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LB's "The Legend of Zelda® Twilight Princess" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins

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5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple
2. The Path to the Goron Mines - The Goron Mines
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins
6. The Path to the Temple of Time - Temple of Time
7. The Path to the Sky Temple - Sky Temple
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

9. Extras - Sidequests, Poes, Golden Bugs, and Hidden Skills

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Zelda Twilight Princess
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins

The Path to Snowpeak Ruins

Lanayru Province

Castle Town

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Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and cross the bridge. The Postman will stop you and deliver a letter from Barnes; read it. Enter the town, then make your way to Telma's Bar. Telma tells you to speak with Ashei, who is up on Hyrule's northern mountain. Check the map on the table to get a red target on your own map. Exit Telma's then warp to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

The portal will place you in the Throne Room. Swim south and fall over the waterfall. After you splash down, swim east. Pull yourself out of the water and move through the east tunnel. Be sure you are in human form and approach the person dressed in white. This is Ashei. Ashei will present you with Ashei's sketch. She warns you that you won't be able to go any farther because of your lack of a plan to get through the blizzard. Try if you must (most will), then exit back out to the Zoras.

Present the first Zora you see with the sketch. He will tell you about the red fish the beast in the drawing is holding. It's called a "reekfish". He also mentions that Prince Ralis was the only Zora capable of catching such a fish. If you continue to ask around, Zoras will continue to bring up Prince Ralis. This leaves us with no other option but to go speak with Prince Ralis. Move out of the view of the Zoras and warp to Kakariko Village.

Eldin Province

Kakariko Village

Move around the corner, switch to your human form, and enter the town. Feel free to explore the buildings and stores. Go ahead and purchase the Bombling from Barnes, and donate a little something to the little man inside the General Store (Malo Mart). Speak to the various kids around town and you'll learn Prince Ralis is in the Graveyard. Take the SW path to reach the Graveyard.


Head to the west side of the Graveyard and crawl through the hole. Swim over to Prince Ralis and present him with Ashei's sketch. For this you will receive the coral earring, the only hook that can catch a reekfish. Return to the Graveyard, then warp back to Zora's Domain.

Lanayru Province

Zora's Domain

Exit the throne room, ride the waterfall down, and then swim west. Pull yourself out of the water at the first patch of land you see, then turn around and face the water. Note the stone pillars in front of you. These are the Mother-and-Child Rocks Ralis spoke of. However, before you start fishing, you may care to move up the path to collect the Dragonfly and the Poe's soul, just beyond it. (Per usual, these things are only out at night). Once you have these items, return to the fishing spot, switch to your human form, and start fishing.

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You shouldn't have any trouble spotting or catching the reekfish since Ralis gave you the coral earring with which to fish (which is automatically attached to your Fishing Rod). Just remember, flick your wrist when you get a nibble, then raise your arm straight over your head to pull it in. The reekfish are the red fish near the rocks, and there don't seem to be any other kind in the area. Once you've caught one you'll be told that it "reeks". Give it a whiff for yourself. Switch to wolfie and "Sniff" it. Agree to lose the Poe's sent in exchange for the Reekfish Scent.

From here you can follow the scent across the water basin and through the tunnel to the east, which will lead you back to Snowpeak. HOWEVER, before you do this, there's one nearby sidequest I suggest doing, as it will result in many bombs, which are necessary to get through the Snowpeak Ruins. So, with that being said, swim south to Upper Zora's River.

Sidequest: River Ride

Upper Zora's River

Switch to your human form and make your way to the boat rental cabin. Speak to the woman with large hair, Iza, then move right. If, and only if, you are in human form, three Shadow Beings will appear. Since the woman is watching, you don't have the option to switch back to the wolf, so you'll have to take them out as a human. First, note that one of the Shadow Beings hangs out by himself, while the other two remain close to each other. Take out the lone Shadow Being first. Next, approach the duo, stand between them, and shake your Nunchuk to perform a spin attack. If done right, the spin attack will take out both Shadow Beings at the same time, resulting in a new portal. It will also result in an invitation from the big haired woman to come inside her boat rental cabin.

Offer to help Iza by shooting a couple of bomb arrows through the rock wall. You will then be placed in a boat. Guide it down the river with your control stick, avoiding obstacles as you go. Along the way you'll run into a Zora on another rock wall. Blow it up with your bomb arrows and continue riding down the river. At the end you will be presented with a bomb bag with bombs.

Warp back to Zora's Domain, ride down the waterfall, and follow the Reekfish scent (as the wolf and use your Sense) through the east door to Snowpeak.

