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LB's "The Legend of Zelda® Twilight Princess" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple

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3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple
2. The Path to the Goron Mines - The Goron Mines
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins
6. The Path to the Temple of Time - Temple of Time
7. The Path to the Sky Temple - Sky Temple
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

9. Extras - Sidequests, Poes, Golden Bugs, and Hidden Skills

10. Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot Walkthrough
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Zelda Twilight Princess
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple

The Path to the Lakebed Temple

Kakariko Village

Head to Barnes Bomb Shop in the village. Select a bomb from the store and Barnes will offer you the premium kit for 120 Rupees which includes a bomb bag and 30 bombs. Buy it. You will receive the bag with bombs. Barnes will tell you that you can combine bombs and arrows to make bomb arrows. Very cool. Exit and return to the spring. Near the water's edge are Horseblades. Use one to call Epona, then ride her north. Exit out the NE path by jumping the fence.

Hyrule Field

Welcome back to Hyrule Field. Ride forward and the postman will stop you, giving you two letters. Read them, if you wish, then continue north and cross the stone bridge. Attack the red dragons to get some practice with your bow on horseback. After you cross the bridge you will come upon three large rocks. Fortunately, you have bombs (if you don't have bombs, buy some in Kakariko Village)! Now is a good time to learn how to use your bomb arrows. Enter the "-" menu and point at the bombs. You will see the "Z" button icon flashing at the bottom left of the screen. Pull "Z" to combo the bombs and the arrows. Walaa, bomb arrows! Shoot a bomb arrow at the rocks to destroy them.

As soon as the rocks blow up, a portal will open above the bridge you just crossed. The portal sucks out the middle of the bridge, making it unpassable, and it also drops in three Shadow Beings. Don't worry about that bridge, you'll come back to it later. Ride north and follow the path destroying enemies as you go. You will soon reach a Twilight Door. Change into the wolf.

Lanayru Province - Wolf

Hyrule Field

Continue forward and you will spot a purse on the ground. "Sniff" it. Choose to forget the youths' scent and you will learn the Scent of Ilia. Ilia's scent is pink, because she's a girl (or not). Activate your Sense and follow the scent. It will lead you through several areas. Take out any enemies who bother you along the way. Eventually you'll go through a wooden door, the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

Hyrule Castle Town

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Continue following the scent, which enters and then exits the Medical Clinic. Continue on, and you will eventually be led to Telma's Bar. Enter, activate your Sense, and you'll see Ilia. Go up to her and "Listen". You'll discover she is trying to help a sick Zora lad. Head to the back room and "Check" the map on the table. By doing this a red target will appear on your map, which is SE of you. How convenient.

Exit the bar and head south. Activate your Sense and you'll see a group of spirits griping about the lack of water coming from Lake Hylia. From this group of spirits, head right along the narrow path to the east. This is a shortcut back to East Road. Take it and exit east to Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Field

Pull up your map with "1" and follow the path toward the red target. Eventually you'll reach a large stone bridge, the Great Bridge of Hylia. Cross it and you'll find yourself in a bit of trouble. With fire coming at you from both directions, push either of the crates in front of you up against the side of the bridge. Once it is in position, get on the crate, then jump off the bridge.

Lake Hylia

Swim forward, toward the Zora Spirits, and exit the water. Move past the first gang (listen to them if you want), then listen to the spirit outside Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication. The spirit points out a monster near the house. He's not far from you. Head over to him and the Shadow Being monster will use a hawkblade to call a flying dragon. Z-target the dragon and attack him when he gets low. You will jump at him and grab on. While grabbing on, rapidly tap the "A" button to continuously bite him. Repeat this attack two or three times. When the Shadow Being falls off the dragon, attack the Shadow Being and defeat him. The dragon is now yours! Midna will fly the dragon as you're being dragged along.

Zora's River

After the cutscene you'll be in control of the dragon. Use the Wii Remote to guide the dragon, and use "A" to dash. Avoid the obstacles and fly to the end of the river.

