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Wii love -- first impressions

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Posted by Allison on November 20, 2006 6:59 AM
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Everyone told us we'd love our Wii. Everyone said it would change our lives. However, it wasn't until our bundle of joy arrived that we truly understood how much love there would be, or how drastically everything would change.

The love happens immediately. You pick up your Wii-mote, point it at the screen, and feel how natural it is. There is nothing forced. It's intrinsic.

We began yesterday as most gamers did. After a couple of minutes of set up, we were playing with menus. Jer and I each created our own Wii Miis, then went online. Since we have a wireless connection, getting online was as easy as hitting a button and entering a password. We sent out a few invitations so other Wii Miis would join in our parade, then we hopped on over to the Wii store.

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Sadly, we were unable to connect to the Wii store yesterday, as there must have been hundreds of thousands of excited gamers doing what we were doing. We let it go. There's time for that...so much time.

Enter 'Wii Sports', also known as 'The best family entertainment ever created', and 'The smartest thing Nintendo ever did'. 'Wii Sports' comes with the Wii, which is pure genius. First, all consoles should come with one game. It should be a requirement. You're dropping hundreds of dollars (well, $250), so you should, at least, be able to get up and running with whatever is in the box. Second, 'Wii Sports' is really a teaching tool disguised as a game.

We began with Wii Tennis, which is truly a beautiful thing. It took one game for me to get the rythm down. One game. There are no buttons to press, it's all based on swinging your Wii-mote. You can stand up and use full tennis motions, or you can sit on the couch making smaller, tamer motions. The speaker inside the remote, combined with the rumble felt upon contact with the ball creates an extremely realistic gaming sensation. Granted, you don't feel like you're out on a tennis court, as the sun isn't blazing down and you're not out of breath, but you could very easily confuse the virtual tennis game for a real ping pong game. It's fantastic.

Wii Tennis is the winner of all of the sports titles. Wii Golf is also quite fun and natural. It's exactly what you would expect it to be, and it made me crave the next 'Mario Golf'. I could play either of these titles for hours on end, which makes 'Wii Sports' a winner. The other games (Boxing, Bowling and Baseball) had their moments, but we were so spoiled by Tennis and Golf that I just wanted to get through them so I could get back to what I was truly loving.

Yes, there was so much love for 'Wii Sports' that Jer and I actually had to put a time limit on it so we could get some 'Zelda' time in. Think about that for a second. We were having so much fun with one game (the game that came with the Wii), we had to limit ourselves so we could plug in the most highly anticipated game of the year.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is, thus far, the best 'Zelda' title we've ever seen. It's back to the ominous styling of 'Ocarina of Time'. The controls are both comfortable and new. It's challenging. It's everything a game should be. It's beautiful.

So, there you have it. Our first few hours with our new love. Nintendo has done something incredibly right.

As an end note, I'd like to add that we now know why Nintendo waiting until yesterday to release the console. Here are a couple of posts from our message boards, which helped us figure it out:
Wii Sports is GREAT. I love it. Been mostly playing that with my friends and family. Now my friends left, and my grandma and dad are bowling. Yeah, my GRANDMA AND DAD. The only interest my dad has ever shown in video games was one round of halo 2 with me. He diddnt enjoy it and walked away. Never seen any interest from my grandma before. Now they're playing it together. Awesome.

I showed my mom a DVD I got from Best Buy before I went and got the Wii and she loved the idea of the Wii Sports and the controls and everything so much she offered to pay for a second controller (Wiimote+nuncuck) so we can have multiplayer action going on Wii Sports this Thanksgiving when the family rolls in. This is the first video game anything I've got ever that she's even gave a damn about. Now that I've unloaded it into the living room TV I've had to show her how to turn it on and get into Wii Sports Bowling since she apparently loves it. Bravo Nintendo. Bravo.

Nintendo told us this console was for the entire family. When is there a better time to show off a console to the entire family than Thanksgiving? Look out Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo is back!

Comments (1)

I disliked Golf, strongly. The 150yd drives were ok, but when I tried to putt, instead of registering a tiny tap, it thought i wanted to swat the ball 75 feet into the rough.
I promptly went back to the menu and played more tennis.

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