Peak Province


Continue to follow the scent as you move through the blizzard. Be careful as you cross the icebergs, as one bad move will kill you. Make your way up the hill, fighting off the White Wolves and Ice Bats as you go. Eventually you'll reach a spot where the trail goes straight up a cliff. Since you cant' follow it up the cliff, hang a right and move to the backside of the cliff. Take the ramp up and rejoin with the trail. Climb up the ledges and you'll come to another straight up path. Again, move right, locate the ramp, and rejoin the trail. Finally, you'll come to a third cliff that's protected by Ice Bats. There's no backside to this cliff, so you're going to have to take it down. To do this, simply "Attack" the cliff as the wolf. This will create a nice little ramp for you. Move up it.

Eventually you'll run into a Howling Stone. Listen and repeat the song. Repeat it again once you've summoned the wolf spirit, and a new Golden Wolf icon will appear on your map. Next time you're in the Graveyard, you have a new skill to learn. Nice!

Continue along the reekfish path and dig in the indicated spot to enter a new area. Switch to Link and climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel. Next, climb the ledges and then climb the vines. Open the door at the end of the tunnel and you'll return to the outside.

Make sure you are not in your Blue Tunic (Zora Armor), as it makes you more vulnerable to ice attacks. Equip your Bow and Arrow and shoot the ice bats, but do so from a distance, as getting close to them will summon a set of shadow beings...and ice bats and shadow beings are a lot to deal with. So, again, pick off the ice bats from a distance, then move forward. When the shadow beings appear, switch to your wolf form and take them out. This will create another portal, and allow you to see the beast on the hill. Switch back to your human form and speak with him. You have met Yeto, a very friendly sasquatch.

Watch as Yeto slides down the hill. Now it's your turn. Roll into the tree to your left to dislodge an icy leaf, then "Get on" and guide your little ice board down the hill. There's no trick to it. Simply use your control stick to avoid obstacles and ledges (in you want, press forward to gain speed and "A" to jump). And have fun! It's not like you've ever Zelda snowboarded before!

Enter the house at the bottom of the hill.

***Please note, this walkthrough was written for the Wii version of 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', however it will work for the Gamecube version, which is simply a mirrored version of the game. This means when we say "go left", you should go right, and when we say "go east", you should go west. The guide also offers controls specific to the Wii, however this is only done because the Wii controls are so new, and Gamecube gamers will have no trouble following the in-game controller instructions.

Snowpeak Ruins

Go through the north door and speak with Yeta, Yeto's wife. She tells you the mirror piece you're looking for is locked in the bedroom on the third floor. She will provide you with the dungeon map and mark it with a red symbol, indicating where she believes the bedroom key is. Head through the west door.

Here you will meet Yeto again. He is making a simple soup for Yeta. Scoop some up with your bottle. If you drink it, it will fill up two heart containers. Before exiting, check the vases behind the shelves for the Ooccoo. Once you have him in hand, exit north.

You will encounter a block puzzle. There are two movable blocks, a frozen block, a frozen switch, and a working switch. Your goal is to get one of the movable blocks to rest on top of the working switch. To do this, push the block closest to your entrance west. It will rest above and left of the switch (this is the key position here...once you have this block in place, you can solve the puzzle). Next, push the top block east (against the ice block), south, west, south. Once the block is over the switch the east door will open up. Move through it.

Switch to the wolf, turn on your senses, and dig through the hole. You will emerge in the outside courtyard. Open the treasure chest for a Red Rupee, then dig out the chest to the north for a small key. Fight off the white wolves. Go through the west door (or jump through the window). Fight off the ice spikes (I prefer using the wolf against them), then use your small key on the north door.

Here you will meet more ice spikes. Fight them off and exit west. Head for the south door and you'll be cut off. Time to fight the ice soldiers! The key to fighting the ice soldiers is to focus on one and hack away at him until he shatters. If you continue to go back and forth, they'll just regenerate their ice swords and continue to be trouble. Once you've shattered both of them, go through that south door. Open the treasure chest for an Ordon Pumpkin. Hey...that's not a key? Yeta will be hearing about this!

Head south, climb the crates to your right, jump down onto the block puzzle, and continue south, then east to Yeta. Yeta asks that you take the pumpkin to Yeto. Do so. He'll take the pumpkin and put it in his soup, making a good soup which will fill 4 hearts upon drinking. Stock up and return to Yeta.

Yeta will mark a new room on your map. Exit north and move through the snow. There's a locked door to your right and a blocked door to the north. Fight off the wolves and move to the north end of the courtyard. Go through the open window, then the door just beyond it.

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Clear out each of the ice spikes in the room, then note the cannon. Locate the iron ball on the ice (opposite of your entrance), and carry it to the cannon. Stand behind it and "Insert" the cannon ball. Next, stand on either side of the cannon and push it so it faces south. Finally, equip a bomb and "Insert" it. (This, by the way, is why I suggested doing to River Ride sidequest before entering this temple. If you are without bombs, use Ooccoo to travel to Zora's Domain and do the quick sidequest, detailed in the above section).

