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Video Game News from October 2004

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As we reported earlier this month, MTV has launched "Video Mods," a new show which recreates popular music videos with video game characters. Tomorrow (Oct. 2, 9:30pm ET), MTV2 will air the "Jade Empire" Video Mod. "Jade Empire" is an expansive action RPG from BioWare, makers of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," "Neverwinter Nights," and, "Baldur's Gate." The Video Mod will feature Christina Milian's "Dip it Low", and New Found Glory's "It's all downhill from here". First of all, I don't get MTV2. Second of all, I don't think I'd watch this even if I did. My video game characters are not rock stars! They're real people like you and me! Wait a minute...

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Posted by Jeremy on October 1, 2004 10:26 AM |

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Eidos today revealed a partial track list for their upcoming karaoke rap game, "Get On Da Mic." Yes, you will be able to throw down some mad lyrics (pardon the white boy dialect) with the likes of Missy Elliot, MOP, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy, Sir Mix A Lot, the Black Eyed Peas and more. Will this game breed a new set of hard core rappers or will your friend's ears be hurting from your terrible lack of skillz? For more information on the game, check out our previous story about "Get On Da Mic." Peace out, yo!

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Posted by Jeremy on October 1, 2004 10:43 AM |

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If there is one video game worth the emotional roller coaster that gamers have been riding for over a year now as they wait for a solid release date, that game is "Half-Life 2". Last week there was speculation over another big time delay due to a pending lawsuit between Valve Inc. and Vivendi Universal Games (VU). However, Eurogamer.net and GamesIndustry.biz are both reporting that VU is expected to formally announce a November 23rd North American release date followed by a November 26th European release date. Truth be told, even if they do make this announcement, I won't believe it until it's actually in the hands of gamers. We're people, too, you know! If you prick us, do we not bleed?

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2004 10:51 AM |

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A message posted on the Lionhead Studios Message Boards, written by "Fable" creator, Peter Molyneux, discusses why many of the features talked about prior to the game's release did not make it into the game. Molyneux explains that in his zest and vigor to put every possible grand idea into the game he may have mentioned certain features to journalists that ultimately didn't end up in the final product. He says that he will remedy this by not talking so openly to press in the future. I wonder if he'll ever explain why the game is so short?

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Posted by Jeremy on October 1, 2004 10:57 AM |

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I am pleased to announce the completion of our Sly 2: Band of Thieves Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. As always, we have made available an ad-free, printer-friendly and beautifully bookmarked version of the guide here. If you're not comfortable with downloads but would like the ad-free version, check out our Sly 2 E-Guide. Enjoy!

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2004 11:05 AM |

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Just a quick note to let you all know we have added a few products to the Lunabean Store. Sly 2: Band of Thieves for the PS2 is now available for $39.99, and Star Wars Battlefront for the PS2 and Xbox are both available for $49.99. And, like every game we sell, you will get our ad-free, printer-friendly and beautifully bookmarked .PDF guide for FREE with purchase. Thanks for supporting Lunabean!

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2004 11:20 AM |

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Having just finished up our Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Star Wars Battlefront strategy guides, we're going to sit back and relax this weekend as we await next week's video game arrivals (soon to be LB strategy guides), THUG 2 and Bloodrayne 2. I will be challenging some golf greats as I continue my "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005" tour. Jeremy, on the other hand, will be challenging some of you as he continues with his newest addiction, Star Wars Battlefront Online. If you want to meet up with him on Xbox Live, his gamertag is LUNABEAN.
Other than that we'll be keeping an eye on Mount St. Helens. If she blows this weekend, be sure to check our Message Boards as we'll try to take pictures. With that being said, have a great weekend everybody!

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2004 11:27 AM |

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There was a little surprise at the end of the "Metal Gear Solid 3" trailer at the recent Tokyo Game Show: apes. To be more specific, apes from one of our favorite game series, "Ape Escape." What are these cute and cheeky monkeys doing? Well, they are part of a sub-game in "Metal Gear Solid 3." And why not? Solid Snake is good at finding things. The apes are good at hiding. I find this hilarious. And, let's remember that "MGS3" is set in the 60's so maybe Snake got into some magical mushrooms. And, in other "MGS3" news, the camoflauge contest winners have been announced. Read on to see screens of the Apes with Snake...

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Posted by Jeremy on October 4, 2004 10:07 AM |

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Many sources are reporting that contained in an upcoming issue of "Official Playstation Magazine" is pricing for the Sony PSP handheld. The prices, if accurate, range from $199 - $349 depending on the list of accessories included in the bundle. I'd have to think that, again, if accurate, these prices are going to hurt the PSP. First of all, who wants the stripped down version of anything? Secondly, who's going to pay $349 for a fully equipped PSP? I'd rather buy two Nintendo DS's. Read more for the exact packages...

