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Prince of Persia - Xbox LIVE and Weapons Details

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Posted by Jeremy on December 1, 2004 9:19 AM

With "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" almost in stores, Ubisoft has revealed some additional information regarding the Xbox LIVE features and the weaponry found in the game. Don't get too excited about Xbox LIVE, though, because you won't be able to play against other gamers but your scores in Time Attack Mode and Arena Survival Mode will be added to the "PoP:WW" scoreboards so you can see how youre Prince measures up. There is also a plethora of information regarding the Weapons in the game. From the Eagle Sword to the Apaosa Axe Ubisoft has really outdone itself. Read on for more information.

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Xbox Live support

Time Attack Mode
This mode will have the player race against the clock as they try to complete the maps as quickly as possible. Depending on the overall size of the individual maps, they will be divided in several parts by a set of checkpoints. Players will need to race through the levels and reach each of these checkpoints before the timer expires. Passing a checkpoint will add a pre-determined amount of time to the timer. The Time Attack clock will be affected by the effects of the sands of time when activated by the player (Rewind, slowdown, fast-forward). The player's score will be tabulated using various factors and if this score is the player's best to date, will be saved and given an official ranking on the Xbox Live scoreboard.

Arena Survival Mode
This mode will pit the player against waves of enemies in specially designed Arena rooms. These rooms will be relatively small as to offer a concentrated level of challenge. Depending on the map, players will have to defeat a predetermined number of monsters per round. Each round will have a time limit that will be reset once every enemy has been destroyed. Enemies will be introduced with a short cinematic at the beginning
of every wave. The waves themselves should increase in both amount and difficulty of monsters to kill. In order to maintain a high level of challenge, the player will have no means of regaining health. The Arena mode clock will be affected by the effects of the sands of time when activated by the player (Rewind, slowdown, fast-forward). The clock will pause during introductory cinematics. The player's score will be tabulated using various factors and if this score is the player's best to date, will be saved and given an official ranking on the Xbox Live scoreboard.

Downloadable Content
We will be offering Pop2 players new content after the game is released via the downloadable content feature of the Xbox Live network. The content will consist of new maps that will support the Time Attack and Arena Survival modes. We currently have two additional maps planned for downloadable release, one for time attack and one for arena survival mode.

The scoreboard plays a central role within the proposed features as it is integrated within the map selection interface linked to the two game modes. For both game modes, players will be given a score and a ranking based on their performance. They will be able to view and compare their performance with other players via the scoreboards which will list the top players on the network on a per map basis. Players will also be able to easily keep track of their friends scores as every scoreboard will have a section devoted to the top players in the player's friends list.

Friends List
We will be supporting Xbox Live's friends list set of tools.




Deriving its name from the golden Eagle's talon that extends from its hilt, the weapon has been preserved by the Royal Family since it was first discovered. Handed down from Father to Son as a rite of passage, it now belongs to the Prince of Persia ? and it has served him well. Over the past several years, he has trained tirelessly with this powerful weapon, mastering dozens of new combat techniques to supplement his already impressive skills. It is always at his side. And while it can dispatch most foes with the greatest of ease, there remains one creature completely immune to its power: The Dahaka. It is little wonder that The Prince now lives a life of constant fear and anguish.


Forged with intimidation in mind, this wide, dark blade is crowned with several small spikes, meant to represent the legs of a spider. Appearances, however, have never been more deceiving. In truth, the weapon is little more than a simple practice sword, dealing only moderate damage, owing to its inefficient design. Its original owner hoped that most enemies would only look upon the Spider Sword before submitting to him and his men.


The Empress, working in secret, forged this blade with her own hands. Its curved design is believed to allow for maximum damage, twisting and tearing at an opponent's wounds. Yet, the odd grooves and notches that adorn the blade hint at some mysterious dual purpose. It is kept in close proximity to the Throne Room, allowing her to maintain a constant vigil over it. Whatever the blade's secret, it is clearly of great importance to The Empress.


When The Empress first began her experiments to create life on the Island of Time, she found she needed a way to keep her new creations from getting out of line. To help maintain order, she designed the Menog Mace. A simple, blunt weapon that delivers moderate crushing damage, its strength lies in its ability to store and discharge energy. When one of her creations upset her, the Empress would merely channel her power into the weapon and then slam it to the ground. The result was a small but painful shockwave, capable of knocking down its target.