Upper Zora's River

Activate your Sense, go left and speak to the spirit on the stairs. Next, jump into the dry river bed below and make your way east. Feel free to dash/attack the yellow crystal stalagmites for hearts and/or Rupees. Continue along the east path and you'll soon reach Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

Take out the bats, move forward and go up the ramp near the rock structure. Summon Midna and jump from rock pedestal to rock pedestal until you get to a path. Head up the path to the end, summon Midna again, and begin another series of jumps. Take your time while jumping as your jumps will often trigger stalactites to fall. If you go slow, this won't be a problem as they'll fall in front of you. Once you reach the top, move forward and you'll end up in a barrier ring with three large Shadow Beings. Wind your way around the barrier to the isolated Shadow Being, defeat him, and then take out the other two. A portal will appear. You'll be told to look through the ice. Activate your Sense to do so and you'll see many frozen Zoras below. Tragic.

You are told you need to melt the ice in order to save the Zoras. To do so, summon Midna and choose to "warp". On your map highlight "Death Mountain" in "Eldin Province".

Death Mountain

You will land near the huge lava rock that almost killed you when you first entered Death Mountain. Lava rocks are hot. Perfect. Go up to the lava rock and Summon Midna. Warp back to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

Midna will carry the lava rock back and release it in the middle of the frozen lake, thus melting the lake and freeing the Zoras. Speak to the woozy water creatures. When you are ready, try to leave the area. You will be stopped by Rutela, an elder Zora spirit. She will tell you that her son, Ralis, is at Hyrule Castle (this is the Zora whom Ilia was trying to help). Rutela asks that you save Ralis in exchange for the power to swim better and breathe underwater. Once the conversation is complete, exit out and let the water carry you back down to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

Head up the stairs and enter the spirit spring of Lanayru. Walk forward and speak to Lanayru. She will provide you with the Vessel of Tears. It's Insect of Darkness collecting time! As always, activate you sense to see them. The insects are marked on your map. After you defeat each insect, collect the tear (orb).

Exit the spirit spring and you'll see an Insect of Darkness scurry up the bridge. Follow him to the grassy area and defeat him. Head across the next bridge and defeat the large Shadow Beings to open a portal. Head west, up the stone path, and jump from platform to platform using "Dash" to make the jumps easier. You'll soon get to a larger grassy area. Go up the path which will take you above it and you'll find a buried Insect. Dig it out and defeat it.

The next insect is on the west side of the map. Hop into the water and swim there. Once you arrive you'll find a flying Insect. Swim to Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication and talk to the spirit. Go around the backside of the house to find a flying Insect. Collect the tear then return to the front of the house and cross the dock. At the patch of grass between the dock and the bridge you'll find horseblades. While you can't use the horseblades as a wolf, you sure can howl. Do so to learn a new howl, which mimics the Horseblade. Once you have successfully learned the howl, a huge dragon will swoop down and carry you off.

Zora's River

There are four flying Insects that you have to take care of as you fly up the river. In order to see them you need to activate your Sense. When you see one, Z-target it and use "Dash" (hit "A") to ram into it. This action will kill it and you'll automatically receive the tear. Finish flying up the river and you'll end up back at Upper Zora's River.

Upper Zora's River

Speak to the Zora Spirit on the stairs to release the next Insect. Once you've collected the tear, cross the bridge. Head up the path to find a Howling Stone. This howl is a little more complicated than the previous one so it may take a little extra time to memorize the sequence. After you get it, play it one more time to summon the light wolf. You'll be coming back here later as Link.

After the cutscene you will find yourself in front of the howl stone. Face, head left, and drop off the ledge. Proceed east. You'll see the spirits of two Zoras. "Listen" to them and they'll dive into the water thus showing you the path to Hyrule Castle. Don't follow them yet, but remember where they were. Continue across the land bridge and follow the path to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

Take a look at your map and you'll notice this area has some insects. That's why you're here. Swim to the middle of the water and kill the two flying Insects from the lily pads. Wait for their tears to surface and collect them. Next, swim to the west where you'll see a piece of land on the west wall. Climb up onto this piece of land from the north side of it. Follow the path up to an Insect. Hop back into the water and swim to the east side.

