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'Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4)' Walkthrough and Strategy Guide begins!

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Posted by Lunabean on April 29, 2008 8:40 AM
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We are beginning work on the LB Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game is due to set all sorts of sales records and we are very excited to begin playing it in about an hour. We'll be updating the GTA 4 guide frequently, so check back often!

Per usual, you can check in on our growing guide as it's being written. It will eventually include all hidden items and secrets!

LB Game Guide: LB GTA4 Game Guide.

Update: For those who need GTA4 help beyond the current scope of the walkthrough, please post your questions in our GTA4 Help Thread in our forums.

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Comments (205)

I frightened Michelle on our second date, and now she won't seem to see me any more. Can I get her back? Should I bother? -JCX

JacerX -

I frightened her on the first date and just had to wait for her to message me for the second date. I'd say just wait it out and see if she contacts you.

You could also call her from time to time.

I'll update this if I find anything that will mollify her.

What are the controls to excute or let a hit go?


I'm not sure how not to execute, but to execute you'll see the reticule flashing red. That means that an execution is possible. To execute, just pull the trigger button.

I think that you have to execute for some of the story missions to progress.

forget her..shes a undercover cop anyways

hi just a little tip , on the 2nd island you are givin a choice to shoot dwyane or playboy i shot dwyane and now playboy wants nothing to do with you so it might be worth shooting playboy. you can give it a try and see wot happens please let me know wot happens tho :)

when you shoot playboy u get no money from dwayne but you get to keep playboy crib...which is HOT!!.
kill playboy.

Does anyone have trouble with the clothin for final interview. I just blew about 6K on clothes but it keeps sayin that suit tie and smart shoes should be worn. Is there a set suit to wear cos i cant find it ???????

whats with the dating website? i tried to mess around with it but it seems like it isnt working, i havent got emails or anything. whats the deal?

yeaaa i cant seem to buy the smart shoes and smart clothes im takin the cab to all of them to see wat smart clothes they are talking about

I got a text from "stevie" it tells me to take the PMP300 i got the car because when i got into it it said this is the car stevie is lookin for but i dont know what to do from there so i just blew it up :-) that didnt work out to well lol

I found out what smart shoes are and smart clothes u need to buy is Double "breasted jacket in granite& turtle neck with basalt pants" and get "black loafers" for the shoes and u buy them at PERSEUS

any body kno NE secrets that can help you out in tha game?

hi, i need help. im up to 'final interview' i did all the stuff on the computer but i did not get a call from them. and now i cant do any missions. there is no one on the radar.please help.

I couldn't get into the interview no matter what I had on, and I finally figured out that it was because I was wearing sunglasses still. LOL Now thats detail. :)

hey there,

I'm up to where stevie texts you telling you that theres a scooter he wants found, he tells you the street, but there are no blips or anything telling yu where it is, anyways i found it and it says "this is the vehicle that stevie wants" awesome btu doesn't tell you where to take it, and no phone number to call him on. any help please? also i killed playboy too.

Also when you get a choice to kill dwaynes girlfriend or not? can someone please kill her and tell me the outcome? i chose not to and seemed to be the ight choice?



I just killed Dawyne and know i have nothing to do and playboy wont call me back and know i don't know what to do?

What percent is every1 on and how many missions did you guyz do im at 56.97% and i did 81 missions

okay does anyone know how many assassin missions there are because i seem to just getting more ad more and i dont rly wanna waste my time if its just for cash

assassin missions = 6 or 7 just blow every1 up its soo much easyer with the rocket launcher and when they are in the ocean just sniper them


yo can u tell me wat percent u need to beat the game.. thanks

can i just say ive just completed the game at 62% and ive dun 92 missons and i did it in 27hours and i unlock the acheivment 4 beating the game before 30hours lol .

also there is 9 assasin missons

if you have any questions about the game check out these sights and they tell you just about what ever you want to know:





On the miniature golf course by the amusement park I noticed the Watts Towers, a replica of the giant chicken, a windmill and the lighthouse all from San Andreas. I thought it was cool, so check it out if you haven't already.

