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Interesting cure for the Xbox 360 red light

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Posted by Lunabean on May 16, 2007 2:59 PM
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While this method is certainly not new, it's the first time I've ever seen it in action, so, as a public service to all unfortunate gamers with frozen X360s displaying the red ring of death, give this method a try before taking any serious action.

What you'll need:
Broken Xbox 360
2 Towels

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Comments (105)

Wow, it worked. Thanks a lot!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I ordered these other directions from this other website. Spent two days and $40 to try and fix it. Nothing worked. I saw your video and in 20-30 minutes my Xbox worked. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Wolf.

bro i wanna say THANK YOU very much! I dont know how long this is going to last.. But such an off the wall idea ended up working....Crazy... But thankyou! and how long has everyones XboX working since the Red light? has it happened again?

i from da Bahamas n dis work fa real so try it n c

Daaaaaaaaamn, it wooooooooooorks hahaha never thought it would, wierdest trick ever, ho long can i have thge towels on before it burns? =)


I Can't believe but it actually worked. That's freaking nuts. Thank A lot man huge savior. Leave it to microsoft to have a problem able to be temp fixed like that.

Hey ive tried it, covered it up with towels, turned it on and let it run for 30 minutes, then turned it off, and let it cool down, and turn it on again, just didnt work. am I doing anything wrong?

Please help

it worked awesome thank you


this really works no jokes, my 360 showed the ring of death after an update from ace combat 6. I bought my 360 from a friend and had no warranty etc. It works brilliantly now, this even fixed the freezing that was occuring during gameplay in armoured core. Highly recommended technique. I thought it was game over....I don't know the technical side, but it works. If it doesnt try again, the xbox doesnt get that hot (i checked every few minutes (as it sounds like a fire hazard). Insane but I don't care!!!!

Hey this works. Thanks alot for saving me money getting it fixed.

It's said that the Xbox 360's is assembled with a cheap type of non-lead solder that, when repeatedly heated and cooled, can become bridal leading to form cracks.

I can't say for 100%, but knowing how hot the Xbox 360 gets, it might just be enough to loosen the solder to the point that it could fill the cracks that were formed...

Just an idea...

This problem brought me back to the good old days when the NES would flicker when you would turn it on. Out of ALL the possible solutions this would have been the last thing I would have thought of....the scary part is, it worked. How long is another question, I am still going to send it in to Mircosoft so I can get a replacment. Life will be so sad without the box.

Holy cow....worked like a charm. I turned it back on after following the instructions and said to myself "no way this works." I couldn't have been more wrong. I turned it on, put my game in and haven't had a problem since. Thanks so much.

yeah ive tried it and it doesnt seem to work should i keep trying or just give up cuz ive tried it like 2-4 times now :s

does anyone know how long this wonderful solution lasts for, and does it work again.

i did this the firts my 360 croaked and it worked fine... it worked for a very long time but after i stopped playing for about a month i went to turn it on and it was back to the lights...lately i have been getting this problem repeatedly--- about 8 times this week.. i keep doing small fixes like this one but it doesn't last forever-- i guess ill eventually have to send it in--- it will be a sad day.

But Hey--- it works for a while and is worth it- give it a try

I also just had this problem although I fixed it another way.

Turn off the XBOX and unplug all the cables from the back. Also take out the power cable from the wall. Wait 10 secs. Plug all back in and lay it on its long side and turn it on. For me this fixed the problem.

The problem started when I used it for the first time after 3 weeks away over xmas. I wonder if the cold had anything to do with it. I guess it needs love (regular playing) or it breaks :)

WOW. I was one of the biggest skeptics that this would work. My 360 had the red lights of death. I felt that the condition couldn't get any worse so I tried it. To my surprise it actually worked. This saved me lots of money. I thank whoever found this.


I have just repaired my 360 in about 20 mins 3 red lights problem......

After hours of playing, the CPU and GPU move away from the board and need to be re-seated this is caused from the board heating up.
I read up about cutting down rubbers and sticking them on the memory chips putting a blanket over the whole thing for 20 mins yeah right un-leaded solder being the problem blah blah


All you need is 8 screws M5x12, 32 M5 steel washers, 16 nylon washers, all washers must be 1mm thick
remove old X-CLIPS and follow the detailed instructions on the link below....

