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LB's "The Legend of Zelda® Twilight Princess" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple
2. The Path to the Goron Mines - The Goron Mines
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins
6. The Path to the Temple of Time - Temple of Time
7. The Path to the Sky Temple - Sky Temple
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

9. Extras - Sidequests, Poes, Golden Bugs, and Hidden Skills

10. Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot Walkthrough
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Zelda Twilight Princess
1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple

Before getting started, make sure the Nunchuk (piece with the control stick) is plugged into the Wii Remote (Wii-mote). Once the game is inserted and you've watched the beauty that is the start screen, hit "A" and "B" (Wii-mote trigger) simultaneously. Next, enter the name you want your character and horse to be called (the defaults are "Link" and "Epona"). When this is complete, adjust the picture on your TV for ratio and brightness. When these things are done, you'll be taken into the game.

The beginning

Ordona Province

Ordon Village

Tap "A" to move through the conversation. After a quick cutscene, Fado will call to you in your house. Once you get control of Link walk up to the man and talk to him with "A". He will tell you that you must bring your horse with you to herd the goats. That means you must find your horse.

Note your map on the left side of your screen (if it's not there, press the "2" button). Take the north path. Continue past the pumpkin patch to the forest spring (to your right). Here you'll find Epona and Ilia. Speak to Ilia. She will ask for a piece of grass. Turn around and locate the four patches of grass by the entrance (actually, they look more like weeds shaped like horseshoes). Approach one and hit "A" to pick it. Hit "A" again to "Blow". You have just played the Horseblade (blade of grass). When this is complete, talk to Ilia again, then get close to Epona and "Get on" with "A".

To ride Epona, direct her with your control stick, then hit "A" to "Dash". Note the crop icons at the bottom. Each time you hit "A" to dash, one of these icons will disappear. They will eventually come back, but you need to learn the timing of them. It's not necessary now, as you don't have far to ride. For now, just guide Epona back to your house. You'll find Fado has left, so take the path to the south.

Welcome to heart Ordon Village, where the grass is green and the chickens are happy. Ride straight through the village (along the path) and through the gate to Ordon Ranch.

Ordon Ranch

Ride up to Fado and speak with him. Fado asks that you herd his goats into the barn. Say you will do it. To herd the goats, all you must do is get behind them and "Whoop". Continue whooping behind them until they go into the barn. It's that easy. (OK, if you take too long with a particular goat, or if you whoop too many times, that goat may flash red and charge you. Don't worry, though, as it doesn't hurt. Just get back on your horse and try again.)

When all ten goats are in the barn, Fado will give you the change to practice jumping fences. Go ahead and charge the fence ahead of you (hit "A" to dash). As long as you are facing the fence straight on, you'll automatically jump the fence. Move around the circle to the next fence and jump it. Continue jumping fences until you have it down. Also, here's a good place to get used to the timing of the choke ("A" button), so play around with that, if you care to do so. When you're done, jump over the short fence. You will be asked if you want to save. Say "Yes" and select a slot. (If you want to save during the game, hit "+", then choose "Save" in the bottom-left corner of the Collection screen).

Ordon Village

You will find yourself back in your house. Move down the ladders. Feel free to look around, then exit the front door. Speak to the kids (Beth, Talo and Malo), who are speaking quite excitedly about a slingshot. Next, run over to Colin, who is by Epona. He tells you she has a fishing pole for you, but his dad currently has it. Alrighty then. Head for the village.

Speak to first man you see. This is Nathan. Nathan is trying to knock down a bee hive and wants you to look at it. To do so, use "C" (top button on the Nunchuk), then use your control stick or the Wii-mote to move the camera. Once you've looked at the hive, Nathan will tell you he wants to knock it down, but can't with rocks. This is something you will have to do...but not quite yet. Instead, head for the house across the way (Sera's Sundries).

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Speak to Sera. You may care to notice that Sera has a Slingshot in her store. However, because she's missing her cat, she doesn't feel like selling anything right now. Hmmm. One cat for Sera. Noted.

Next to Sera's house is a tall rock covered in vines. When you approach it, the man on top of the rock may ask you to use Z-targeting to speak with him. To do this, hit "Z" (bottom button on Nunchuk) and the yellow arrow above his head will turn red. At this point, hit "A" to continue the conversation. Z-targeting like this allows you to speak with those who are far away. Once the conversation is done, climb the vines and speak to him again. He will first point out a cat to you (you know whose cat that is), along with a special grass going on the next rock. Simply move toward the rock and you'll automatically jump to it. Pick the Hawkblade and blow.

