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Video Game News from July 2006

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According to Joystiq who heard from GoNintendo, the Nintendo Wii will launch on Nov. 6. This is all based on an article in the most recent Sports Illustrated for Kids which, does indeed, state the launch date in print as Nov. 6. This date is in line with what sources were claiming and makes sense as far as launching in the holiday season, prior to the PS3. Time to see if my local video game store is taking pre-orders yet. Oh boy!

Posted by Jeremy on July 3, 2006 8:17 AM | | Comments (0)

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I came across the following press release today announcing that the pyschological-horror-thriller, 'Rule of Rose,' is coming to the UK in October. That reminded me that I had read about this game a few months ago and it got a North American release for mid-September. As a fan of survival-horror games, I'm very intrigued by this game focused on creepy little girls in 1930's England and their secret society which must adhere to the "rules of rose". In fact, having been frightened by little girls all my life, probably because of the twins in 'The Shining', I can't wait to scare myself silly when this game hits store shelves. It gives me the willies!

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Posted by Jeremy on July 3, 2006 8:30 AM | | Comments (0)

1. "Hitman Blood Money" Walkthrough (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC) - Apparently the summer heat has given people the urge to kill with skill. Our walkthrough will guide you through all 13 levels as a Silent Assassin.

2. "GTA: Liberty City Stories" Walkthrough (PS2, PSP) - The $19.99 price tag on this PSP to PS2 port has made "GTA:LCS" an attractive summer purchase, and a popular LB walkthrough. However, word on the street is that Joe Lieberman still hates it.

3. "The Da Vinci Code" Walkthrough (PS2, Xbox, PC) - Did you know "WART HOG HULK" is an anagram for walkthrough?

4. Star Wars KOTOR II Walkthrough (Xbox, PC) - When games released in December 2004 start popping up on "most popular" lists, you know you've hit a bit of a gaming drought. At least it's an awesome game.

5. "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend" Walkthrough (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC) - Word on the street is Ms. Croft had Brad Pitt's baby somewhere in Africa. You make a woman proud, Lara.

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Posted by Allison on July 3, 2006 9:28 AM | | Comments (1)

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According to many sources, San Diego based analyst, DFC Intelligence, sent a memo stating the reasons why the PS3 will end up in third place in the console war. Using a misplaced analogy of Coca-Cola suddenly making fine wine, the conclusion of the memo is that the PS3 will not appeal to the "blue collar" audience and will remain a bit of a luxury item. Analyst, schmalyst. I wrote about this back on May 9 during E3. Granted, you can't count Sony out but they sure have an uphill battle in front of them.

Posted by Jeremy on July 5, 2006 9:41 AM | | Comments (0)

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Last week we told you of the rumor of a November 6th Nintendo Wii launch date, which was based on an article in Sports Illustrated for Kids that specifically gave the console that launch date, then spread like wildfire across the world wide web.

Personally, I found it to be a bit odd that Nintendo would leak such a secret to a magazine most of its base doesn't read (or even know exists). It sounded to me like a best guess by the magazine, or something the writer believed to be true without actually confirming it. What's more, the November 6th date just didn't feel right. It is for this reason that I have opted to completely ignore the November 6th rumor and fall in line with the analysts who believe the Wii will launch in October.

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While I'm a huge Ubisoft fan, "Rayman" games have never done it for me as I'm not a huge fan of platform gaming. However, with that being said, "Rayman's Raving Rabbids" certainly has me intrigued. I find the artwork to be hilarious, the Wii interaction to be fascinating, and the newly released 'Rayman's Raving Rabbids' trailer to be hilarious and fascinating.

I highly suggest checking out the new Rayman site at Raymanzone.com to see this newest incarnation of Rayman gaming for yourself.

Posted by Lunabean on July 6, 2006 1:49 PM | | Comments (0)

Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo of America sent President George W. Bush a Nintendo DS and "Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day" for the old guy's 60th birthday.

While this appears to be a brilliant PR move for Nintendo, I'm sensing a bit of self-preservation here. After all, North Korea has been so trigger happy with their missiles lately, and NoA is well within that US West Coast range North Korea claims to have. Perhaps Nintendo is hoping to get a little brain power behind the guy who calls himself "The Decider".

