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Kissing boys in 'Bully'

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Posted by Jeremy on October 23, 2006 2:17 PM
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In 'Bully', the main character Jimmy Hopkins regains health by kissing. Of course, we all thought that meant kissing girls. Yesterday, at GayGamer.net, I came across a video clip showing Jimmy Hopkins kissing another boy.

Today, GayGamer has a post about the falllout of the video clip. He says he received a variety of responses from "right on" to "you sick bastard, why don't you go back to Oberlin in your Volvo and drink a latte while reading Jane magazine" (paraphrasing).

Bully (Canis Canem Edit) Walkthrough

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It is actually quite interesting that Rockstar would put the ability to kiss other guys, complete with dialogue, into the game. Obviously, they knew that the game would be receiving a good deal of scrutiny and that this game element would be discovered. As much as it is a ploy to get press, I think it's more that Rockstar enjoys pushing the social boundaries of gaming.

Why wouldn't Jimmy Hopkins have the right to express his gayness? Afterall, you don't have to kiss guys. There are plenty of girls to kiss. It's really up to the player who controls Jimmy Hopkins. And, that is exactly the point that Rockstar is trying to make: that the actions of the character are controlled by the player.

In its various 'Grand Theft Auto' games, Rockstar was accused of making a game where you had to kill cops and rape prostitutes for points (Joe Lieberman, I'm looking in your direction). Actually, that really wasn't the case. You could do those things if you wanted, but they weren't necessary to finishing a mission. The game simply provided the "world" in which you could be a murderous rapist. It was up to you to decide how to play in that world.

Games allow us to do things we could never do in real life: drive a car at 180 mph, fly in an F-15, cast a magic spell, so what's the big deal if they also allow us to explore areas of ourselves that we couldn't in real life, like being gay...not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'll do my best to discover at least one curious Bullworth boy for the LB Bully (Canis Canem Edit) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide.

Comments (8)

Great. My husband is exploring his gay side through "Bully". Oy.

Actually, when I read this I began to wonder if the "T" rating will actually stick. Of course, it should, as there's nothing wrong with virtual boys kissing virtual boys (nor real boys kissing real boys), but there are definitely people (namely, the religious right) who have a greater problem with exploring sexuality (even at the most harmless level) than they do with violence.

I think it's great the Rockstar did this. It's one of the few controversial moves of theirs that I'd applaud.

Hey, I didn't say "I" was exploring my gay side, I just said a player has the choice to, not that there's anything wrong with that (ahh, I love Seinfeld).

It is very interesting because kissing falls under a T rating, no ifs ands or buts. Does it matter if it's girl/boy or boy/boy kissing? It shouldn't and I don't think that a rating change would stand up in a court of law as you can't discriminate based on sexual preference.

a kiss is just a kiss or is it?;-)hey you dumb ass people have too much time on your hands to bitch and complain.go get a decaf!i cant wait to buy the game a mom of 4.ages 9.20,24.and 25.only one left aT home,but idlike to play the game!its mommy time too.kick some brats ass.there arekids at my sons school of 700 that need a good whoopin.the bullies!and mmsd turns the other cheek.,dont allow rasism my ass.that school permits boys./kids to pick on kids the bullys come out ahead or on top.i tell my boys.learn to run fast.fight or now get bullys ya!;-}cheshires everywhere.chow!akacheshire loves the idea of kids gettin put in there place evenif it is only a game.i control my kids why isnt the rest of the world.wake up mommys!you got bullys glad i dont.seeya

"you had to kill cops and rape prostitutes for points... Actually, that really wasn't the case. You could do those things if you wanted,"

Uh, raping prostitutes was never part of the GTA series. The character could have sex with them... but Rockstar never added anything to do with rape!

Well first of all fans of "bully", our game is haveing a little change due to some reports of gay appeals which we were not appealing.Well anyways our game bully will be removed from stores for about 3 months and a new version will be made and it will also be edited so no worries.

Rockstar Ltd.

I think it's fantastic that Bully has included this. Rockstar Games keeps pushing the social boundaries on video games, and I'm loving it. That said, I don't think it's fair for the rating to be pushed up because of gay kissing.

I love bully!!! i just bought it 2 days ago and i am hooked. and if jimmy can kiss guys, i might just buy another copy for my friend! ^_^ (she and i both think that guys kissing other guys is hot)

fags are terrialbe he should not have the ability to kiss men. If GOD would have wanted men to be with men he would have gave them a a vagina.

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