Here you'll find there is a large piece of ice blocking a cave entrance. Near this piece of ice you can summon Midna in order jump to the upper path. Using Midna, continue to wind your way up the various paths/jumps until you get to a path with a waterfall spout. Go forward to find a treasure chest with a red Rupee. Turn around and head back the other direction. Continue to use Midna to proceed upward. You'll soon reach a grassy path which will allow you to either go left, up a series of rock platforms, or down the grassy path (there are green Rupees on the path). Go down the path and jump to the landing below. Here you will find a flying Insect. Unfortunately, you can't continue up from this point, so you have to jump back into the water and start your jumping from the beginning. Do so. (Alternately, you could, of course, warp to Zora's Domain, and you'll end up right where you need to be.) When you reach the grassy path this time, head left and jump up the series of rock platforms. Continue up until you reach the uppermost area. Follow the river north to enter the part of Zora's Domain with the last remaining insect.

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This part of Zora's Domain is the throne room. Head to the white dot (insect) on your map. Activate your Sense and look up to see an Insect on the wall. Smash into the wall a few times to knock the insect off of the wall. Then, defeat it. At this point, you will have two empty slots in your Vessel of Tears. Open your map to locate an insect in Hyrule Castle Town. You need to go there.

Hop into the water and let it carry you over the waterfall. Then, swim your way to Zora's River.

Upper Zora's River

Swim under the land bridge and then swim left, down the SE tunnel which is lit with torches. You will end up in Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Field

Use the staircase on the left to exit the water. You need to head to Hyrule Castle Town (the square in the middle of the map...you enter from the east). Take out any enemies who bother you along the way. Just outside of the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town you'll encounter three large Shadow Beings. Defeat them to open a portal. Continue to follow Ilia's scent to Telma's Bar, but don't enter. Instead, locate the Insect hiding in the crates outside of the bar (across from the entrance to the bar). Smash the crate and then smash the Insect.

Upon receiving this second-to-last tear, Midna will begin to flash. Summon her. She will tell you that it's odd that the last tear hasn't been found yet. The map automatically comes up. Activate the Portals by pushing Up on the D-Pad. Warp to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

After the cutscene of the crazy insect in the middle of the lake, hop into the water and swim to the white dot. Climb up onto any piece of debris to start the battle. Activate your Sense to see the abnormally large and electrically charged Insect. He'll try to attack by swooping down at you. Z-target him and dodge the attack. After a few missed attack attempts he'll float near you. This is when you want to attack. Get close to the beast, Z-target him and hit "A". This will latch you onto him. Once here, rapidly tap "A" to attack him.

After successfully attacking the insect three times, he'll fall into the water, stomach side up. Climb up onto his belly and use an energy attack (hold "B") to attack all six of his legs at the same time. This will put the beast out of his misery and provide you with the last tear.

The Vessel of Tears is full! You have given light back to this area. Lanayru will speak to you and let you know that the next temple, the Lakebed Temple, is found in the lake bed of Lake Hylia. Go figure. Enjoy the creepy cutscene.

Lanayru Province - Link

Lake Hylia

After the cutscene, you will find yourself back as Link. Exit the Spirit Spring and you'll be looking at Lake Hylia. Below is where you will find the Lakebed Temple. However, since you can't hold your breath indefinitely, you can't reach the Lakebed Temple. So, instead, make your way to Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication (the house in the middle of the lake). Once you get there, speak to the man outside the house (Fyer) and "Give it a shot". This will result in your being shot up to the above house.

Enter the house and go down the ladder. To move on you need to exit the house via the front door. However, if you want to earn some extra Rupees, speak with Falbi and agree to pay her to play her game. From here, grab a chicken, then float down to the "Isle of Riches" below (the brightly colored stairstep structure). If you're good, feel free to collect from the large Rupees along the way. Otherwise, float straight down to the Isle. When you get close to it you'll spot a spinning platform. Line yourself up above it then drop down on top of it. Open the treasure chest for 100 Rupees. Fall down the tiers and open each treasure chest for more Rupees. When you're done, return to Fyer and allow yourself to be shot back up to Falbi. This time, exit the house.

Hyrule Field

Climb the stairs and move up the path. Locate the Horseblade (near the sign) and use it to call Epona. Ride Epona to Hyrule Castle Town and enter. (Don't bother yet with the glowing wolf outside Hyrule Castle Town, as your lack of a shield makes it pointless). Read the letters the Postman delivers to you.

Hyrule Castle Town

Make your way to Telma's Bar (the square in the SW quadrant). Enter for a cutscene.

