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'Bully' walkthrough update

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Posted by Jeremy on October 24, 2006 8:13 AM
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The Lunabean 'Bully' (Canis Canem Edit) walkthrough and strategy guide is underway.

I'm going around collecting rubber bands, G&G cards, kicking gnomes, and generally getting into a variety of trouble. I'm very impressed by the level of detail in the game, from the changing seasons to the well rounded teachers to the social heirarchy of the cliques.

I'm updating the walkthrough daily so check back often. Also, I'll write a review of the game when I finish up the walkthrough.

Lunabean's 'Bully' (Canis Canem Edit) walkthrough and strategy guide

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Comments (42)

i dont really no how to knock down the walls so can sum1 please help me?!

Hi there,

In most cases, you can punch a wall until they get knocked down. If that doesn't work, you can do a running charge at the wall. Run and then press your punch button (I think it's the punch button). You'll lower your shoulder and break through the wall.

Hey guys a better way to knock down the walls is to defeat ll the guys on each level and get to the third, onn the third level you have to beat this guy w/ a sledgehammer and then while you do that go around and have him do it for u.

So....basically the best and only way to knock down the walls, which im sure is what the point of the game is....is to make it to the top level of the house, then just kick the guys ass and take his sledgehammer, then go knock down the walls with it...there is no other way, u cant slingshot, punch, body check, nothing works but the sledgehammer, and if you wait fo rhim to follow you around with it, and the chances of him actually hitting the walls for you is very slim....so just kick his ass and take it.

how do u destroy the transmitor thing @ the observatory?
with all the nerds atkin u?

well i completed the game so im not bothered about any silly questions

it is easy becouse he dosnt run he only walks so just keep on hitting him with your sling shot and frow fire crackers at him

Destroying the Transmitter thingy @ the Observatory - First you should take out the two nerds on the ground by staying back and giving them a couple fully charged shots with your slingshot, that should take them down with ease. I found it easiest to try to take out the nerd on the potato cannon before going after the transmitter. I just kept getting pelted when trying to destroy the transmitter, so I gave that up quick. I just stayed in good cover until stopped shooting and then nailed him with the slingshot. After that I just walk up just below the transmitter and tossed a firecracker at it, that did the trick.
I have completed a lot of the missions in various ways so if you have any questions let me know. PS, Jenny I cannot answer the question about the bus fare because they keep cutting away when he gets on the bus. I'll keep checking though.

i have finish this game in a week . I thought it was brilliant.

Quick Question...Anyone know how to do the work shop class? Evertime i try and copy on screen it tells me im doin it wrong. Basically im retarded so can someone walk me through it. Cheers

Hell i beat the game in (according to the game) 23:59.58 so 2 seconds to a day!!!!
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does anyone know a site that can tell me where to get the radio transistors????

I cant get in to the asylum to find jhonny without getting caught

on the bit wehere you have to kill norton with the sledgehammer, throw stink bombs at him. while hes stunned, fire at him with your catapult. it works a treat. you'll find some stink bombs lying on the floor.

on the bit wehere you have to kill norton with the sledgehammer, throw stink bombs at him. while hes stunned, fire at him with your catapult. it works a treat. you'll find some stink bombs lying on the floor.

the games to easy for me and im only eleven i fink they shud make a new 1 a bit more challenging coz im on endless summer but im stuck on english level 3

hey ben just go on dis site, scroll down and it will show u the words to type:
its the best game ever

I'm stuck on Photography 5 class. I need seven photos to complete the class in which you need to take pictures of the freaks at the freakshow, however, there's only six freaks to take pictures of...what's the seventh picture needed for???

i need to now how do you get through missions easy???

how do you get into the city???

the sevetn freak is a midget

i can't complete the observatory mision i can kill all the nerds expect the potoe gun one and then how doe i destroy the transitor

I had some problems with the observatory mission as well... but i've done it. Hint: Get behind a rock and trash the transistor with your catapult (zoom in as much as you can), but only shoot when the potoe gun is loding (it shoots like 4-5 bullets a time and then it reloads). If you hit it at once you can run in to the building, but there you have to destroy a couple of things (shoot with catapult at the things with the transistors on it, only when hes loading) then earnest will come down. (Hint: once inside hide behind a pillar, or go to a place he can't hit you with the things he trows at you).

I am stuck on english level 3. can someone throw some words my way.

Where does russel hang out? and you know at the carnival where theres that fun house misson once completing the misson how do u get back in

hi im stuck in english 2 can someone ell me some of the words for it and for 3 4 and 5 ????

Why is it that all of these questions are being asked when the story points to a Bully walkthrough?




Shop actually gave me some trouble. It was the movement of the analog stick. For some reason I kept failing. Then, I realized that I just had to do it fast. Don't try to finesse Shop class. Just go for it. Shop will earn you bikes. Bikes are stored in garages marked with a yellow padlock icon. You can only store two bikes in a garage (whether purchased or unlocked)

Shop 1 - You unlock the Basic BMX.
Shop 2 - You unlock a new BMX. This one is yellow.
Shop 3 - You unlock a new BMX. This one is green and yellow. Spiffy.
Shop 4 - You unlock a new BMX. This one is blue. Very nice, yes?
Shop 5 - You unlock the best BMX. Cool potatoes!

how do u make water bombs

wat happens after u finish the game. can u like still play like other gta gamez or den the gamez done can someone plz tell me

wat i mean iz can u still keep playin the game like going around and having some fun and buy stuff or da game will finish

u can play around like gta games after u finish the game.

Were are the transisters will someone please tell me!!!!

can sum 1 plz tell me wer all the radio transistors r

hey can sum1 tell me how 2 get 2 shop and photography?

ive passed ALL of the classes but i dont know when i get on2 shop and photography!!!

PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!

for the yearbook i'm trying to find ivan

this website will work because i tried it

For Photography 5, taking picture of the freaks level, I took photos of all 6. Then, not knowing what to do next, I just went back and took photos of the 6 freaks again and got it on the skeleton man. So go ahead and take photos of each freak once again and you should get the 7th photo.

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