The Hawkblade calls a hawk to you. Use your Wii-mote to move the reticule around. Once you get the hang of it, point the reticule at the beehive and hit "A" to set the hawk free. This will knock the hive down. Feel free to speak to Nathan again, although he won't have anything for you. So, continue along the path and speak to Uli (the pregnant woman with the basket). She asks if you have seen a cradle. She says it has floated down the river. Since you can't refuse a pregnant woman in distress, go ahead and move down the river. Swim across the deep section and you'll eventually spot a monkey with a cradle in his hands. Of course, he's atop a tall rock, which means you can't reach him. However, Mr. Hawk can!

Return to the tall rock platform with the Hawkblade on it and jump onto the roof past it. Continue across the next two platforms and you'll find another Hawkblade source. Pick it and blow. Aim the hawk at the monkey across the way then set him free with "A". He'll return and drop the cradle down to you.

Return to Uli (if you fall into the river, just push the cradle toward the shore, get out, and pick it up), and follow her to her home. She will present you with the fishing rod. Go into the "-" screen, point at the fishing rod, then hit "B" to set it. Let's go fishing!

Return to the main path and locate the raised bridge. Cross it and move behind the waterwheel house. Here you will find Sera's cat. Sera's cat, like most cats, doesn't like to be herded. Ignore her for now, because it's time to go fishing!

At this point, you have a simple fishing rod, therefore you are "Bobber Fishing". Hit "B" to ready your rod. To cast your line into the water simply make the motion of casting a fishing pole. Once your bobber is in the water, watch for it to go down. This means that you have a fish. To get a "Fish On", make a quick flick with your wrist, either up or down. Immediately after that, pull the Wii Remote directly up and over your head. It helps to wiggle it, or make a circular motion, while it's over your head. Keep this up and you'll pull in a fish. Hit "A" to release the fish.

Now that your fishing pole has a little bit of fish stink on it, locate Sera's cat again. As long as your fishing pole is out, that cat will follow you. So, have it follow you back to the dock and catch another fish. Once you release it, the cat will grab it and run back to Sera's Sundries. Follow the cat.

Once back in Sera's Sundries, speak with Sera. She will thank you for finding her kitty by giving you milk in a bottle. To use it, set it to "B" on the "-" screen. Milk replenishes 3 hearts. Once the bottle is empty, you can fill it with other liquids.

Next learn how to Swap Set Items. You can set up to three items to your D-Pad for quick use. In the "-" menu, point at an item and press either left, right, or down on the D-Pad to set that item. During gameplay, to equip an item, simply press the direction on the D-Pad to which it is set and then hit "B" to use it. You can use some items just by pressing the direction on the D-Pad.

Speak to Sera again to find her shop is now open for business! Scroll through her items using the control stick. Buy the Slingshot. If you don't have 30 Rupees, collect them by picking up rocks/pumpkins, throwing them so that they smash open, and running through grass. Note, there is a yellow Rupee (10) at the top of Mayor Bo's house and a yellow and blue (5) Rupee at the top of the tree where the beehive was located.

You can set the slingshot to "B" on the "-" screen. Head back to Link's house (your house). You'll run into Rusl. He tells you that he has left something for you in your room. Approach the gang of kids and speak to them. You will be taught how to use the slingshot.

The goal is to hit the red targets and the scarecrows. Equip your slingshot with "B" and note the red reticule. Use the Wii-mote to point it at the targets. Use your control stick to move the camera left or right. Press "B" to pull back on the slingshot. Release "B" to fire. Destroy each of the five red targets and the two scarecrows. At the end, the kids mention that you can lock onto targets by pressing "Z". Go ahead and try this. Press and hold "Z" to lock onto a scarecrow. Fire the slingshot with "B".

Approach your house. There is a spider on the ladder preventing you from entering. Lock onto it with "Z" and kill it with your slingshot. Enter your house and open the treasure chest to collect the Wooden Sword. Exit and play with your sword by swinging the Wii Remote around. When you're ready, speak with the kids. Choose "Yes" to teach the kids how to use the sword.

