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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary


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8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
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(US and International)

8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary

Bristol Hotel

Eliminate the Guards Without Raising Alarm
You know what to do.

Spy on the Meeting from Room 41
Your innocence is proven, but your mission continues. Exit the elevator and grab the broom from the closet. Make your way around the corner and smack the pacing woman over the head with it. Put her body in the closet to the right, then go left and into the laundry room with your Silenced 9mm drawn. Shoot the guard, then move into the locker room across the way. Pass through the next door and quietly kill the woman behind it. Hanging from the wall is the Key to Room 41. Grab it. Before passing through the next door, be sure to ransack the lockers in the previous room for Ammo, Health and an Important document. Then move through the closed door.

Turn right in the hall, then wait at the left hall. A guard will come toward you. Watch the "Tap, taps", turn into the hall, then kill him, pick him up and take him into Room 41.

Record the Conversation
In Room 41, collect the Full MedKit, then move up to the open window. Use your Micro like you would your Sniper Rifle or Crossbow to zoom in on Winslow, the man across the way. Keep the Micro aimed at him as he walks to the right, then returns to his position by the door. If you lose him for "3 Seconds" the mission will be aborted. So, follow him through the walls. If you hear static, you're getting of range. There's a timer that will count down when you lose him. Don't let it hit zero. Mongoose and another man will enter the room. Keep focused on Winslow until you are spotted, at this point, put the Micro away and exit the room armed with your Mini Guns.

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Cut the Power Supply to the Elevators
You have 35 seconds to find the power supply. Turn right out of the room and move down the hall, killing as you go. Turn right again and you'll see a door to your left opening up. Kill the man inside, then open the locker highlighted by the white square. Hit the switch and the power supply will be cut. Nice job.

Help the FBI Agents
Exit the room and head through the unlocked doors to your left. The FBI agents are wearing navy blue coats. Don't shoot them. Let them take out the bad guy, then follow their lead. Here will be a Checkpoint. Move down the hall and you'll find Winslow has locked himself behind the door. Backtrack to the elevator in the lobby area. Enter the shaft and you'll get a new objective.

Eliminate Winslow and Willard
Climb the ladder and move through the vents. You'll emerge in a room with a glass floor, looking down at Winslow and Willard. Shoot them through the glass with your Mini-Guns. The Mini-Guns do some good damage, and the floor provides some good protection from their shots. Once you've toasted one of them, and the guard, jump down onto the pool table, then hit the floor. The survivor (most likely Willard) has left the room. Collect the Document, Key and Shotgun from Winslow's body (note he's Number IX), and use the Key to unlock the door. Here you will find your FBI Agents. Start moving through the halls and look for him. If you stop, Willard will find you. When you come upon him, toast the remainder of his meter (the Shotgun is nice), then collect what's on Number V.

The Sanctuary - Infiltration

Infiltrate the Sanctuary
You're in a courtyard. You can't raise alarm, which means both silent kills and hidden bodies. Walk up to the truck and face left. Notice a space between the trees. Walk up to it and crouch. Punch through the discolored leaves and you'll find your path. Crawl through it and you will enter the garden maze.

Allow the conversation down the right path to complete. If you take out the guard in the middle of it, the alarm will sound. I enjoyed the Throwing Knives as my silent killer in this area. Aim for the head and you're good. Once the conversation is over, move right with your Knife in hand. Wait for the guard to move from the left to the right, then follow behind him to the right, then take him out. His body is safely hidden in this area. From here, move forward and down the path. You'll find the "Tap Taps" of a guard to your left. Quickly run down the path to the left and kill the guard without letting the other one hear. Collect his Vest and Kalach. If he's deep enough down the path, there's no need to hide his body. Exit out and move left again, following the curving main path.

Around the big curve, look for the cross path and the "Tap taps". There are two guards, both down the opposite sides of the cross path. Wait until they are as far apart as possible, then run down one of the paths and silently kill. If the guards are too close when you kill one, the other will see and raise alarm. Once one is out, run down the other path and kill the other. When they are both toast, continue along the main path. Again, you'll run into a conversation and "Tap taps". Kill the guard coming at you, feel free to leave his body where it is, collect what's on him and move forward. You will find yourself at an entrance to the courtyard.

The courtyard is tricky, as there are two guards roaming about. If you make noise or are spotted, there will be more and chaos will ensue. Don't let that happen. Instead, pull out your Crossbow and zoom in on the fountain. When you are spotted, or when you spot a guard, kill him with your Crossbow. Wait as the other guard comes to check him out. Kill him when he does. End of story. Exit out the door opposite your entrance.

Move up the stairs and you'll be in a grassy area. Sadly, the grass doesn't provide cover, so simply ambush the guard in this area...silently, of course. Collect his vest, then jump on into the pool in the middle. Break the grate at the bottom, then swim down and through the tunnel. You'll emerge in another pool with two more guard surrounding it. Go ahead and use your Assault Rifle on them. No one can hear. Walk around the exterior of the area and notice a section of the gate is broken. This is your way out. Jump through the hole, notice the gorgeous sunset and water below, then move along the ledge to the right. Checkpoint. Phew.

Round the corner and note the gap in the trail. Look up and spot the Grapple point. Pretty rotten for not pointing it out to us this time. Ah well, special agents don't need their hands held. Use your Hook on the Grapple Point and swing over to the opposite side. Run forward and break through the leaf barrier, providing an opening into the next courtyard.