Hi i was wondering wat michelle prefers

i beat the game at 63.25 percent and i beat it in 27 hours as well

Here is a great Liberty City Map, using Google Map technology.


it took me 28 hours to complete it
and 94 missions
when i was done i was 60% exactly.

hey does anyone know what happens if you
choose payback instead of deal ?????

i would really like to know


for the interview one with smart shoes and stuff, you can't wear glasses, this screwed me up for the longest time

doesnt matter if you scare her as she works for the police............so......unlucky,

completed the game 2day and the end is a right bitch !! be careful wiv wot u choose to do cos the endings will b diff for wot u do and i picked the wrong one's :(

i know at the begining once you are able to get a pistol and the weapon shop is open you can go in the weapon shop buy what you need then lock on to the guy and shoot him in the leg then wait till he pulls out his pistol and then kill him, if you walk over his pistol you should have a desert eagle, which you aint able to get until you get to the last island.

does anybody know if there is a bmx or skateboard hiding anywhere as there is a big stake park but not bike or board anybody know ?

Where do you buy the gloves from?

Where do you buy the gloves from?

im stuck were i have a playboy mission and the question mark and when i get to them and i walk over the orange arrow where u start the mission, the mission just wont start for both????

where can I keep all my stolen vehicles, have two safe houses so far?

Hello rld, you can park your stolen cars or mbks on the resident only parking space but remember it has to be inside the parking box! Instead of parking your cars or mbks normally, you can park them facing the traffic to for more space to park more vehicles in. Lol That was long. Anyway your welcome.

Snow Storm took me a long time to finish, here is a tip for anyone stuck on that level. Sniper the guard at the front of the hospital, walk around the back, clib the ladder and there will be 3 guys you can kill at roof top level. If you walk to the edge of the roof there will be another guy in a room at the bottom. Kill him then climb back down the ladder.

Go to the entrance and kill the 2 guys in the front room. Then you will need to kill 4 guys in the main corridor, go to the final room, kill the 2 guys in it but DO NOT grab the coke.

Go outside and park a car by the entrance. Next go find a motorbike and ride it inside the building, follow the main corridor all the way down and you will notice a barrel near a door, park the bike in front of the barrel facing the corridor.

Grab the coke then run to the bike, ride it straight up the corridor, turn right and to the door, jump off the bike and into the car and you should noly still have a 2 star wanted level, drive to the pay and spray and the level is done. Found this a lot easier than fighting your way out.



Hi everyone finished the game a couple of days ago and I've started again cos it was THAT DAMN GOOD!!!

Would like to know what happens(if anything different) when you choose any of the following options

1. Kill dwayne's ex.
2. Kill Derrick instead of Frank
3.Choose the DEAL on the last mission (I choose REVENGE and faced the consequences. Almost cried a little for Nico):(

P.S. Also contemplated blowing michelle's head when I started again, the evil whore!!

i killed dwaynes ex an i didnt notice a change in anything and i killed frank but i chose the money instead of revenge and you get
$250,000 but Roman gets killed by a hitman just after he gets married and then you have to go and kill Dimitri and Jimmy Peg anyway so either way Dimitri dies but i think you just end up with $250,000 more .

i chose to go back and help roman instead of the date with michelle, and now ive completed bleed out but nothing is happening. ive been driving around but im not getting any phone calls, roman and michelle don't pick up and there's no one at the cab depot... what am i supposed to do? is this a glitch?

Completed in 21 hours.. Hell Yeah!!




what the hell are smart shoes "Rstar is dumb for this", this question was already asked but no anwsers are posted!!!!

Hey i have a couple of questions to ask 1st where can i get the aviator glasses 2nd where do i get the finger gloves oh and heres a couple more lol can you rob banks after you beat the game? also could anyone please snd me a link that tells me where i can find the secret people to do stuff for exp eddie lowe, jeff and other ones like them please abd thanks

what happens if you kill michelle before you find out shes a police women???

Kill Playboy, Once you and dwayne are really good friends he gives you two body guards when ever you call him!!

I finished the game and now are trying to do stevie's car thefts. My first only was the cavalcade near the wesdyke memorial hospital in leftwood. I found the car near the entrance of the hospital but it doesn't say "you found stevie's car" any have any ideas they can help me with?