The horizontal slice is performed by swinging the sword. A vertical slice is done by swinging while Z-targeting. To stab, Z-target and then simultaneously stab the Wii Remote toward the TV while pressing forward on the control stick. The spin attack is performed by shaking the Nunchuk side to side. The jump attack is done by hitting "A" while you're Z-targeting. When you're teaching is done, the kids will spot a monkey and chase it up the north path. You must chase after them.

If you chase the kids on foot, you will run into a fence that you cannot pass. So, instead, hop onto Epona and go up the north path. Continue past the forest springs and cross the bridge.

Faron Province

Faron Woods

Proceed north and jump the fence. There will be water in front of you. Head through the tunnel on the left. Dismount and note the two paths. The forest temple path is the one to the NE, which you can't go down yet. So, instead, head along the NW path and speak with Coro, the big-haired man. He will give you a Lantern, which not only provides its user with light, but also sets things on fire. Nice.

Equip the lantern and note the yellow meter beneath it. This represents how much oil you have remaining. If you ever run low on oil, you can return to Coro, who will sell you more. Coro will ask that you light a fire under the big pot. Equip the lantern and swing it with "B" to do just this.

Now that you have light, you can head up the NE path. Return and fight the Deku Baba (the purple flower) at the gate. You can fight him any way you wish, but I suggest Z-targeting, then using your slingshot against him. This will stun him, at which point you can easily slice his stem with your sword. One he has "popped", pick up the resulting Deku Nut and throw it against a wall. Collect the Deku Seeds (aka slingshot ammo). If a deku baba catches you in its mouth, simply shake your Nunchuk to escape.

Enter the tunnel and travel past Talo's sword. Kill the bat using the slingshot or your sword and then take out the deku baba. You'll soon reach a spider web. Burn it with the lantern. Continue to fight your way up the path. Note the spider web strands (two on each side of the tunnel) along the way. You can shoot or slice the pods in the strands for Rupees. There is a pathway to the right. Follow it, kill the enemies, and go to the treasure chest at the end for a yellow Rupee. Return to the main path and head north. Burn through the spider web and exit out.

You will find yourself in an open area with various enemies: Blue Gremlins, deku babas, and bats. Note the two red circles on the map; one in the NW and one in the NE. Go to the one in the NW. Enter the tunnel. Proceed forward, defeating enemies as you go, and you'll soon reach a treasure chest. Open the chest for a Small Key. Light the two torches on either side of the chest to reveal a larger chest behind it. Climb the ledge and open the treasure chest. Inside it you'll find a Piece of Heart.

Exit back out to the open area and head to the NE red circle. Here you'll find a gate. Next to the gate is a sign that reads, "Forest Temple ahead." It tells you to make sure you have enough oil. Don't worry about it as there is a store up ahead. Go up to the gate and hit "A" to open the gate (you used your small key). Go forward and defeat the blue gremlins. You'll soon reach Trill's Shop. Take down each of the enemies in the area and then approach Trill. Buy oil from him by equipping your lantern and dipping into the oil pot. When this is done, go over to the donation box next to him and pay up. You can spend as much (or as little) as you want. However, you should note that shorting the bird by too much could come back to bite you in the bum later.

With your oil in hand, continue to make your way north. As you go up the path toward the Forest Temple you'll find a cage with Talo and the monkey. Slice the cage open with repeated slashes of your sword. You'll automatically be taken back to Ordon Ranch.

Ordona Province

Ordon Ranch

If you like, use the nearby horse blade to call Epona and help Fado herd goats. This time there are 20 goats in total and you are timed. Don't worry about your time. Once you've played with the goats to your heart's content, jump the fence to exit the ranch.

Ordon Village

Back in the Village, Ilia will tell you that Epona's leg is hurt. She will take Epona to the forest spring to heal her. Head there. On the way, you'll meet up with Colin, who will join you. You'll also run into Talo and Malo, who will make you give up your sword. Do so.

Once you reach the spring, you'll find the gate locked. Speak to Colin who will tell you to use the tunnel that leads to the spring. Backtrack along the path to where it opens up a tad and you see grass on the left. Look left along the wall to find a small tunnel. Go up to it and "Enter" it by pressing "A". Crawl through and hang a left. You will end up in the spring where you'll get quite the ominous cutscene.


Look at that. Your body has been taken over by that of a wolf. Move around a bit and you'll be introduced to an odd little creature on the other side of the cell. She challenges you to meet her over there. Before doing so, get to know your wolf body. Run around. While moving you'll get a "Dash" option. This makes you charge forward. Press down on the D-pad to "Dig". Swing your Wii-mote as you would a sword to attack. When you're ready, attack the broken crate in the corner, then dig under the bars.

