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LB's "The Legend of Zelda® Twilight Princess" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

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8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

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1. The Beginning - The Forest Temple
2. The Path to the Goron Mines - The Goron Mines
3. The Path to the Lakebed Temple - The Lakebed Temple
4. The Path to the Arbiter's Grounds - The Arbiter's Grounds
5. The Path to Snowpeak Ruins - Snowpeak Ruins
6. The Path to the Temple of Time - Temple of Time
7. The Path to the Sky Temple - Sky Temple
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

9. Extras - Sidequests, Poes, Golden Bugs, and Hidden Skills

10. Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot Walkthrough
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Zelda Twilight Princess
8. The Palace of Twilight - Hyrule Castle

Palace of Twilight

After you emerge from the portal, head forward. Midna will let you know the man with the man is not an enemy, merely a victim. Move past him and down the path to the right. Go through the door.

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Move down the ramp eliminating Deku Babas and bats as you go. At the bottom is a Zant Mask. Take him out and a treasure chest will be revealed. Open it for a small key. Use your Clawshot to reach the pad above you and to the right, then hit the one above the raised ledge. Drop down and use your key on the door. Go through.

Move forward and drop down. Walk into the black fog and you'll automatically turn into the wolf. This is what happens when you walk into black fog. Find and eliminate the Zant Mask, revealing two treasure chests. Open the one in the SW corner for the Compass. Open the north one for a small key. Clawshot onto the above ledge and use your key on the door. Go through.

Drop into the middle of the room and you'll be met by Zant's image. Zant's image will toss many an enemy your way. Take out those that are a threat to you, but focus on hitting Zant with your sword. Stay focused on him until he pops and leaves you with a cloud of dark fog. Move to the north side of the fog and approach the glowing ball, a Sol. Slash the hand holding it with your sword to get it to release it, then pick up the Sol.

Carry the Sol through the dark fog and watch as it splits. Note the circular indentation in the middle of the fog. Place the Sol in it and watch as a light staircase is created to the south door. If you move the Sol from its position the staircase will disappear. This means you must make your way to the top of the staircase and, once you reach solid ground, use your Clawshot to return the Sol to your arms. Do this fast or the hand will reclaim the Sol. If this happens (or, if you want to stop it from happening) use arrows or your Clawshot to shoot the hand. Three hits and the hand will take a short break. You can also aim at the Sol with your Clawshot to reclaim it. Once you're safely near the door, go through it.

Head into the fog below and look for the next circular indentation. Place the Sol in it and fight those attacking you. Keep an eye out above, as the hand is still hoping to get the Sol before you get it through the next door. Again, move up the stairs created by the glowing orb. Collect the Sol from the top, then toss it onto the above stair (aim in the deep part, so it doesn't bounce back). Continue up the next stair, then run to the end of the platform. Jump off and move through the door.

Make your way up the ramp here. If you want a Piece of Heart carry the Sol through the first fog waterfall to your left, then Clawshot up to the treasure chest. Otherwise, simply run to the door at the top of the ramp and go through it. You'll be back at the palace entrance.

Run to the central pad where you'll find two circular indentations. Place the Sol in one of them. One more to go! The placement of the Sol will create a glowing square on the west side of the pad. Step on it and ride it to the west side. Go through the door.

Move forward and fall into the lower area. Use your Clawshot to reach any of the wall pads, then aim for the pad above the glowing platform. Lower yourself to the platform, then cross the entire set of them, all while avoiding the fire of the Zant Mask. Once you reach the opposite side, eliminate the Mask and collect the small key from the treasure chest that appears. Go through the door.

Fall into the fog below and take out the three Shadow Beings to remove the barrier. Next, focus on the bats and the four Zant Masks. Once they've all been taken care of, a new treasure chest will appear in one of the above alcoves. To get there, Clawshot to one of the high wall pads, then use the ceiling pads to move south. At the third pad note there are two treasure chests in the below alcoves. One is to the right, one is to the left. In the right treasure chest is small key. In the left treasure chest is the dungeon map. Collect them both then make your way through the north door.