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Posted by Jeremy on October 4, 2004 10:50 AM |

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While no official press release has been distributed, today, October 4th, is the official release date for Tony Hawk's Underground 2. I've called my first round of gaming stores, and, sadly, no one believes they will be getting it in today. However, this does not mean I will cease calling. I know what time your shipments come in! Mwahahahahaha! October just isn't October until I have a Tony Hawk game in my hands.
Activision's THUG 2 Site

Posted by Allison on October 4, 2004 11:22 AM |

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Feel like flipping Mario? Well, now you can. In "Mario Pinball Land," a rotund Mario takes on the role of the pinball as you use your flippers to whack him around in an attempt to free the Princess from Bowser. Man that Princess gets into a lot of trouble! Anyway, Nintendo claims that the game, "packs all the excitement of a big bulky pinball machine right into your hands." I've always loved handheld pinball games and I'm sure this will be one of the best.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 5, 2004 9:15 AM |

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According to an article in GameSpot, video game retailer, GameStop, has newly updated box art for the DS version of "Super Mario 64". This is leading to speculation that the game will be a launch title for the Nintendo DS. And why not? Any new Nintendo console (handheld) would be well served by having a Mario hit as part of the line-up. When Nintendo releases its official launch title line-up we'll be sure to let you know. Continue reading to see the box art...

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Posted by Jeremy on October 5, 2004 9:33 AM |

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In an update at Bungie.net it appears as if "Halo 2" is finished and all that Bungie has left to do is wait for it to be transferred onto DVD, have millions of copies manufactured, and do some final routine testing. And, since Bungie's work is finally done, it seems they've been throwing work out the window and playing "Halo 2" instead. I enjoyed reading about the battles between the programmers and the artists. Oh, and start thinking about your clan names now! Read the Bungie.net update....

Posted by Jeremy on October 5, 2004 9:53 AM |

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RF Micro Devices, the company manufacturing the 802.11 wireless transceiver for the Nintendo DS, has today announced that they have begun shipping the device to Nintendo for manufacturing of the DS. The wireless local area network created by the transceiver will allow DS users to play games against each other and send and receive chat messages, and perhaps voice. The device is very energy efficient meaning that it won't suck up battery life. The Nintendo DS will launch in the US on November 21.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 6, 2004 9:31 AM |

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MTV today announced the launch of "Stand and Choose", an animated music video created in cooperation with 12 major computer and video game publishers and featuring more than 50 video game characters encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. The music video will premiere on today's "TRL", then will go into rotation on MTV and their various music networks. According to the Press Release, the video will also be made available online at the PRElection subsection of the "Choose or Lose" section of MTV.com.

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Posted by Allison on October 6, 2004 9:59 AM |

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As we reported last week, there are some strange happenings surrounding the marketing of the DS's wireless capabilities. Now, there is a new website out there, Demasked.com, which is made by Nintendo's Warp Pipe which seems to show the logo of the DS's wireless campaign (notice the highlighted "D" and "S"). If you click the RSS feed, you'll get some more clues, including some backwards text, a scary picture and some scary video (WMV). This is all rather interesting to those of us who enjoy viral marketing campaigns. Stay tuned...

Posted by Jeremy on October 6, 2004 10:16 AM |

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An article at GamesIndustry, details MS VP, Peter Moore's, recent talk with the Japanese business mag, "Nikkei Business". In the interview, Moore admits to mistakes made regarding the Xbox's terrible performance in Japan and details how MS plans on turning things around in this very important country. First, the Xbox 2 will be sleeker in design. Second, MS is already working with several Japanese developers to come up with a more Japan-centric gaming line-up. Only time will tell if the Xbox can gain a foothold in the Sony and Nintendo-dominated Japan.

Posted by Jeremy on October 6, 2004 10:55 AM |

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Nintendo today has released some more information regarding a launch line-up for the Nintendo DS handheld. Among the 10-12 games that will be released within the first month of launch are, "Super Mario 64," "Madden NFL 2005," "The Urbz: Sims in the City", "Tiger Woods PGA Tour," "Ridge Racer DS," "Rayman DS," and speculation on a major title from Activsion, which most believe will be "Spider-Man 2." Within the first quarter after launch, Nintendo expects to have a 20-25 game library. Currently there are over 120 titles in development. The Nintendo DS will launch on Nov. 21 for $149, games will retail for as low as $29.99.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 7, 2004 8:43 AM |

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Ubisoft has announced that it will be publishing Cold Fear, its first action-horror title. The game, developed by Darkworks, is expected to be released in March 2005 for the PS2, Xbox and PC. In Cold Fear players will step into the role of Tom Hansen, a U.S. Coast Guard whose mission it is to board a drifting Russian whaling ship amid a howling storm on the Bering Sea. Needless to say, what is discovered on the rocking ship is less than comforting.
Read the Press Release

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Posted by Allison on October 7, 2004 9:10 AM |

Filed Under: GameCube | Lunabean | PS2 | Xbox

We are currently working on the first draft of our THUG 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. I'll admit, she's not pretty, but we have put her online so, in case you're needing help now, you can check it out in all of its Tony Hawk goodness. We expect to be working on it through the weekend with a final version available early next week.

