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LEGO Star Wars Game Guides

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LEGO® Star Wars ™
The Videogame

LEGO® Star Wars ™ 2
The Original Trilogy

LEGO® Star Wars ™
The Complete Saga

LEGO® Star Wars ™ 3
The Clone Wars

All of these guides work for PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Wii, PC and Mac versions of the games.

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Note from Lunabean:
We have been writing and publishing videogame strategy guides for over 10 years. We know how to write for people who need game help. Whether you’re stuck in story mode, or are trying to collect all of the game’s extras, our guides will help you earn that coveted 100% Completion.

About The “LEGO® Star Wars™” Strategy Guides:

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  Screenshot and Text Versions – Each guide has two versions. One has screenshots to help you identify where you are in the game. The second is a text only printer friendly version.

  100% Completion – All guides will help you earn 100% completion. That means they help you through the game’s story mode, then help you further with details of Minikit, Red Brick and Gold Brick locations.

  Exclusively Available – These guides are only available through

Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides for:

1. “LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars”

2. “LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga”

3. “LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy”

4. “LEGO Star Wars: The Videogame”

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All screenshots have been shot in gameplay by Lunabean, LLC for the purpose of clarifying strategy and providing visual aid for those trying to get through the game.