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Lunabean's XIII Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
9. SSH1 to the End


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9. SSH1 to the End

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1. Introduction
2. The Beach and Brooklyn
3. The Military Base
4. The Rocky Mountains
5. Plain Rock
6. The SPADS Camp
7. The USS Patriot
8. Bristol Hotel and The Sanctuary
9. SSH1 to the End
XIII Review
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(US and International)

9. SSH1 to the End

SSH1 - Infiltration

Infiltrate the Secret SSH1 Base
Follow the Senator through the security checks. At the last one, you will be denied access. Follow the security guard back through the first security check and continue moving forward. There will be a cart on your right and a guard tying his shoe. Let him move along, then go into the locker room he was blocking. Go left and sneak up on and karate chop the guard sitting down. Collect his 9mm, then go right and sneak up and karate chop the singing guard at the mirror. Collect his ammo, then use your Lockpick on the locked double doors. Enter the guard station in front of you and quietly take out the guard. On his control panel, hit the switch to unlock all of the security doors, grab the Magnetic Card. Exit out and head right unlock the door. Go back to the control area and grab the chair, then pass through the unlocked door. Stay where you are and wait for the guard to approach from the right. When he's close, smack him over the head with the chair, collect his Assault Rifle, then head through the glass doors to your left. Use your Magnetic Card again on the steel door and pass through. Move down the stairs and you'll get a checkpoint.

A guard will be patrolling at the bottom. Follow him right, sneak up behind him and karate chop him. Carry his body into the generator room at the other end of the hall. Exit the room grab the chain in front of you and head left. At the intersection, wait for the guard to the left to approach, then knock him over the head with your chair. Carry his body down the hall, then right and into the generator room to your left. Again, exit out and move left. Grab the broom by the locker and wait for the guard patrolling the next hall to come down to your end. When he turns his back, run up to him and smack him with the broom. Quickly pick him up and carry him to the generator room where you dumped the last guy.

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Exit out again, move left and down the hall the last guard was patrolling. Stick to the very left side so the man in the security area can't see you. Also, pay attention to the camera on your right. If it spots you, you're done. Pass through the door to your left. There's a broom here. Pick it up and use it against the patrolling guard when he steps into the generator room. From here, grab the chair and pop into the guard station across the way. Pop the guard out and hit the button to unlock the doors. Exit the station and turn right and make your way again to the main hall. In it, go left to the elevators. Hit the buttons on the left and enter. Inside, hit the button down, then exit out. Here is a checkpoint.

In front of you is a guard in a station, move right and through the door to your left. Before going into the guard station, watch the "Tap, taps" from the hall to your right. When they move into the locker room, move around the corner and into the locker room. Karate chop the guard and grab the broom. Run into the control room and smack the guard over the head. Now you don't have to worry about cameras. Exit out and run straight down the hall. Watch out for the guard in the next hall. Stand behind the lockers for protection and grab the broom. When the guard is at the corner, knock him down and drag his body into the hall you just came from, so the guard at the opposite end can't see the downed guard. Run down the hall, grabbing the broom from the generator room, and attack the guard at the far end, again, using the lockers for protection. Place him in the generator room, and continue around to the doors at the end of the hall.

Stand outside of the doors and wait for the "Taps" to pass by. When they do, open the door and duck. You don't want to be seen by the men behind the glass. Go left and grab the chair. Hit the man at the candy machine over the head with it, then pick up his body and carry it into the bathroom, on the other side of the pillar. Put him down and wait in the bathroom until the President and the rest of the gang leave the area. Grab the broom and wait for the guard to come in, then take him down. Exit out and move into the glassed in area, with the broom from the candy machine area in hand. Smack the guard, exit out the opposite door and the level is complete. Avoid Being Spotted and Neutralize the GIs
Neutralize does not mean kill.