The mysterious creature will hop on your back. She tells you to press up on the D-pad if you need help (she'll occasionally give you clues). Noted.

Move forward and enter the next jail cell. Move under the hanging chain and a red arm will extend from the creature's head. Push up on the D-pad and you'll be told to Z-target the chain, then press "A". Do so. This will raise the bars on the shaft. Move through the tunnel to the end.

When you emerge from the tunnel you'll spot a glowing ball of light in the corner. You are told to use your Senses. Press right or left on the D-pad. Watch as a spirit is revealed. Speak to him. Turn your senses off, then continue north. Don't worry about falling in the water. It's shallow, and just press yourself up against a ledge to pull yourself out.

At the fork, quickly head east, where you'll find a small Shadow Being in the water. Z-target then attack him with "A". Next, get up on the ledge. Pick up the skull, then flick your Wii-mote to toss it. Collect what (if anything) is inside. Next, pull the chain and enter the tunnel. At the end you'll find a small crate. Attack it and collect what is inside. Now that this area has been cleared out, head west. Pull the chain enter the tunnel to the right. Take out the Shadow Being then collect from the skull. Head back out to the tunnel.

Move south and pull the chain at the end of the hall. This will raise the water, allowing you to move over the spikes to the north. Do so. Continue north to the glowing ball and the Shadow Being. Take out the enemy then use your Sense on the ball. Talk to the soldier's spirit, then head west (toward the circle). At this point your little buddy will challenge you to make it to the other side of the gate without him.

If you approach the gate, you'll see a hole to your left. However, it's underwater and you can't swim underwater. So, you're going to have to find a way to drain the water. To do so, take the east path (although, you're more than welcome to explore the north path for mudfish and skull treats). At the end of the path is a chain. Grab it just as you did before and the water will fall. Return to the gate and move through the hole (hit "Enter" to do so). Work your way to your partner.

Enter the room with the large circular staircase and head up. Jump the gap and you'll end up in the area below. Deal with the Shadow Being, then return up the stairs. Press up on your D-pad, and you'll be taught how to jump as the wolf. Your partner will move to the next ledge. Z-target her and press "A" to jump. Continue to work you way up the stairs doing this (this includes some steep jumps). At the top you will find a rope. Walk across it and continue with your jumps.

Fight the bats at the top (Z-target then attack), then move on top of the rubble. Hit up on the D-pad, then, again, Z-target and jump. Please note, you'll have to move fast or you'll fall off these platforms, so keep "Z" pressed and tap "A" quickly.

Once outside, move along the path ahead of you. Speak to the spirit, then hop on the crate to the left of him. From here, jump on the structure across the way. Fall down on the opposite side and fight the bird. Continue north, fighting as you go. At the dead end, move onto the planks to the right and press up on the D-pad. Jump quickly to the small platforms and you'll reach the rooftops. Follow the ridgeline to the open window and crawl through it.

Hop down then move up the stairs. Pass through the doors and approach the cloaked woman. Cutscene. Among many things, you'll learn that your partner's name is Midna, the cloaked woman is (of course)Princess Zelda, and you are in an alternate (or a "Twilight") Hyrule.

When the cutscene comes to an end, speak to Zelda and move out the door. Head down the stairs, then prepare for another sad little cutscene.

Ordona Province

Ordon Village

You will be returned to Ordon Village, but you will remain a Wolf. Exit the spring and speak to Midna, who tells you that you will need both a shield and sword to cross the bridge. Those things can be found in town, so head south. Fight the Gremlins you encounter along the way, the speak to the squirrel. He'll tell you that, as an animal, you can speak with animals. This should help you out as you are in wolf form. Continue to the village.

Feel free to look around and speak with any animals you come across (primarily chickens and frogs). They will give you tips such as, dig in dirt patches to reveal Rupees, or activate your Sense to look for places to dig. When you're ready, head over to the waterwheel house. Here you will find the Mayor and Jaggle speaking. Get closer to them (but don't let them see you), and listen in on their conversation (with "A"). If you don't see any words, then you aren't close enough (the grass to the right of them is a good spot). The conversation will reveal that the shield is in the storage loft in Jaggle's house, and Rusl has the sword.

