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Nintendo Launches New Ads

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Posted by Jeremy on April 21, 2004 1:31 PM
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REDMOND, Wash.--April 21, 2004--Nintendo continues the evolution of the "Who Are You?" campaign with new advertising created by Leo Burnett USA for Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance, two of the hottest systems in the video game industry. View the Commercials.

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"Interviewer," which launches this week and showcases Nintendo
GameCube software, features a guy in a therapist's office that appears
to be living out the personalities and experiences of characters
within Nintendo GameCube games. He is transformed by each game's
experience and "becomes" the characters he plays. The campaign is a
continuation of the "Who Are You?" theme launched in September, 2003.
Two 30-second and four 15-second versions of the spot feature game
footage from titles including EA Sports' MVP Baseball? 2004, Custom
Robo?, Konami's Metal Gear Solid?: The Twin Snakes? and The
Legend of Zelda?: Four Swords Adventures.

Also launching this week is a new campaign for Game Boy Advance,
entitled "Freeboy." Set to the beat of U.K. Dance Act Goldfrapp's
"Strict Machine" from the album Black Cherry (recently achieved Gold
sales status in Britain), the first of several spots in development
visually illustrates how Game Boy Advance has untethered a generation
from their gaming consoles and has "freed" them to enjoy Nintendo
games anywhere and everywhere. The portable interactive entertainment
system allows gamers to explore themselves by changing the world
around them. Game Boy Advance can transform ordinary life into an
exciting experience. This new campaign is a collision of reality and
fantasy. With the help of groundbreaking effects, the ads give viewers
a peek into the mind of someone playing Game Boy Advance, illustrating
how a player's perspective on the "real" world changes as they play.
The "Freeboy" work will also carry the "Who Are You?" theme.
These new spots will run on network, cable and in syndication and
will be included during such programs as UPN's "One on One," "Rock Me
Baby" and "I'm Still Alive;" WB's "Angel," "The Jamie Kennedy
Experiment," and "Smallville," Fox's "The Ortegas," ABC's "Married to
the Kelly's" and "America's Funniest Home Videos," MTV's "ET on MTV"
and "Real World" and BET's "106th and Park."

The Game Boy Advance print campaign will break 4/28 in ESPN
Magazine. The rest of the print ads run in the June and July issues of
music, men's and alternative publications such as Rolling Stone,
Stuff, Maxim, Spin, Blender, DC, Marvel and Transworld Surf. The print
campaign mirrors the television look and feel, featuring a collage of
real-life and game-world elements.

The effects in "Freeboy" were created by Asylum Visual Effects, a
special effects company touted for its work on films including
"Minority Report" and "Moulin Rouge" and was nominated for a special
effects Academy Award for "Master & Commander." The company's visual
effects will be featured in three additional Game Boy Advance spots
promoting Mario vs. Donkey Kong?, the Classic NES? Series for
Game Boy Advance and Mario Golf ?: Advance Tour breaking now
through mid-June.

The "Who Are You?" campaign unifies Nintendo products under a
single theme and encourages gamers to unleash what is inside them. It
showcases the ability of Nintendo games to let players explore a wide
range of emotions, experiences and personalities through Nintendo's
stable of the most popular and diverse video game characters in the
world, such as Mario?, Donkey Kong?, Link and Samus. The initial
spot, "School's Out," was voted #1 on the first annual GameSpot TV
commercial awards in December last year.

To view the new Nintendo television ads, please visit

Comments (1)

The MGS interview cracked me up. That is a pretty crappy retirement the guy has.

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