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LB's "The Legend of Zelda® Twilight Princess" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds

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4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple
2. The Path to the Goron Mines - The Goron Mines
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins
6. The Path to the Temple of Time - Temple of Time
7. The Path to the Sky Temple - Sky Temple
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

9. Extras - Sidequests, Poes, Golden Bugs, and Hidden Skills

10. Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot Walkthrough
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Zelda Twilight Princess
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds

The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds

Lanayru Province - Wolf

Hyrule Castle Town

After the cutscene you will find yourself back in wolf form. Head south to Hyrule Castle Town, then make your way to Telma's Bar and attempt to enter. You'll be rejected. Not to worry, because Telma's cat, Louise, is outside waiting for you. Speak with her, then push the crate on the ground up against the other crates under the window. Climb the crates and go through the window. Make your way back and forth across the ropes above the inside of Telma's bar. Go through the arched tunnel.

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You will find yourself in Jovani's house, where there is a Poe floating around the room. Activate your Sense and attack it. When it's knocked to the ground, Z-target and "Finish" it to collect your first Poe's Soul. Talk to Jovani. He will ask that you collect all 20 poes in order to free him of his curse. Noted. He will open the treasure chest for you. Enter and drop down.

You will end up in the sewers at a four way intersection. Take out the sewer rats and then Z-target and jump to the handle in front of the north gate. Go through the raised gate. Head up the stairs and fight the two Skulltullas. Grab a stick, light it on fire, and burn the web.

In the next area there will be three torches. You don't need to light all three, but you may as well, as it makes your task a little easier. Your goal is to burn the spider web up on the left side of the area (you have to climb a ledge to get there). Light a stick on any of the torches, burn the web, and go through. Make your way forward, taking out enemies as you go. You'll soon get to a dead-end room with a soft patch of dirt in the middle of the floor. "Dig" it to drop through the floor.

Head north and then make your way up the spiral staircase using the ropes. Take out any enemies who are bothering you (including the Bats and Gremlins at the top). Proceed through the door.

You've been here before! The difference now is that there is a strong wind. Be careful not to get blown off. After you get over the wooden obstacle, continue north. You'll reach a flapping suspension bridge being blown by the wind. Wait for the wind to blow, which causes the bridge to extend. Jump onto the bridge and cross it. Jump to the roof. Follow the roof's ridgeline to the open window and climb through. Hop down to the spiral stairs, go up and go through the door.

What the heck was that cutscene about? Poor Zelda! At least you find out where you need to head next; back to Faron Woods to find the Master Sword in the Sacred Grove. You end up outside of the castle. Summon Midna and warp to N. Faron Woods in Faron Province.

Faron Province - Wolf Form

Faron Woods

Head north. You'll encounter a monkey. It is being chased by four Leaf Dancers (the scary joker/skeleton enemies with a red leaf on their backs). Take out the Leaf Dancers. The monkey tells you about a deeper part of the woods over the cliff. Head up the raised path in front of you, on the right wall. Summon Midna to do a series of jumps and then go through the tunnel. Take out the bats, cross the wind bridges, and then cross the ropes. You'll see a Howling Stone. Learn this new howl. Play it again for the light wolf to unlock the howling stone near Hyrule Castle.

After the howling stone scene is over, proceed south through the tunnel. You'll enter Sacred Grove.

Sacred Grove

Be careful not to die during this frustrating chase in this confusing area. If you do, you'll have to start from the beginning. Also, note that you don't have a map which only makes matters worse. First, locate the Howling Stone in front of and slightly to the left. You'll learn a new howl. This one, however, is not a howl for teaching. Instead, it summons an annoying little creature, the Leaf Blower (guy with the lantern and hat). He'll run away and four Leaf Dancers will attack. You may take out all four at once with an energy field attack, however, it's easier just to attack them normally.

Note that the entrance you came through is now blocked off. It is marked by two torches. Locate the only tunnel in this area and go through it. You come out in an area with shallow water and a couple of water falls. Stay to the right and go through the next tunnel. In this area, move forward and climb up the ledge in front of you to locate the Leaf Blower. Attack him. He'll disappear and run away.

