escape Through the Torpedo Airlock.
The lead up to this next level is chock full of flashbacks, which you are awoken from by an alarm. You've been spotted on the sub. Drat! Ah well, since you've been spotted, feel free to use loud and messy weapons, like the Assault Rifle.

Exit out of the cabin and shoot the man in front of you. Backtrack to the open door. Before passing through it, however, take a look around. There are Assault Rifles in a glass case to your left and there's a Vest, Helmet, MedKit and Ammo on the shelf to your right. Good stuff. Move into the next room, shooting anyone who appears. Same with the control room. In the control room, there's another MedKit and more Assault Rifles, each by the opposite doors. Pass through the door on the left and run all of the way to the end, killing as you go. Look out for men behind you, as there will be many. At the end of your path, take the ladder down. Kill the guard in this area, then take the next ladder down (this is where we initially shot the guard from above). You'll get a checkpoint.

Grab the MedKit on the wall, then pass through the door next to it. Kill, then pass through the next door. Kill, then pass through either of the doors and move forward into the next room. Here is another MedKit. Collect it, then move through the door next to it and into the kitchen. Men will be hiding behind counters. Toast them. Move into the next room. Toss an AR Grenade into the group of men in the back right corner of this dining room, then clear out the rest with your Assault Rifle. Pick up what they have on them, then prepare for the next room.

In this next room it's you versus Captain Edelbright, and, of course a couple more guards since Edelbright can't hang on his own. Run forward, killing or damaging whatever is in your way, and re-enter the dining room. Edelbright, for some reason, won't come in with you (at least not very far). So, use the turned over table for protection as you pop up and shoot Edelbright in the head with your Assault Rifle, and toss some grenades his way, if you care to do so. This trick makes the job relatively easy. When he's dead, pick up the Key on his person, and see that he's Number VII. In the torpedo room, look for the white square highlighting the hatch atop the ladder and use the Key on it.

Up the first ladder, climb up either of the two new ladders and pick up the Important Document on the shelf in the room. Climb back down and pass through the unlocked door with your Assault Rifle ready to go. Inside you'll find an even bigger control room, along with many men. Kill the men, pass through the open door to your right, and locate the Captain's Cabin. Inside, grab the Torpedo Airlock Key and the Harpoon Gun. Backtrack to the torpedo room and locate the white square, highlighting the Torpedo Airlock Lock. Use the Key on it and it will open to your left. However, it will also trigger an attack from the right. Kill the attackers then pass through the open hatch to complete the level.

Find the Torpedo Lock Key
Explained above.

Blowing Up the USS Patriot

Open the Flood Gates and Leave the Hangar
You start off this level under water. Immediately swim to the surface and to the ladder to the ladder in front of you (to the right if you face the submarine). Climb the ladder, then move into the room with the large crates. Hide behind the crate to the right with your Shovel. Use your Crossbow to quietly take out the roaming guard, then the guard at the far end of the room behind the smaller crates. Step out and check the catwalk above and to your right for another patrolling guard. Take him out, too. Go to the far end of the area, slip behind the crates at the end and move right. Here's another guard and a ladder. Kill the guard and take the ladder up. Collect the MedKit from the body of the guard you killed up here. Head back to the ladder, but, instead of climbing down, jump over to the crates across the way where you'll find some AR Grenades. Another guard will appear on the ground. Kill him, then jump to the tops of the surrounding crates for a MedKit, more AR Grenades and the Harpoon Gun. Jump down, then exit out the large open doorway opposite the ladder.

Walk right, alongside the sub, grab the AR Grenades from the crate in front of you, then slip into the next large room. To your right will be two guards. Kill them and collect the MedKit and Grenades from the crate in the back corner. From here, work your way to the opposite side. Facing the open door, collect the Vest and Helmet from the crate to the right of it, then the Grenades on the crate actually in the doorway. Guards will be shooting at you. Shoot back. Even with all of my heavy artillery, the I found the Crossbow to work best here as the scope allowed me to accurately take them out as I edged out around the door opening. When you take out the men far away, arm your Assault Rifle and take out the man who pops out of the room at the close end of this room, then the guy on the catwalk. Collect the goods from the men you've killed, then climb up the ladder at the far end of the room to the catwalk above.