Well, at first it worked for about 10-20minutes and then it fuking froze again. Now it don't fuking word at all, but thank you



Do not do the towel trick bad bad bad if it does work for you then it will only be a few weeks till it goes wrong again if not hours

This is the way to permanently fix it below....

Take the thing apart remove xclips bend them a little so they clip on with more force then put the whole thing back together and turn back on with red lights flashing for 20 mins then turn off leave to cool for 5-10 mins and then turn it on again if this don't work do the trick with the screws.

The 360 is hard to take apart because of the tool you need for the back but, you can make one from a cd holder case http://www.biline.ca/360_open.htm


you will see copy and paste the links

The towel is a bad idea


but trust me it works a treat


Thanks for all of the help, as I know you just want people to get their Xboxes working. However, the same post in a couple of days could be considered spammy...or advertising your site. Again, thanks, but your site is now noted. We'll definitely point people to it if they find themselves in trouble.

Worked for me first try. I will post again if it doesn't last to let you know how long it goes

I was so scared, I had those lights for like 2 days, then after reading this i went up to fix it and I checked it before I did anything and it worked, It was really weird

I was so scared, I had those lights for like 2 days, then after reading this i went up to fix it and I checked it before I did anything and it worked, It was really weird

I was so scared, I had those lights for like 2 days, then after reading this i went up to fix it and I checked it before I did anything and it worked, It was really weird

hey my 360 just started messing up and basically what u have to do is open it and using a hot air gun melt the solder on it so itll cover all the connections back up... the towel... or whatver heating idea does just that, dunno guess ill go to steamroom with my 360 :D

d bst thng to do is just call microsft they will snd u a box, snd dem yr xbox they will repair if they wnt be able to they will snd u a new one , they snded m a new one

You sir are a legend this worked and my 360 is working again. I have had this console 3 years and recently purchased a high def dvd player for it so was almost ready to hunt down every member of microsofts organisation andkill them. I don't know how long this will work for but I hope a long time.cheers

Hey there I got a great site that show you how to fix xbox 360 problems like the red light error http://how-to-fix-xbox-360-problems.blogspot.com/

i like very much US & A

It works, cheers mate.

I'm am amazed. I sold my XBOX 360 to pay a fine, which I wish I would have just gone to jail but I didnt have one anymore. Well, I fixed a computer for this guy and he gave me a broken 360 for payment. I didnt think I could make it work. I already got the empty box on the way but now I dont want to send it away because overheating it worked. Thats awesome. I love you dude. Thank You!

zac thank you man, mine was in the red, i unplugged everything, plugged everything back in and it is working again. thanks again!

It worked. I think this is too good to be true, and just way too fracking easy to fix something Microsoft manufactured. 15 minutes... 2 towels... 1 fixed XBox 360.

ayo, good lookin out. haha i love it

Hi everyone

I would not try this with my machine.

I don't know if I am allowed to write an webadress here but I try and hope that I am not breaking any rules.
Otherwise I have put the address in my website field.

I did come a across this page http://amazh.110mb.com/xbox360.php on stumbleupon that worked for me.
It did cost about $25 but it was well worth it in my opinion.

Hope it helps others with the same issue.

Skeptical at first, but I tried the trick. It worked like a charm. Thanks bro, big help!

does it only help 4 3 red lights

Well I've wrapped mine up and waiting for it right now... Can't help to think that this is bullshit, but if it does work, many thanks.

i tried the towel thing, and it didnt sound like a healthy thing to do for the xbox, but it did work, but unfortunately only for a few hours...

Anyone, I just got an xbox 360 from my friend and i don't know if the warranty is over yet but i know it's is/was for 3 years and it is the xbox with the silver DVD ROM plate! So the warranty should not be over just yet because the xboxes with the silver plates were made in sometime in late 2006/2007

So i am missing the bottom of the xbox, you know the gray piece opposite from the hard drive's side, and i don't know if Microsoft will take it... I really truly hope they do because i want an xbox 360 really bad!!!!

So please wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

And teh towel trick works but how????

the towel trick works temporarily...but you really need a guide in order to fix permanent

omg it actually works wud neva have dreamed that it would then i tried it and it did WOW what a relief

ευχαριστω ευχαριστω ευχαριστω!!!!!! χιλια ευχαριστω!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! δουλεψε !!!!!!!!!

towel is probably a bad idea, but easy short time fix. if your warranty is out, open it up and just inspect the soldering and resolder bad spots instead so you dont fry all the parts by a towel

This is not advisable to do on your expensive XBox!