Once you blast through the south ice, go through the south door. Take out the bats and the ice spikes (I suggest using your arrows or Clawshot to do this), then move out onto the beams. You'll slip on a patch of ice. That's fine, you just don't want to do it again, or you'll fall off. So, face the treasure chest to your right and jump to the next beam. Continue jumping to the treasure chest. Open it for the compass. Make your way to the other treasure chest for a Red Rupee. Return to the entrance by using your Clawshot on the pad to the left of the door.

If you want the treasure chest in the NW corner of the room, grab the iron ball (note iron balls are also indicated on your map), stick it in the cannon, and point the cannon north. In this chest you will find bombs.

You can't access any other treasure chests in the room (at this time), so look at your map. Note the treasure chest indicated in the courtyard. Funny, because we didn't see any out there. Exit the room, then climb the window back to the courtyard. Take care of the white wolves, then turn on your wolf senses. In the middle of the ground you'll spot a patch that sparkles. Dig it to reveal a treasure chest. Dig more and open the treasure chest for a small key. Use the key on the door to the east.

In the next room (with the iron balls...tee hee..and ladder), turn around and face the door. Note the lever contraption to the right of the door. Grab the lever and pull it down. This lowers a ball chute. Pick up one of the iron balls and place it in the chute. Exit back out to the courtyard, turn around, and pull the lever on the other side of the door. Carry the ball to the nearby cannon, then point and shoot the cannon north. This will take out the ice monster blocking the north door. Go through the door. (Note, feel free to also shoot the cannon south, to reveal a treasure chest with bombs inside).

Mini-Boss: Armor Tail

This is a tough little mini-boss, primarily because you're going to take damage from him. So, if you're having trouble, be sure to return to Yeto for some good soup, which will help you recover from damage taken.

The Armor Tail is going to swing his ball and chain your way. Your goal is to avoid it while making your way to his back side. To do this, equip your Clawshot and aim up at the ceiling where you'll see many Clawshot pads. Find one behind the Armor Tail, attach yourself to it, and fall to the ground behind him. This should result in the Armor Tail releasing his ball your way, and an exposure of the big guy's tail. Do your best to avoid the ball, then quickly move to the Armor Tail's back side, Z-target his tail, and hack away at it. Please note, using the Clawshot pads is not a guarantee that the ball will be released. Think of it as more of a taunting. Also, if you're good, you can roll past him and his spinning ball, taunting him further. It's when the Armor Tail has had it with the taunting that he'll release the ball and expose his tail to you. Get three solid hits in to defeat him. Take his Ball and Chain and exit north.

In front of you is an ice barrier. Equip your new Ball and Chain and aim it at the barrier. Release to break through it. Open the treasure chest for Ordon Goat Cheese. Again, this is not a key. That crazy Yeta has steered you wrong again. Backtrack to Yeta, then Yeto. Yeto will add the cheese to his soup (mmm...fish, pumpkin and cheese soup). Collect some of the superb soup (recovers eight hearts) and return to Yeta.

Yeta will mark a new room on the map and unlock the east door. Move through it.

Use your Ball and Chain to break through the ice barrier. Work your way up the ramp and use your Ball and Chain to take out the Ice Monsters in the center. Each monster takes two hits. Break through the ice barrier at the top. It'll reveal a cannon which you'll come back to later. For now, go past it and go through the north door.

Shatter the Ice Soldier and then face the treasure chest to the north. Use your Ball and Chain to hit the base of the swinging platform in front of you. When it swings your way, hop on. Then, hop over to the treasure chest and open it for a small key. Return to the cannon room to the south. Go past the cannon and through the door to the west using the small key.

There is an ice barrier immediately on the right. Destroy it to reveal a Clawshot Pad (note, there is a Poe's Soul in the foyer below...use the clawshot pad to get back up). Use the Ball and Chain to hit the swinging platform and then jump onto it. You'll want to go through the west door in a moment, but first, face south and use the swinging platforms to reach a treasure chest with a Piece of Heart. Return to the west door, take out the Ice Soldier if you haven't already, and go through.

You'll enter a very icy room full of Ice Spikes. Destroy them and then note the three doors in this room: the locked door to the east, the open door to the north, and the ice barrier to the west. There is a poe behind the ice barrier. Destroy it for a Poe's Soul. Go through the north door.