To enter Jaggle's house you must jump from the stone platform to the waterwheel, then jump from the waterwheel to the roof of the house. So, cross back over the stream and...uh oh. Nathan doesn't like you and will stick his hawk on you if you approach the platform. Look around for Nathan's cat and speak to him. He'll tell you to sneak up behind Nathan. To do this, find the large flat stone in front of Sera's Sundries and step on it. This will make Midna giggle. Tap up on the D-pad and she'll appear atop the store. Jump to her and follow her to the platform where Nathan is standing. This will scare Nathan (and his hawk) away. Jump to the waterwheel, then to the roof of Jaggle's house. Enter through the open window.

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Hop down to the main floor, then jump up on the table. From here, jump up to the loft, where you'll see the shield hanging on a wall. Charge the wall twice to get the Ordon shield to drop. Hop out of the house via the open window in the loft. Here you'll spot Rusl leaving his house. He tells his wife he has left the sword on the couch.

Make your way over to Rusl and Uli's house. Sneak past Rusl, then move past Uli to the right side of the house. Activate your Sense and note the sparkles at the base of the house. Dig and enter. Collect the Ordon Sword from the couch. Dig your way back out, then backtrack to Spirit Spring.

Here you will meet a large Shadow Being. Simply Z-target and attack him. If you latch onto him, continue to tap "A" until he tosses you off of him. Once he's been taken care of, light will return to the spring and Ordona, one of four Light Spirits, will appear. She calls on you to revive the remaining three Light Spirits. You are to begin by returning to Faron Woods. When the cutscene is complete, continue north, cross the bridge and approach the Twilight Door. Agree to pass through it.

Faron Province

Faron Woods

Head north along the path. A barrier ring will form around you. You have to fight three Shadow Spirits. Defeat two of them to discover that the third will revive the other two with its scream. Midna will reveal to you a new power: an energy field. Hold "B" to expand the energy field. When all three Shadow Spirits are within the ring, release "B" to attack and defeat all three. This will create a portal above you. Note it for later.

Continue north and walk into the spring. Activate your Sense. Approach the yellow/orange sparkles at the back of the spring. "Check" the sparkles. This is a spirit of light. He will give you the Vessel of Light. You need to collect tears of light. Note the Vessel of Light is represented on the right side of the screen.

You need to collect Insects of Darkness. The locations of the insects are marked on your map. They are only visible when you activate your Sense. Continue up the path to locate the first two Insects. Activate your Sense. Kill them and collect the blue tears (orbs).

Head to Coro's house, to the NW. You will need to enter his house via an upper window. To do this, go up the left path and out onto the platform. Summon Midna who will go to the open window. Jump to her and enter the house. Speak to the spirit of Coro and then pop the two Insects. Collect their tears. Exit out the way you came (climb the platforms to get there). There is one more Insect in Coro's yard; it is hanging on the wall of the right side of the house. Either dash at the house to knock it off or Z-target and hit "A" to attack it directly. At this point, you will have collected five tears.

Head up the NE path, activate your Sense. and dig under the right side of the gate. You'll immediately encounter two Insects. Take care of them and collect the tears. Run forward through the tunnel ahead. When you exit you'll be in the large open area you encountered earlier in the game. Take out the two Insects (they may be on the wall to start) by Z-targeting and hitting "A" to lunge at them. At this point, you will have collected nine tears.

Since you can't enter the purple fog, you'll need to find a way past it. To do so, face the dock and head left to find a bright yellow platform/tree stump. Step onto it, summon Midna, then perform a series of jumps until you get on solid ground. Move up the path and repeat. You'll end up inside a hollow tree with three more Insects here. Pop them and collect their tears.

Go to the end of the tree and perform another series of jumps (jump quickly this time, or you'll fall). Continue to jump your way forward, avoiding the obstacles (deku babas and swinging logs) as you go. Eventually you'll reach solid ground again, where you will find two underground Insects. Dig them out and then attack them. Collect their tears.

Proceed up the path toward the Forest Temple. A barrier ring will form around you. Use "B" to form an energy field to defeat the Shadow Beings. Another portal will be formed. Continue forward and head up the path to the entrance to the Forest Temple. Here you'll find the final two Insects and the spirit of a Monkey.

Now that the Vessel of Light is full, Faron, a light spirit, will reveal himself. You will be transformed into...our hero! Link is back! Green tunic and all. Faron will tell you that there is a forbidden power locked inside the Forest Temple. Hmm. Tempting. I guess it's time to head out to the Forest Temple.