What is does is overheat the console and therefore the loosened joins re-solder themselves. It will eventually disconnect again, and who knows what else you are damaging in your XBox by doing this! It is a well known fact that the lifespan of components in a computer are shortened after overheating.

Rather send it to Microsoft to be fixed or fix it yourself with a reputable guide.

Take a look at this article for more information:

haha wow um thats great and all but i have sumthin no1 prlys has had
i have the ring of death on my regular xbox and its even wierder
when i turn it on it shuts off by its self then turns on by itsself again and then the green light flashes red

how do you covor up the back if the plugs are in the way?

if i dont have a Wii, will this still work?

IT WORKED. Don't know for how long, but I've been back up for 1 hour so far...

LMFAO, dont send it to Microsoft for repairs just use some towels hahhaa :D

but seriously how do towels fix the biggest technical error in the Xbox 360??


I was debating to get an Xbox because they seem quite decent, but judging from the comments on here, i don't know if its worth paying a wad of my hard earned cash for a console thats destined to break down .... hmmmm.....

I can't even begin to tell you how many problems I had with my Xbox 360, I had them so much that by the end of it, I knew everything about them so much so, that I started fixing them part time on the side!

I even made a nice little blog about the different error codes http://xbox360repairfix.blogspot.com
and repair techniques you can use to fix them...

Everyone knows, when your Xbox 360 goes down, its not fun, that's for sure and the best thing you can do is learn how to fix it yourself.

you lied to me?

LOL. omg this actually worked for me! thanks man. still can't believe it!

I thought to myself this will never work & that it was too good to be true..... BUT it really does work.

Thanks a million for sharing this technique mate :-)

After trying the towel method a few times and failing, my cousin forwarded me a recommendation from howtofixyourxbox.blogspot.com of how to fix it... The guide he recommended worked great for me. It's been 4 months now and no more problems!! =)

THANK YOU....!!!!!1....I just moved house i plugged my xbox 360 in and i got the 3 red lights, i thought great ive broken my 360 so i felt gutted. But after reading all the comments on this website i thought hey why not give this method a go. It ACTUALLY woRked and im so chuffed. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! MAN

Wow! It actually worked! I was suspicious at first and thought it might be a possible fluke, but it seems that overheating the Xbox 360 causes some type of ventilation device to turn on. I could hear the fans get louder while I left it on. Anyway, thanks for the tip!!

This worked great for me. Like others have said, the mechanism for this is that overheating causes the damaged solder connections to melt and reconnect. They break in the first place, because the poor design of the X-Clamps flexes and puts pressure on those connections.

Okay, I was pretty convinced this was going to be nonsense, but I thought i would try it anyway.

Wrapped it in towels and left it for 15 mins, didn't do anything, but it hadn't felt that warm, so I tried it again with it wrapped in more layers for longer.

Took out the HDD and switched it on....and it worked! Switched it off again, put the HDD back in, but the red lights were back....so, not ready to give up I switched it off, took out the HDD, switched it on. It worked again and I put in the HDD again....seems okay so far!

Ok four words: LISTEN TO THIS GUY!!!!!!! I know you're skeptical, I was too, but hey you're box ix busted so you might as well give it a try even if you don't think it'll work, I swear it will. You're awesome man thank you.

Thanks! I tried it and it worked the first time! I am now my children's hero! My husband was pretty happy to hear it worked, too. I hope it stays working!

Worked for me as well. Did some other reading around and this trick seems to work for anywhere from hours to months. So we will see. I will just buy another system if it goes down again, I got it when it first came out so 3 years for any type of electronics is good by me.


Has anyone out there heard back from these other sites trying to sell you a descriptive video on how to fix the red light problem?
Every search engine I try seems to take me back to the same site http://xbox-360-fix.com/360RedLightFix/ Has anyone tried it?

Just for anyone who's wondering, the 'red ring of death' is only valid if there are only THREE lights on the xbox symbol. If all FOUR lights are on, it is not the ring of death, but a simple power bar problem (In most cases, just the connection is loose). So, if any of you commentors had four lights, and covered it with towels, I laugh at you, haha! But, this did fix my red ring of death problem (The three light one).