Backtrack to the room with the shallow water. Move through the shallow pool and go through the new tunnel between the two waterfalls. In this next area, hang a right and go through the next tunnel. You are now in a room with a waterfall and deep water. Jump into the water and swim through the tunnel under the waterfall. Climb up the ledges to find the Leaf Blower. Attack him. He takes off again.

Jump off the top ledge and go through the tunnel on the left (not the waterfall tunnel). You are now back in the room with the small ledge where you first attacked him. Move straight along the path. You'll end up back in the shallow water room with the waterfalls. Head straight across, through the shallow water, through the next tunnel (the path heads up). You'll reach a room with a stone sealed door. You can see the Leaf Blower above and to the right of the door, on a branch. Go through the tunnel under the Leaf Blower. Here you'll see some ledges on the tree in front of you. Climb them and you'll reach the Leaf Blower. Attack him. He unseals the sealed door. Jump off the ledge and go through the unsealed door. Continue forward and go through the next door on the left. Jump down into the arena below.

In this arena, the Leaf Blower hops from one platform to the next. The only way to attack him is to do it when he blows his horn. He does this to summon Leaf Dancers. Therefore, attack some Leaf Dancers, wait for him to blow his horn, and then attack him. Do this a total of three times to defeat the Leaf Blower. A door becomes unsealed. Go through the door.

Master Sword Puzzle

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Step onto the triforce symbol on the ground and "Howl" to begin the puzzle. This puzzle consists of moving two statues back into their original position. From the start, jump in this sequence: left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, right, up.

Head through the door that opens. "Check" the sword in the stone. You receive the Master Sword! Sweet! You'll earn the ability to change back and forth between wolf and human forms. To change into wolf form, summon Midna. While in wolf form, you can warp. How convenient! Warp to Castle Town.

Lanayru Province

Hyrule Field

Before entering Hyrule Castle Town, look right and note the Wolf on the nearby platform. Switch to human form by summoning Midna, then climb up to the wolf. If you purchased the Hylian Shield from the General Store in Kakariko Village, you will be ready to learn your second hidden skill. To begin, show off your ending blow (Z-target, then hit "A"). Once you've successfully pulled that off, you'll be taught the shield attack. To perform such an attack, Z-target your enemy, then flick your Nunchuk forward. You can use the shield attack to stun an enemy. When stunned, use your sword to take them out. You can also use it to deflect projectiles. Practice both of these techniques to earn the new hidden skill. When this is complete, cross the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town.

On the bridge you'll meet the Postman. Read the letter he delivers from Telma. She wants you to visit her. Head to Telma's Bar.

Hyrule Castle Town

Once you reach Telma's Bar, enter and speak to Telma. She tells you to introduce yourself to the group of men surrounding the table. Do so. Among them you'll find a familiar face. When you're done talking, return to Telma. She tells you it's time to meet Auru at the edge of the desert. Return to the table and examine the map to place the red target on your own map. Exit Telma's Bar, then warp to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia

Go up the small wooden bridge ahead of you. Transform into a human, then climb the ladder. Continue to work your way up to the tall tower, indicated by the red target. Speak with Auru, agree to help him, and he'll present you with Auru's memo. Dive into the lake below and swim to the Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication. Equip the memo and approach Fyer at the door. Pull out the memo and he'll let you in the house for free. Enter. You'll be shot to the desert.

Desert Province

Gerudo Desert

After a conversation with Midna, run east, where you'll run into a ravine. Run along it to the right. Eventually you'll reach the end of the ravine. At this point, continue to work your way east while taking out any sandbugs you encounter. You are making your way to the tall white slab of stone you see pointing up to the sky. Watch out for any ravines you may come across along the way, and, as you make your way there, look right and you'll spot a dayfly. Catch it by pulling out your lantern to attract it. Once it gets close enough to you, you'll get the prompt to "Pick Up". Do so. (Collect dayflies to give to the girl in Hyrule Castle Town.) Once you reach the white stone, face north to spot the Gerudo Temple. Your path to it is relatively clear, so run for it. (As a quick sidequest, you can reach the slab of stone by using your Clawshot on the hovering pods. You'll have to fight some Shadow Beings to create a portal, then warp the stone to the Bridge of Eldin, whereupon the bridge will be mended. Warp back and continue forward).

