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Hey! No Swinging Clubs in the Living Room!

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Posted by Jeremy on March 22, 2005 10:38 AM

Having taken my very first golf lesson yesterday (I have played, poorly, for many years), my interest was peaked by the Golf Launchpad that I came across today. The device plugs into a USB port on your computer (or PS2, maybe) and can be used as the controller for various golf games including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. Using your own clubs, the sensors in the pad pick-up your swing path and impact speed and translate it to the swing in the game. Now you can play championship courses and take as many mulligans as you want. It also has a bundled "Swing Analyzer". I think I'll need.

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Firebox goes for an Eagle

Firebox.com announces the Golf LaunchPad

The Golf LaunchPad is a revolutionary new ultra-realistic golf simulator you can play anywhere, anytime - and with your very own clubs! Games are more realistic, exhilarating and interactive than ever before. Simply plug the LaunchPad into a USB port on your PC and play popular games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 or use the Swing Analyser software to sharpen your game.

Golf LaunchPad is part of a growing phenomenon known as exer-tainment or gamer-cise. New advances in technology are now allowing players to physically interact with games making them truly immersive. With a huge following Stateside, this exciting new gaming genre is now hitting Britain. As well as allowing gamers to hone their Golf technique, Golf LaunchPad also exercises muscles and improves co-ordination giving you the workout of your life.

Play at home or away - simply plug the Golf LaunchPad into your laptop at the golf club and you can play a full 18 holes without leaving the driving range! Or use the bundled Swing Analyser software to improve your game without having to pay for lessons.

The Golf LaunchPad simulator comes with a real golf ball tethered to a small driving mat. The ball rotates and flexes when struck giving a fantastically realistic feel and sound, fooling your senses into believing that you are hitting a ball on a real course. Thwack the ball and watch it spin on your drive, or gently tap it in for a putt. Unlike your usual mouse or controller, the LaunchPad will improve your real life game.

The realistic turf is set on a rubber-polymer base, with underlying optical sensors that detect and measure data from your club, including incline, velocity, direction and spin. This data is then transferred to your PC and you can watch your shot played out before your eyes.

Using the LaunchPad you can forge a new virtual career in the sport, as well as build on your game through lessons, practice and challenges from other golfers. When you have had some practice, you can also invite up to SEVEN friends to join you in a punishing PGA Season or a World Tour from North America to Scotland without even leaving your living room! Ideal for couch potatoes everywhere.

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Reader information
Price: ?199.95
Limited samples available. Contact us for details (see Press Contacts below).

Technical information
- Compatible with Windows? XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98
- 333MHz Intel? Pentium? II processor
- 128 MB RAM
- 1.3 GB free hard disk space for saved games

NB: Golf LaunchPad is bundled with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 but is compatible with other golfing games.

Stockist information
Website: www.firebox.com / Phone Orders: 0870 241 4289

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