I did this trick about 5 times before It would no longer work, and luckly, microsoft expanded there warranty. they replaced it for free, even after I beat the shit out of it till the cd rom would no longer open up.

you all pay to fix the red lights???? ring xbox they do it for free.!!! u reli didnt no this, but the towl thing.. sick idea well done mate.

its not omn myxbox is my tool bar it has ared light we i plug it in!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fantastic!!!! Hell of a lot easier than taking this thing apart. Thanks!

didnt work.

you got healing hands my friend

I would not do this as overheating it will cause other parts in the Xbox 360 to become damaged. Also it is only a temporary fix.

If your Xbox 360 is still under the newly extended warranty you can send it to Microsoft to replace. If not then you can find a step by step guide online to fix it yourself. You can find reviews of some of the most popular guides at


This does work, but do this at your risk. It'll burn the other components on the motherboard and is only a short term fix.

Wow!!!!!!! Can not believe this actually worked. Hope it last long enough for my return box to arrive.

It worked it really worked omg this is the shit.......

Thanks a million, I'm now one of the coolest aunties in the world!!!!! very impressive

WTF It worked perfectly!!!!

This works!!!!!!!! I could not believe it the green lights came back on. Try this if your xbox 360 is broken.

hey tried and it worked but played thru a game and it only got up 2 the 2nd screen and stopped there a frustrating problem and im jus gonna leave it and wen i get the time phone xbox and tell them to take it but thanx anyway

wow man, i really really love you! it really works!!!

Well, this worked great for me. My old first-gen is prone to red-rings anyway, but the usual solution of power-cycling the crap out of it didn't work after I downloaded the new update (Oh noes!)

So I tried this tutorial. Got it nice and hot for 30+ minutes (forgot about it for a while) with some sheets and a towel, and let it cool off for 15+ minutes. It's great now. :D

Oh, also:
It's probably a good idea to use a cooling unit like I do. I'm sure it helps keep it stable after you do this trick.

How long it work??

the reason it works is because it burns off the dust that accumulates in the system.

ummm microsoft probably does the same this as explained here so do it ur self ...

dude i start this with this get out its not gonna work at all but at least lets try nothing to loose...and i worked its unbelievable...thx dude but how much did urs worked after that?

hey i got rid of my problem with x box from this site:

OMG! that works!!!! Thanks alot!!!

this works like a fucking charm thanks man!

lmao this is insane cant believe this worked i was very skeptical about this but thought id give it a try before i took the thing apart and goshdarn it worked haha thanks a bunch man =D

A BIG THANKS FROM PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never had my XBOX updated from Microsoft, when I connected it to the 'net and got all my forced updates.......my XBOX puked.

This "fix" works,

The reason why, is that the board overheats and the chip resets to defaults. It should work until Microsuck sends updates to your XBOX.

The sad reality is that XBOX 360 consoles are really having issues with the hardware inside them. I have personally experienced a comically large list of problems: (3) 3 red lights 0020, (2) with disc read error e74, (2) DOA with error e64, several with random audio and video-related issues and one that actually exploded with a faulty PSU. Glad I found this: how to fix xbox 360 e74 error

WOW!!! I cannot believe this. After reading all the comments i was still not sure. I thought oh everything always works for everyone else but never for me. Anyway, wrap up your xbox real good and forget all about it. Im not sure how it is for everyone else but mine shut itself down due to overheating. After that let it cool down, give it a minute and its ready!.

I tried this for my xbox when it broke and for my buddys when his broke but didnt work on either. Was gonna take it to a local repair shop to get it fixed but they were gonna charge $50 a peice :( If you're somewhat tech savvy then check this out Easy Xbox Repair took us a couple of hours but managed to fix it ourselves!

I didn't think it could work.. but it did.. ;)
Thanks Man

I am very excited and encouraged to watching your article. This article is very reliable & incredible. Heartily thanks for your giving out information.

Thanks for this interesting post. Only just found this site and will be sure to bookmark it as all the posts I have read on it so far have been of real quality and value. I feel very excited and satisfying for your article.

Thanks a lot. I'm posting this from the library computer because I no longer have a house. It burned down when the towels caught fire. I'm coming to live with you and I'm bringing 14 of the cats that survived the fire.

My 2 cents... the best solution is to get a newer box. I had to have my son's 360 fixed 3 times for the 3 red light. Finally we just got fed up and bought a new one. Absolutely no problems since.

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