As you approach the Temple you'll encounter a campfire, surrounded by Gremlins and Hogs. Run around the area until the sun comes up and you're spotted by one of the watchtower Gremlins. At this point you'll be attacked by Gremlins on the ground and in the towers. Use your arrows to take out those on the towers, and use whatever you want on those on the ground.

Once you've taken out each of the Gremlins, approach one of the Hogs (the calm one) and opt to "Ride". Practice riding around and "Dashing". The Hog will be able to break through the many wooden gates in the area by Dashing into them. Break through those blocking the main gate, then climb the stairs. Head left for a treasure chest, then go right. When presented with the next fork in the road, head left and you'll reach outer Temple.

Immediately take out the Gremlin on the watchtower ahead, then move forward and up the stairs. Hang a left to collect some arrows from the treasure chest. Take out any Gremlins who may have followed you in, then cross back to the right side of the stairs.

Move up the path and you'll be approached by more Gremlins...many more Gremlins. Fight them off and take out the Gremlin in the watchtower above the tents (stand on one of the tents to shoot the above Gremlin, if the ground Gremlins won't leave you alone). Continue north, where you'll find more Gremlins. Fight them off, then locate the ramp on the west side of the area. Take it down, then head west. Note the locked door to your left. Move past it and enter the next Gremlin infested area. Kill those on the ground, then head north, where there's another watchtower Gremlin. Stand on top of a tent to take him out, then return your focus to those on the ground. Pay particular attention to the one next to the hog, as he'll drop a small key. Collect it.

Continue picking off any remaining Gremlins, then hack away at the poor hog to receive a Piece of Heart Container (which, if you're following this guide closely, will have earned you a complete Heart Container).

With your small key in hand, return to the aforementioned locked door (between the two sides of the outer Temple). Unlock it, push the door open, and approach the Hog. At this point a Hogrider will appear. If you were able to earn the shield attack skill outside Hyrule Castle Town, use it to stun the Hogrider. Once stunned, hit him with your sword a few times. If you didn't learn the shield attack, simply get behind him to take your shots. It may take a little longer to take him down this way, but he's still fairly easy to defeat.

Once the Hogrider is down, the room you're in will burn. Hop on the Hog and "Dash" through the gate you used to enter the room. You will continue to break a series of gates, leaving you at the base of the Temple. Climb the stairs and look right. Here you'll spot a Poe. Transform into the wolf, use your senses, and grab the Poe's soul. Once you have that, transform back into human form, head left, and use your lantern on the two torches. Open the summoned treasure chest and collect your Rupee. Enter the Temple.

***Please note, this walkthrough was written for the Wii version of 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', however it will work for the Gamecube version, which is simply a mirrored version of the game. This means when we say "go left", you should go right, and when we say "go east", you should go west. The guide also offers controls specific to the Wii, however this is only done because the Wii controls are so new, and Gamecube gamers will have no trouble following the in-game controller instructions.

Arbiter's Grounds

Run forward and enter the first room. Note the surrounding sand. You can't be in the sand for too long, or it will swallow you up. Also, you have to completely avoid the sand funnel in the middle of the room. So, begin by using your Clawshot on the circular grate above the platform to your right. Fall onto the platform, then hop in the sand and work your way toward the slightly raised platform in the middle. Climb up on it for a moment (as it will fall), then continue to make your way to the patch of floor along the right side of the room. From here, cross to the door, which is being protected by a gate. Turn around and work your way into the gated area to your right. Fight the mini-skeletons, then grab onto the chain. Pull it back a few steps, then let go and return to solid ground. Repeat until you open the gate protecting the door. Make your way to it and pass through.

Head up the ramp and move into the alcove to your left. Use an empty bottle to collect from the lamp oil well, then move across to the blocked door. Use your sword to smash through it, then open the treasure chest. Inside is a small key. Collect it, return to the central room, and use the key on the locked door. (If the bugs attack you along the way, simply roll to free yourself from them).