Posted by Allison on October 7, 2004 9:59 AM |

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"Halo 2" (Nov. 9, Xbox) is sure to receive one of the biggest promotional and advertising blitzes ever seen in video game history. One such event is 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew's "Win it Before You Can Buy It" sweepstakes. All you have to do is visit Slurpee.com. Prizes include a trip to the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards, a trip to Bungie Studios to play against the developers, Xbox consoles, and Xbox Live Starter Kits.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 8, 2004 10:44 AM |

Filed Under: Xbox

So you think you're going to be pretty good at "Halo 2", huh? If so, Team Compete has some cash to give you. Well, actually, you'll have to win the cash. You see, Team Compete has put up a $25,000 prize for their professional league and a $2,500 prize for their amateur league, open to anyone. All you need is an Xbox Live Gamertag. The times, they are a changin'.

Continue reading "Think You Have What it Takes?"
Posted by Jeremy on October 8, 2004 10:53 AM |

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In a follow-up to an earlier story regarding "Fable" creator Peter Molyneux's online apology, the BBC ran a story explaining why Mr. Molyneux said what he said. The BBC article is basically a rehash of the online apology with some explanatory statements. The point is, "Fable" is a tad disappointing only because it was so hyped. The only solid criticism of the game is that it is too short.

Posted by Jeremy on October 8, 2004 11:40 AM |

Filed Under: Lunabean

This weekend will be chock full o' McTwists, Double Impossibles, ramp transfers, and modified manuals. What do I speak of? Well, our THUG 2 (Tony Hawk's Underground 2) Strategy Guide of course. Yes, Allison and I have just finished "Australia" and we're on to "New Orleans" to do some zydeco crawdaddy cajun skatin'. We have to work at the winery tomorrow, but we'll try to get as much of the guide done as possible this weekend. Stay tuned for updates.

Posted by Jeremy on October 8, 2004 11:46 AM |

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Starting today, those who pre-order "Metroid Prime 2 Echoes" (Nov. 15, GameCube) from select retailers will receive a free tee shirt, right then and there, which reads, "Universal Bounty Hunters; Saving the Universe, One Planet at a Time." The participating retailers include Circuit City, Game Crazy, GameStop and Electronics Boutique. I'm not sure if Amazon.com will be participating, but they do work with Circuit City, so I'll keep you updated. If you want to see a pic of the tee and read the press release, continue reading...

Continue reading "Metroid Prime 2 Pre-Order Tee Shirt"
Posted by Jeremy on October 11, 2004 10:55 AM |

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On this Columbus Day, Mario has declared the world to be flat and has chosen to move to the US's flattest city, Houston. Why? Because Mario himself is flat. That's right, "Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door," the 2D RPG is here. Released today, "PM2" is the follow-up to the very fun "Paper Mario." For more information on "PM2" check out this story and continue reading for the press release from Nintendo.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 11, 2004 11:33 AM |

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We told you last week of Bungie's update to their site stating "Halo 2" was basically complete. This week we're here to tell you that "Halo 2" has gone gold, and the master copy is ready for mass production. BooYa! Now, let's all cross our fingers and hope hackers don't steal the source code so we can count on that November 8th release.
Read the Bungie.net announcement.

Posted by Allison on October 11, 2004 12:16 PM |

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"Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal," the third game in the series, will be released in North America on Nov. 2 for the PS2. In addition to a brand new adventure, the game will feature online multiplayer for up to 8 people. You can also play offline multiplayer for up to 4 people. It's also interesting to note that in the UK, the game is being referred to as, "Ratchet and Clank 3," rather than "Up Your Arsenal." Hey, they've always had better manners than us.

Continue reading "Ratchet and Clank 3 Fact Sheet"
Posted by Jeremy on October 12, 2004 9:29 AM |

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Thanks to GamesIndustry for their article discussing the timetable of the next-gen Nintendo console, dubbed the "Revolution". Reggie Fils-Aime, VP of marketing, says that the Revolution is on the same schedule as Sony's PS3. He also slammed Microsoft for rushing their next-gen console. Fils-Aime hinted at some Nintendo DS and GameCube interactivity and for all intents and purposes confirmed Nintendo DS and Revolution interactivity. Nintendo will have a hit on their hands with the DS, so I'm not too worried about getting my hands on the Revolution quite yet.