Hyrule Field

When you get control back of Link, you will be escorting Telma and Ilia to Kakariko. You need to make sure they make it there alive. Simply ride next to them until you reach the bridge, where you will have to face the Hogrider in a duel. This duel is easier than the last, as you now have a bow and arrow. And, since the Hogrider has armored sides, you are required to use the bow and arrow. To do this, ride forward then equip your bow. Aim the reticule at the unprotected portion of the Hogrider's body. When you see you have a shot, take it. A wounded Hogrider is just as dangerous as a healthy one, so be sure to dodge his attack as he passes you, then repeat the process. Two hits to the big guy will take him out, and provide you with the gate keys.

Continue to escort the ladies to Kakariko (the path is noted on your map). Ride to the gate, dismount, then use your new keys to unlock it. Ride through. Here's where escorting gets a bit tough. You may care to save here, as I experienced a freeze that forced me to reset my console.

Your goal is to keep the Hogriders away from the buggy, as they have fire arrows that will burn the buggy to bits. Use your sword to keep them away. If one happens to hit the buggy, the buggy will catch on fire and a fire meter will appear at the top of your screen. If the fire meter fills up, you'll fail at protecting the ladies. To keep the fire meter from filling up, equip your boomerang, Z-target the buggy, and release. The winds from the boomerang will put out the fire. Repeat, if necessary.

Note, if you don't take out the bird who drops the bomb then the wagon will hit the bomb and veer off the path and go in circles. This can be an endless cycle if you don't take out the bird. To do so, wait until after the wagon circles and gets back onto the path. Then, look above the wagon for a bird. Target him with your Bow and Arrow and take him out before he can drop a bomb in the middle of the road.

Continue to take out enemies and put out fires until you reach the next gate. Again, dismount and use your gate keys to open it up. Ride through and you'll be in Kakariko Village. Nice work. You saved a Zora.

Kakariko Village

Let Rutela lead you to the Graveyard, where she will make a grave disappear. Crawl through the tunnel, then approach the elder Zora. She will present you with Zora armor. When the cutscene is complete, swim back over to the tunnel, move through it, then return to Kakariko Village. Once there, go to Barnes Bomb Shop and buy Water Bombs (you may have to return your regular bombs before doing so).

With the Water Bombs in hand, leave Barnes Bomb Shop. If you want a shield upgrade at this time, go to the General Store and purchase the Hylian Shield. It's not necessary, but it is nice to have. Once your shopping is done, return to the water hole behind the graveyard. Hop in, equip your new Zora armor (go to the "+" menu to do so) and practice swimming around. Note the two large boulders along the wall to the north. Equip your Armor Boots to get some footing, then toss a water bomb their way. Swim through the tunnel, and you will emerge in Lake Hylia.


Lake Hylia

Swim to the blue dot in the middle of the lake and dive down to the Lakebed Temple entrance. You'll note it, too, is blocked by a boulder. Equip your Armor Boots and place yourself beneath the blocked door. Note the blocked water spout. Place a water bomb on top of it to unblock it. Once the water spout is flowing, place a bomb in it and it will carry the bomb to the boulder blocking the door. A perfectly placed bomb will blow up the boulder, opening up the entrance to the Temple. However, this may take some practice. If you run out of water bombs, look for the underwater Zora in the area who will sell you more. Once the boulder blows, swim through the tunnel.

***Please note, this walkthrough was written for the Wii version of 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', however it will work for the Gamecube version, which is simply a mirrored version of the game. This means when we say "go left", you should go right, and when we say "go east", you should go west. The guide also offers controls specific to the Wii, however this is only done because the Wii controls are so new, and Gamecube gamers will have no trouble following the in-game controller instructions.

Lakebed Temple

Swim north. You'll swim down, then up, avoiding enemies as you go. Eventually you'll reach the surface. Pull yourself out of the water.

Use your sword to defeat the Red Chu. Once he's beaten, stand atop his puddle and you'll get an option to "Scoop". Assign an empty bottle to "B", then do so. For this you will receive Red Chu Jelly. If you drink it, your health will be replenished with 8 Hearts.

Look around the room for the two treasure chests, one contains Arrows, the other, Water Bombs. Continue to fight the Chus, including the Purple Chus, which provide you with a mysterious Purple Chu Jelly (it either provides or removes hearts, depending on its mood). When you're ready, move up the stairs. The door is protected by a gate. Turn around and note the golden handle. Run and jump off the ledge to catch it. Your weight will pull the handle and open the gate. Return back up the stairs and move through the door (if you want, collect the Blue Chu Jelly from the Blue Chu before moving through the door, as it replenishes all hearts).