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Lunabean's "New Super Mario Bros.(R)" Unofficial Walkthrough and Strategy Guide is a comprehensive companion to this amazing side scrolling adventure. From alternate routes to Bosses to 1-Up techniques, this guide has it all! Includes maps of every world, complete Boss strategies, alternate routes, secrets, 1-Up techniques, explanation of minigames, and so much more!

Ad-free, easy to read, printer-friendly, and beautifully bookmarked for ease of navigation. For the Nintendo DS(TM), version of the game. 71 pages. 340 KB. In Adobe PDF format. Free Adobe Reader required, if you do not already have it.

Printable Guide (text only) - US$5.95

ALL Lunabean PDF Guides - US$15.95

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Lunabean's 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow' Walkthrough and Strategy Guide is almost complete. The rough draft is up for your perusal, and by the end of today we'll have it available for instant download. The walkthrough covers all 24 missions, details the locations of all 24 Map Pieces, points out treasure chests, health chests, grog barrels, and hatchet barrels, and gives tried and true strategies for each of the game's bosses. I'll update the story when the walkthrough is complete.

Posted by Jeremy on July 7, 2006 10:49 AM | | Comments (0)

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As Allison reported the other day, CNNMoney game columnist, Chris Morris, suggested that the Wii may launch as early as September or October. Yesterday, Joystiq reports that a Nintendo spokesperson said, "There's no change in our plan to release the console in the last quarter of this year." Nitnendo has once again been purposely vague: October is in the last quarter. Oh please, oh please!!!

Posted by Jeremy on July 7, 2006 11:19 AM | | Comments (0)

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Retro gaming site RacketBoy.com has scanned and uploaded every page of the first issues of Nintendo Power and Sega Visions magazines for all nostaligic gamers to enjoy.

I lost a good couple hours of "work time" reading through the two magazines turned PDF files. While Sega Visions pulled a "James Pond: Underwater Agent" memory from a deep fold of my brain, which was enjoyable, I got a bigger kick out of Nintendo Power, which seemed to be more of the complete package. In it were beautiful and detailed "Super Mario Bros. 2" and "Zelda" features, a fantastic "Baseball Round" poster (which I'll be printing out and hanging in Jer's bathroom), and a reveiw of the "Pee-Wee Big Top" film that came out that year (1988). Is it no wonder that Nintendo Power is still around?

Lose a couple of hours getting lost in these magazines, too: Racketboy.com
Source: Nintendojo.com

Posted by Allison on July 10, 2006 12:09 PM | | Comments (0)

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While "A Fresh Tingle's Rose-Colored Happy Land DS" has yet to be officially announced by Nintendo, this first "Zelda" spin-off game has been virtually confirmed by scans from an unidentified Japanese magazine and a new (and odd) Tingle site on Nintendo Japan's server.

The fact I can't read Japanese made the site all the more silly, and all the more creepy. Yes, I know most people aren't creeped out by Tingle, but I've always gotten a distinct "stalker" feel from the little guy. And, when you're scared of clowns like I am, and, when he resembles what I'd imagine to be a French clown in Hyrule (I know that doesn't make sense), well, I consider him to be creepy. But those are clearly my own issues, and I will brush them aside to play anything Zelda.

Tingle's site
Source: Gamespot

Posted by Allison on July 10, 2006 1:13 PM | | Comments (0)

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A Seattle Times columnist is reporting on a Microsoft project codenamed, Argo, headed up by Xbox chief, J Allard, which is, "a complete line of Xbox-branded digital-media products, including a device that plays media, a software media player and an online media service." This news comes after the announcement of a Microsoft music player the other day. It seems that the music player is part of a larger effort by MS to make headway into all things portable. Whether or not the music player is the handheld Xbox or if they are separate devices is yet to be seen.


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Posted by Jeremy on July 11, 2006 8:12 AM | | Comments (0)

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We are pleased to announce the completion of Lunabean's Unofficial Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. The downloadable guide contains ALL Map Pieces, treasure chests, Boss strategies, and generally anything else you'd need to get through the game. The online version, for now, inlcudes the introduction and the first 8 levels of the game. Enjoy!

Posted by Jeremy on July 11, 2006 9:43 AM | | Comments (0)

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2K Games has officially announced the shipment of 'Prey' (Xbox 360 and PC) to North American and European retailers. 2K was sneaky about its shipment, sending it out yesterday, so the game will have an unexpected Tuesday (today) arrival on US store shelves. Our neighbors across the pond should expect to see the first-person shooter pop up in stores on the 14th (Friday).