Here there's a guard on the ground, and another who comes halfway down the stairs. Take out the one on the ground when Mr. Stairs isn't looking, then sneak in and take out the guy on the stairs. You might as well pull out your Assault Rifle here, because everyone up the stairs will know you're here soon enough. Move up the stairs and take out the guard to your right. Then, move left to the stone wall, then turn right and make your way to the sanctuary area behind it. Kill anyone on your way and anyone back here. Once this is done, you should be safe from the guard alerts. Pick up the MedKit and Grenades from the benches, then exit back out to the front of the building. Run across to the arched doorway and pass through. Here you will come to a small chapel and a flashback.

Enter the chapel and move behind the cross at the alter. Use your "Action" button several times to knock the cross over, revealing a secret passage below. Take it and you will complete the level.

The Sanctuary - Inside

Find the Place Where the Clan of 20 Meet Up
Climb the ladder and move through the door. Listen to the conversation, then wait for the Clan members to leave the room across the way. A couple of guards will be left behind. Quickly enter the room and take them out before either one has a chance to hit the alarm. Climb the stairs on the other side of the projection screen and pass through the door. Move toward the voice to your left and through the unlocked door to the right. Let him finish what he has to say, then sneak up and karate chop him from behind. Move through the doorway and you'll get a checkpoint.

There's a conversation below. Stay back, or you'll be spotted by one of the guards. Instead, pull out your Crossbow and aim it at the catwalk above you, across the way. On the right side will be a guard. Take him out, then move out of the doorway and look out for the guard to your right. Shoot him then climb the stairs. At the top, turn left and be ready to kill a guard. Then, move through the open door to your right.

You'll be in a hallway lined with red carpet. To your right is a guard who forgot his Magnetic Card. Kill him and grab the key. Both doors to the right are unlocked. Pass through either, then climb the crazy stairs. Run to the end of the catwalk and use the Key on the locked door. Move into the office behind the door and grab the Magnetic Card from the desk drawer. Run back to the red carpeted hall to use the Magnetic Card on the door. Pass through, then kill the two men at the base of the stairs below.

Run down the stairs to the bodies and notice a large "statue" in the room. Examine it and see that one of the "L" shaped inserts is missing. Go into the room underneath the stairs. Grab the MedKit on the desk, then examine the opposite wall. Notice some dark colored bricks. Walk up to them and hit "Action". They will open up, revealing the last "L". Grab it and the Important Document, then place the "L" in the statue outside (after killing the guards, of course). Inserting this piece into the statue will reveal a door behind the circular corner of the room. Pass through it to complete the level.

The Sanctuary - Inside Pt. 2

Spy on the Meeting
Again, you have to be stealthy. Open the door and pass through the room to the next door. Look left and notice a guard. Toss a Knife in her face/head, then cross the mini bridge and take out the two guards in the room to your left. Do it fast. Continue forward, quietly taking out guards along the way. At the large cavernesque room, don't let the white square distract you. Take out the guard in the room first, then run back to the Grapple point and hook yourself up to the lit hallway above. Enter the cells to your right for some goods, look out for guards, and at the end, turn right. Make your way across the ledge to the next Grapple point and use it to get across to the opposite ledge. Grab the MedKit on the ledge before going down the path.

Again, check the cells for goods and work your way forward. You'll emerge atop a room. Jump to the ledge to grab the MedKit, then to the ground and kill the guard. Another guard will be close and to your right. Kill him, too. Then, run to the far side of the room and kill the two men at the end. Use whatever gun you want here. The goal is to do this all fast.

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Find the open door pretty much opposite the archways from which you entered this large room, and pass through it. Climb the stairs and listen to the conversation above. Follow it, unlocking doors as you go. The Colonel will warn you to stand back until he gives the signal. Continue forward, killing and unlocking doors as you go. At the top of the final staircase, turn right and fall down the small ledge. Peer into the room below and spy on the meeting below. Wait until the objective is complete before moving.

Escape from the Sanctuary
Now you must escape. Look to the top of the shaft you just looked down to spy on the meeting, and use your Hook on the clapper. Lower yourself down. You will be shot at. Take your position behind the alter, then take out the two men on the ground, and the two men on the above balconies with your Crossbow. Once that's done, opt for something more automatic. Move forward to the opposite end, then unlock the small door on the left side. Simply move forward, killing as you go. At the next Grapple point, Hook and swing to the opposite side (below you is the sanctuary you just left, burning) and move forward. Eventually, at the end of your killing spree, you'll complete the level.

The Sanctuary - Escape

Run to the End of the Cliff
This level is very straightforward. You simply need to move forward, from Grapple point to Grapple point, and zipline to zipline, killing any Clan members or guards in your way. The Crossbow is best here, providing distance, accuracy, and three shots before a reload. When you are on the last zipline you will get a Checkpoint. Prepare for an ambush ahead.

Start shooting at the men below from the zipline, if at all possible. Once on the ground, simply run around with your weapon of choice and take on your attackers. Once they're all dead you'll be told to Shoot Down the Enemy Helicopters. To shoot down the choppers, you must kill the men inside them, then they'll crash to the ocean below. I used a mix of my Crossbow and the automatic weapons to take the choppers down. There will be four of them. The first one is by itself. Once you take it down, then next three will come at once. The one farthest to the right is closest to the cliff, so take it out first, then the other two. Once they're down you are told to Jump into the FBI Helicopter. Simply run to the edge of the cliff by the end of the zipline and you'll see the ladder hanging from your helicopter. Make a running jump at it and the level is complete. Now it's time to play with the big boys.

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