SSH1 - Inside

Avoid Being Spotted and Neutralize the GIs
Listen to the conversation on the other side of the door. When it's complete, grab the broom and bonk the guard outside. Take down the next one, then the next one. The third guard is outside an artillery room. Grab the chair, step into the room and take out this last guard. Collect everything in this room (including the AR Grenades at the slot in the caging), as you're about to have your first ambush in quite some time. Exit out, arm your Assault Rifle and go left into the huge conference room. Go through the room and over the desk to trigger the ambush.

Here's my method for clearing the room: Break the glass on the opposite side of the desk, and turn left. Shoot your Assault Rifle at the attacker, then run at him. Turn left. Shoot an AR Grenade and the man at the end of this hall, then shoot the guy who comes around the left corner. Move forward. This action will trigger a guard from the small room on your right. Kill him, enter the room, then into the room behind it. Here you will find a MedKit in the cabinet. Exit out and one more guard should be outside your door. Kill him and you'll get a cutscene. After the cutscene, more action.

Standwell will come out of the room attacking. Shoot any and all AR Grenades you have at him, then chase him around. Try to use the pillars as your protection, and use the Shotgun you should have collected from one of the downed guards. Shoot Standwell close and in the head with the Shotgun and he'll go down fast. Upon killing him, collect what's on him and notice his Number 3. Jerk.

Follow the President's voice to the back left room (from where Standwell emerged) and unlock the door. Inside, you'll get a new objective, Protect the President and Entrust Him to a GI. Pick up the Pres and hit the button to unlock the doors. Carry him out, then through the double doors to your left. Once you're through the doors and you have a checkpoint, drop the body.

Turn the corner of the hall and look up at the men through the glassed area ahead. Shoot them, then the guards who pop out the door to the right. Move through the hall to your right and into the kitchen (again, to the right). Kill any guard in your way and collect the Grenades and Ammo from the table. Exit out and go into the locker room at the end of the hall. Collect the vest from the bench, then the MedKit from the cabinet and exit out. Return to the President and carry his body down the large hallway. At the end of it you will find your GI. Drop the Pres's body at his feet to complete the objective.

Access the Checkpoint
Pass through the double doors to your right and take out the bad guys. If you hit one of your own (the kind you've been neutralizing this whole time) the mission will fail. So, be careful when clearing out this area. Even if they shoot at you, don't shoot back. When the area is cleared out, the guards will unlock a steel door for you. Pass through to complete the level.

SSH1 - Inside Pt. 2

Stop Operation Total Red
Move forward and check out your friends behind the glass. Unlock the door in front of you and work your way around the walkway surrounding the control center to the door leading it. You have to take out everyone in the control center. I suggest doing it from your position behind the door, as the glass is bullet proof and serves as decent protection. Shoot, toss grenades, do what you need to do. When the chaos seems to have calmed down, move into the control area and face the door you just came through. Look above it and you should see more guards shooting at you. Kill them, then face the large screen. To the left are stairs. There may be someone on them shooting at you. Take him out then run up the stairs. You'll have more men to kill. When everything is calm, stand outside the window and watch as the evil man behind the glass blows his brains out. Yucka. Now you must Set the Hostages Free.

Enter the area where Number II just killed himself and grab the Magnetic Card on him. Run down the stairs and out of the control room. Turn right and look for the door with the card reader, near the end. Use your Magnetic Card to open the door and free the hostages. Then, follow the Senator to the opposite end of the walkway where he'll unlock the steel door for you. Pass through to complete the level.

SSH1 - Inside Pt. 3

Cancel the Base's Self-Destruct Procedure
Move through the door and across to the central area of the catwalk, looking down at the missiles. Locate the switch to your right and hit it. This will move the platform you are on across the way. You can take it all of the way across, but you're being timed, and you need to move fast, so, pull out your Hook and locate the Grapple Point above. Point your Hook at it until the icon turns white, then use it to swing across to the other side. Move forward then follow the arrow right to the control room.

The door at the end of the hall will shut. So, go through the door on the left side, pick up the MedKit on the table, then move right and through the door to the locker room. In front of you in the locker room is a map of the US. Shoot it to reveal the vent behind it, and crawl through. Shoot the vent at the end and drop down.

