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Our favorite games (and walkthroughs) of 2006

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Posted by Lunabean on December 21, 2006 12:39 PM
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Happy holidays, everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful 2006, and we wish you an even better 2007! We expect to see some amazing video games in 2007, which means we expect to publish some great walkthroughs and strategy guides. Below you will find a list of our favorite guides published in 2006. Please enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday!

10. 'Chibi-Robo' Walkthrough - Perhaps the best game of 2006 for the Nintendo Gamecube, our Chibi guide will walk you through the game's storyline, and includes detailed sidequests (so you can complete the Sticker Book), and all Chibi-Door and Frog Ring locations.

9. 'Hitman Blood Money' Walkthrough - We've always been fans of the Hitman series, as we've always enjoyed writing guides for the series. Anyone can get through the game, but it takes a certain skill, and a certain Hitman guide to make it through as a Silent Assassin.

8. 'Tomb Raider Legend' Walkthrough - While the game was definitely too short, it was fun while it lasted. Our Tomb Raider Legend guide will walk you through each of the game's levels, and it includes all rewards and a bonus walkthrough of Croft Manor.

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Our Favorite Walkthroughs for our favorite games of 2006

7. 'Splinter Cell Double Agent' Walkthrough - While it may have been just 'OK" for a Splinter Cell game, it was a Splinter Cell game nonetheless, and our Splinter Cell DA guide will get you through it in stealth style.

6. 'Rule of Rose' Walkthrough - There weren't many creepy games this year...perhaps because this game had enough creepiness for ten games, but, since we so enjoy the survival horror genre, we felt a need to include 'Rule of Rose'. Our Rule of Rose guide will be there to hold your hand.

5. 'Kingdom Hearts 2' Walkthrough - It wasn't quite the game that the original was, but it remains a fantastic gaming adventure. Plus, it includes a "TRON" world, so we have to love it. Our KH2 walkthrough walks you through each and every world and includes bonus information on Coliseum Tournaments, the Ultima Keyblade, and Sephiroth.

4. 'Bully' Walkthrough - The game got a lot of attention for being bad (morally, which is really wasn't), but didn't get enough credit for being good (a great video game experience, that is). If you missed out, now is your time. Our 'Bully' guide provides a walkthrough of EVERY mission, the locations of ALL rubber bands, ALL G&G cards, and ALL garden gnomes.

3. 'LEGO Star Wars 2' Walkthrough - Dare I say that this game, based on the original Star Wars trilogy, was more fun than the first? Our 'LEGO Star Wars 2' guide triumphantly walks you through all 18 missions while providing you with all Mini-Kit Canister and all Gold (Red Power) Brick locations,

2. 'Gears of War' Walkthrough - We were expecting something great out of the Xbox 360 this year, but we never imagined it could be this great. Our GoW walkthrough will guide you through the single-player portion of the game, includes all Cog Tag locations, and offers multiplayer tips. If you have an Xbox 360, you need to be playing this game.

1. 'Zelda Twilight Princess' Walkthrough - Our longest and most detailed walkthough to date, for one of the best video games we have had the honor of playing. Our Zelda Twilight Princess guide will walk you through the entirety of the game, and includes all poe and golden bug locations. Also included is a list of sidequests that we discovered while playing.

Don't forget, downloadable PDF versions of all of these guides (most include a Screenshot version), along with over 100 other guides, are available for free to our LunaPass subscribers!

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