Fall into the next room and you will have another Zant image battle. Again, focus on him over the enemies he throws at you. Once you've defeated him, collect the Sol from the hand. Place the Sol in the circular indentation, quickly take out the enemies, and move up the stairs. Clawshot the Sol and run it out the door.

In the next room, place the Sol in the center and watch as all of the platforms rise up. Head back north, then use the Clawshot pads as you did before. Make your way to the treasure chest where you collected the small key. From this alcove, pull yourself onto the stairs and take them to the top. Clawshot the Sol, run off the south side of the stairs, and move through the door.

In this next room, all you must do is quickly move across the platforms to the stone pillar. The Sol will activate a new platform at your feet. Let it carry you to the next door and move through it.

Once outside, make your way to the central pad and place the Sol in the indentation. You will be rewarded with light that fills your Master Sword. This means you can now cut through the dark fog as Link. Nice. Head up the middle path.

Fight off the Shadow Beings then move close to the fog waterfall. Perform a spin attack to clear the fog, then jump to the other side. Move through the door.

Fight the enemies and cut your way through the fog. Note the two circular indentations in the floor. Make your way to the north side and locate the two Sols. Place each one in an indentation, fight the small Shadow Beings that appear, then make your way up the stairs. Here you will find an orb. Whack it with your sword and ride the glowing platform up and over to the opposite side. Jump down, fight the Deku Baba, then focus on the Zant Masks. Collect the small key from the treasure chest that appears, then stand in the middle of the three orbs. Perform a spin attack to light them all at the same time, and let the platform that appears beneath your feet carry you to the west door. Go through it.

You'll find yourself on an outside balcony. Fight off the Shadow Beings then hit the two orbs at the edge. Ride the platform to the Zant Mask and fight him. Activate the next set of orbs and ride the platform back down to the balcony. Take out the many Masks that appear. Doing so will result in a new treasure chest. Open it to collect the small key.

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Before moving through the door, go ahead and cut through the large fog waterfall and jump behind it. Take out the enemies, then use your Clawshot to make your way to the top, where you will find a treasure chest. Open it to collect the big key. Drop back down and use your small key on the door.

Fight off the Shadow Being attack. When the barrier is dropped, cut through the fog and locate the four orbs. Activate them and ride the platform up. At the top you'll have some platform choices. Jump to the east one and ride it to the next set of platforms. Choose left. Ride it to the platform with the Deku Baba and jump off. Take out the nasty little plant, then jump onto the next glowing platform. Ride it up then over. Avoid the Zant Mask's projectiles and Clawshot to the pad behind him. Slash him, then Clawshot to the above pad. Again, avoid the Mask's attacks, then lower yourself to the platform below. Ride it toward the Mask and Clawshot to the pad. Whack the mask and collect the small key from the treasure chest. Hop on the glowing platform and ride it up and over to the door. Use your key on it and pass through.

In this next room it's a Shadow Being ambush. I suggest making use of your spin attack time and time again. This will take out many beings in one blow AND it will keep the area clear of fog. When the Shadow Beings stop coming, approach the boss door. Collect the blue fairy from the vase to your right, then move through the door. Move up the stairs and meet Zant.

Boss Fight: Zant

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After a discussion between Midna and Zant, the battle will begin. It's not a tough battle, but it comes in many stages and you'll be fighting in many arenas. For this reason, don't be shy about collecting any and all hearts you can from vases and/or grass cuttings, as you won't have a chance to grab them once you leave the area.

The battle will begin with Zant hovering above a water area shooting his projectiles your way. Protect yourself from his projectiles with your shield. Once you get a feel for his movements, pull out your Boomerang, lock onto him with "Z", and release. The best time to do this is before he starts shooting at you, however, it can be done at any time. The Boomerang will bring Zant down to the ground. Run up to him and hack away. Do this twice.

In the second stage of the battle you'll be placed on a large circular platform. Immediately equip your Iron Boots so you stick to the platform. Zant will continue to run and jump around. Look out for his projectile attack. Protect yourself from it with your shield. When it stops, quickly take your boots off and charge Zant with your sword. Do this twice.

