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Top 10 Playstation 3 missteps

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Posted by Jeremy on April 30, 2007 7:26 AM
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The Playstation 3 has had a bumpy ride thus far. Over the past few months I've opined about various wrong turns and I even offered Sony a piece of my mind, for free (I'm still waiting for that 32" Bravia as a thank you...geez), called How to save the PS3.

Today, however, I figured I'd come up with a nice, easy-to-read top 10 list of the missteps Sony has made. So, without further adieu, here we go...

10 - The "Spiderman" font. Why choose a font that already stands for something? It only serves to distract the gamer and make him/her think about Spiderman when they should be thinking about the PS3. On another note, I'm very excited about this week's debut of Spider-Man 3. See, I'm already thinking of something that's not the PS3 by just mentioning the font. My spidey senses are tingling...in a bad way.

9 - Lack of force feedback (vibration) in the controller. Much was made about Sony's decision to emulate the Wii's tilt motion controls. Whether or not you think Sony ripped it off is beside the point. The fact that they couldn't figure out how to get vibration and motion control into the controller, and then, as cover, came out and said vibration is overrated and not necessary, really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

8 - Lack of HD cables. Yet another poor decision by Sony who ostensibly claimed that the true HD buff would want to purchase their own cables when it seems Sony was just too cheap to throw in the very cables that would make the PS3's highly touted HD visuals come to life. This is an example of how being cheap actually ended up costing Sony money.

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7 - Underestimating the Wii. Sony should have been more prepared for a battle for the hearts and minds of gamers, which Nintendo has definitely won. The $250 Wii should have been on Sony's radar as a potential threat, but their hubris allowed them to ignore it and put it down. Sony, therefore, effectively put down the gamers who would buy a Wii, thus making many of us not want to buy a PS3, just out of principle.

6 - The constant putting down of the customer. Number 7 leads into this one. Sony, throughout much of last year, continually put down their customers, saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, that they should shut up about the price and stop complaining. The PS3 is a good value, they constantly reiterated. Then, there are a variety of classic quotes including one referring to US gamers as "cheap".

5 - Coming out with two versions. A good deal of talk prior to the launch dealt with what console had what. Card reader? 20GB or 60GB HDD? Why confuse the buyer? Why distract the buyer? And, to the average person, $500 and $600 are the same thing: both prices are prohibitively expensive. There's a reason why the 20GB version was discontinued.

4 - No plan for online play at launch. Playstation "Home" was announced last month, three months after launch. You know, you can tout your online gaming capabilities all you want, but if you don't have a plan at launch, then one of your key features is really just a lie, isn't it?

3 - No "must have" games at launch. Console launch lineups are notoriously sparse and many bad games can be forgiven, but the Playstation 3's launch lineup was one of the worst to date. "Resistance Fall of Man" was the only semi-hit and most of the remainder of the games were ports of older games. Compare that to the 360's Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 2, Kameo: Elements of Power, and Project Gotham Racing 3 and the Wii's Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Sports.

2 - Blu-Ray. Who cares about Blu-Ray? My guess is about 73 people. Okay, okay, I know it's slightly more than that...like 82. My point is that videophiles care about Blu-Ray. That was who bought the launch PS3s, not gamers. This fact escaped Sony and was a fundamental error. Gamers needed to have been the focus, not the living room entertainment crowd. To tell you the truth, I don't care if my game comes on Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, DVD, CD, or cardboard. A good game is a good game and to tie Sony's hopes for the adoption of Blu-Ray to the PS3 was, and is, a disservice to gamers.

1 - Price. $600 for a console? Even if it was gold-plated, dusted with saffron, and served caviar out of its disc tray the average gamer wouldn't pay $600 for a console. Again, gamers are a lot smarter than Sony gives them credit for. We all know that the price will drop between year one and year two, which is about the same time that some decent games will be out for it. In the meantime, gamers will continue to play their PS2s, Wiis, and 360s until there is a compelling game and a price break.

UPDATE: Before you comment about how I'm a fanboy and I don't know what I'm talking about, please read today's post, Top 10 Playstation 3 missteps - the redux.

Comments (30)

Just a few things i would like to comment on. The font, do you know why they chose it? It had something to do with copyright. If it was a smart move or not is one thing, but the choice of font has its story, think its important to know that.

Cheap is relative so if Sony refered to PS3 as cheap, it can both be right and wrong. Its not cheap compared to the other competitive consoles, but comparing to what it cost to make it, its cheap. Is a Ferrari to $200.000 cheap if the acctual retail price is $400.000?

No plan for online play at launch? I'm positive that both Resistance and Motor Storm were online compatible from day one.