Is the private jet a myth? Roman said something about going to vice city in a private jet before he died. Anyone?

Also, what happened to the Lamborghini-like car? I got it from a Bernie mission, tried to save it, it dissapeared and I cant find it again......

what percent do u need to get the second island please i need to know

how do you get on the helicopter in the misson where you have to kill Dimitri cos every time i get near it it just dissapers

The Stevie cars have to be taken to South Bohan, near ur safehouse, just to the east thers a building with S&M Autocar Sales written on it. Take it there guys

The Stevie cars have to be taken to South Bohan, near ur safehouse, just to the east thers a building with S&M Autocar Sales written on it. It shows up as garage on ur map :D Take it there guys

Somebody Please Say Something About Where You Get The Darn Gloves Or Is It For PS3 Version?

the lamborghini like car which you get frm bernie after you complete his missions can be seen driving around the posh parts off liberty city !!! hope this helps "CuttyBuddy415"

plz plz plz tell me were u can get the dang gloves

hey does anyone know if you can purchase any houses?...or can you only live in the required safe houses...or when you watch tv and see the people on the show I'm RICH...is there any way to rob those people or somehow take their houses??

How much percentage do you have to get for the bridges to open up to get to the main part of the city, like with times square and all that? what do you have to do?

And wait Michelle is cop!?!?!
that explains why she is always geting you to "say interesting things" to her along with about 20 "thats great"s when youre porkin her

so when do you find out shes a cop, what happens, and what does she do?

is the official strategy guide worth buying? its £12.99 is it really worth it?

Why wait for the cops to open the bridge? Just steal a Hummer and plow through them!

ur retarded no the game is a p.o.s.

I finished the game and got boht endings. On the ending where roman dies though Kate gives me a call to say she wants to start seeing me again but whenever I call her I just get 2 seconds of silence before niko phones her up. Whats goin on and how do i fix it?

-Iain Williams
If you let Dwayne's ex live then you can meet here later on and do a side mission for her

If you kill Derrick instead of Francis, you get 10,000 and you can call Francis to clear your wanted level

I mean i get 2 seconds of silence and then niko hangs up. WHats going on and how do i fix it?

what the hell is that garage that is next to your safe house on the map. ive been to it, but you cant do anything to it.

for stevie's car missions when do u get the initial text from him to start these missions because i dont think i hv the text or i might have deleted it?
at the mo i am just about to do the mission where i can choose to take revenge on or work with dmitri
please help!

I'm just going thru the game for the 2nd time (XBOX version, without cheating this time), and choosing the opposite to what i did before.

I think the car missions are just a side thing, and i don't think you can delete the messages.

When you kill Derrick, you get an email from Francis with the cops database with ALL the criminals (including Niko), does anybody know if this serves a purpose, and leads to something else?

I would buy the strategy guide. The ingame maps (whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com)for armor, pigeons,etc are not very clear

can every1 plz not hav any spoliers on the game it is so a pain it the ass for the people who hav not done it

the smart shoes are the black loafers at the dress shop

When you get a car "Stevie" is looking for it will tell you once you get into it. Bring it to the garage thats located around the corner from the safehouse in Bohan. The map that comes with the game really helps for these missions.

EASY way to get 40p Achievement for lasting 5 minutes with 6 stars.....

Do this EARLY in the game BEFORE you have unlocked all the islands.

Get a vehicle is easier or walk onto the subway tracks and drive toward a part of the map you haven't unlocked yet. Once you cross the border underwater in the subway tunnel, you get 6 stars. Sit there in your car and just make a sandwich or go to the bathroom for awhile and let 5 minutes pass.