In the third stage you'll be taken underwater. Equip your Iron Boots and your Zora Tunic. A large Zant Mask statue will appear in the middle of the floor. Watch for the front of it to open, revealing Zant inside. Protect yourself from the projectiles, then use your Clawshot to pull him close to you. Slash away. Next, the central statue will fall and four smaller ones will rise. Zant will appear in one of these four statues. There's no way to tell which one until you actually see him. I suggest camping out close to one and protecting yourself from his attacks until he appears in the one you're guarding. Like before, use your Clawshot to draw him close to you and slash him.

The fourth stage is familiar, as it's where you fought the baboon in the Forest Temple so long ago. Beat Zant as you did the baboon, by rolling into the pillars on which he's standing. The first roll puts Zant off balance, the second will knock him off. Please note, you can substitute the first roll with a boomerang hit, although I found that to be more difficult. Once Zant is on the ground, use your sword to beat him up. Do this twice. You may care to note there are many vases here with many hearts. Collect them before hitting Zant for the second time, as you'll be taken to the next stage.

The fifth stage is on the Ice, and it's one of the easier stages. Watch Zant's reflection in the ice so you can avoid him when he lands. Once he hits the ground, he'll start stomping around. At this point, equip your Ball and Chain, Z-target Zant's ankle, and let it go. A direct hit will cause Zant to shrink. Run up to him and hit him with your sword. Do this twice.

The sixth and final stage is fairly straightforward. Zant will come at you with his knife hands, you will go at him with your sword. Anytime you get a chance, hit him. Look out for Zant's spin attack. Either run away from it or use your shield against it. After Zant stops spinning he'll become momentarily dizzy, giving you a perfect opportunity to strike. Keep hitting him until Zant falls to the ground.

After a cutscene you'll be told that it's time to head to Hyrule Castle for the final showdown. It's Ganon time! Collect the Heart Container and move through the portal.

You'll find yourself outside the Palace of Twilight. Walk up to the large orange portal, stand in the circle, and hit "Enter". Once you're back in the Mirror Chamber use Midna to warp to Castle Town.

Lanayru Province

Castle Town

Head into Castle Town and you'll be stopped by the Postman. He delivers three letters. Head into Castle Town Central Square and head north through the archway. Midna will break through the shield surrounding Hyrule Castle. After the cutscene, go through the castle doors and you'll encounter a golden wolf (activated by the Hidden Village howling stone). Here, you'll learn the Jump Strike. "Z-target" your enemy and hold "A". Release "A" when you see/hear that your sword is charged to perform this powerful attack. After that, head to the large wooden doors in front of you. "Grab" a handle and push the door open.

***Please note, this walkthrough was written for the Wii version of 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', however it will work for the Gamecube version, which is simply a mirrored version of the game. This means when we say "go left", you should go right, and when we say "go east", you should go west. The guide also offers controls specific to the Wii, however this is only done because the Wii controls are so new, and Gamecube gamers will have no trouble following the in-game controller instructions.

Hyrule Castle

You'll begin in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle. The main door is locked. There is one door to the NE and one to the NW. Head toward the NW door and you'll be blocked by several Gremlins. Defeat the Gremlins and then proceed through the NW door.

You'll see some Gremlins on the ground and some Gremlin Archers on watchtowers. Remain in place and take out the one Gremlin who comes at you. Then, take out the Gremlin Archers with your Arrows. Once they're gone, move forward and take out the remaining Gremlins. Orient yourself so that you're amongst the watchtowers and look north. Note that there is a wall splitting the north path into a right and left side. Head north along the left side. At the end, hang a right and you'll find two Hogs. Hop on one and turn to the right (the way you just came). Go through and hit "A" to dash through the fence across from you. Continue to crash through the fences to the north...you may as well take out the watchtowers while you're at it.