The comment about Bluray, why do you say its a negative thing. I'm glad Sony chose a move future friendly format than DVD. Many games today are already pushing the 8.4GB magical size line so what will happend in 2-3 years? Games have only increased in size since the first games came out in the 70s.

You do make some valid points tho, like the 2 versions (same goes for 360 tho). Me myself think its better to just stick to one model. Some childish/fanboy remarks on #9 and #10 tho, but i can live with that hehe :P

I take back what i said about childish/fanboy comments, but the first lines at #9 seems alittle like it ;) Dunno if that was your intentions tho, so i take it back :)

I love the PS2 games and when I sow the PS3 games line up I just didn't care about the price. Then I sow the wii line up and whent like those idiots, Gamecube 2 anyone?. I went I got a PS3 on late November. I have only play DEMO games because Resistance is just too expensive $60 for a freeking game. Story short, I have not touch the PS3 since late December. I manage to get a Nintendo Wii and I have been playing the shit out the Wii games. Freaking Sony whare my Devil M Cry, FF, GOD, MGS, shit where is anything. Freaking show me some gemes on this next generation piece of garbage.

P.S Nintendo Wii, I was so wrong about your games line up, price range, you lack of processor spead, lack of HD or blue ray shit. You keep me same.


Agreed on the "cheap is relative" perspective, and yes, that's true. My point is Sony should not have tried to build such an expensive console, putting it out of range for the average consumer. The Blu-Ray diodes were so hard to come by and so expensive that choosing to use Blu-Ray caused delays and costs to soar, which, I feel impacted later decisions of them being cheap, like not including an HD cable.

As for online play, yes, the games are compatible, but I was talking about a full fledged Xbox Live experience with a central location for all of the online content, which they will accomplish with Home. The fact that Sony kept stating that we have everything the Xbox 360 has was very misleading.

As for being a fan boy, I strive not to be. I enjoy all of my consoles, just in different ways. And, I really don't care if Sony copied Nintendo on the controller front because good things get copied. My point is that Sony rushed it out without figuring out how to put vibration in, which is pathetic for a powerhouse technology company like Sony.

As a true gamer since day one, I am now 38, I have to say your top ten is obsurd! You, sir can only speak for yourself... not the general public, and certainly not me! The PlayStation 3 is everything I had hoped for and more. Better yet, it's evolving daily to even more than promised!

You are probably too young to remember the 3D0 when it came out in the early 90's, but it was more expensive then ($699.99) than the PS3 is now. I gladly threw down then and STILL enjoy that system NOW with my kids with timeless games such as "Twisted". (side note...more family oriented games are needed for us original gamers who are now raising families of our own)

Now PS3 being $600.00 for what it is, in my opinion, is a bargain. For you, this may be your first console purchase that you had to pay for by yourself without your parents help. For this reason, $600.00 may be steep to you.

As far as the technology crammed in there, including Blu-Ray, it's for a system that will last for a decade plus...not something that needs add-on gimmictry to keep up. (add up the add-ons for the X-Bunk 360 and you will see the PS3 is not the most expensive system. Oh ya, be sure to include your monthly online fees to boot! jeez, what a joke!)

I have seen EVERY launch for a game system to date and in that time not ONE has had a enough quality titles at launch time. I am not sure of your employment status, but if you work in the video game industry, you need to do your homework better before publishing this garbage.

I could go on and on, but I have to get back to doing something productive, like work.

Just MY $.02

Sorry, but you just sound like a moaning fanboy, or a sony fan that think he's had it bad. Your reasonings are ****, all this crap about how sony treat the customers, that was ages ago and its not going to effect the sales in the mass market... EVERYONE forgets its about the mass market.. Not a small % of hardcore gamers, who are mainly going to be buying the 360 due to it's FPS.

At the moment, as it stands, people are stupid to question the ps3 at this moment on sales alone, it's just stupid to think ALOT of people (MASS MARKET) would pay this amount of money when no amazing games are out.. OBVIOUSLY NOT!!! But they will when the AWESOME lineup of games including intuitive eyetoy camera games, and singsstar u know GAMES that appeal to the mass market, sony arent stupid. HAVE you seen the japanese Top awaited games? Its dominated by SONY! Take the top spot by DS, they top 5 are PS3..

It's late out the gates, just wait and see whos top this time next year.

Sick of all this negitivity towards the ps3, its the best peace of kit out there and the price is **** ALL.. Sorry im from UK and its expensive here, its like £425... $850 or summet, all u americans do is fucking moan about prices, my top end pc cost me £1,200 ($2,400) and my Ps3 pisses on it allover it folds 3x faster than my f00king intel 5600 dual core.