Equip your lantern so you can see in the next room. Fight off the mini-skeletons, then make your way to the door on the opposite side. Use your lantern to light the two torches, then enter the next room.

Here you will spot some Poes moving around. Switch to the wolf and turn on your senses. Attack the Poe in front of you and take from it its Poe's soul. This will light one of the four torches in the room. Three to go.

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Approach the body of the downed Poe and sniff it. Agree to forget the Scent of Ilia and learn the Poe Scent. Use it and look up. You'll see two Poes are in the rooms to the left and one is in a room to the right. You'll be going left to reach all three. However, before you do, locate the treasure chest to the right of the stairs (take out the "Bubbles" by blocking with your shield, then slashing them with your sword). Open it up for the Dungeon Map. Next, locate the treasure chest to the left of the stairs. Open it up for a Piece of Heart. Now that you have these items, return to Wolf form and look left.

Check out the poe scent that goes straight into a square pocket of sand against the wall. Dig to reveal a chain. Pull the chain to reveal a staircase. Move down the staircase and enter the next room. Here you will find a pillar with a lever attached to it. Press yourself against the lever and push it. This will reveal a small alcove to the north. Enter, kill the large skeleton, and collect the small key from the treasure chest. Return to the room with the pillar and lever.

Turn on your sense and note that the Poe's scent travels through a hole in the ceiling. Switch to your human form, face the pillar, and look through that hole. Position yourself so you can see the grate attached to the pillar, and pull yourself through it with your Clawshot. Take out the rats, then move north.

Here you'll spot many blue flames. Take out the Bubbles, then use the wolf's scent to identify the Poe. Once you find it, get close to it to make it move. Watch the body of the Poe. When it swings its lantern your way and turns opaque, you can attack. Do so until you retrieve the Poe's soul. Backtrack to the central room, where you'll see the second torch ignite.

Move up the stairs, make a U-turn, and go through the door above them (the west door). Cross through the pillar room and use your small key on the door. Enter the large west room.

Make your way to the central platform by moving right while avoiding the spikes. Once there, grab onto the cage and pull it back, but not all of the way. Instead, line it up with the path to the right, then push it down that path. Next, move up the revealed set of stairs, then jump over that set of stairs so you are to the west of them. Look left and you'll find a chain. Pull it until the chandelier locks into place (this is why you moved the cage). Quickly move under the chandelier and up the stairs. Collect the Compass from the treasure chest in the alcove behind the statue.

Find the lever on the statue and push it to reveal east and west doors. Break through the west barriers first, take out the screaming skeleton, then open the treasure chest for a small key. Use it on the east door.

Fight your way through the mini-skeletons until you reach the screaming skeletons. Eliminate them (it's easiest to fight them as the wolf and use your Z-target + "A" attack on them). Once they're out of the picture, use your sense to note the Poe scent that goes straight into a square patch of sand in the ground. Stand on the patch and dig into it. Pull the revealed chain and take out the revealed Poe. Collect its Poe scent (again, strike when the poe turns opaque). Continue up the hall and through the north door.

Enter the circular room and collect the small key from the treasure chest. At this point you'll notice something weighing you down. Use the wolf's sense to see the rats who have attached themselves to you, then do a spin attack to remove them from your body. Exit out the east door with your key (return up the stairs then jump the gap to get there).

You will find yourself above the central room. Watch as the third torch is lit, then jump across the chandelier and make your way into the east room. Once there, head left and down the stairs. Fall to the ground and push the cage in front of you forward. When it drops, jump on top of it and pull the chain to your left. This temporarily raises the chandelier. Look out for the sandbug and move into the square beneath the chandelier. The chandelier will drop on you, but, because of its central hole, you'll be safe. (If you want to go for the treasure chest with the Red Rupee in it, run all of the way under the chandelier. To get back, use your Clawshot on the grate over the west door, then move down the hall. You'll return to the cage and chain).

