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Rockstar has fun at Jack Thompson's expense

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Posted by Allison on September 20, 2005 11:59 AM

Jack Thompson, the famed ambulance chasing attorney who blames all of society's ills on video games, has worked himself up into, yet, another tizzy, as Rockstar pokes fun of a fictional character with the initials "JT" on its new GTA: Liberty City Stories website.
In traditional Rockstar/GTA fashion, spoof websites have been created to generate hype for the game. These spoof sites can be found inside the e-mailbag on top of the "GTA: LCS" site. Among the e-mails is one from JT@CitizensUnitedNegatingTechnology.org, where the author begins with the statement, "The internet is unambiguous evil. The only things worse than the internet are computer games and liberals." Clearly, this is just the beginning.

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After ranting and raving more about the dangers of the internet and the plethora of porn found on the web, the author suggests all concerned citizens visit his website, CitizensUnitedNegatingTechnology.org, where several users have written in to share their personal internet nightmares. The site also expands on the CitizensUnitedNegatingTechnology.org acronym in a way I'd find offensive, if it wasn't poking fun of Jack Thompson.

Needless to say, the self-obsessed Jack Thompson discovered the site just hours after it launched, and sent out his own e-mail to a few gaming sites, and CCed it to the IRS and the FCC. Game Politics was among the sites/blogs that received Jack's response. As they report, the e-mail came in with the heading, "Rockstar Launches Web Site for Obscene Assault on Miami Lawyer Jack Thompson". The e-mail reads:

"When you click on the fake e-mail, banner headlined at the tope of the home page, from "JT," the Miami, Florida (Liberty City) anti-violent video game crusader, you will find that JT (Jack Thompson) likes to surf the Internet for pictures depicting deviant sex acts by teenage girls. Additionally, there is at the site an audio ad featuring a man whose name is "Jack" who is found naked by a mother in her son's room. Bisexual pedophile Jack Thompson is the combined message."

Thompson continues:

"Take-Two/Rockstar has created and paid for an actual Internet web site at www.citizensunitednegatingtechnology.org for the purpose of furthering the notion that its most abiding and most effective critic, Jack Thompson, is himself a sexual pervert. This is the oldest dodge used by the porn industry, first used on Jack Thompson by radio pornographers whom Thompson got fined by the FCC in 1989...Jack Thompson can assure the world that the only thing to which he is "addicted" is eating entertainment industry scofflaws for breakfast - and golf."

In other words, "No one messes with Jack Thompson, unless Jack Thompson wants to be messed".

Personally, I find it hilarious how highly Mr. Thompson thinks of himself. Whether it's how he speaks of himself in the first person, how he calls himself Rockstar's "most effective critic" (despite the fact all of his lawsuits have failed, and he merely jumped on the Leeland Yee bandwagon for the "Hot Coffee" mod), believes he eats "entertainment industry scofflaws for breakfast" (again, Thompson has never had a successful suit against the video game industry), and, my favorite, suggests a threat to Rockstar by sending the e-mail to the FCC and the IRS. There's a certain idiotic arrogance that comes with such an empty threat, as anyone with half a brain understands parody is covered by the 1st Amendment. For Thompson to think people don't know that, particularly the heads of companies who would be affected by such a threat, well, it really speaks to Thompson's own level of intelligence more than anything else.

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