Several years ago, a strange phenomenon engulfed the skies across the Persian Empire. It seemed as though the heavens had cracked in places ? and its pieces sent hurtling towards the Earth. When the dust had finally settled, the Island was riddled with small shards of metal, which were promptly gathered up and examined. Far stronger and more durable than anything the Empress had yet discovered, she immediately set about trying to put the material towards a more practical use. Because the supply was limited, she decided to forgo the creation of swords and axes, opting instead to carve thin slivers of the metal into razor-sharp discs. These devious weapons were capable of instantly killing opponents when thrown properly. And so The Empress dubbed them Yazata Blades, believing the metal a gift from the Persian guardians of celestial bodies.


Not all who come ashore on the Island of Time arrive by accident. Those who know its secrets are sometimes tempted to try and claim its powers for their very own. One such unfortunate soul was Salar, a follower of the Agas, Demoness of Illness. He set sail for the Island with two dozen of his cultists, determined to pillage The Empress' library and claim its dark knowledge. But Salar and his minions were ambushed in the very library they sought, and murdered. Amongst their remains, the Empress' Minions found swords that had been 'blessed' by Agas herself. They possessed the ability to absorb the life-force of enemies, transferring it to the wielder of the sword. The weapons were quickly snatched up by the most treacherous of the Island's guardians.


Within Babylon there exists a small cult of elite Warrior-Priests dedicated to the protection of the royal family. Named for the Fravashis (Guardian Angels), they are sworn to watch over the King and his kin, though always from a distance. It is said that the Fravashis' swords derive their strength from the life-force of the guardsmen themselves, a continual reminder of the meaning of sacrifice. A small band of Fravashis were dispatched from Babylon following The Prince's departure. They have tracked his ship to the Island of Time, remaining in the background ? hoping there won't be any need for them to intervene. But while the Fravashis have come to protect The Prince, no one has come to protect them. And the Island is home to foes they are ill prepared to face.


For centuries, enterprising craftsmen and engineers have tirelessly endeavored to discover new materials with which to ply their trade. Mixtures of various metals are the most common base for swords, though a few have experimented with more exotic ingredients; stones, ceramics, and even precious gems. But no weapon has ever proved quite as odd as the Kerena Sword. For while it is a sword made entirely of wood, it is also one of the strongest weapons ever forged. It is named for the Tree of Life, as this sword is believed to have been forged from one of the tree's branches.


It is said that when a King's last hour is upon him, the gods dispatch a messenger ? Srosh - to inform him of his impending death. The visit is meant to give the ruler time to set his house in order and pave the road to succession. But not all rulers are prepared to pass on without a fight. One desperate King hoped to escape his fate, and sought to create a sword capable of killing Srosh, resulting in this powerful blade. But so focused was he on defending himself against the messenger, he neglected to notice the dark designs of his power-hungry son. He was assassinated before he had a chance to wield the sword ? a year to the day Srosh had first come calling.


In manipulating shadows to create the Silhouette, The Empress also experimented with forging the substance into weapons. Painfully unstable and difficult to control, the most she could manage was a set of simple daggers; anything larger simply does not retain its form and strength. Despite their size, they are still quite powerful, especially when launched in rapid succession.


Forged in the bowels of the Island of Time by the Empress' dedicated servants, this powerful axe has been adorned with images dedicated to the god of drought and suffering. This is appropriate given the barbaric ways in which these weapons are put to use. The more sadistic Sand Creatures are fond of using the Apaosa Axe to collect trophies from defeated opponents; severed ears, hands, and heads being the most common.


Legends speak of a time when the Earth Goddess Zam was nearly destroyed by a rival immortal. Ambushed, she was caught unprepared and knocked to the ground. As her assailant approached, she called out to her child, the Earth, for aid ? and it responded. Its stones gave up their most precious metals, passing them through lakes of fire to melt them down and then layers of rock to shape them. The result was this unique sword ? borne of the Earth. With it, Zam slew her oppressor, saving her own life. It is said that because of its origins, the blade can "speak" to the earth itself ? opening up pathways where there were previously none.

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