Climb onto the chandelier and face east. Run and jump to the platform below, then move through the door. Slash through the barrier, then enter the small circular room. Here you'll meet your first Stalfos. Knocking the Stalfos down isn't difficult. Just "Z-target" him and slash him with your sword (if you've earned the shield attack, use it to stun him first, then move in). The key is to destroy the Stalfos altogether. To do that, wait until his body has been shattered and there are only bones left. Place a bomb in the middle of the bones to completely wipe the Stalfos out. There are bombs in the nearby treasure chest, if you need them. Once the Stalfos has been removed, go through the south door.

Climb the stairs, cross the sand, and stand in front of the torches. You have to light two of them. One is the lone torch in front of you. The other is one of the five in front of you. To figure out which of the five torches you must light, turn on the wolf's sense. Note how it moves from the lone torch to the torch on the far right. These are your two torches. Ignite them with your lantern, then move through the revealed door to the west.

Use the wolf's sense to locate the poe in this room. Approach it and watch as many poe's will appear. Move around as they circle you, but don't attack any of them. Instead, watch the group. Watch as three of them will suddenly go pale, while one turns opaque. Quickly attack the opaque one before it has a chance to swing at you. Repeat the process until you get a hold of the final poe's soul.

Exit north, and you'll find yourself in the east chandelier room. Use your Clawshot on the grate over the west door, then move through the west door. Watch as the fourth, and final, torch is lit. Move through the door at the top of the stairs.

Fight the Bubbles then move through the west door. You will find yourself atop a high circular room with a tall pillar running down the middle of it. Use your Clawshot on the grates in the alcoves to work your way down to the bottom. Once there, approach the pillar's lever and push it counter-clockwise. Do this twice, so you end up on B1, level with two open doors. Move through the east door and make your way to the treasure chest. Open it for a small key. Return to the lever and push it clockwise. Do this three times and you'll end up below where you started. Here you'll find a locked door. Use your key on it and move through.

Avoid the spikes and make your way to the far end (first move along the left side, then the right). Along the way you'll run into some rats. Use the wolf's sense to see them, then spin them off. You'll end up on the right side of the door. Note the chain attached to the door, but don't pull it yet. Instead, backtrack a bit so you can get to the left side of the door. Fight the screaming skeleton, then identify your path to the door, which you can't get through. Return to the chain, pull it (as Link), then make your way to the temporarily open door before it closes.

Move down the east hall. Avoid the spiked pots and spin off any bugs that attach themselves to you. Collect Ooccoo from the pot on the right, then move through the door to the left.

Enter the room with the spinning spike. Make your way around it (if you stand on the outside, even within the circle, you won't be touched by the spikes). Move through the north door, then eliminate (and blow up) the three Stalfos in the room. Return to the spinning spike and head through the now open gate to the east. Move down the hall, fighting off the bugs as you go (you may wish to use the Clawshot on the first grate to get a head start on the bugs). Jump the gap, move up the stairs, then pass through the north door.

Mini-Boss: Mega Poe Skeleton

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Use your sword to cut any one of the ropes attached to the sword, and let the fun begin!

First thing first. You must see your enemy to defeat him. So, switch to the wolf and use your sense to spot your boney enemy. Wait for the Poe Skeleton to slam his sword to the ground (avoid it, of course), then watch as his body turns opaque. Z-target him, then attack him with "A". Continue to tap "A" until you are thrown from the big guy's body.

At this point the Poe Skeleton will begin circling you. Switch to Link and equip your arrows. Shoot him with one. This will cause your enemy to return to the middle of the room and try to strike you again with your sword. Wait for the sword to hit ground, then quickly get a shot in on the Skeleton. This will cause his head to fall to the ground. Hack away at it for as long as you can. At this point he'll circle you again. Shoot him and slash him again. Repeat one more time to defeat the mini-boss. Please note, if you fail at striking the skeleton once you've shot him with an arrow, he will turn invisible again. If that's the case, switch back to the wolf and repeat the process from the beginning.

Once the mini-boss is defeated, move north and collect your reward from the treasure chest. It's a Spinner. That's new! Immediately equip the Spinner with "B". You'll find that it moves you around, but it's nothing too special. However, check out the hall leading to the treasure chest, and note the tracks lining it. Get close to either set and equip your Spinner from this position. Your spinner will grab on and you'll ride the wall. Detach with "B". Put it away with "A".