Voila... Achievement

I decided to work for Dimitri instead of kill him, and now it says story completed. Is it really over because i only have 70%??

i have 62 percent and yet i beat the game i killed dimthi and kate die cause i dint know what i was doing and i like to kill people it sucked.....i also kiolled dawyn instead of playboy because his missions pay more and that came back and hit me in the face.....this sucks

i have 62 percent and yet i beat the game i killed dimthi and kate die cause i dint know what i was doing and i like to kill people it sucked.....i also kiolled dawyn instead of playboy because his missions pay more and that came back and hit me in the face.....this sucks

Shit i just read this page and im like half way thought and it kinda ruind it for me :P oh well

---------------SPOILER------- <<<< use that next time ;)

you all a bunch of cunts that lick your mums out

in the mission where u hav 2 get revenge for roman...
and ur chasing dimitri in the boat and it says get under lj's helicopter.....do u need to get out of the boat bcz when i get near it it fucks off into the distance

Can some1 plz tell me who give u the assassin missions plZ!!!!

on alderny ther is an icon that is sorta like the icon for the target in assassins creed.
go there and use the payphone he tells u what to do from there

I was wondering does anyone know if Nico can get married?

This unknown guy keeps sending me text messages and the game and i want to do the job he is asking about but every time i use the pay phone the are broke. Do any of yall know where to find a pay phone that works?

hey what mission do i get the lambo at ?

how do you beat gta san adreas? please help.

i barely bought san adreas. yes im poor. please help.

In the boat, where do u friggin go after you killed everyone and opened the deck? (Revenge mission) Cant friggin find the entrance :(

you kids are very stupid... what are you like 6? gta4 does not have anything in it that should stump you. it's amazing, but it's easy at the same time. you park STEVIES cars in the fucking garage marked on your map, the smart clothes is just a suit and tie and dress shoes. anykind. but no sunglasses, and if u do the deal roman dies and if u do the revenge mission kate dies. kill playboy. kill francis cause he's a cocksucker. you can get the aviators at the russian shop. the story ends when it says story complete. just cuz it's only 68 percent done or whatever doesnt mean theres anymore story missions, the rest of the game is the friend missions the stevie missions the pigeon kills, and all that extra crap.
and those of you who cant complete these mission shouldnt be playing video games in the first place becuz u have no idea what your doing and your wasting your money.

PLEASE how the hell do u get those gloves? u know the ones i mean. fingerless! help us out. any1?

well said 1234. the game is easy. you just have to use your head. stop being lazy.

Who is the girl on the front cover/starting clip? Shes the only one not in the story...

use the internet dating site if u go with law chick and get her up to about 80-90% liking u u can call her to get rid of ur wanted level there is also another one i cannot remember her name but if u look at the profiles she is a nurse once u have her at 80-90% u can call her for a health boost the best thing about her is u can take her to the strip club for her dates.

should i kill derrick or frankie????

i was trying to do the interveiw and i swear i bought every piece of clothing perseus and it kept talking about about smart shoes.......i just figured out its becuase i had on sunglasses........lmao thats about a bitch!!!!!!!

{{the best gurl gamer}}
{{was here}}

I was kinda disapointed that gta4 didnt have a chainsaw. emagine lettig the game to exacution skills wit it and hows better nikio or tommy from vice city and gta3 or that dude from sanandreas nut he isn that cool

gta 4 was easy.i just have a couple of questions.can you buy houses?what is the reason for the game to still be going after i beat it?and why is the date site even in the game ...i can't get but 2 chicks to get back at me and the scair to easy...i want a riugh rider chick...lol

can you hook a semi up to a trailer like in san andreas?

theres TOO many cops in this stupid game, its 100% impossible to get 10 cars gathered up together!

yeah. way to many cops!!!! FUCK THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!

they should have bmx's

if you want gta4 secrets go to the internet cafe ane type in www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com
try it

no you cant buy houses! And if you kill playboy X instead of dwayne, you get the crib as well as back up from dwayne whenever you need it (over 80% likeness)!

Kill dereik and not francis! The perk of keeping francis around is that he can clear your wanted level by calling him!

Also forgot to mention DO NOT kill dwaynes X, as you meet her again as a Friend Contact (Order to reach 100% i think)!

that wud mean not to kill Ivan or Clarence either as well as dwaynes ex, i mean clarence just comes back to try nd kill you anyway, bit obvious!!

Yeah, dont kill them either to obtain 100% completion! You meet them all again! correct you have a gun fight with clarence again

For any one who wants to know:

"Why, when you walk over the yellow arrow to start a mission, and nothing happens?"