I got a chance to play with the "ground-breaking" game's demo on Xbox Live late last week. As someone who is getting a bit tired of the first-person shooter with enemies that look like their skin is on inside out, I did find it more enjoyable than expected (although the gravity flipping was a bit dizzying). I think this game, which was built on a "heavily modded" version of the "Doom 3" engine, will be the perfect antidote for the mid-summer gaming doldroms.

I'll begin writing our 'Prey' Walkthrough and Strategy Guide this afternoon.

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Posted by Allison on July 11, 2006 10:52 AM | | Comments (0)

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When I was a tyke attending Catholic elementary school, every Wednesday was McDonald's Wednesday. You see, we'd fill out an order form in the morning, hand it in to our teacher, and then the school would call in the order. At about 11:30 am all the kids knew that greasy heaven was only a few minutes away. Since that time, Wednesdays have always held a special place in my heart (maybe that's just the blocked arteries). Why do I bring this up? Well, today, Microsoft announced a five week schedule of Xbox Live Arcade releases: all debuting on Wednesdays! The good 'ol days are back! Starting today, you can download "Frogger". Following that are "Cloning Clyde," "Galaga," "Street Fighter II Hyper Fighter," and "Pac-Man". The games are priced between $5 and $10. For all of the info, keep reading...

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Microsoft today released E3 demo footage of BioWare's Xbox 360 RPG, Mass Effect. To view it, log on to Xbox Live, go to Xbox Lilve Marketplace > Demos and Game Videos > Newly Released Game Videos. It is quite impressive and leaves me with a distinct impression of KOTOR, BioWare's amazing 'Star Wars' RPG. I say this because I get that same happy, giddy, feeling watching the demo as I do when I think about the wonderful month I spent playing KOTOR. If you don't have Xbox Live, you can view the video at Joystiq.

Posted by Jeremy on July 13, 2006 9:02 AM | | Comments (0)

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I came across this short article out of Walnut Cove, NC, which relates how an 11 year old boy bought an NBA game for his PSP at a local Wal-Mart. Upon getting it home, the boy and his father discovered that the disc actually contained porn. The case was sealed and wrapped. What's more, Wal-Mart doesn't sell used games. This sounds like a scam to me in the same way that the finger in the Wendy's fries was a scam. The tell-tale sign? The father has hired a lawyer. I'd bet the average parent would be upset, would want the correct game, and would want Wal-Mart to investigate, but to hire a lawyer? I'll update you if this goes anywhere.

Posted by Jeremy on July 13, 2006 9:41 AM | | Comments (0)

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I am pleased to report the LB "Prey" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide is moving along quickly. I am writing the first draft as I go, and I expect to keep moving through the game all day tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday. I can't imagine "Prey" is that long, so it may be possible to wrap this puppy up by the end of the weekend (although I'm not making any promises). From there, I'll go through the game again, taking screenshots as I go, and cleaning up the mess that is the first draft.

I have to admit, "Prey" has been a pleasant surprise. The puzzles involved, the gravity pads, the wall walking and the "Spiritwalking" all make for a fairly new first-person shooter experience. I don't think I'd call it "groundbreaking" (as some have), but it sure is a nice change of pace.

Anyhoozle, if you find yourself playing through "Prey" this weekend and need some help, please feel free to sneak a peak at our little LB "Prey" Walkthrough.

Posted by Allison on July 13, 2006 9:13 PM | | Comments (0)

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I don't know how this one slipped by. Allison and I are both huge fans of "The Sopranos' and you'd think we would have caught the announcement, back in May, of this game based on the TV show. Well, better late than never. The game will feature the likenesses and voices of the cast including James Gandolfini. You play as an illegitimate son of Big Pussy who must work his way up from soldier to captain. All of this is set in the backdrop of a Philly vs. New Jersey mob-family war. Too bad you can't play as Tony or Christopher (my favorite character). Still as long as I hear them say "who-er" (whore) in that NJ accent, I'm all set (hey, don't judge, it just cracks me up). The game is due out this Novemeber for the X360 and PS2.

A few screenshots...