When you're done playing around with your new toy, move through the south door. Use the Spinner on the track to your left. When you turn the corner and pass the sand funnel, detach yourself from the wall ("B") and work your way over to the track on the right side. Ride it up and move through the west door.

Use your spinner to ride to the far side of the room (if you want to check out the two treasure chests along the way for a Red Rupee and some bombs, feel free). At the far end of the room, note the track in the middle that curves up and left. Take it to the end, where you'll fall into the section of room with a spinning spike. Move past it and up the ramp. Take out the Stalfos, open the treasure chest for a Piece of Heart, face the spinner, then hop on the left track. Ride past the spinner. When the path narrows, jump to the right track (with "B"), then cross the gap and jump to the left track. Ride this track over the fence, and you'll land in the sand pit below. Attach yourself to the next track and ride it up. This time you'll fall into a large room with a couple of Stalfos in it. Take them out, then move up the ramp to the east.

Face the tracks running down the middle of the room. Note the spiked vases along the them. Hop onto the tracks and jump from side to side, avoiding the vases as you go. Move through the door at the top and open up the treasure chest for the Big Key. Ride either track east.

You should recognize this circular room, as you've been here before. However, you now have a tool to do something quite interesting to it. Stand in the middle of the room, on top of the gear hole. Equip your Spinner and tap "B". This will get all of the gears spinning thus revealing an open room in front of you. Enter, then ride the track up. Once you cross the second gap in the stairs (or the first big one), detach yourself from the track and spin onto the top of the central platform. (You can also jump from the stairs to the platform, if necessary). Once again, plug your spinner into the hole and tap "B". This will raise a spiral ramp of sorts. Ride it up, then move through the boss door at the top.

Boss Fight: Stallord

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Enter the room to raise the Twili Fossil, Stallord. Stallord's attacks are easy enough to avoid. Simply attach yourself to the track that surrounds the sand pit, and you'll move too fast to be caught by any of them. You do, however, have to be aware of the spiked vases that are also attached to the track. You can't do anything about them but avoid them as best you can, so keep that in mind.

To defeat Stallord you need to take aim at the one thing that is holding him up, his spine. To do this, ride around until you have a clear shot at it. When this happens, use "B" to free yourself from the track and ride down to the large vertebrae As you approach, hit "B". This will add the extra "umph" to your Spinner that's necessary to damage Stallord's spine. Repeat two more times to take Stallord down. And, yes, Stallord does make it more difficult by adding more obstacles between the track and his spine. I suggest going at them full force and using "B" when you hit them. At some point you'll get lucky enough to ricochet in the direction you need to be going.

When Stallord is out of the picture, find the gear slot in the platform and start spinning your Spinner. This raises the platform and brings Stallord back to life (you didn't expect it to be over already, did you?). Stallord will knock you to the ground. All you can do is hop on your Spinner and ride the track up. Eventually the big Skull will begin shooting fire balls your way. When this happens, hit "B" and attach yourself to the outer wall. Watch out for the next fire ball and return to the pillar. Continue to avoid the fire balls until you spot Stallord coming toward you. Watch as he faces you. Before he gets another fire ball off, slam into his open mouth with your Spinner. This will make him fall to the ground. Immediately Z-target the sword sticking out of his head, and begin slashing. Repeat the process two more times. Be aware, on the third and final attempt, there will be some spiked vases on the tracks with you. Simply avoid them as you do the fire balls. Once you reach Stallord, the vases will stop coming, so you can focus on what is important.

When Stallord goes down, collect the Heart Container, then exit out the large door. Make your way up the stairs, then along the hall. Approach the statue and five Shadow Beings will appear. There's nothing new here. Switch to the wolf, round them up, then use your dark circle to take them out, making sure the last one is eliminated with a partner by his side.

Ride the statue up with your Spinner, then spin the gear on the top of its head. This will result in the arriving of the Twilight Mirror, albeit a shattered mirror that is missing three pieces. Guess whose job it is to collect them? That's right, it's you, the hero of Hyrule.

Click here for Part 5 (The Path to the Snowpeak Ruins)

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