Sorry to tell you, but your game has glitched! Save it and restart or just restart from an old save! And if that doesn't work, you may need to restart the whole game!

100. diabloknight says... | May 25, 2008 11:47 AM

gta 4 was easy.i just have a couple of questions.can you buy houses?what is the reason for the game to still be going after i beat it?and why is the date site even in the game ...i can't get but 2 chicks to get back at me and the scair to easy...i want a riugh rider chick...lol


There are 3 chicks you can date from the net! 2 found on love-meet.com and one on craplist.net! I think Alex (craplist.net) doesnt scare that easy! I mean we smashed on a bike and went flying off and she just got back up and hoped on with me! But she is a poser and you have to wear expensive clothing and good car to have her to like you! (She apparently rich)


wow this game was so easy. and for the last mission save before you do both and you can choose which ending you like best! I liked Revenge because it was easier and i hated Kate and roman and mallorie have a kid i think....and roman is good for his free taxi things

wow this game was so easy. and for the last mission save before you do both and you can choose which ending you like best! I liked Revenge because it was easier and i hated Kate and roman and mallorie have a kid i think....and roman is good for his free taxi things oh and you get 250 k for both so if you dont waste your money and you have a 360 you can get an acheivment.!

i was wonderin how come theres no hookers and if any1 knows how 2 gt them plz tell us


there are hookers, on the side of the road. Just honk when near them and they will come to your car and press "LB" (360) and they will hop in! Then go to quite area.

oh yeah i love those hookers!!!!

i beat the game last week and am on stevies car thefts but a cleared ma inbox on the computer for some stupid reason which i dont know either and i'm just wonderin if u need to reply to a certain email to say that you will get the car 4 him?
can some1 plz tell me cuz a desperatly need the cash aswell lol

I am on the final interview...i applied for the job but no lawyers have called me back yet. they are out of the office and it is impossible for me to do anything else mission wise...Ive waited like over a week just shootingthings...any advice?

For Stevie's Cars You need to check your phone in the Messages Section and Check From one From him He tells you the Vehicle and where it is (general area). After you get in the Vehicle you get a little message on your screen saying this is the Vehicle Stevie was looking for. Go to your map by pressing the start button and look for your Safehouse in Bohan. Near your Safehouse Icon there is one that says Garage. This is whee you need to take Stevies Vehicles. Also Side note... Go to a Pay and Spray first to get the Vehicles in perfect condition when you deliver them for the max. amount of money from Stevie.

dus cj cum out in gta4? plese jelp tank yu.

Just beat the game- in final interview just buy any suit and black shoes from persaus remember you can't wear glasses or hats with that

um...yea i beat the game but i wanted to buy clothing off the internet and i can't.....is there a way to.....im getting tired of the ones at Modo and Persuos
can anybody help me?!

hello xbox fans watch this space as i am pleased to inform you about the preparation of gta 5. It will be released sometime next year.Watch this space..

Xbox 360

i think its to soon for a gta5. thats retarded. oh and ps3 is the best

PS3 FANBOY says... | June 5, 2008 5:19 PM

i think its to soon for a gta5. thats retarded. oh and ps3 is the best

how can you say ps3 is the best...first off you dont get achivments wich sucks cuz they keep ya playin and actually make you try a lil harder in some cases 2nd you have like 3 choices of memory for ps3 and they all cost more money than they should 3rd comparing the graphics of most ps3 games to 360 games 360 has better graphics 4th ps3 doesnt have halo games lol

yeah yeah whatever!!! HALO IS OLD NEWS. MGS 4 wll PWN ALL!!!!!!!!! gwuahahahaha.

You get the fingerless gloves when you shoot all the flying rats.

Oh, I agree that the PS3 is better. Theres less pop ups in gta4, you may not get achievements but at least you dont have to pay so much a year just to go online, PS3 is free. Oh, and the xbox hd dvd has flopped and blu-ray has dominated the market. Xbox are in talks with sony to get rights to blu-ray, so ps3 is better, and sony will soon make a profit off microsoft if they use the blu-ray. DOMINATED!