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Posted by Jeremy on July 14, 2006 8:39 AM | | Comments (0)

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Atari Inc. announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement to sell off the 'Driver' franchise, and most of Reflections Studios, to Ubisoft for US$24 Million. While I'm a big fan of the last two 'Driver' games (keep your "boo-hisses" to yourself), many gamers are not, and many may think that Ubisoft over-paid. However, I think that what Ubisoft really wanted was Reflections Studios. The last two 'Driver' games have had the best, most polished, cinematics of any recent games. They are almost movie-like; and that is on a PS2. I look forward to seeing what these guys have up their sleeves.

LB's DRIV3R Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
LB's Driver Parallel Lines Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Posted by Jeremy on July 14, 2006 9:07 AM | | Comments (0)

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In case you're not too sure if you want to pluck down $60 on LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth II, the first real-time strategy game for the X360, a demo is now available on Xbox Live. To play the demo, head to Xbox Live Marketplace and go to: Demos and Game Videos > Newly Released Game Demos. The demo includes a fun and informative tutorial, the 1st mission of the "evil" campaign, and the "Buckland" 1-on-1 multiplayer map. As soon as I can trick Allison into putting Prey down for a few minutes, I'll be able to spend a little time with my friends from the land of Tolkien.

Posted by Jeremy on July 14, 2006 9:36 AM | | Comments (0)

We are pleased to announce the completion of LB's New Super Mario Bros. Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. The guide was written by prolific guide writer, Brian P. Sulpher, and contains everything you need to know to uncover every secret, explore each alternate pathway, defeat every Boss, and 1-Up to your heart's desire. The instantly downloadable PDF version is printer friendly, easy-to-read, and bookmarked, so navigating this comprehensive guide is a breeze. The plain text version is available as a courtesy, but we ask that if you're using the guide extensively or want to print it, that you purchase the aforementioned PDF version.
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Nintendo on Friday announced that the DS Lite was America's top selling video game system in June, raking in 600,000 units sold. To go along with these impressive stats, 'New Super Mario Bros.' was June's top selling game with 450,000 units sold, 'Brain Age' and 'Big Brain Academy' combined for 350,000 units sold, and good ol' 'Nintendogs' sold 100,000 units (in dog years, that game is 70 months old!). Nintendo also announced that 1.7 million people have used the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For more PR sunshine read the following press release...

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IGN got their hands on some interesting details of the controller for the Nintendo Wii, the Wii-Mote. It'll be powered by AA batteries and get anywhere from 30-60 hours of life. It will only have digital buttons (meaning no analog trigger that we're so used to by now) which I find odd, seeing as analog buttons have become an important gameplay element in many games. It connects to the console via Bluetooth on a 2.4 GHz band, assigning a unique ID to each controller based on a SYNCHRO button on the console and on the wii-mote. It has some internal memory, which IGN speculates is for use with the in-controller speaker or to save preferences. And, finally, we learn about the sensor bar which is 20 cm long and sits below or above your TV. Nintendo documentation states that halogen lamps, flourescent lights, plastic, mirrors, etc. may interfere with the wii-mote.

Posted by Jeremy on July 17, 2006 9:34 AM | | Comments (0)

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It's a big Nintendo news day. After reporting on DS Lite sales numbers earlier, I came across this report on Joystiq of people reporting a cracked left hinge on their DS Lite. Joystiq is quick to point out that the crack has no impact on the performace of the hinge and is merely cosmetic. However, for a device so pretty, this is a scar. Nintendo will fix the unit for $50, saying that the crack is not covered under the warranty. However, with it getting this much PR, I'd imagine Nintendo will change their tune and offer to fix or replace damaged units, as they did with the original DS when some dead pixels appeared.

Posted by Jeremy on July 17, 2006 9:48 AM | | Comments (0)

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I'm pleased to report that the first draft of our LB "Prey" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide is now complete and ready for viewing. I will begin work today on cleaning the guide up and adding screenshots. Expect the final draft (and downloadable PDF versions) to be done by the end of this week.

As a side note, I had a really good time with this game. I expect it to do quite well. Even if you're sick of the first-person shooter, as I thought I was, "Prey" mixed it up enough to make the genre fun again.