Leave the spring and head north. Fight the Deku Babas with your new sword and approach the gate. You'll find it's locked. Head to Coro's and speak with him. He offers you the small key. Take it. He also offers you a Bottle of Oil for 100 Rupees. Buy it, as you want the extra bottle (and, of course, the oil). Return to the gate.

Open the gate, wind your way through the tunnel, then step out onto the dock. Light your lantern and the monkey will steal it. Follow the monkey. When enemies approach, fight them. When you reach the opposite side, the monkey will drop your lantern. Pick it up, then equip your lantern to "B". Then equip your oil to a D-pad slot. Press down on the selected D-pad slot to refill your lantern. Move through the open gate.

Fight the Blue Gremlins and stop by Trill's shop. If you want Red Potion, buy some (although you don't need to pay full price).

Continue north to the wolf spirit. Here you will meet a Spirit Soldier. Try to fight him. You won't win. At this point the Spirit Soldier will teach you the Ending Blow (one of seven secret techniques). You can only perform an Ending Blow on an enemy who has been knocked to the ground. At this point, Z-target him and hit "A" (the "A" button will read "Finish"). Try it out on the Spirit Soldier. Once you succeed you'll be returned to the path. Move up it, fight the Blue Gremlins, burn the spider web, fight the bats, and enter the Forest Temple.

***Please note, this walkthrough was written for the Wii version of 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', however it will work for the Gamecube version, which is simply a mirrored version of the game. This means when we say "go left", you should go right, and when we say "go east", you should go west. The guide also offers controls specific to the Wii, however this is only done because the Wii controls are so new, and Gamecube gamers will have no trouble following the in-game controller instructions.

Forest Temple

Immediately look left and note the narrow set of vines climbing the wall. Use the slingshot to knock the spiders down, then climb the vines, shimmy right, drop down and open the treasure chest for 10 Rupees. Drop back down to the ground. Move forward, defeat the enemies and free the Monkey. Use your slingshot to knock down the spiders, then climb the wide set vines to reach the Monkey. Follow him to the door and open it.

Enter the next room and a large Skulltulla will drop down. Slash him until he pops, then move up to the platform. Light all four torches with your lantern and new platforms will be raised. Move across them to reach the door. However, before going through it, note the treasure chest to your left. Open it up to collect the Dungeon Map (Press "1" to view it and "2" to toggle the mini-map on and off your screen).

Here you will find a windy bridge room and a nasty little baboon with a boomerang. He takes out the suspension bridge, so backtrack through the door. Follow the monkey, who will jump onto the rope that leads to the west door. Jump to him, then "Let go" with "A" when you're swinging forward. Move through the door.

Go right first and slash the Spider Bomb. Pick up his glowing body, stand next to the rock wall, and place it. Collect from the jars behind the blown wall. Inside one is an Ooccoo. Ooccoos allow you to warp out of and return to dungeons. Exit the area, then move past your entrance to the area to the spider web. Burn it down, fight the Deku Baba, then follow the Monkey across the wooden platforms. Go through the door and you'll find yourself back in the windy bridge room. Cross the bridge (if it moves, just wait for another gust), run up the path, then move through the next door. Open the treasure chest to collect the Small Key.

Backtrack through the windy bridge room to the Monkey. Move to the bridge to your right and a Skulltulla will drop down. Shoot him with your slingshot, then finish him off. Jump the gap and unlock the door. Move down the path and you'll spot Monkey #2 up on a totem pole. Roll into the pole twice (do it fast or the pole will reset) to free the Monkey. Defeat the two Blue Gremlins, then locate the treasure chest beneath the right platform. Open it up for Rupees, then head back up the path. Use the monkeys to cross the gap, then exit to the previous room.

Go right. Here you'll find a puzzle of sorts. However, the puzzle can't be solved now, as you don't have the tools to do so. So, backtrack through the SE tunnel and return to the main room. Cross to the east door. Burn the web and move through it.

Here you'll meet a couple of Red Deku Babas. Once you slash their stems, they'll come after you. Slash them again to get rid of them. Move up the stairs and note the Red Flower. Continue up the stairs and locate the Spider Bomb. Knock him off his legs (a simple use of the shield is good), collect his glowing body, then run it to the platform above the Red Flower (a U-turn to the right when approaching the Spider Bomb from the bottom). Stand at the edge of the platform, Z-target the Flower, then throw the bomb. The Flower will eat the bomb and disappear. It is now safe to jump the gap. Do so.

