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"Battalion Wars" Ships for Gamecube

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Posted by Allison on September 19, 2005 11:18 AM

"Battalion Wars", the long anticipated real-time strategy game for the Nintendo Gamecube, has finally left its manufacturing studio and is on its way to your favorite video game store. Previously named "Advance Wars: Under Fire", this port title is expected to bring the greatness of the successful GBA game ("Advance Wars") to your Gamecube.
With more than 20 elite mission, each of which can be approached with your own fighting style (are you a stealthy attacker, or a charge and shoot type?), it is your job to bring the ugly global war to an end. This is not a run and destroy war game. This game is all about strategy.
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Nintendo Press Release


Sept. 19, 2005

With more than 20 elite missions, Battalion Wars? for Nintendo GameCube? truly tests a player's ability to improvise and maneuver troops. A single button press summons the soldiers, while a second press sends them off to fight. But think twice: Crafty AI enemies will adapt to every move.

What began as a border dispute has escalated to a frightening global conflict. Only an army commanded with precision and cunning could bring the seemingly endless war to a close.

The video game press has already taken note of Battalion Wars. Matt Casamassina, editor for IGN.com, said, "there is a strong strategic element to the experience: gamers who don't think, plan attacks and manage their units will not win." A player's line of attack will directly affect the outcome of missions, while using the battlefield map is not only key to success, it's straightforward and easy to access. Players strategize with earnest as they station defense forces along a ridgeline, perform recon on the enemy with a scout team or charge headlong into the breach. Battalion Wars is "a refreshing change from the non-stop supply of gritty war games on the market ? Kuju and Nintendo deliver GameCube owners the sleeper hit of the season," said Casamassina.

Each mission can be approached with different tactics. Players have the ability to attack stealthily or just hop into a tank and charge. The freedom to compete in any way the player chooses is the very self-government that will bring freedom to the feuding nations.


Developed by Kuju Entertainment Ltd.

Battalion Wars blazes onto Nintendo GameCube with a platoon of real-time strategy (RTS) action. Whether players are hoofing it across the plains as a lone infantryman or commanding an entire platoon from atop an armored tank, the challenge is real and the mission is critical. There has never been a real-time strategy title like this before.

* Command forces in the heat of battle, but beware. Clever enemy AI will adapt to every move.

* Hop behind the wheel of multiple attack vehicles: Pilot jeeps, tanks, helicopters, airborne gunships, fighter jets, transport vehicles and more.

* Take the fight to foes with a massive arsenal of weapons such as rifles, bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers and many others.

* Countries will rise or fall based on players' tactics, and guiding troops has never been easier. Want to station forces on a ridge? Send a scout team to spy on the enemy? Charge headlong into the breach? Battalion Wars lets players do it all at the touch of a button.

Game Storyline: Dark days are rising at the end of the 21st century. What started as a border spat between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories has snowballed into a terrifying global conflict ? one in which the armies have fought each other to a standstill. As their once-proud forces limp through the seemingly endless war, a despotic madman, Kaiser Vlad, seeks to take advantage of the stalemate and seize control of both nations.

The Kaiser is the former leader of Xylvania, which was annexed by the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories during their war. Deprived of his armies and thirsty for revenge, Vlad uses secret offshore accounts and unholy science to create a terrible army of super powerful, gas-breathing, Chemical Shock Troops.

When Vlad unleashes the warriors, it takes both superpowers by surprise. Weakened by their prolonged conflict and seemingly helpless against this new threat, the Frontier and Tundran armies form a desperate alliance in an attempt to repel the Kaiser. Can this new coalition use pluck and guile to overcome the forces of darkness, or will both nations fall under the boot heel of a madman?


* The player-controlled Western Frontier forces are lead by General Herman and Colonel Austin. They are joined by Betty, who gives mission briefings, objective updates and helpful intel.

* The Tundran army is commanded by Tzar Gorgi and Marshal Nova. Once bitter enemies of the Western Frontier, they have put aside old feelings to combat the Xylvanian menace.

* The nefarious Xylvanian forces are lead by they power-hungry Kaiser Vlad. His right hand is the beautiful and deadly Countess Ingrid.

How to progress through the game: Battalion Wars contains more than 20 unique missions, each with a number of sub-quests and goals. Once in a mission, players can complete it any way they choose. Need to blow up a tank? Go the stealthy route and send a squad through the forest to ambush it from behind, or just hop into a tank and charge! Real-time strategy meets full-on action.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Most PC-based real-time strategy games have complicated controls, and translating them to consoles can be a challenge. Battalion Wars does a masterful job of making it simple, yet effective. A single button press summons troops, while a second sends them off to fight. Posting sentries, driving vehicles and accessing the all-important battlefield map is easy and intuitive.

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