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Air Force uses 'Halo 3' launch to find new recruits

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Posted by Lunabean on September 27, 2007 12:52 PM
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Slip this one in the creepy file.

According to New Hampshire Union Leader, a GameStop in Manchester put on a little Halo 3 launch party which involved a pre-launch Halo 2 tournament. When GameStop managers announced no one under 18 was allowed to play in the tournament (as Halo 2 is a M-rated game), several teens left the store, where they found the event's co-sponsor, local US Air Force recruiters.

While GameStop managers refused to let the kids play Halo 2 inside the store, the recruiters offered these same kids, "...pizza, Mountain Dew and a chance to play Halo 2 on a split screen from the back of a pimped-out military SUV.

While we do not know if any gamers signed their lives over to the Air Force that night, we do know that a similar event for the launch of Madden '08 last month netted two new recruits.

Does this give anyone else the heebeejeebees? Ick.

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Comments (2)

This reminds me of Ender's Game - but instead the gamers are in real jets in real warzones. I'd be more interested in recruiting pilots among gamers if they were used in unmanned and/ or survey drones that saves lives through better planning and removing human actors from the battlefield. Gamers do have better Hand Eye coordination than most non-atheletes so they would be a prime market for military recruitment.

All that said - for now, I'd rather see gamers earn their keep somewhere other than on the REAL battlefield. Gamers looking to capitalize on their skills should consider a second career in online video game tournaments, like those available at online video game tournamentsGetGosu.com (SHAMELESS PLUG).

First let me start by saying I am an Air Force recruiter and I know the recruiter who was at this game stop. The news media was present and twisted everything out of proportion after acting like they were going to present a positive story on the military. Unfortunately in this day and age NO ONE presents a positive presentation of the military, especially recruiters. The recruiter was not trying to brainwash anyone into joining, he was just going to a location where he knew prospective applicants would be, like any other professional recruiter would do. The type of game has nothing to do with it, you said yourself that earlier 2 recruits joined during a Madden tournament and last I checked we don't sign people up to play football. By the way, those 2 recruits were not brainwashed or LURED into anything either, there is a long process when it comes to joining the Air Force and our members are volunteers who join of their own free will. Please don't make it sound like 2 people joining our military is a bad thing please. I joined myself as a young man and have now served nearly 16 years and have a wife and three beautiful children that I can take care of because of what the Air Force has given me. I have a college degree, lived in England for four years, access to free medical care AND have a house and two vehicles because of the Air Force. So if a young recruiter trying to find young men to serve their country shows up where those young men hang out gives you the "heebeejeebees", you seriously need to check your perspectives and try to look at things from a different point of view. Give me a break.

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