Posted by Jeremy on October 12, 2004 9:42 AM |

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For the past week or so there have been scattered reports of a future Xbox LIVE feature called Xbox LIVE TV, aka, a spectator mode, which would allow gamers to watch online gameplay action. However, it goes further than just watching. Apparently, it is meant to be similar to a sports broadcast with scrolling high scores, graphics, etc. So, imagine if you will, that I'm playing "Star Wars Battlefront" online. You join the game, not as a player, but as a viewer. You can see what is going on, get updates on who has the most kills, and perhaps even cheer on your favorite player...

Continue reading "Xbox LIVE TV"
Posted by Jeremy on October 12, 2004 10:00 AM |

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Ubisoft's upcoming "Prince of Persia Warrior Within" (11.16.04, Xbox, GCN, PS2, PC) finally has a website. And, although the US Site is still "coming soon" the UK site has launched in all of its glory. The site contains exlusive movies, news, screenshots, and a brand new trailer, "The Final Battle." Oh yeah!

Continue reading "Prince of Persia Warrior Within Website Launches"
Posted by Jeremy on October 13, 2004 9:56 AM |

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EA today released more information regarding three of their Nintendo DS launch titles, "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR," "The Urbz: Sims in the City," and, "Madden NFL 2005." In "Tiger Woods" the player will be able to use the touch-screen to control their swing and will also be able to challenge up to four friends in wi-fi networked play. "The Urbz" will feature a touch-screen menu system, 5 minigames, 7 characters, and 5 pet species that you can create using the "gene manipulator." In "Madden" one screen will feature "Field Radar" showing all 22 players while the other screen will show up-close action. The dual screens will be very interesting.

Continue reading "EA Releases More Details of DS Titles"
Posted by Jeremy on October 13, 2004 11:04 AM |

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Nintendo of America has this morning launched their Pikmin Treasure Hunt. Scattered across the web are priceless treasures. Find them by using clues from Pikmin Central Command, and you could win one of 100 Pikmin plush dolls! OK, so the satisfaction of completion may be the better prize, but it's a good time, nonetheless. Check the Lunaboards as we all take part in this treasure hunt.

Posted by Allison on October 13, 2004 11:04 AM |

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"BloodRayne 2" (Xbox, PS2) has shipped. Yes, the buxom vampire is back, ready to hunt down each of her evil siblings who are carrying the legacy of their dead father, Kagan. The game will feature lots of fast-paced action, new bosses, and new physics. Majesco is promoting the launch of the game on MTV2's Headbangers Ball Launch Event on Oct. 21 at the House of Blues, LA; just in time for Halloween. Also, check out the official site.

Continue reading "BloodRayne 2 Ships"
Posted by Jeremy on October 13, 2004 11:18 AM |

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In a NY Times (free. reg. req.) article last April, Peter Jackson revealed that he was collaborating with Ubisoft on a "King Kong" game to launch alongside his remake of "King Kong" in Dec. of '05. At first, Ubisoft coyly stated they were working on a project but wouldn't confirm. Now, the confirmation is in! Ubi's "Beyond Good and Evil" team has joined with the Montreal team ("Prince of Persia: SoT") to create this game in the Montpellier studio in the South of France. Doesn't Ubi sound like a nice company to work for? Anyway, the game, I'm sure will be amazing and we'll keep you up-to-date on it over the next year.

Continue reading "King Kong Coming in 2005"
Posted by Jeremy on October 13, 2004 11:46 AM |

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According to many sources, including the BBC a pirated version of "Halo 2" has made it onto the web just under a month before release. The DVD file, 3GB in size, is a PAL (European) version of the game. MS states that the pirated copy would only be playable on a modified Xbox and even with the modification, would not be playable online. Boy, first "Half-Life 2" now "Halo 2". I'm more than happy to wait for the real version on Nov. 9.

Posted by Jeremy on October 14, 2004 12:28 PM |

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Activision yesterday announced that they will have two launch titles ready for Sony's new handheld, the PSP. The titles are, "Tony Hawk's Underground 2," and "Spider-Man 2." Both games are currently in development and will be ready for the PSP launch sometime in 2005. Nevertheless, just because you have good games doesn't mean you'll have a good system. I'm still skeptical about the PSP. Perhaps I shall be proven wrong?

Continue reading "Activision Readies PSP Launch Titles"
Posted by Jeremy on October 14, 2004 12:35 PM |

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New details of the "Countryside Extras" in "GTA: San Andreas" are starting to emerge. One such bit is that airplanes will play a much bigger role in the game due to the large geographic size of the game. There is now a Crop Duster in addition to the Dodo. Another such bit is mountain biking downhill. Yes, we've all seen the "Boyz N Da Hood"-esque BMX bike shots, but how about racing down the side of Mount Chiliad? More exciting features include a drivable Bull Dozer and Lawnmower, worrying about fire spreading around town from building to building (after you toss a Molotov Cocktail of course), a new weapons/lock-on system, and moon phases. This is one detailed game!