Don't touch anything in this room. Instead, run up the stairs and into the computer room to your left (picking locks as you go). In the computer room, there are many servers behind a cage. You need to destroy these servers. So, shoot the lock on the door so you can get in there, then, for efficiency, toss a grenade in the room to take out the most servers in one shot. If the clock still counts down after this, enter and shoot any live servers. When they're all toast, your objective will be complete. Now you must Get Back to the Exit.

Exit out of the computer room and head left down the hall. Flip the switch to open the door that shut on you earlier. Move through it then go right and re-enter the little break room you were in earlier. Again, re-enter the locker room. This time, however, locate the cabinet by the door with the two MedKits inside. Then go back into the break room and into the Armory to collect the goods. Exit out into the hall and make your way back to the catwalk overlooking the missiles. You can't pass over them as you did before, so locate the ladder along the right side and move down. At the base of the ladder you will run into Mongoose. He is your "final boss".

The first thing that should be noted at the final boss is if you die (and you will die at least once) remember to go back to the break room and locker room for the MedKits as they'll regenerate for you. That's a nice thing. Now, back to the battle.

The first thing you should do when you battle Mongoose is shoot off any AR Grenades you have at him, toss any normal Grenades you have at him, then run to the central missile. Mongoose will stay around the central missile as long as you do, so go ahead and play the game of sneaking around and catching him as he sneaks up on you. I suggest using your Mini-Guns, and pointing them so they are aimed at Mongoose the second he comes around the missile. Any time you get a good shot in at him, he'll pause to regroup. Use this opportunity to damage him more.

Once you run out of Mini-Gun Ammo, go for your huge M60 and use it the same way against Mongoose. It's heavy and weighs you down, but it does great damage. When Mongoose's meter is about 1/3 down, get a quick cutscene, and see a body drop into the missile area with you. Run up to the body to grab the MedKit on it, the Armor and the Mini-Gun Ammo. At this point, the central missile will lower. You can no longer use it for protection and Mongoose will be running around a much bigger space. You need to place yourself behind the missiles along the edge, but be aware that you are on a platform. If you fall down, you will die.

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Use the missiles for protection as you shoot Mongoose from a distance with your M60. Keep your eye out for more falling bodies, as they all have health and Mini-Gun Ammo of some form on them. Watch Mongooses' "Over Here"'s to get an idea of where he is. When you aim toward him and your Crosshair turns red, shoot. Once Mongoose's meter is really low, all of the missiles will lower, giving you no protection. Change to your Mini-Guns so you can run fast. Charge him hard and fast, and just before his meter runs out, he'll fall to his death...or that's what we're led to believe. Either way. The battle is complete, and you won. Nice job.

You hear Jones up above. Climb the ladder to the "Exit" to meet up with her. Follow her to the elevator where Carringon and the Senator will congratulate you. Level complete, along with all of the hard stuff.

New York - Revelations

It's time to par-tay! It's a shin-dig in your honor. Nice. Move up the stairs and start your schmoozing, then talk to Jones to your right. She seems to have a twinkle in her eye for you. She sends you off to Carringon. Walk straight down the hall and you'll run into him.

After some fireworks scare the bajeebees out of the people, move to the front of the boat to check them out. Look up to the sky to check their splendor. It's suggested that Wally Sheridan, the Senator, would like to see this. You must find him. Turn around and take the right path along the length of the boat. Beyond the windows and before the stairs is an unlocked door to your left. Enter, then hang a left. Open the next door, and take the stairs down to the right. You hear the pleas of a woman, begging Wally for her son. The woman is Kim, Rowland's wife. This all looks very familiar. Move forward into the office. In the office, you'll hear the Mongoose on the radio, calling for Number I. Uh-oh. It all makes sense now. A repeat flashback will occur, then Sheridan will walk into the office. He's Number I! The bastard! And the game is "To Be Continued..."! The bastards!!! Ah well, it was a good time and I'm oh so excited for the sequel.

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