I've removed the STFU up bit, so please approve taken me ages to write this.

Great points until the halfway mark...
#4: Resistance, Motorstorm, Ridge Racer 7, Call of Duty 3, along with the Playstation store and free demos/games

#3: umm, throwing the Xbox 360 comparison just completely throws off any point you could have made. The games you listed for Xbox 360 sold less and garnered less critical acclaim than just about every PS3 title (Xbox 360 = worst launch titles). Good point on the Wii though.

#2: Look at the interviews from developers now supporting Blu-Ray. With the increase in game data, we need a dramatic increase in size. 9 GB won't cut it for 2007 games, let alone 2008, 2009, 2010. Also, its pretty hard to go back to watching DVDs after watching a movie in Blu-Ray.

#1: Yes, it is a expensive console, but as the year progresses, acceptance towards the price and the console itself seems to be more widespread. You do get a lot of bang for your buck.

Only a self-hating gamer would publish such a thing because the response is almost always negative.

Even the thoughtful responses are negative. Then the "fanboy" attacks. I have learned that those who call "fanboy" tend to be the biggest of the fanboys. A classic case of projection.

And the Bean is anything but fanboyish. You have made clear that the PS3 has failed thus far but always say it will ultimately do fine. Not as fine as the PS2 but fine. I agree. If people don't see that the launch was a miserable failure and that Sony did something really wrong then they are not lookin. ask Ken Kutaragi about that. No reason to serve up attacks because of it. Learn from the mistakes.

I think its a good piece. I like the disagreement that follows. Whether its thoughtful or ANGRY GAMER it makes for a good read. Perhaps that is why you go through this punishment.

As a lady I want another mistake added to the pile. Zero appeal to women. Cut out the ladies cut out a good number of gamers AND the moms who buy the consoles.


Shawn> your are right: PS3 is the next 3DO!!

(for the ppl in usa: I just used irony in the last line)

I better pay only 1 time 600$, then 5 times 300$ for every year breaking xbox360.

Oh, and just as an FYI, here's the info on why the Spider-Man font was used: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/03/29/ken-kutaragi-insisted-on-spider-man-font-for-ps3/

It was a Ken Kutaragi decision (and we know where he is now) which was made because Sony already owned the rights to the font, which was alluded to correctly in an earlier comment.

Still, there is no reason that a HUGE company like Sony should or would be worried about creating a new font for a new product.

I think that Kutaragi a) thought it was a cool font and/or b) thought that by summoning one of Sony's best money-making movies of all time, it would impart magical qualities on the PS3.

To justify his decision, I think he claimed that he was protecting Sony corporate from possible lawsuits and problems by creating a new font, which is silly.

I've read dumb stuff before.. but this is just unbelievable. Font is Font. I think it looks cool. K good enough for me. To even apply that as a misstep? I knew the article poorly developed just after reading that one. I'm not even a Sony fan boy. I don't really have the time to be play games anymore like I used too, but I'm trying more these days. My uncle got a wii, My friend got an Xbox 360, and with all this hype during console launches... I thought I'd get involved again. I always read these articles and here is why Jeremy's opinions are extremely inferior.

#9... I did and always will think that vibration is dumb. Honestly, making my finger shake cause some dude chopped me did nothing for me on ps2 and I could care less if it comes back.

#8. I'm all about getting more bang for my buck. but you honestly expect them to give out free cables when the blue ray player alone is almost $1000 bucks. I get the impression your the type of person that stocks up on ketchup packets when you order out.

#7. Like I said my uncle bought the wii, and he loves it. he brought it to my house.. my mom and dad who have never played video games ever bowled.. they had fun. the wii is not for gamers!! Its a kids toy. Its fun for 20 mins. Its $250 bucks. I'm thinking of getting one for guests to mess around with when they visit. Obviously why its outsold the next gen consoles. We rented marvel alliance for it. Brought it back just to get the ps2 version. Waving that wand around while not having a party going or kids around is a waste of time. I'm glad Nintendo is still around and doing well. They have capitalized on there market: Children. I loved Nintendo as a kid, but this machine really shouldn't be compared to Xbox or Sony... much different leagues. It levels the playing feel too much. Great 7 billion more Mario's. The bastard is paper now.. wtf!

#6. I do believe the ps3 to be a good value for what’s under the hood, paraphrasing here sucks.

#5. Finally.. we agree. there should have been no 20 gig. Big misstep though? not really.