Continue reading "New GTA San Andreas Details"
Posted by Jeremy on October 14, 2004 12:44 PM |

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Hop on over to Engadget.com for some fine looking pics of the soon to be released Nintendo DS. The dual screen handheld is only five weeks away! Be sure to pre-order yours as Nintendo is predicting a Christmas shortage, which may cause some mother on mother store aisle chaos, reminiscent of what happened during the Cabbage Patch shortage of '82...or some time around then.
Pre-order the Nintendo DS from Amazon.com!

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SPOnG.com is this morning reporting some peer to peer "chatter", leading them to believe Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is being downloaded on file sharing sites. They specifically cite one instance of a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas listing which weighs in "at a whopping, not to mention credible, 3.95GB" and is "currently seeing a lot of activity". Personally, I'm not certain this means anything, but we will be keeping an eye on it.

Posted by Lunabean on October 15, 2004 10:13 AM |

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As we previously reported, and now as CNN Money's Gaming Column updates, Microsoft is set to unveil "Xbox LIVE Arcade". The service will launch with seven classic and basic games such as, "Dig Dug," "Bejewelled," "Ms. Pacman," "Galaga," and "Solitaire". Each game will cost between $10 and $20 and will be instantly available upon purchase. You can also play any game for 30 minutes for free to see if you want to buy it. Since this is on Xbox LIVE, you can upload your high scores to a leaderboard and some games will even allow you to play against other LIVE gamers. If only they could get some bar trivia going. Then we'd be talkin'.

Posted by Jeremy on October 15, 2004 10:52 AM |

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Ubisoft has released and FilePlanet is hosting a playable demo (subscription req.) of the first level "Prince of Persia Warrior Within". The release date is only a month away and this demo will appease those hard core fans who simply can't wait to control the more mature and grittier Prince. Judging from the trailers, the game is amazing. I'm sure the playable demo will be able to be found elsewhere soon and I'll update this story when that happens. In addition, the US site has launched. So many good games, so little time. UPDATE: here is the file download link from the official site: PoP:WW Demo.

Posted by Jeremy on October 15, 2004 11:17 AM |

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We have finished up the rough draft of our Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. It took us a couple more days than expected, as we decided to include all 140 Classic Mode goals, in addition to going through the Story Mode. I will be cleaning the guide up today. I expect to have the downloadable version available by this evening. This weekend we will be playing a little Paper Mario 2 along with some Bloodrayne 2 to figure out if we're going to write guides for one or both of them, as our plate must be completely empty when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released on October 26th. So, it's a gaming weekend for us! WOO HOO! Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by Lunabean on October 15, 2004 11:18 AM |

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Today, Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas website (click on "Soundtrack") will reveal more soundtrack info for the game. Currently, the site allows you to sample each of the 10 radio stations via the Soundtrack Player, a Flash tape deck. Soon, however, the site should offer some specific info on artists for the soundtrack. Already, I'm so excited to play this game. It's amazing how much detail goes into it. Continue reading for descriptions of the 10 stations...

Continue reading "GTA: San Andreas Soundtrack"
Posted by Jeremy on October 18, 2004 8:50 AM |

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We are pleased to announce the completion of our THUG 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. The LB THUG 2 guide will walk you through Story Mode, and will give you tips on completing all 140 Classic Mode goals. For those who prefer our ad-free, printer-friendly, and beautifully bookmarked .PDF guides go here:
LB's THUG 2 Downloadable and On-Demand Strategy Guide
LB's THUG 2 Strategy Guide by E-Mail

Posted by Allison on October 18, 2004 10:11 AM |

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As Rockstar promised more details on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack, to be released by Interscope Records, have today been released. As it turns out, Interscope Records will be releasing both a double CD soundtrack as well as an 8 CD box set. Both will be released on November 23rd, 2004 in the US, and November 22nd, 2004 throughout Europe. The double CD will include a DVD containing "The Introduction", which tells the full story of the events leading up to CJs return to San Andreas. The double CD will feature a mix of tracks, whereas the 8 CD box set will replicate an in game music station with every album. Today's press release, also provided the tracks for the double CD. Curious?

Continue reading "GTA: San Andreas Soundtrack Details"
Posted by Allison on October 18, 2004 10:36 AM |

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Konami has announced a November 17th, 2004 US release date for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The highly anticipated PS2 game will hit American store shelves a full month before it is released in Japan. The game, set in the jungle in the 1960s, promises dramatic changes from the first two games in the series, not to mention monkeys.

Posted by Allison on October 18, 2004 10:53 AM |

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"Halo 2" is making history. US pre-orders for the game have topped 1.5 million units, breaking all sorts of pre-order records. Microsoft is quick to point out that the first 24 hours of sales for "Halo 2" will generate more revenue than day one sales of any Hollywood blockbuster ever, including "Spider-Man 2," "Harry Potter: POA," and "Matrix Reloaded". Add in the fact that "Halo 2"'s online multiplayer is supposed to be amazing and you have a whole lot of people on XboxLIVE, furthering MS's revenue stream beyond the initial purchase. I simply can't wait. Need "Halo 2" now.