********----___SPOILER WARNING___----********
Michelle IS working for the cops she needed to lure you in so u do U.L.P.C missionsthen that leads to the famous saying "We're all lokking for that Special Someone..."

thank you PobHom well said. I thought you got a helicopter with missiles, when you killed all the flying rats.

I missed the call from U. L. Paper right before the We're all lokking for that Special Someone mission and i cant do it what should i do?

Hi guys,
Play boy or Dwanye
First of all with the choice of killing play boy or dwanye,kill playboy. Killing play boy will give you his very nice crib which has a computer with internet in it. Killing dwanye will give you 20k around their.
Killing or letting Darko live
It will not effect the storyline but if you decide to kill him you will see the most grusome excusion the game

Dating michele
Leave it alone that **** is a undercover cop and busts you and gets you in trouble with the police. If you want to date go ahead and pick lawchick online, impress her on a date and eventually you will have the option of calling her and she will get rid of 1 or 2 star problems. Also date sobeho, her real name is Carmen. Impress her and eventually you can call her to send free paramedics.

Getting revenge on Dimitiri or working with him
Pick Revenge. I repeat... what happens if you
pick revenge- you will go and kill Dimtri and the peginro family falls apart (doesnt matter they dont have any missions left) and when the wedding time comes kate will be killed ( if you choose the other one Roman is killed and after his death it is annouced he was going to be a father, also their is a rumor i have not go their yet but if you pick revenge evntually romans business while get so big you while be picked up in a limo.
Money deal- Dimitri will betray you and at the wedding He attempts to kill you, but hits roman who later it is annouced he was going to be a father

Franis or Derrick
It does not affect the storyline but i would reccomend killing Francis, it is a bit more beniftional letting derick live

GTA4 ....


for the first mission of jimmy pregino U NEED TO GET SMART CLOTHES aAND SHOES in order to start the mission and i dont know where to get them! im stuck someone help!

for the first mission of jimmy pregino U NEED TO GET SMART CLOTHES aAND SHOES in order to start the mission and i dont know where to get them! im stuck someone help!

for the pegorino mission u HAVE to get something that has a TIE and you could just get black dress shoes for the smart shoes, everythingat PERSEUS

for the pegorino mission u HAVE to get something that has a TIE and you could just get black dress shoes for the smart shoes, everythingat PERSEUS

i finally got the f***king gloves. You get them after you kill all the pigons or flying rats!!!.

who'd of thought?

Also, what should i do for the ending, revenge or deal???

the lambo??

yes it is true it does exist, you get it after doing all bernie's misions. its real name is the infernus.

I have a problem because on "pest control"
i played it twice then decided to switch it off.
and when i switched it back on i got the call to do the level "entourage" so i did and assumed that i completed "pest control" then it wont let me play the level "pest control" so i can get the call from U.L paper so i can go and kill darko but im not getting the call and just in case i completed all the ul paper missions but still no call.

what shall i do?

Wow, what a ripoff. Gloves in exchange for spending hours on end finding 200 f***ing birds. That's bonkers! Oh and I finished the storyline in 16 hours! And 360 is much better than PS3 'cause a bunch of better games and similar graphics anyway... and we have much better online! And everyone knows that the only people who own PS3's are Jews. Quick, get their Jew-gold!!

thanks for the gloves info but,i hate having to kill all those dawm birds....oh well lol.the gloves are still so sick.

i finished the game in 26 hrs and finished 73.8% and you get the annihilator helicopter after you kill all flying rats

anyone knows how to get the gloves niko wore on the cover of the game case?please tell me.

anyone knows how to get the gloves niko wore on the cover of the game case?please tell me.

anyone knows how to get the gloves niko wore on the cover of the game case?please tell me.

I need help i finished the mishion were you get choose to kill Dimitiri or do the deal i got NO mishions to do WAT DO I DO?????????????

in the stats,there is a reading which tells you the number of prostute visits made.But where is the prostute center?
Any one please reply

if u do the revenge wen ur at romans wedding pegorino comes and kills kate

ok i just started the game, and i find its really annyoing. i try to get to the other islands and i always get six stars and get killed? do you have to beat all missions on the first island? also if you have any tips with the carerotica thing cause everytime i call one of the numbers i gt a dead tone

For "need help" just wait a little while then Roman willl start calling you and you'll have to go to his wedding.