Walk out onto the platform and watch as a stalactite falls to the floor below. Midna will tell you to use your Bomb Arrows on the remaining stalactites, so they all fall. Combine your arrows and bombs to create the arrows, then aim and shoot at the four stalactites. Once they're down, move down the ramp and take on the Armored Armadillo. In order to defeat him, wait for him to charge, then use your sword on his unprotected behind. A couple of hits should put him down. Next, use the stalactite platforms to reach the above door. Before moving through it, collect the Water Bombs from the treasure chest to the left. Once in the next hall, take out the Lizalfos, then continue through the next door.

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Here you are in the heart of the Lakebed Temple. You will be returning to this room often, so get to know it now. There are two levels. The one you are on (2F) and one below (1F). Both 1F and 2F have doors that go east and west. 2F also has a south door, which is the door from which you just came. You won't be backtracking through it, so you may as well disregard it. 1F and 2F are connected by a staircase. Sections of each floor are blocked off by small walls. So, in order to access the different areas on each floor, you must rotate the staircase using the various golden handles. You can only pull golden handles that do not currently have a staircase in front of them (for example, you can't pull the handle in front of you at the beginning).

To start, head down the staircase (runs south to north, top to bottom). At the bottom, move right. Run past the east door to the area due south. Turn and face the center of the room and you'll see a golden handle in front of you. (Beyond it you'll see a locked door in the middle of the room, which is the Boss Door. You're not ready for it, yet, but it's nice to note). Jump up to the handle and watch as the staircase rotates to you. Run up it and you'll end up on the north side of 2F. Run left, all of the way to the SW barrier. Smash the vase open for your Ooccoo.

Return to the right and head to the east side. Face the center and jump to the golden handle. Run down the stairs and you'll end up on the west side of 1F. You will be going through the door in front of you, but, before you go, run right and open the treasure chest for the Dungeon Map. Return to the west door and move through it.

Fight (or move past) the Armadillo, and go through the next door. Stand out on the platform and shoot down the two stalactites in front of you. When they're down, move down the tunnel to the right.

Cross the fallen stalactite to the central pillar and climb the vines up and right. Next, fall into the water below, fight the enemies, then locate the water spout with the stalactite platform on top of it. Wait for the water to fall, climb on the platform, and ride it up. Jump to the treasure chest across the way. Open it up for a small key. Backtrack out and return to the central room.

Once in the central room, run straight up the stairs, hang a left, and run to the west side of 2F. Use your small key on the west door, run across the bridge, and enter the next room.

Look right and up. Shoot down the stalactite, climb it, then climb the vines up and right. Drop down on top of the door, then jump to the golden handle, which lowers the door below. Fall off, then move forward. Note the boulder ahead. You'll be back here in a minute. Now is the time to go through the door to the left. Hop onto the large gear. Take out the Lizalfos, then move through the door across the way. Run left, where you'll find a treasure chest. Collect from it the small key. Backtrack to the aforementioned boulder.

Blow up the boulder with a bomb, then proceed to the door. Go through it. Here you will meet your first Waterbug. To defeat the Waterbug you must fire a Water Bomb Arrow at him (or toss a Water Bomb his way), to destroy the water bubble around him. Once this protective coating is gone, use your sword on the little guy. When he pops, use your small key on the locked door, then move through it.

Look right, fall into the pit below, then climb the vines in front of you. Hop over the wall, then run up the spiral ramp, ignoring and/or fighting enemies as you go. At the top you'll find a treasure chest. Open it for some Water Bombs. Next, move onto the bridge and note the ladders on both sides of the archway. Climb either one, then jump to the golden handle. This will release water. Fall down into it, then follow it down. Enjoy the ride as you go!

You'll end up in a pool at the bottom. Swim to the central structure and jump to the golden handle. This releases the water into the central room. Follow the path of the water. Before moving under the waterwheel, move through the door to your left, where you'll discover the gears are now spinning. You need to get to the room below, so fall between the teeth of the gear, and you'll land there.

You've been here before. This time, however, the platforms are rotating. Work your way up to them (climb the central pillar, then use the tunnel to the top). Jump onto and one of the platforms, then ride it around to the north door. Jump to it and move through. Collect the small key from the treasure chest to your left, then return to the room with the platforms. Hop on and ride to the west door. Move through it, then use the small key on the door just past it.