Continue reading "Halo 2 Pre-Orders Make History"
Posted by Jeremy on October 19, 2004 10:31 AM |

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PC Gamer has published a good little article about the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. In it we discover, "KOTOR II will be approximately the same size and length as its predecessor, with around 40 hours of gameplay and more than 10,000 lines of spoken dialogue, and KOTOR?s mini-games ? swoop racing, Pazaak, and turret shooting ? will all return with enhancements. As with the first game, LucasArts promises some exclusive PC content that will not be initially available in the Xbox version." The article also mentions that, like the last game, the events will span seven planets, including Carth's oft spoken of home planet of Telos. Unfortunately PC Gamer hasn't updated its KOTOR II release date, as it's been bumped up from February 2005 to December 2004.

Posted by Allison on October 19, 2004 10:33 AM |

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Nintendo yesterday announced a UK GameCube bundle starting on Nov. 5 : the "Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Platinum Pak" which contains a copy of "Mario Kart: DD!!", a Platinum GameCube and a controller all for the measly price of ?79! In addition, Nintendo announced a "Pok?mon Colosseum" pak, which includes the game, a controller, a GameCube and a Memory Card 59 all for ?89, starting on Nov. 12! It's a good year to be in the UK.

Continue reading "UK Gets Several GameCube Bundles"
Posted by Jeremy on October 19, 2004 10:46 AM |

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As we reported back in May and followed up on in August, in-game advertising is not only booming, but will soon begin to be tracked and analyzed by Nielson Entertainment and Activision. The guinea pig is the PC version of Activision's "Tony Hawk's Underground 2". Working in conjunction with Jeep, Activision will put this finding to the test, "the more effectively an ad is integrated within a video game, the greater a gamer's ability to recall that ad. In fact, 87% of research participants remembered seeing a high-integrated brand much more frequently than other less integrated brands." This is the wave of the future...get used to it.

Continue reading "Activision Readies In-Game Ad Test"
Posted by Jeremy on October 19, 2004 11:07 AM |

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After months and months of speculation, rumors, and buzz, Vivendi Universal has today announced that Half-Life 2 is officially complete, the master copy has been made, and the PC game will be ready for worldwide distribution on (may I have a drum roll, please) November 16th! YAY!

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Now would probably be a good time to remind all parents that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, GTA: San Andreas is not a game for the kiddies. It's rated "M" for a reason. If you need proof, head on over to Rockstar's GTA: SA site and give their newest movie, "Homecoming", a view. Be sure your speakers are on to get the full effect. It's so bad, it's good.

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Electronic Arts has this morning announced Medal Of Honor: Dogs Of War for the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2. This story goes like this: "Europe 1942. These are desperate hours for the Allied forces as the Nazi war machine rages across a devastated European landscape. With the British on the brink, Lt. William Holt of the OSS is sent on a secret mission by order of the President of the United States. On his own, or with his squad, Holt is pivotal in helping to turn the tide in four of the most crucial battles leading to victory in Europe." MoH: DoW is expected to be released in Spring 2005.

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I am currently working on a BloodRayne 2 Strategy Guide. It's in the "rough-draft" stage, so it's not very pretty, but it is quite informative. I have really taken a liking to this game, despite it's tawdry back-story. The gameplay is innovative enough to keep me interested. If you have any questions, check the aforementioned strategy guide or post your question on our Message Boards.

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Vivendi Universal Games has announced the Xbox version of Men of Valor has shipped to stores across North America. From 2015, the creators of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Men of Valor places you in the middle of the Vietnam War, where you will battle your way through the major actions in the conflict, "from search and destroy missions around Danang airbase to the Tet offensive and the counterattack on Hue". Men of Valor is expected to ship for the PC on October 26th.
Purchase Men of Valor from Amazon.

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Microsoft recently announced its Xbox Holiday '04 bundle. Included in the bundle is the smash hit, "NCAA Football 2005," and the amazing tennis game, "Top Spin." In addition, gamers will receive two free months of XboxLIVE. Of course you get an Xbox and a controller-s, too. All this for the regular price of $149.99. Not bad. Not bad at all. If you're looking to buy an Xbox, check out your local stores on or around Oct. 25. Game on!

Posted by Jeremy on October 20, 2004 10:58 AM |

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Are you stuck in Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door? We're pleased to let you know that we have a Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door Walkthrough and Strategy Guide in the works. It's in rough draft form, so no pointing and laughing, please. If you're stuck in a spot beyond our guide's current reach, please, post your question on our Paper Mario 2 Help Thread. If you're not playing the game, go out and get it now. It truly is a wonderful gaming experience.