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Go left on the balcony to find a large block. Push it off the ledge and hop down to it. This should look familiar as you'll be back at the ice puzzle. Shatter both the ice block and the ice switch using the Ball and Chain. From the default position (one block over the south switch, one block just NW of it -- so the two blocks are actually touching on one edge -- and one block in the NE corner of the puzzle), here's how you get an ice block on the new ice switch:

Go to the south side of the room where there are the two blocks you pushed earlier. Push the south block (the that is on the switch) to the north. Push the NE block to the south, then west, and then north so that it rests just north of the middle switch. Go to the north block and push it east, south, west, and finally north where it will activate the switch! This will open the upstairs door (the SE door upstairs). Use the crates to climb back up to the balcony and go through the door.

You'll end up outside (try not to catch a cold!). Face north and jump on top of the broken wall/ridge. Walk up it and then take out the Ice Soldiers (if you fall, return to the ice puzzle room and head back up). After the Ice Soldiers are shattered, face north to find a broken part of the wall through which you can see a Clawshot Pad. Use it to get over the wall and then go through the door.

In this room, look to the right and you'll see an ice barrier which will reveal a Clawshot Pad. You can use this pad if you fall down. Your goal, however, is to get to the south side of the room using the swinging platforms. Once there, you'll find a treasure chest. Open it for a small key and then exit via the south door.

Drop down to the crates below and face right. Climb the crates, head to the south door and go through. You'll be back in the icy room. You may remember there was a locked door here. Now that you have a small key, go through the locked east door.

You'll soon encounter two Ice Monsters. Hit each one twice with your Ball and Chain to defeat them. Ignore the door for now and head to the east of the room where there are two blocks. Push them both forward thus revealing the room with the cannon and the spiral ramp. Your goal is to shoot an iron ball through the opening you just made, however, you need to get an iron ball.

Head down the spiral ramp and at the bottom, go through the north door. Push the block forward and grab an iron ball. Return to the door with the ball shoot next to it. Place the ball in the ball chute and go through the door. On the other side, grab the iron ball and go up the spiral ramp. Place the iron ball in the cannon and then aim the cannon to the west so that it'll fire through the opening you created. Insert a bomb to fire it. Follow the iron ball back to the red carpet room and place it in the ball shoot here. Go through the door and grab the iron ball. Take it to the cannon (you're outside again) and fire the cannon at the Ice Monster in the NW corner. Hop off the platform and go through the east door where you'll find a ladder to the north. Climb it.

Go through the door that the Ice Monster was blocking and you'll end up locked in this chapel room. In order to get out you have to defeat a bunch of Ice Soldiers. Use the Ball and Chain on them, however, don't run around like a crazy man or else you'll trigger them all at once. Just take it slow and take them out one at a time. When they're all defeated, the doors will open. Go through the north door and open the treasure chest for the bedroom key.

Exit back out to the courtyard where you'll encounter Yeta. She asks that you follow her to the bedroom. Don't worry about actually following her as she walks very slowly (hey, she's a sasquatch). Instead, just run up the ramp and go through the bedroom door.

Boss Fight: Blizzeta

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It seems Yeta has been fooling us the entire time. Boy, sasquatches sure are devious and manipulative!

Yeta will turn into a huge ice ball and is now known as Blizzeta. Due to Blizzeta's spherical shape, you can safely put your back up against any part of the wall and she can't hurt you. From this position, repeatedly attack her with the Ball and Chain until she is breaks out of the ice ball and rises up. At this point, you'll enter the second stage of the battle.

Blizzeta is now inside an ice gazebo which is surrounded by 10 rotating ice blocks. The blocks' pattern will alter back and forth and do one of two things: they will either drop down in succession behind you are you're running or they'll form a circle and drop down all at once. You can see what the blocks are doing by using the reflection of the ice on the floor. If the blocks drop down one after the other behind you as you're running, then wait until the last block drops (you can count them as they drop) and quickly use your Ball and Chain to take out an ice block (or two, or three). This helps to create an opening through which you can attack Blizzeta. If the blocks form a circle and drop down all at once it means that Blizzeta will be dropping down into the middle of the circle. This is your chance to damage her. Before Blizzeta drops and crushes you, roll out of the way and be sure that you're outside the ring of blocks. When she's on the ground, aim your Ball and Chain at her and let loose. Of course, if there are ice blocks guarding her, you need to break down the number of rotating ice blocks in order to create an opening. The fewer ice blocks around her the bigger the opening you have to attack. Once you hit her, she'll rise back up and generate a fresh set of 10 ice blocks. Repeat this process and attack her two more times to defeat her.

Once she's defeated, Midna will automatically grab the mirror shard, and invite you to jump down the portal with her. Wait for Yeto and Yeta to produce a Heart Container, collect it, then hop into the portal.

You'll end up near the tree where you started snowboarding. Warp to Castle Town in Lanayru Province.

Click here for Part 6 (The Path to Temple of Time)

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