Immediately note the boulder above you. This requires another Spider Bomb. So, drop back down, collect the Bomb, run across the platform, jump the gap, then toss the Bomb at the boulder. Pass through the revealed door. Here you will spot Monkey #3.

Head down to the ground and roll into the totem pole with the treasure chest on top of it. Open it for a Small Key. Next, approach the tile covered bridge. Run along the right side to avoid the tiles that have creatures living beneath them. Before lighting the torches, head to the left side of the area and climb the vines. Shimmy left, drop down to the platform, and open the treasure chest for a Red Rupee. Next, light the two torches, then climb the revealed platforms (again, avoid the evil tiles to reach the platforms). Take out the Skulltulla at the top, then free the Monkey. Check the Monkey's cage for some nice Rupees, then backtrack out of the room.

Back in the Red Flower room, head left. Use your slingshot on the spiders, then jump to the vines. Climb them then move through the door.

To defeat the Large Deku Baba, all you must do is Z-target his head, then slash when it comes near you. Note the many jars in the area, many of which have hearts inside. Three or four solid hits should take care of the Deku's body, at which point you'll be left with his base. Find the Spider Bomb in the area, collect its flashing body, then toss the bomb into the base. A Small Key will be revealed. Use it to free Monkey #4. Exit out back out to the Red Flower room.

Look left and note the Spider Bomb. Collect it and walk out on the platform. Drop the bomb into the Red Flower below. Drop down to where the Flower was, then collect the Piece of Heart. Exit out and return to the main room. Follow the monkeys through the north door.

Cross the rope with the help of the Monkeys, then move up the stairs and through the door.

Mini-Boss Fight: Baboon

Mr. Baboon will be jumping from totem pole to totem pole, tossing his boomerang your way. The second he tosses his boomerang, run then roll ("A") at the totem pole on which he's standing. This causes the Baboon to lose balance, so he's not ready when the boomerang comes back. When the boomerang knocks him to the floor, Z-target the Baboon's bum and slash away. Repeat the process four times to defeat the Baboon. Your prize is the Gale Boomerang.

To use the Gale Boomerang, set it to "B". Once set, pull "B". Aim the reticule with your Wii-mote. If you move across something that can be targeted, you will see three yellow arrows surround that something. Tap the Z-trigger to target the object. Continue moving your Wii-mote around to find another target. Z-target it. When you're satisfied with your targets, release "B" and watch your boomerang go!

When you're done playing with your new toy, use it to target the pinwheel above the barred door. Release the boomerang at the pinwheel and the bars will raise a tad. Repeat two more times to completely raise the bars. Exit out.

Head left. If the bridge in front of you is perpendicular to you, either wait for it to turn, or shoot your boomerang at its pinwheel. When it straightens out, quickly cross it, then hit the pinwheel on the next bridge. Move across it. Fight the Blue Gremlins, then use the boomerang on the web holding up the monkey's cage (be sure to Z-target). Consider Monkey #5 freed.

Cross the two bridges to the south and move through the door. You'll find yourself back in the Red Flower room. Head to the lower level and exit out to the main room.

Stand on the central platform and look up. Note the hanging treasure chest. Target the strand from which it hangs and slice it with the boomerang. Open up the chest to reveal the Compass. Next, look at your map (with "1"). It now reveals unopened treasure chests and unfreed monkeys.

You may care to note the unopened treasure chest in this room. To reach it, use the boomerang to put out the torches. This will cause the platforms you originally raised to drop, revealing a boulder. Fall down to it and use the nearby Spider Bomb to blow up the boulder. Collect the Rupee from the chest.

Check your map again, and note the treasure chest in the skull shaped room to the far east. Return there.

Cross the tile bridge to the opposite side, then use the boomerang to put out the burning torches. This will lower the platforms, revealing a treasure chest. Collect from it a Piece of the Heart. (You may have also noted that the boomerang is the weapon to use on the creatures living beneath the tiles. Simply flip them with the boomerang, then slash them with your sword). Head back to the main room, then go west.

Continue into the large room to the west, then move to the aforementioned puzzle in the SW corner. Note the four pinwheels. Also note the backwards "Z" on the ground. You must hit the four pinwheels with one toss of the boomerang so that the boomerang follows the path on the ground. Again, to hit many targets with one toss, hold "B", then move the reticule over the target. When you see the yellow arrows, Z-target to lock on. Move the reticule to the next target and lock on again. When all objects are locked on to, release "B" and watch your boomerang fly.