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As we informed you last week, the people over at SPOnG.com were reporting some odd peer-to-peer activity concerning a little game by the name of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As it ends up, SPOnG was correct in their suspicions. Rockstar has issued a statement acknowledging the theft of the game. In it, Rockstar assures gamers GTA: San Andreas will still make it to store shelves on October 26th, and they vow to find those who stole the game so they can pop their kneecaps, Tommy Vercetti style. Well, maybe not. Read the statement here.

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Are you as excited as we are about the Nintendo DS? Do you know all there is to know about the Nintendo DS? If you aren't excited, or if you want more information, we have the place for you. Today we have opened up the Nintendo DS section of Lunabean. It's fairly bare bones right now (the thing has yet to be launched...sheesh), but for those who want to see DS news, both past and present, we have a great Nintendo DS News page. Enjoy!

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Last night, Ali was searching Google and came upon an odd reference to Lunabean. Upon furhter investigation, it appears an extremely facetious remark I made regarding child "pimp and ho" Halloween costumes was quoted in the Washington Post (free reg. req.) on Aug. 27. The quote in the WP, made in this post says, "'Finally, I now have a reason to want kids," sneers someone called Jer on Lunabean.com.'" Obviously, the author didn't understand the enigmatic nuance of that remark. Perhaps I ladled too much secret sauce over the jocular tone. Or, maybe I'm just really into Pimps and Hos. I am proud that I was quoted in a major newspaper, I just didn't figure it'd be quite like this. To read the entire article and to post your comments, go to our message boards.

Posted by Jeremy on October 21, 2004 10:17 AM |

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In what is quickly becoming the norm, Nintendo launched several "fake" websites in a viral marketing promotion for "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" (Nov. 15, GameCube). The two websites, Channel51.org and OrbisLabs.com are vastly different. Channel51 is run by a Samantha Manus from Sumas , WA. Samus anybody? She is a top scientist (of course) who is using the site to expose conspiracy theories and "secrets hidden within secrets". The site talks of UFO's, the Chupacabra, and Sci-Ops. Also, you can watch four brief and grainy quicktime movies of what appears to be "Metroid Prime 2" gameplay. OrbisLabs purports to be a weapons development company whose signature product is the "battle sphere." The only mystery on this site is what username and password to use to sign in. If you have any ideas, post them here.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 21, 2004 10:43 AM |

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We are pleased to announce that the LB "BloodRayne 2" Strategy Guide is complete. As always, there is the free version which is ad-heavy and a PDF version. The guide will take you through the entire game, show you secret doors and give you advice on beating the various bosses. It's a fun game. Enjoy!

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Well, the UK aren't the only lucky ones to get a "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!" holiday bundle. Nintendo today announced that the US will receive a holiday bundle that includes a copy of "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!", a controller, and a GameCube console all for only $99! Is it 1987 and am I really buying an NES? This is a great price on a great bundle. Add in some "Metroid Prime 2", and you have a great Christmas ahead of you.

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Nintendo is going the sexy route in its ad campaign to launch the Nintendo DS (Nov. 21) handheld gaming device. The tagline, "Touching is Good," will be seen in print ads and heard as a sultry voice on many TV spots starting today. The DS launch campaign is Nintendo's largest for any product in its history with an expected expenditure of $40 million. Also, look for "How to Score" print ads in Maxim, Blender, and Stuff magazine. I'm very much behind the Nintendo DS. I think it's going to be a great gaming device and I don't think Nintendo has anything to worry about from rival Sony's launch of the PSP handheld early next year. A sexy Mario? Oh yeah!

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Let's see. How excited am I? On a scale of 1 to 32, I'm a 31. Yes, not only has Rockstar today announced that "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" has shipped, but we got the phone call saying we could pick up our copy at 7pm tonight! OMFG! It appears tonight will be full of drive-by-shootings, insensitive racial references, corny radio stations, and bikes. Lots of bikes. I can't wait to ride my wheels over to my friend, Trey's, house and roll with da homies whilst drinking some gin and juice. See, what'd I tell you. Oh boy, oh boy. We'll be sure to update our Message Boards with first impressions.

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EA, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. today announced a joint effort to develop "Batman Begins" for all consoles for summer 2005. The game is set to launch on the same day as the Warner Bros. summer blockbuster, "Batman Begins," starring Christian Bale. The movie and the game explore the dark side of the Batman legend, focusing in on the disillusioned Bruce Wayne and his world-wide quest to gain the skills needed to avenge his parents' deaths and, of course, fight for justice. So far, Batman games have a terrible track record. Perhaps this will break that streak?

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Midway yesterday announced that the "Mortal Kombat" franchise is going the route of the action/adventure game in a Fall '05 (Xbox, PS2) release titled, "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks". This also marks the first in what Midway hopes will be an annual "Mortal Kombat" release. I guess Midway figures if you only have one franchise, why not run it into the ground? In all fairness, I did enjoy "Psi-Ops", a recent Midway game.