Equip your Iron Boots and walk into the water. There are two tunnels at the bottom. A current of water flows from one to the other. Enter both tunnels to collect from the two treasure chests (a Red Rupee in one, water bombs in the other). Continue walking north, where you'll find a boulder. Blow it up, then move through the tunnel. You will eventually reach an exit. Take off your boots to float up to it, and pull yourself out.

Take out the two fish, then move toward the exit. Summon Midna, who tells you to look around the room. Use your "C" button to look up at the ceiling, where you will find your next battle.

Mini-Boss: Giganto Frog

To defeat Giganto Frog, you must first eliminate each and every Eyefish that he releases. The most efficient way to do this is with spin attacks. Once all of the fish have been eliminated, the massive amphibian will hop up into the air. Avoid his shadow as he falls back to the ground. Upon landing he will be momentarily stunned on the ground, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Slash it with your sword. Repeat the process two to three more times to defeat the big guy. Upon doing so a treasure chest will appear. Open it up to reveal the Clawshot.

Equip the Clawshot and aim it at the red and yellow pad above. Release "B" to be pulled up to it. Your weight will open the gates. Fall from the pad with "A". Exit, then go through the next door. You'll emerge, once again, in the room with the rotating platforms. Ride one around to the east, then go through the door. Run across the bridge, go through the door, and you'll be back in the central room.

Run right, to the barrier. Note the treasure chest on the other side of it, then note the vines above it. Use your Clawshot on the vines, then drop down to the other side of the barrier. Open the treasure chest for some arrows. Return to the other side of the barrier and move up the stairs. Go left and run to the west side. Look to the center of the room, then look above you. Here is another Clawshot pad. Shoot it to rotate the staircase (west to east, top to bottom). This will provide a path for the water. Ride down the stairs and go through the east door.

Move under the waterwheel and through the door, where you will find a second platform room. Jump to the platform in front of you, then locate the Clawshot pad above you. Shoot it, then fall to the treasure chest below. Open it for Water Bombs. Next, use your Clawshot on the nearby patch of vines. Climb them up and right. Fall onto the stone platform below, then look up at the central pillar. Use the Clawshot on the vines here, then climb to the next stone platform. Clawshot to the vines across the way, then shimmy over to the NE door. Move through it.

Note the Waterbug to your left. Use your Clawshot on him to pull him out of his bubble, then take him out. Next, face right and look up. Note the stalactite above the right side water spout, and shoot it. Climb onto the platform, ride it up, and jump to the top of the wall. Drop down and move forward. Shoot the red Clawshot pad to pull yourself up the ledge, then move through the door.

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Fight the two Waterbugs, face east, and look up. Note the vine patch along the ceiling. Attach yourself to it, then shimmy to the other side of the bars. Drop down, then move up the spiral ramp. Use your Clawshot to get past the gaps in the spiral. Open the treasure chest at the top for Water Bombs. Next, move onto the bridge (past the archway), and use the your Clawshot to pull you up to the treasure chest. Open it for the Compass.

Move back under the archway, then up either ladder to the golden handle. Pull it to release the water, then slide down to the bottom. Once your reach the pool below, climb the central platform and pull the golden handle here. This will send the water into the central room. Exit via the patch of vines. There are two doors in front of you. You need to go left. However, if you want some more Water Bombs, head right, use your Clawshot to get through the gated door, then move under the waterwheel to collect the bombs from the treasure chest. Head back and move through the left door.

Hop into the pool of water and equip your Iron Boots. Use your Clawshot on the Biri (electrified jellyfish) when it's not electrified and your sword on the Shell Blade's muscle (the Shell Blade is the clam) to take them out. When the area is clear, open the treasure chest for a Red Rupee. Float up, swim to the waterwheel, move under it, then go through the door to your right.

The gears in this room are moving. Hop onto the gears and fight the two Lizalfos. When they're out of the picture, look around the room. There's a treasure chest on a platform in the NW corner. You'll come back to that in a second. For now, move through the SW door, hang a left, and collect the Red Rupee from the treasure chest here. Return to the gear room and use your Clawshot to reach the NW treasure chest. Collect a Red Rupee from it, then jump off the east side of the platform to land on top of the nearby pillar. Use your Clawshot to reach the central pillar. Shimmy over to the platform, then look at the pillar from which you just came. Look down and you'll see more vines. Reach them, then fall to the stone platform.