#4. For this one I would have given you they rush out there console at launch... but a lie? "not so much" Do you think they are lying about home? Resistance online is one of the most fun and easy things to do. I can sign on and be playing in a game online in 30 seconds.

#3.. Your right, there was no Killer launch title. Although I do enjoy playing resistance multiplayer. But is this really a misstep??? Lets see.. what was the biggest console seller this Christmas??? Mega man, your about as smart as the guy who wrote this article - It was the PS2. Sony didn't really need for there machine to sell like hot cakes. With developer knowing the ins and outs to the ps2, right now the ps2 can stand toe to toe with any of these next gen console games. But by the time ps2 ends its life cycle the ps3's library will be built nicely. Developers will have learned how to harness the machines raw power by then. (being an IT profession I can appreciate the power under the hood). PS2 has some phenomenal games (GOW2!!) and are very cheap. So many people have large ps2 library’s. Buying a ps3 when your ready so you can play all the old ones with all the new ones makes a lot of sense. Please don't pull that non compatibility card, through updates there’s like less than 5% that don't work and its retarded games like Fantavision. All my games for ps2 work so its a mute point that a hand full do not.

#2. Saw the blue ray set up on a 1080p TV at best buy. Wow... A very big reason why I wanted this machine. An utterly amazing addition to any home entertainment system. It's actually annoying how movies "need" to be watched at my house now. 2 of my friends had to get HD TVs.. they didn't realize how crappy there TV was until they saw a blue ray DVD. That’s what made me most upset about Xbox360... probably one of the key factors of why I went with Sony. 400 bucks no HD player?? where’s my next gen movie player?? $200 for the HD movie player add on? are you serious? So $600 bucks anyway. HD is the lesser of the 2 formats. Why get the lesser one especially with the way sales are going it doesn't even look like HD is gonna be around much longer. You can see by just going to blockbuster. Blue Ray shelf is crammed. HD.. not so much. I'm very pleased with this addition.

#1. I love the blue ray player.. its the cheapest on the market.. and even rated the best. Very excited to see the Cell Processor's capability in the future. "you get what you pay for" I've been enjoying the hell out of Oblivion, Resistance and MotorStorm. I'm glad that Xbox360 owners will be able to play DMC4. But you know Sony won't let all there exclusives get away. FFXII and Metal gear are most likely not going anywhere. God of war 3... Sony made. Lair looks bad ass. The ps2 was $300 bucks when it came out. Bring back your PS2 (everyone’s probably got one) to Game Stop and a few games get the ps3 for 450 bucks. Well well worth it.

Sorry for the long rant and any misspellings. I can take the fanboy articles …. everyone’s a fan of something, whether its sports or consoles.. whatever. What I can’t take is haters. These points are ridiculous anyway.

Christ, just what the world needed. Another day, another expert opining on how Sony doesn't know what they're doing.

* YAWN *

Get lost, the only reason I bought PS3 is for blu-ray, if there was a version without blu-ray there is no way it would have even sold. So don't tell me blu-ray was a blunder.

I would say that even though some of your points are valid. But about the pricing, you must take the whole price into consideration.

XBox 360: Xbox Live for 7 years = £50 x 5 = £350

Sony PS3: Sony Onlne for 7 years = Free

Sony PS3 = £425 in the UK

Xbox 360 = £300 + £350 to go online after paying for a ISP.

So when all considered, not that expensive. Sony also made the promise of the PS3 lasting 10 years. Even if it only makes 7 it works out to less than 18p a day.

You speak of what Sony has done wrong, but how about what Nintendo and Microsoft have done right? They have proven that they have learnt from previous mistakes.

Sony to me only made 2 mistakes, they should have released the console 6 months earlier and should have had at least one killer app out the door themselves.

For me though what you have said took me back around 8 years ago, the PS2 had just come out and everyone slated it. Its price of £375 (only £50 less than the PS3), it having a DVD drive (you wont need that storage capacity or so they said) and finally slow sales. What happened when the first decent Sony exclusive came out???

good point missteps

i went to gamestop w/ my ps2, and a handful of games at the right time and got my ps3 for $230

im a little disappointed about no guitar hero,though

slag off the ps3 all ye want.
Truth is Microsoft are cacking themselves, why else would they release a brand new xbox 360 :P.

As for online play, wtf....i.e RFOM = 40 players, Gears of war = 8 players ?.

And Blue-ray holds more data, so why would we want to stick with a lower format,...i guess thats why microsoft named the new xbox "360"...cos it dont matter how long u follow them for , ya gonna end up back at "SQUARE ONE"

All points are pretty accurate in my opinion...mostly point #1 .