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We are pleased to announce the completion of our Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. As always, you can purchase the ad-free, printer-friendly, and beautifully bookmarked version of this guide (for only $4.95) from our LB Download Store. If you want the .PDF version, but would prefer to receive your guide by e-mail, please go here.

Posted by Allison on October 26, 2004 8:25 AM |

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That's right! With perfect timing we swooped into our local Gamestop at 8:30 last night to pick up our reserved copy of GTA: San Andreas. We're still in the process of wrapping our brain around the enormity of it, but as soon as we get a grasp on it, we'll start writing down our progress on our GTA: San Andreas Walkthrough and Strategy Guide page. Oh boy, is this going to be fun, or what? You know you're in trouble when you turn on a game and two of the first voices you hear are those of Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Penn. Oh, and don't even get me started on the complete soundtrack.

Posted by Allison on October 26, 2004 8:44 AM |

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Ubisoft has published several Tom Clancy inspired titles over the years, and together, Tom Clancy and Ubisoft have proven to be a formidable team. In celebration of their many successes Ubisoft will be releasing the Tom Clancy Classic Trilogy pack for the Xbox. The pack is to include Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six 3. No official date has been given for the release, however, Ubisoft's store says the trilogy will be released "in November", and EBgames has it to ship on November 16th, 2004.

Posted by Lunabean on October 27, 2004 11:00 AM |

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Sony today announced that their handheld PSP will be released on Dec. 12 in Japan for a base price of 19,800 yen. Running that through the handy X-Rates.com results in $185, much less than many analysts (and myself) predicted. Nonetheless, US/European pricing has yet to be announced and I'm still betting on a $199 US price point. The base PSP includes the device, a charger, and a battery. Pretty bare bones. Sony also announced a "PSP Value Pack" which will retail for 24,800 yen ($233) which inlcudes a Memory Stick Duo (32MB), headphones with a remote control, and a soft-sided carrying case.

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A video has surfaced showing the upcoming Nintendo DS portable gaming system in action. The video focuses on the DS's sylus input interface as it shows everything from how the stylus functions in many games, to how it is used to write messages, to how one can scratch a puppy's belly with it. The video, posted at gba.n64europe.com is a relatively slow loader, but it's interesting to watch.

Posted by Allison on October 27, 2004 11:25 AM |

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Nintendo taday released video (click on the polaroids on the left) of a new ad starring MTV Wildboyz, Steve-O and Chris Pontius. The ad, continuing on the "Touching is Good" motif, shows the pair able to play against each other on a DS despite being attacked by lions. The spot is part of a $40 million advertising blitz for the dual screen handheld, Nintendo DS (Nov. 21) [pre-order].

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It's that time of year again! Toys R Us is trying to make room for the massive and upcoming shipment of holiday video games, so to help in that effort they are offering quite the deal: Buy 2 video games, get 1 free. If you're a game junkie, or if you want to stock up on holiday gifts, hop on over to Toys R Us (via Amazon) and start shopping. Mix and match systems, opt for $19.99 games...whatever. Just don't let this deal pass you by!
Buy 2 Video Games, Get the 3rd Free!

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GTA: San Andreas launched on Tuesday and it's already taking fire for being one of the most violent video games to date (Kansas City Star USA Today). And, rightly so. If you're a parent DO NOT buy this game for your kid. If you're an adult, this is one of the most fun games you'll ever play. "GTA: SA" is also getting press for predictions that it will be one of the best selling video games of all time with first week estimates at 4.5 million units. The assumption seems to be that violence sells. That assumption is wrong. Good games sell. It's that simple.

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According to Amazon, EB Games, and Gamestop, the release date for "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" (PS2, Xbox, GCN, PC) has been delayed 2 weeks, giving it a new release date of November 30. Some have speculated that this is due to a crowded early November release schedule with such games as "Halo 2," "Metroid Prime 2," "Metal Gear Solid 3," "Doom 3," and many others. Ubi has always been very nimble when it comes to timing releases, usually to their credit. Unfortunately, this is one of the top three games that I'm looking forward to, so I guess I'll just have to wait like the rest of you.

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Ubisoft and George Lucas are teaming up to bring handheld gamers, "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith." The game, to be released alongside the movie in Spring of 2005, will be made for the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and the venerable GBA. The game will be developed by Ubisoft's stellar Montreal Studio and will play to the strengths of each handheld device. Lighsabers on my DS!?! Boo ya!

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GTA, GTA, GTA. Did somebody say, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"? If you haven't figured it out by now, we are fully immersed in the latest "GTA" game. We are writing a strategy guide as we go, so check in often. In other news, it's Halloween weekend! Be sure to check out your local listing for the History Channel. They have the "Haunted History of Halloween," and "Bloodlines: The Dracula Family Tree." Stay safe and have fun this weekend. Remember, speeding cars can't see ninjas!

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