Dismount from the hog and continue north where you'll find some pillars with little propellers at the tops of them. The pillars outline the shape of a triangle. Don't worry about this triangle puzzle for now as you'll come back to it in a minute. Go past the pillars and approach the gated door and note the leaf covered triangle at your feet. Midna will bug you. Talk to her and she'll inform you about a secret room hidden to the north of where you are. To get there, face the gated door, transform into the Wolf and activate your sense. Turn to the left and explore the north wall for a hole that you can "Dig". Do so and you'll dig under the wall and end up in the secret area, a graveyard.

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Make your way through the graveyard taking out the small Skeletons and the various Stalfos (remember to bomb them after they're down to destroy them). Once the area is clear of enemies, head to the north central part of the graveyard. Transform into a wolf and activate your Sense to see four ghosts under a tree pointing to a rock below the tree. Transform back to human form and bomb the rock which will reveal a switch. Stand on the switch to open the gated archway to the west and go into it. Open the big treasure chest for an orange Rupee and the smaller chests for rupees. Then, go to the torch and light it with your Lantern. If you don't have any oil, dip your Lantern in the nearby urn. Lighting this torch will temporarily stop the rain. As soon as you light it, run like crazy to the east side of the graveyard and light the two torches outside the gated archway before the rain resumes. This will raise the gate and reveal two owl statues. Use your Dominion Rod to move the two statues into the indentations at the south side of the graveyard. This creates a path which you can jump across. To do so, climb up the block to the left of the now placed statues and jump across them. Follow the path up to the gated archway and then pull the chain handle to open the gate. Open the treasure chest inside for a small key. Hop back down to the ground, transform into the Wolf, activate your Sense and dig back under the wall (if you can't find it, there are three ghosts pointing it out to you).

You'll end up back at the triangle pillar puzzle. Go to the gated door and look down at the leaf covered triangle. Use your Boomerang to blow the leaves off of the symbol thus revealing the pattern for the puzzle. Go back to the base of the pillar triangle. Use your Boomerang to highlight the pillars in this order: bottom middle, middle right, middle left, top. Throw the Boomerang along this pattern to open the door. Go through.

You'll find a treasure chest. Open it for the dungeon map. Climb up the ladder to your right. At the top, head along the balcony and when you see the opening in the small wall lining the balcony, drop down to the ground below. This is where you entered the area. Go through the door on the left to re-enter the courtyard. While you do have the small key which is necessary to enter the main door of the castle, don't enter it yet. First, you need to explore the NE path.

Head through the NE door of the courtyard after defeating the Gremlins. Go forward and you'll be ambushed by a slew of Gremlins. Defeat them all and then head through the open door to the east. Continue to make your way along the path to the gated door. Pull the chain to raise the gate and go through. You'll find yourself in the north end of this area. Head forward and you'll encounter a Hog Rider. To defeat him you have to slash him from behind using the Back Slash sword skill. This is fairly easy, however, watch out for his attack as it will do 4 or 5 hearts worth of damage. It's easy to avoid. When you see him wind up, simply get out of the way. After he's defeated, he'll give you a small key.

To get back to the Courtyard, either backtrack or go up the stairs and fall off the balcony, which is a tad quicker. Either way, once you get back to the Courtyard, go through the large main door using a small key.

You are now in the Castle. Go forward for another battle with Gremlins and then Lizalfos. After that, you'll be shown the many hanging chandeliers in the area and a treasure chest will appear on the NW balcony. To reach it, go up the little stairstep platform and use your Clawshot on the chandelier hanging above the balcony. Drop down onto the balcony and open the treasure chest to find the compass.

From the balcony, face the balcony to the east and use the chandeliers to get there (you'll have to lower yourself from one chandelier to reach the next chandelier). Once on the east balcony, go through the door.

You'll have to fight an Armored Soldier. Wait for him to attack, dodge his attack, and then stab him. Do this until all of his armor is knocked off and then battle him normally...the Back Slice and/or Helm Splitter work well. After he is defeated a treasure chest will appear on the above platform, the trick, of course, is how to get there. You'll need to use your Lantern. If you need oil, there is an oil urn along the wall. Use the Lantern to light the two torches on the west side of the room. This will raise the platforms in the middle. Climb them and stand on the farthest extension of the middle platform (it's shaped like an "L"). Equip your Boomerang and target the torch next to the oil urn on the east side of the room. Throw the Boomerang to extinguish the torch and then quickly walk forward as the final platform will rise up. If you miss the rising platform, you can relight the torch near the urn and try again. Open the treasure chest for a purple Rupee.