Cross the catwalk to the ladder on the opposite side. Check the open room next to it for a MedKit and more Bolts, then climb on up a guard will be waiting for you. Kill him, then flip the switch on the generator. This will move the platform behind you back and forth. It will also trigger some guards to start shooting at your from above the glassed in control room to the right (if you're facing the platform). Stand behind the steel beam for cover and use your Crossbow to kill them. Jump onto the platform and look up in the direction of the glassed in control room. Spot the Grapple Point and use your Hook on it to swing over to the control room. Break the glass to enter. Go into the back room for the vest and MedKit, then grab the Harpoons leaning against the control panel. Hit the button to open the flood gates and you'll get a new objective, to Sabotage the Submarine's Propeller. Easy enough.

From the control room, jump into the water below. You should find a white box highlighting the propeller that you must attach the bomb to. Move up to it and hit "Action" twice to place it. Now you must safely escape. From what I could figure out, your head can't be under water when the bomb goes off, and you should be a good distance from it. Swim along the right side of the sub, very close to it. You should find yourself right about where the man is shooting you from above when the bomb goes off. When it does, kill the man, then move under water with your Harpoon Gun ready to go.

Continue swimming in the same direction, using the Harpoon on any men swimming with you. At the opposite end (where you were dropped into this level), go into either one of the newly opened hatches and follow the tunnel. Keep looking up for and opening above. When you find it, swim up and your level will be complete.

Dock 33 - Maryland

Find Carrington on Quay 33
Use the crate staircase to make your way into the building, then climb down the ladder. Grab the MedKit and Ammo from the locker, then look out the window into the warehouse. Your goal here is to take out every man below you. Move out onto the catwalk and face the conversation ahead of you and to your left. Take out the two men conversing, then continue to make your way across the catwalk, facing the warehouse below so you can take out any man who shoots at your from below. Be aware that as you're clearing out the area, the garage door the first guard were initially guarding has opened, bringing a few new men into the area. At the end of the catwalk, move up the ladder and into the control room. If you have any men left below, pull the lever to drop the crate from the air, killing those under it and around. Exit out the opposite door and gather the Bolts. Use your Crossbow to check out the open garage, and kill anyone you see.

Move toward the ladder, but don't take it down. Instead, look up and see the Grapple point above. Look beyond it and notice the many Grapple points in the area. Use them to move from crate stack to crate stack until you get to the suspended crate at the opposite end of the warehouse. On top of this crate is a Bazooka, a Rocket and a Full MedKit. Grapple down to the ground (you'll have to run and jump to catch the Grapple hook). On the ground, go into the caged in area and collect the Ammo and Armor, then step out of the open garage door.

Outside, move right and check the guard tower. Kill the man in it, then fully turn the corner and kill the man on the ground. Collect the Grenades from the crate in front of you, then move to the backside of the tower. Kill the man on the ground, then enter the tower door. Inside, collect the goods and pull the lever. This will cause the suspended crate to swing over into a building, creating a hole. Head back downstairs and take the crates up to the newly created hole. Fall into the building and climb the ladder to the catwalk. Go right and collect the Bazooka if you didn't get it earlier, then pass through the door. You will find yourself on a balcony overlooking a Helicopter and many men below. Take out the men, but don't use your Bazooka...you'll need the rockets for later. Grenades in all forms work well here.

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Once they're dead, walk around to the ladder and take it down. Kill the men who appear on the catwalk across the way. Collect what's in the room. You'll find Ammo, another Bazooka and some Rockets in the caged in area. Find the ladder to the catwalk at the front end of the helicopter and get yourself on it. Move across and into the building. Grab the Magnetic Card on the desk, then climb the ladder to gather some Armor. Exit back out and climb down the ladder. Walk underneath the catwalk until you find the door with the Magnetic Card reader, hidden behind some crates. Pass through it and you'll come to a checkpoint. You'll also come to the reason why you saved your Rockets.

Look up and notice the Helicopter coming at you. If you turn right here and run behind the crates at the dead end, you'll find a Full MedKit behind them. Now, for the Helicopter. The only thing I used that did damage to the Helicopter were the Bazooka Rockets. It took eight direct hits to take it down. There are several Bazooka Rockets on crates in the area. Explore the area fully. Note that when you're running, it's a good idea to equip a lighter weapon, so you can run faster. When shooting at the Chopper, it's best to be as close to it as possible, giving it less space and time to move out of the way of your rocket. There are really no tricks to taking the Chopper down. It's just a matter of hitting the Helicopter with rockets while avoiding its fire. Once you've destroyed it, it will spin out of control and crash on the dock. Move beyond the crash site and you'll come upon Carrington and gang. Level complete. You're innocent, but there's still work to do.

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