This part gets a bit tricky. Watch the gear at the top of the room and note that there's one pad missing a platform. You must Clawshot to this pad. However, since you're a good distance from the pad, and because the pad is rotating, you'll have to shoot the Clawshot a bit ahead of the pad, or you'll miss it. Once you attach yourself to the pad, lower the chain a bit with your control stick, then look for the central pillar. Drop down to it. From here, look up at the next gear and attach yourself to any one of the rotating pads. Let the gear carry you over to the east door and move through it.

Hop into the water, equip your Iron Boots and sink to the deepest part of the water. Head NE through the archway. Look up and to the right to find a higher underwater shelf. Fight the Biri and then swim up to that shelf. Equip your Iron Boots and place a bomb at the glowing boulder. Go through the hole you just created and then immediately swim down and to the right. You'll see another glowing boulder on the floor of this area. Use your Iron Boots to get down there and place a bomb at the boulder to blow it up. Fight the Shell Blade and walk through the hole you just created. Take off your boots and swim to the surface. Climb up onto the platform and go through the door.

You will find yourself in the the south extension of the easternmost room. Take out the Waterbug and note the circle in the middle of the floor. Look above you to find a Clawshot pad. Shoot it to open the hole below. Lower yourself through the hole (with your control stick). Open the treasure chest for the Big Key.

Hop into the water and equip the Iron Boots. Open the door and go through. Follow the tunnel, taking out Biris as you go. When you exit the tunnel, surface and climb up onto the small platform for a treasure chest containing Water Bombs. Hop back into the water, and swim through the hole in front of you. Surface and swim right. Climb up onto the ground and head left. Hop into the water and quickly back out and you'll find yourself at the west door. Go through. You'll be back in the rotating platform room. Backtrack out to the central room (Clawshot pad the gear, drop to central platform, Clawshot pad the other gear, drop down to platform, Clawshot vines, climb up and exit out the door).

You will be facing the staircase. Take a few steps to the right and hop into the water. Swim to the central platform and climb up. Locate the boss door. If you want a red Rupee go ahead and jump back into the water and locate the treasure chest on the tier below the boss door. Otherwise, go straight through the boss door.

Before dropping down the hole to get it on with the boss, break the vases to release the fairy. Scoop it up with one of your bottles. When this is done, drop down the hole, then equip your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom.

Boss Fight: Morpheel

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In the first stage of this battle, Morpheel is a head with tentacles. The goal here is to Z-target the eyeball running through the tentacles, grab it with the Clawshot, and slash it with your sword. The best way to do this is to swim out of the reach of Morpheel and then equip your Iron Boots. Face him and locate the eyeball. You may have a hard time Z-targeting the eyeball as there are exploding fish circling him. If they're causing you trouble, simply Z-target them and attack them with the Clawshot to make them explode.

Once you have a lock on the eyeball, fire your Clawshot to pull the eyeball to you. Take out your sword and slash it. Once he takes the eyeball back in, quickly move out of the way as he'll try to grab you with a tentacle. If he does get a hold of you he'll eat you up and spit you out directly above him. Since your Iron Boots will probably be still on, you will fall directly back into his mouth if you do not immediately take them off. Otherwise, his only attack is to swipe at you with his tentacles. If you're out of the reach of them they won't be a problem. If you're too close, you can roll under them. After you Clawshot and slash the eyeball three times you'll enter the second stage of the battle.

In the second stage of the battle, Morpheel, well, morphs, into a super huge eel monster. Yet, he still has an eyeball weakness. To locate the eyeball, swim above him and look at the back of his head. Z-target the eyeball and shoot your Clawshot at it to pull yourself to it. Once you are on his back slash at the eyeball with your sword. Repeat this three times to defeat Morpheel! (If you don't get a good set of slashes in on him it may take four of five attempts.)

Note, there are three small patches of seaweed in the battle arena. They each contain a heart in case you need health.

Once you defeat Morpheel, you will be given the third Fused Shadow piece. Collect it and the Heart Container, then step into the portal. Enjoy the cutscene.

Click here for Part 4 (The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds)

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