From this treasure chest there are two paths: left and right. You really only need to do one as you'll be able to cover the same ground once outside. However, for the sake of this walkthrough, both paths will be covered starting first with the left path.

Take the left path from the treasure chest and go through the door. You'll end up in a large hallway with a red carpet. There are four unlit torches, two on each wall. You need to light all four. The order is based upon how long they stay lit. If you want to see the pattern, shoot the rope of the picture hanging on the left wall which will reveal a stone tablet with the pattern on it. If you're facing the gated door (south) it'll be: top left, bottom right, bottom left, top right. The gated door will open, go through.

In this hallway, defeat the two armored Lizalfos which will raise the gates on two doors. Go through the east door which leads back to the middle room. You'll be on a balcony. Step on the switch which will lower a chandelier. There is nothing really to do here, the lowering of the chandelier is just a convenience. Backtrack to the hallway and head all the way back north, to the treasure chest where you could go take the left or right path.

This time, from the treasure chest, take the right path. You'll end up in a large hallway with a blue carpet. Take out the Lizalfos and then shoot the ropes of each of the four hanging pictures. Each picture will reveal a diamond switch. Only one diamond switch (the middle one on the right side) will open the door. The other three will drop red and yellow Chus in on you. If you want Red Chu Jelly, get your empty bottles ready and scoop it up. Once the gated door is open, go through.

Here you must battle two Armored Soldiers. After they're defeated two gated doors will open. Go through the west door, back to the middle room. On this balcony is a treasure chest. Open it for a purple Rupee. If you want a silver Rupee (and remember, the game is almost over, so I don't know why you'd really need it), step on the switch to reveal another treasure chest on the NE balcony. To get to it, drop off the balcony and use the chandeliers. Inside is a silver Rupee (200). To get back to where you were, you have to go all the way back around and through the red carpet hallways.

Either way, go back to the SE blue carpet hallway and take the east door which will put you outside. Go forward along the path to find the big key treasure chest. You'll get a cutscene of your friends helping you! Nice. Go to the treasure chest and open it for the big key.

Next, head along the path and go out the SW extension. Here you'll have to battle a Clawshot Dragon. After he's defeated, go to the treasure chest and open it for a small key. Go back to the middle of the south side (between the two extensions) and go through the locked door using one of your small keys.

You'll end up in a room with blocks as the floor. The blocks will fall if you step on the wrong one. You'll also note that you have rats attached to you making it hard to move. Transform into the Wolf and activate your Sense. Shake off the rats and then look for the spirit soldiers pointing out the correct path. Follow the soldiers' path to the stairs. Jump the gaps to head up the stairs. In the next room, you'll have to fight two Lizalfos. After they're defeated, go up the stairs as far as you can go before they're broken. Make sure you're in human form, equip your Clawshot and target the torch on the right wall. From here, Clawshot from torch grate to torch grate to get to the next room with Lizalfos. Defeat them and then equip your Spinner. Use the Spinner to get up the next set of stairs by jumping back and forth as you go up, avoiding the spinning spikes. Once at the next floor, fight the Armored Soldier.

After the Armored Soldier is defeated, you can go directly to the Boss Door on the left. However, because you got all three small keys, you have one left with which you can go through the locked door at the end of the hallway. Do so and you'll find eight small treasure chests containing Rupees, bombs and arrows and five large treasure chests containing even more Rupees and various other goodies. None of this is really necessary, but it's fun to open so many treasure chests at once. When you're done, exit out.

Go through the boss door using the big key. Make your way up the stairs to begin the final boss fight.

Boss Fight: Ganon's Puppet Zelda

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After the long cutscene Ganon will enter Zelda's body and you'll have to defeat him/her...try not to hurt her pretty face! Note that if you need health, there is a fairy in the jar to the left of the door, if you are facing the door.