I have to say that at least half of this list is bogus....... And if it hasn't been said already about #2, the PS3 uses Blue-Ray Discs for GAMES. Not only movies.... the 50 gigs of game space really helps......

2 - Blu-Ray. Who cares about Blu-Ray?

well nearly 80% of the people who already bought ps3

what a load of bull, this is all out of date and personal opinion

I only agree with two of these. Lack of force feedback and lack of online on day one. So change your list to 2 mistake fanboy.

I totally agree with the person who wrote the big story missteps: | April 30, 2007 6:17 PM

and another note for blu-ray: some of the future 360-games will come out on 2 or even 3 DVD's, That's ridiculous! PS3 won't have such problems because of the maximum of 50GB storage! :)

btw I like the 360, but I like the PS3 just a little bit better;)

This guy is ridiculous. You can argue everyone of his points in the opposite side...most being completely false.

When stretched for good, or even useful content, always go with a top 10 list... it's sure to evoke emotion, no matter how you make up the list...

Heck, 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot, at least 34% of the people on the internet know that! Sheesh!


Fun reading. Agreeing with most of it. I let the PS3 stay in the store just because of the price alone. Still got a couple of comments tho.

Force Feedback was let out because of the ongoing trial about the patent, probably beeing included soon since the owner and Sony came out of it agreeing on a deal (my hopes are up!).

When it comes to the Blue-ray I think they both missed the market and hit it right on the spot.
They greatly missed the average gamer and there is no doubt about that, even so, since Sony is one of the major investors in the BR development and really needed BR to get a head start to HD-DVD (yes the porn industry chose HD-DVD, which is a big hit to BR) to make it florish and get stronger implementing BR in PS3 was probably a great idea. Not only did Sony have a working BR player which would kick up the BR market, but it was cheap compared to other BR players out there.

So all in all I agree with Sony missing their original market of gamers, but they probably opened up and increased the chance of ruling the next generation of disc storage. They may have lost the battle, but have a greater shot on the war you might say! =)

The only thing left to say is that the rumble was not in the controller because there was a lawsuit between sony and the makers of dualshock.

Lets think of it like this. What if Sony would have had 2 huge titles for launch, a good line up of games around them, and Online completed from day 1. BUT pulled everything from being in production on PS2, just pulled everything and put it all on the PS3. Could you imagine Sony putting people in the position where consumers HAD to shell out $600 to keep gaming with them. That would be absurd. Sony is not forcing anyone to do anything at this time. Its simple. They will continue to make great games for PS2 that are probably just as good as all the next gen games out(at this point in time). And whenever you are ready get yourself a ps3 as that’s where sonys future will go (if you even want one). There new machine certainly does not give them any restrictions on the quality of there future games. And considering Sonys past.. I think its a good bet to trust in them. If you want one, save $200 a month and get one.

Not such a far fetched strategy. Doesn't this sound like a familiar format? I think Sony actually stole this process from Microsoft. For example, If a company has a server running windows 98 or 2000 and you call Microsoft for help. They will not help you. They are no longer supported... there life cycle has ended. This is Microsoft’s way of pushing you to the most recent update. Don't get me wrong... When XP came out .. its not like the stopped supporting windows 2003 but eventually it will happen. (on a side note.. Microsoft is asking Dell to stop putting xp on new machines all together... seems Microsoft is making a serious push for vista... interesting to see how they handle this progression) I'm figuring I'd be pumping about the same amount of money into my home computer as I would as an Xbox 360 when I buy Vista and the memory to support it. So that’s my contribution to Microsoft, I'll play Halo when it comes on PC.

Point of that whole thing was that like Microsoft with computers, Sony has a large fan base with its games and they stuck to a good format.

Looking at the big picture, I think they’re doing everything very well

You have a point. PS3 was probably designed for people like me. I can spend 600 (Euros in my case) and it happily connects with my high end stereo and 32" HD panel. The PS3 replaces my DVD player, is a cheap BD player and houses my music collection. Web browsing and playing games is a nice bonus.

For me, #4, #6, and #9 are the most annoying missteps. Sony seems to try extra hard to annoy European customers too. #5 was not an issue here. Europe only got the 60 GB version. Sony shouldn't release that rumored 80 GB version unless it replaces the 60 GB version. Why pay for a 'XL' version when you can upgrade the disk to any size yourself?

Another misstep is that the non-game functions of the PS3 aren't really that great. Why is the PS3 so noisy? Why does it consume so much power? Why are so many standard features missing from the audio player?

Don't get me wrong. I love my PS3. But it just doesn't feel like a well thought out product. Perhaps PS3 should have been two different machines Not an all-in-one.

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