LB "Prey" Walkthrough

Posted by Lunabean on July 18, 2006 10:19 AM | | Comments (0)

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I'm always a fan of integrating real-life content into video games, be it the ability for 'Madden' to update rosters, downloading the Cadillac Pack for 'PGR3', or the just announced ESPN integration package in the PSP version of 'NBA Live 07'. If connected wirelessly to the internet, the PSP will grab scores and updates from ESPN every 20 minutes. Just imagine, scrolling scores at the bottom of the screen while playing the game. Joystiq is reporting that this functionality will also be coming to X360 and PS3 versions of the game, although the following press release specifically deals with the PSP. They also say that there will be special podcasts and video highlights. Can you imagine how easy this will be to integrate across the entire EA lineup of sports games? This is going to be a very popular feature, especially in college dorms. Oh, 'Tecmo Bowl', where have you gone?

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Posted by Jeremy on July 19, 2006 11:04 AM | | Comments (1)

Filed Under: General Gaming

It's not often that I'm left speechless. However, MagiQuest, has done it to me. I don't know if it's because I think it's so cool, or because it's so laughably terrible, or maybe that's why it's so cool. See, I'm blabbering. What is MagiQuest? Well, it's, "a vast 20,000 sq. ft. realm powered by award-winning technology, packed with over 150 dazzling wand-activated events." In this realm, you and, presumably, your kids, work your way through the realm solving puzzles, facing off with goblins and dragons, rescuing a princess, and dueling with other wizards. To participate, you first have to buy/build a wand. The wand interacts with what I assume are large screens with computer generated characters. There are also treasure chests to open.

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Posted by Jeremy on July 19, 2006 12:20 PM | | Comments (2)

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The Nintendo DS browser is set to go online in Japan on July 24. The unique browser, developed by Opera, uses both screens of the DS to make web browsing appear very enjoyable. The following video from YouTube.com shows off the browser in action. Although it's in Japanese (and I kind of enjoy that), you'll get the idea. No word yet on when the browser is coming to the US, but Europe will get it on Oct. 6.

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Posted by Jeremy on July 20, 2006 9:20 AM | | Comments (0)

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Nintendo has teamed up with Toys "R" Us to offer six exclusive Mario-themed downloads for 'Animal Crossing Wild World' for the Nintendo DS via download stations the week of July 23 through July 29. The virtual gifts are: 1-up mushroom, star, fire bar, goal flag, question box, and pipe. Download stations are really gaining in popularity. They are in every major gaming store and offer a great way to sample games and download exclusive content. Now, we just need them at Starbucks and we'll be all set.

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Atari today announced a first ever: a $39.95 price tag for a Xbox 360 title. Yes, 'Test Drive Unlimited' will actually be affordable. This is good news for racing fans, and, depending on sales, may make other companies take notice of aggressive pricing. This isn't as much of a risk as you may think. Atari is actually being very smart. Get the game into the hands of as many gamers as possible. Then, via Xbox Llive Marketplace, release new car packs every month (starting 6 weeks after launch). No word yet on the price of the car packs, but Atari and MS are sure to make a lot of extra dough via this model.

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Posted by Jeremy on July 21, 2006 8:15 AM | | Comments (0)

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Just in time for the weekend, the LB "Prey" Walkthrough is now complete and ready for action! BooYa.

If you're stuck and in need of a little "Prey" help, please hop on over to our "Prey" guide to point you in the right direction. If you're looking for more than a little help, please check out our "Prey" Screenshot guide or our "Prey" Printable guide.

Posted by Allison on July 21, 2006 6:42 PM | | Comments (0)

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It seems the only video game news these days is from Nintendo. Nintendo has announced that since the Nov. 21, 2004 launch of the Nintendo DS, over 21 million units have sold. Breaking down the numbers, Nintendo claims that the rate is 23 systems per minute or one every two seconds. They are quick to point out that, "by comparison, Apple shipped one million...iPod music players in its first 19 months." In a related story, largely due to the success of the DS, Nintendo raised its profit forecast 28%, which helped to raise Asian markets. Finally, Nintendo announced its game lineup for the rest of the year (minus the Wii of course). We're most excited for 'Clubhouse Games', a compilation of party games including checkers, backgammon, darts, billiards, etc. These games can be played with up to 7 other people or online via Nintendo WiFi. Very fun.

"Continue Reading" for the Press Releases and Games Lineup

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Posted by Jeremy on July 26, 2006 8:37 AM | | Comments (0)

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According to the investing publication The Street.com, jaded gamers were not the only people who were shocked by Nintendo's Wii performance at E3 2006. Several game publishers were also floored by the new Wii-mote control system and how the audience embraced it. However, unlike the jaded gamers who can simply admit to their premature predictions and enjoy what's to come, game publishers are expected to suffer, particularly this holiday season.