When the four pinwheels are hit in the correct order, the treasure chest behind the bars will be revealed. Open it up and collect the Big Key.

You may care to note there is another treasure chest nearby. To collect it, run past the pinwheels and jump into the water to your left. Swim down the small tunnel and collect the Rupee from the chest. Swim to the stairs, exit out of the water, then go through the north door.

Back in the windy bridge room, cross the bridge in front of you and follow the monkey through the door. Zap the pinwheel and cross the bridge. Move through the north door. Here you will spot all five of your collected monkeys. It looks like there are three to go. Check your map to note one monkey due east of you, and two just south of you. Head east first.

Step out onto the bridge to your right and spin it. Step onto the next bridge and repeat. Cross to the east platform, fight the Blue Gremlin, then shoot the two spiders. Climb the vines, shimmy right, and drop down. Shoot the next spider, climb the vine, fight the Blue Gremlin, then move through the door.

Take out the Red Deku Babas and note your surroundings. There is a Spider Bomb in the middle of the water to your left, a Red Plant blocking you to the right, and a boulder blocking you from climbing the ledge ahead. Stand near the entrance and aim your boomerang at the Spider Bomb. Z-target the Bomb, then release the boomerang. This will bring the bomb to you. Quickly run right, Z-target the Red Flower, and toss the bomb into it. When it blows, use the platform to reach the treasure chest. Open it up to reveal a Small Key.

Next, move up to the central platform. Again, Z-target the Spider Bomb, then Z-target the boulder. Release the boomerang and the wind will carry the bomb to the boulder, destroying it. Climb up.

Take out the Blue Gremlin, then focus on the Red Deku Babas. When all is clear, stand in the doorway and Z-target the Spider Bomb one last time. Release your boomerang and it will bring the bomb to you. Toss it at the boulder to free Monkey #6. Exit the room.

Two more monkeys to go! Work your way to the south door.

Turn the bridge, then turn it again. Fight the Blue Gremlin, then move through the east door. Fight the Skulltullas. (Use the "stab" move, otherwise you're hitting their shells). When they pop, put your back to the entrance and note the three holes in the ground. Walk over the hole to the left and burn through the web. You will fall on top of a tree stump platform with a monkey on it. Free Monkey #7.

Hop off and climb the vines to the above level. Exit out and cross the bridge to the west room. Use the small key to open it up and pass through.

Flip the Tile Grubs with your boomerang, then slash them to take them out. Move through the tunnel and fight the Skulltulla. Knock the spiders down, then climb the vines. Look right for the caged monkey, then use your boomerang on the two pinwheels. The final monkey, Monkey #8, is now free. Turn around, move past the hole, look out for the Red Deku Baba, and move along the platforms to the left. Jump to the treasure chest and collect the Red Rupee. Fall to the ground and exit out.

Fight the Blue Gremlin and step onto the bridge. Turn it and go north. When the monkeys get together for the best monkey chain ever, hop onto their swing and ride it to the platform across the way. Run to the Big Door and unlock it.

Boss Battle: Diababa

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To defeat Diababa, pull out your boomerang and quickly Z-target one of the two Spider Bombs in the water. Next, Z-target one of the two Baba heads. Release your boomerang and the bomb will be carried into the mouth of the Baba, destroying it. Repeat with the second Baba.

At this point, your real enemy will be revealed, a three headed Deku Baba. During this time you must wait for a bomb to appear. So, if you need health, check for jars in the nearby grass (or cut the grass, itself). Otherwise, wait until the baboon appears.

When thebaboonn does appear, he'll move back and forth along a line between you and Diababa. He'll carry a Spider Bomb in his feet. Your goal is to Z-target the Bomb, then to Z-target the Diababa's middle head. A direct hit will cause Diababa's head to fall to the ground, revealing an eye. At this point, put away your boomerang, Z-target the eye, and slash it with your sword.

Eventually Diababa will raise his head again. And, of course, he'll be annoyed that you hit his eye, so he'll shoot a purple spray your way. Run to one side to avoid it, then repeat the entire process one more time to defeat Diababa.

At this point Midna will appear and present you with your first Fused Shadow. Collect the Heart Container, then step into the portal.

Click here for Part 2 (The Path to the Goron Mines)

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