To defeat Zelda you must parry her energy ball, that is, play tennis with her. When you see the energy ball come at you, swing your sword to hit it back. She'll hit it back to you and you must hit it back to her. Keep this rally going back and forth until she gets hit with it. This can take anywhere from four to ten hits back at her. After three hits with the energy ball, she'll be defeated.

To make it easier, it's good to have some distance between you and her so that you have time to react. Also, if you're having trouble with the timing after the first parry, try swinging your sword right as she hits the energy ball back to you.

Zelda really only has two attacks, both of which are easily avoided. She'll create a triangular energy field on the floor which you can easily roll out of the way of, or, she'll swoop attack after the first successful parry attack. Simply raise your shield and you'll deflect her. After she is defeated, Ganon will morph into his next form.

Boss Fight: Dark Beast Ganon

Ganon has now taken on the form of a charging bull. He'll run around and enter portals. You'll know what portal he's exiting from by looking for the portal that turns blue. He may also appear above you. If this is the case, you'll see a large shadow appear around you. Get out of the way as he'll slam down on top of you.

Dark Beast Ganon has two weak spots: one on his head and one on his belly. To defeat him in this first stage, stand in the middle of the blue carpet and draw an Arrow. Track him as he runs around. When you see him enter a portal quickly scan all of the portals for the one that turns blue. When he emerges he'll charge directly at you. Shoot him in the glowing spot on his forehead which will make him fall on his side and slide toward you. He'll most likely take you down during his slide, but not to worry. Quickly get up and slash his belly. Repeat this for a second time to begin the next stage of the battle.

Midna will want to talk to you. She suggests fighting him beast on beast. Transform into the Wolf and wait for him to emerge from a portal. As he charges you, look to the bottom of your screen for the button prompt to "Push" (like when you stopped the Goat in Ordona Village, or the rolling Gorons in Death Mountain). When you see this, hold "A", which will cause Midna to extend her huge hand and grab him. You'll then be prompted to "Throw" him by pushing left or right on the control stick. It doesn't matter which way, just choose left or right and hold the control stick in that direction. Midna will toss him. At this point, "Z-target" his belly and attack with "A". You'll grab onto his belly with your teeth. Repeatedly tap "A" to do more damage to him. He'll recover and you'll have to do this one more time to defeat him.

Note, if you don't get a good enough attack in on him, it may take three times as the wolf to defeat him. Also, the jar with the fairy in it has regenerated. It's to the left of the door if you need it. After the cutscene you'll fight Ganon one final time.

Boss Fight: Dark Lord Ganondorf

The first part of this battle requires some equestrian skills and the light arrows of the lovely Zelda. Get on Epona and chase after Ganondorf. Hold down "Z" the entire time you ride in order to target him. You need to stay close enough to him so that Zelda can hit him with her light arrows. After a successful arrow shot by Zelda, ride directly up to Ganondorf and slash him with your sword. Repeat this four times to knock him off of his horse.

During this battle watch out for the ghost riders that Ganondorf will spawn. You'll know they're coming when you see the pink light emerge from Ganondorf. To avoid them, ride either right or left.

After he's knocked off of his horse, you'll enter a straightforward sword battle...it's time to show off your skills. "Z-target" him the entire time. Use the Back Slash sword skill to damage him (you'll have to do this repeatedly and every so often it hits him). When it's successful, he'll leave his chest open for attack and you can get two or three stabs or slashes in on him. Keep this up. Eventually, you'll see him drop to a knee and then get back up. The third time he drops to a knee, you'll get a "Finish" prompt (make sure you're Z-targeting). Hit "A" to finish him.

His attacks can be avoided by using your shield, which you're doing anyway because you're holding down "Z", or by dodging him. There are a few of his attacks that you can't avoid but they'll do one heart of damage at the most. During the battle, if you're in need of health, break jars as one contains a fairy and rest contain hearts.

Congratulations! You've defeated Ganondorf and restored order and justice to Hyrule.

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