On the mission where you get to choose to get revenge on Dimitri or make the deal, *SPOLIER* if you choose to make the deal,at Roman's weeding, Dimitri's hitman will show up and kill Roman. If you chose to get revenge on Dimitri, Pegerino will drive by and kill Kate. Hope that make choosing what to do easier on you.

if you kill all the pigeons on ps3 do you still get gloves?

ps3s are better xboxs are sill good though


After I ran over 300 people in a row I got a car that looked like a Plymoth Prowler. There was a hottie in a bikini in it while I drove it around running into things!

How Do U do stevies car misssions and i want the infernus

i cant even find the first car i dont get that

it was hard for me to find stevies cars but lucky for me i bought the guidebook
its a life saver

k gamers wtf r u guys conflicting over wats better (ps3s or xbox 360) to me it doesnt fucking matter yea i have a 360 but dats just cause i dont have da money to get a ps3. christ its a damn game counsol and u got the best fuckin game on da market ne ways nough of dat b.s. im at da part where im still waitin for the call or the text message from stevie but i havnt gotin it yet i know where to take the cars thnx to u gamers tips and hints but i dnt know where da cars r but ill find em if dis helps i just finished doin all of brucies car theft missions but iv waited for 5 game hrs. an nothin can ne1 help me by tellin me when stevie calls or texts me thnx a bunch

never mind about when stevie will text or call me i found a text an iv already got done with a few car jackings its not hard all u need to know is find the area on the map and go to it pick it up go to bohan and park it in da garage dat never opens but is on the mini-map thanx for trying though

If i choose deal roman will die, but kate said before the option of revenge or deal that if i make the deal she wont have respect for me. so basically, will i loose them both if i choose deal?

And if i choose revenge for roman to survive, will i eventually be able to see his kid?

And will i eventually marry kate if i make the deal so that she survives?

if you kill all 200 pigions do you get gloves or the hilacopter

If You Kill All 200 Pigeons You Get A Helicopter. I Dont Think Gloves Are Available Until The DLC Come Out. If You Steal A Car For Stevie You Have To Take It Back To His Garage(Top Right Of Map Has A White Circle With Car In The Middle.The Better Shape The Car Is In, The More Money You Will Get From Stevie)Now If You Pick Deal Roman Will Get Shot And Die. But If You Pick Revenge Kate Will Die And Also You Never See Romans Kid EVERRR

I'm at the misson where i choose either Roman or Kate dies. Just wondering , if Kate dies, can i still date her? and will i ever get invited in?

im stuck trying to get of island after i kill dimtri can some 1 tell me how to get bruice to take me bk to russia

afetr u finish stevies car missions he calls u and tells u that if u need money u can drive any car into the garage and he gives u money for it.

PS3 Rules !!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm just asking too. Where are the finger gloves cuz I beat 100% of the game and I cant get them anywhere.

ok, umm, im on the mission with Packie (not shure what the mission is called) and it says that i need a suit and tie and smart shoes, NOTHING I PUT ON WORKS, WWTTTFFFFF!!!, i need help!

wow, finally found out, a charcoal suit -__- took me an hour....

I cant seem to do the mission Paper Trail were u have to shoot down the helocopter i cant seem to get the the right hight of the helocopter im shooting can anyone help me on it?

Does anyone have a save game before the MONEY or REVENGE missions for pc. i stupidly forgot to save. Would appreciate it. Thanx :-P

how long do you have to wait after you get dwyanes friend ship up for him to tell you to call him for guys to come help u

what us the best decision to make after you the traitor from europe when you have to make a decision after roman calls you and u either have to make a deal with the traitors or not

what is the best decision either work for demitri again or get revenge

Does anyone really care when these dudes beat the game and how many hours they did it ?? it is meaningless, tells me you have no life and can play a game for hours at a time.

im stuck i have completed the story mode and stevie has never called me or text me how do u get the stevie misions?? plz help

Ok so here it is for some questions i have seen

Who shall i kill playbox X or dwayne?