Nintendo's new Wii console, with a $200 - $250 price tag and no predicted manufacturing problems, is now expected to win the console wars of Holiday 2006. Since consoles and games go hand in hand, those game publishers who missed the boat early on will not reap the rewards of the Wii's early days. However, those who jumped in the boat, or, perhaps, those who got a better view of the boat before jumping in, will revel in Nintendo's success.

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Posted by Allison on July 26, 2006 9:21 AM | | Comments (0)

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Thanks to the Japanese-only release of the "Nintendo DS Cooking Navigator", you, too, can learn how to make sushi, along with 200 more Japanese delicacies. Of course, you'd have to know how to read and speak Japanese in order to prepare the dishes properly, as the 200 recipes on the cartridge are written in Japanese, and you have to tell your DS when you're ready for the next step, but beggars can't be choosers, can they?

No word, yet, on any non-Japanese versions of the software becoming available. However, since it sold over 100,000 copies in the first two days of its release, I'd expect some version of it to come our way within the year.

Here's the story of one person's adventures making Sweet and Sour Pork via the Nintendo DS.
And here you will find a Japanese commercial for the software.

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Posted by Allison on July 27, 2006 8:06 AM | | Comments (0)

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"Video games that never got made" is the theme of the Photoshop contest at Worth1000.com. Check it out for a few laughs. Among my favorites were "EA Sports' Caddyshack Bush Wood Country Club Tour 1980", "World Cup Hooligans", and "Resident Smeagol"

Posted by Allison on July 28, 2006 8:14 AM | | Comments (1)

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'TimeShift', the time-bending first person shooter from Vivendi Games' Sierra Entertainment (formerly to be published by Atari) will have some excellent Hollywood voice talent in the form of Dennis Quaid, Michael Ironside, and Nick Chinlund. Quaid, of course, has starred in many films including "Innerspace" and "Parent Trap" starring Lindsay Lohan. Michael Ironside is best known to me as Jester from "Top Gun" ("hee-haw, Jester's dead" - Goose), but is perhaps better known in videogame-dom as the voice of Sam FIsher in the 'Splinter Cell' games. He has long and varied careers in TV and Movies...one of those guys that is in everything but you couldn't pick him out of the crowd. I'm not as familiar with Nick Chinlund. He was in "The Chronicles of Riddick" and various TV and smaller movie roles, including "Desperate Housewives". The game is due out in September for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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Posted by Jeremy on July 28, 2006 8:17 AM | | Comments (0)

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Many sources are reporting that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual industry event held in L.A., is dead as we know it. No longer are thousands of "game industry" types going to be allowed to browse amongst the latest offerings. Instead, the event will be downsized and will welcome only a select group of retailers and journalists for a more honed and directed show. The major reason for this is that there is some belt-tightening going on at the major publishers, most notably EA. Many have complained about the cost-to-benefit ratio of staffing, travel, displaying, making demos, competing for attention, etc.

UPDATE: The ESA has made their announcement. E3 will now be a, "more intimate event focused on targeted, personalized meetings and activities." Continue Reading....for the full press release.

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CVG is reporting on some internet buzz that 'Metal Gear Solid' creator, Hideo Kojima, will be designing the Snake level in the upcoming Wii game, 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl'. As we reported a while back, Kojima agreed to include the iconic Snake as a character in the fighting game. Word that he is to design the level as well will probably put some 'SSB' fans over the edge.

Posted by Jeremy on July 31, 2006 10:41 AM | | Comments (0)

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I'm not going to lie to you. 'Monster House' was a disappointing game on every level. The characters move uncomfortably, there are glitches, saves are a problem, and it's oddly difficult for a game that's attractive, primarily, to kids. Of course, the reason it's difficult goes back to the fact that the characters move uncomfortably, and saves can be way back in the game.

With that being said, we put together this guide to try to lessen the frustration for you. We're hoping our strategies will help you (and, possibly, your kids) feel less hostile toward a game based on a great movie. Also, if you go in with low expectations, it's possible you may even like the game (although it's not likely). So, with the bar set as low as it can go, we present to you the LB 'Monster House' Walkthrough and Strategy Guide!!!!

Printable Monster House Walkthrough

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