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Worst. Demo. Ever. 'Conan' hits Xbox Live.

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Posted by Jeremy on October 8, 2007 8:48 AM
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You've played this game twice and both times it was titled God of War.

As Allison mentioned back in March, the Conan video game appears to be a rip off of God of War. Now that I've played through the demo, I can confirm that.

Opening scene with grandmotherly voiceover. Check.

Blatant stereotypes of women. Check.

Red and Green orbs...oops...I mean red and green "runes". Check.

Right control stick allows you to roll. Check.

Actions sequences slow down to show super kills. Check.

Blood and violence for the sake of blood and violence. Check.

Puzzles, situations, and gameplay very familiar. Check.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to want to emulate God of War. They are great games. However, this game feels clunkier, has worse graphics (and remember, GoW and GoW2 played on the PS2), and terrible dialogue.

Hey, if this game tides you over until God of War 3 comes out, great. However, based on the demo, I don't think we'll be playing this one.

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Comments (10)

first of all its not a rip off it is diffrent i played the whole game and it is nothing like god of war

and u call yourself reviewers just another ign wanna be

Hey smarty pants. Sorry you don't agree with our assessment of the Conan demo. However, there are a few things we'd like to point out.

First, the comments above were based on the demo. If you played the entire game and felt it somehow drifted away from God of War, more power to you, and thanks for the notes. However, we stand by the fact that the demo plays just like God of War.

Second, if you really wanted us to take your opinion seriously, you wouldn't have entered fuckyou@yourmama.com as your e-mail address. You didn't want to share an opinion. You wanted to be a jerk. And why? Because you like the Conan game? OK. Because you responded in such a way, we, and those who read you comments, won't find your opinion as valid.

Third, we don't call ourselves video game reviewers, and we certainly don't hope to be like IGN.

Finally, if you have an opinion to share, do so, but make sure it's something worth posting. Simply suggesting we're wrong, slamming us, and swearing isn't going to do the job.

first of all the demo is not nearly as great as the actual game. how old is Conan???? came around in the 1930s. therefor conan has been around way longer than god of war. If you have read ANY of the conan stories or comic books you would know how ACURATE the game is!!!! CONAN is ALL about BLOOD, VIOLENCE, SEX SEX SEX, GORE, DEMONS, ect... to sum it up, Conan kicks ass the game stays true to the story, if anything god of war ripped off conan, jeremy your a dumbass. quit writing reviews and read some robert e howard and realize whos ripping off who

other than the fact that jermey is stupid no one mentioned that conan is more that just a button masher like god of war, it has many more combat combos which enhance the gameplay greatly

What is wrong with the people commenting on this story? First we get some kid who tells us to fuck off because we don't like the demo, second, we get someone who, again, uses personal attacks because they don't agree. What's more, they post twice trying to look like two different people, but with the same IP, so we know they are the same person. Seriously, what is up with that? And what does it say about the game when it attracts this kind of audience?

We are not offended when people disagree with our comments. In fact, we love it, as it makes us better at what we do. However if you can't do so respectfully or without attack, it doesn't do anything to help us, nor the reputation of the game.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the pissing contest over the Conan game, ok, wutever..
I thought Conan was good. Entertaining, and challenging at times, cool graphics and the makers did well on bringing back a classic story and chracter.

Now there's a good comment about the game. Thank you.

I've been a huge fan of Conan and video games since i was about.. 7, im now 18 and when I first heard about conan comics, books and the movies, I watched em all, read em all and even went to a small conan convention... which was held in tampa florida... After reviewing some of the old comics, books and movies i played the Conan game and I loved it. Because I found that it really put what was writen in both the books and comics into living color. So you may not have liked the DEMO but in all seriousness (not trying to sound like an asshole) do not comment or try to sum up the whole game based on a demo until you've played and beaten the whole game. Aside from the fact... that conan is more realistic than "God of War" Which, I played and beat.. both 1 and 2... And personally I hated them. I thought they were retarded and not very fun. Conan was fun because it'd a classic story. God of War is what? some soldier who became an undead god? LAME! at least Conan the Cimmerian is a real living human.. he doesnt have magic or swords attached to his arms that he can flail around and have retract...now was he stabbed through the heart with Zues's sword and lived....
IMO God of War blows more dick than a cheap chinese hooker compared to Conan.

Hello all that posted on Conan. I have the game now and i like it somewhat. Am in a part of the game where you have to beat the dragon. I get to the part when the dragon blows out the windows and u have to kill him there i guess? I can't beat it. Can someone tell me why? R what to do in order to beat him? I've played GOW 1 & 2. It's a good game. I perfer GOW over Conan.

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