-PlayboxX you get his aparment as a safehouse

Who shall i kill Francis or Derrik

-Well if you kill francis its a much shorter drive to his funeral than Derrik, but if you kill Derrik francis can arrange to remove your wanted level

Which is best PS3 or Xbox 360

-Xbox 360 because you can ge 2 expansion packs for GTA IV

how many fucking times do u gotta take out dwayne and jacob to get guns and back up ??? dang

how many fucking times do u gotta take out dwayne and jacob to get guns and back up ??? dang

Dont Evan bother with michelle cause you will find out she is an undercover cop... her real name is karen.

Hey when it gets to the point wer u either get to kill Dimitri or do a job with him..if u do the job Phil bell helps u but Dimitri betrays u and u hav 2 steal the money frum the gang but if u decide to kill dimitri it is very hard the boat is big though so u wont die if u move slowly...But the choice u make there decides whether ur cousin roman dies at his wedding or if Kate ur girlfriend dies at the wedding..if u kill dimitri Kate dies if u do the job 4 the money roman dies and kate doesn't talk 2 u that much any more

i need to kill jimmy n i just cant do it my helicopter keeps gettin blown down what should i do n wen u choose revenge u av to go inside the boat n open sum thing and av a machine gun fight with dimitri.


go to persues and buy the onyx suit im still not sure about the shoes i have tried moccains and tennis shoes what kind of shoes should i choose

hey i just got the game this christmas but i want to skip the helping out roman and michell so how do you skip levles and wats the cheat 4 getting all the guns and infant amo


xbox 360 is simply a poor mans ps3!

I chose:
- Kill both Dwayne and Playboy and found out Playboy is the better option cause of the crib with the internet and Dwaynes special friend option to get a car of his gangster friends to follow you.. after you reach 75 percent with Dwayne.
- Kill Derrick based on the percents in the Stats screen.(don't know if this is true:call Francis on the roof when you get the choice because then you get an extra $20.000)
- I didn't kill Dwaynes ex and also the guy you have to chase on the roof which is later a "random person"
- The rest of the guys where you get the choice of killing them or not.. wel yeah i killed them.

- Revenge (snipe most of the guys on the boat from a nearby crane and if youre on the bridge jump down( not at once ) then go in the cargo and kill dimitri)

If youre stuck at the Final intervieuw or a mission you have to wear a suit you have to have black shoes and also NO SUNGLASSES or CAP!!!

BTW there is a beating heart in chains inside the statue of happiness which is really weird though...oh and a internet adress: www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com here you can find everything..


OK, I went back to Ivan the not so terrible and the keys are: E to save him, and Q to kill him.

i alreay beat the game i got revenge and roman lived but kate died i feel sorry for packie.

how do you unlock the fingerless glove for this stuff...just cant figure it out

I need help with GTA4 i've talked 2 both kate and roman but i have having repercussions on wat 2 do...

Deal-$250,000+Roman's Death+Dimitri's Death
Revenge-Dimitri,Kate & Jimmy's Death

Wat should i do

I Mailed moi friends on the PSN........

Please Help

how do you kill demitri on the part when you have to chase him in the helicopter

so u can beat the game at 60%???

and Michelle is an undercover cop?? sorry im not far in the game

how do u get a helicopter tour?

how do u get smart shoes for final interview

can u steal money from the bank again.... at what time??

How do I fly the plane at the end

I deleted Dwayne s email and I m at almost 95% of the game (I still have to get the 200 rats...) but he does not pick up the phone still... Is there a cheat number I can use or something? No way I ll restart it all, it took me too long... :(

I m open to any ideas...

i just beated the game. i think you should just wait. i didnt have that problem when i did the mission. but just wait he will call you:)

i beat the game in 20 hrs. it's damn too easy

Right,now i'm annoyed. Everyone I liked is now DEAD.
Roman, Killed when he was gonna be a daddy! Ivan, he had a family and was begging for mercy, then I got man and threw my controller, Dead. Playboy, I thought whoever you go to comes with you to kill them. DEADDDDDD. And now to top it off, Darko.
Oh yeah and alderny is dead, IT'S DOSAPPEARED.

I was just wonderign how do you get into s&m's garage on GTA 5? I dont know how to do it...please help.

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