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Video Game News from August 2008

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So, we finally got a Wii Fit a few days ago. I've been on it three times now, twice taking the body test, and today, for 20 minutes doing various exercises.

My first body test, yesterday afternoon, had me at 167 lbs and a BMI of 22.67, or something like that. Yesterday evening, we celebrated our anniversary with a feast at the Cheesecake Factory. Afterwards, I decided to step back on the balance board and retake the body test. Oy. I had gained 2 lbs in three hours. I guess that's what calamari, a club sandwich, a half-loaf of bread, french fries, and a bite of key lime cheesecake gets ya.

Keep reading...

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EA's Godfather II is expanding upon the GTA-esque open world, mission-based gameplay by adding a Real Time Strategy (RTS) element to it.

Here is an explanation:

To help players manage their empire, The Godfather II introduces “The Don’s View” – an innovative strategy meta-game that allows players to oversee the entire world as they grow the family business. Using the Don’s View, players will be able to build, defend and expand their crime rings, while keeping an eye on the movements and plans of the rival families.

This sounds like a great addition, although I'm skeptical if it's one of those, "just because you can doesn't mean you should," sort of things.

The original Godfather game was quite fun, so hopefully this one will be as well. The game is due out in February of '09, but there is a, "premiere exclusively on GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley on Friday, August 15th on Spike TV."


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While I, personally, believe Beyond Good and Evil was the most tragically overlooked title in videogame history, many would say that designation belongs to the Okami.

For those who have yet to play the Zelda-ish Japanese paintbrush wolf adventure, now may be the perfect opportunity, as Play-Asia is currently taking pre-orders for a "PS2 Greatest Hits" version of Okami. We're still waiting for the official word from Sony that Okami has reached "Greatest Hits" status, but Play-Asia is a fairly reliable source. And, of course, if all of this is true this means people will be able to get their paws on this fantastic title for only US$19.99.

For those hoping to play Beyond Good and Evil, you may find the game in some "used" bins. Otherwise, hold out for the sequel, which was announced at Ubidays '08 in May.

LB's Okami Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
LB's Beyond Good and Evil Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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After copious delays, Strong Bad and his pals finally hit the Wii today with Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

It's hilarious, it's fun, it begins with a French person giving Strong Bad the idea to beat up Homestar, and it costs a mere 1,000 Wii points. Why wouldn't you hop on over to the WiiWare store and purchase it right now?

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A demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 is now available on Xbox LIve. I'm currently downloading the large 1008.70 MB file (85% complete) and I will post with my impressions after giving it a go for a few hours.

This is my first Tiger Woods since getting an HDTV...oh, boy, oh boy. I sure hope I don't hurt Tiger's knee too badly.

The download is also available on the PS3's PSN for download.


The first thing that sticks out with '09 is that skills/attributes are powered up not by purchasing them after each round, but dynamically, based upon how you play. And, in fact, if you play poorly, your skill level goes down. At any time not playing a round, you can choose "Custom Drills" which will help you earn skill points.

For example, the demo asks that you play three holes so that it can determine your skill level. Me, being awesome, got a birdie and two pars (I laid up on the par 4 because there was not enough of a landing area for a 3 wood). It rewarded me with improvement in my power, accuracy, short game, and putting. The game then suggested that I do a custom power drill in order to add 0.60 points to my power score. It's like a Tiger RPG. Coolio!

More golfing...

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I'm not usually attracted to slash-em-up fighting adventure games unless they have a good dose of stealth involved, in which case, they're really not slash-em-up, are they?

That being said, mine eyes cannot get enough of Madworld, a highly stylized game coming out for the Wii sometime in 2009 (Q1 for now, but we'll see what happens).

For more details on the game, head over here

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According to this post on the MystOnline Forums, Cyan, the developers of the original Myst, is currently working on a Myst port for the iPhone.

I love Myst, and I love my iPhone. This can only be a good thing. What's more, it brings us closer to my dream iPhone port, Age of Empires.

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The end of summer is nigh, which means the lazy, hazy video game release schedule of the hot summer months is coming to an end and we're kicking it back up into high gear. This week we have two heavy hitters: Tales of Vesperia the game that sold out Xbox 360s in Japan, and Mario Super Sluggers, the game guaranteed to sell even more Wiis all around the world.

If you need Tales help, please look to our Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide, soon to be in progress.

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While it's not an official title, it is clear that Amazon is trying to cater to gamers this week. And why shouldn't they? Gamers continue playing games, no matter how crappy the economy gets. There's actually an argument to be made that gaming increases as times get worse...but that's a different story.

The first bit of gamer-friendly news coming from Amazon is that of the Gold Box. Starting at midnight Pacific time, Wednesday, August 27 (that's tonight), Amazon will offer the first of its PS3 deals in its All PS3 Gold Box Event. The second deal will be offered at 6am, followed by others at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Discounts will apply all day, or until supplies last. And, yes, it is a good bet that they'll be offering PS3 consoles at a discount.

Click here to take part in the All PS3 Gold Box Event

The second bit of news comes via mail...or can, if you want it to. Amazon today announced the kickoff of its Release-Date Delivery Program and is offering release-date delivery for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Fable 2 and Gears of War 2. All you have to do is pay an additional US$5.98 in shipping costs and these titles can appear on your doorstep on the day they are released. What's more, if you're an Amazon Prime customer, release-date delivery is free.

Order your videogames at Amazon now

Currently, I am not an Amazon Prime customer, but I have considered it in the past. This new Release-Date Delivery Program could be the impetus that makes me sign up. Although I'd like to see more available titles before officially making the move.

Good luck with the PS3 deals!

Amazon Videogame Store
Click here to take part in the All PS3 Gold Box Event
Sign up for Amazon Prime
Amazon Press Release

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When it comes to movie making, there are few directors who are better at it than Guillermo del Toro. Known best for his Hellboy flicks, Pan's Labyrinth (one of my all time favorite movies), and the upcoming The Hobbit, Del Toro is clearly a master of fantasy.

It is for this reason that I take great pride in agreeing with his assessment that, "There are only two games I consider masterpieces: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus." This comment comes in an interview via Edge Magazine, where Del Toro proves that, when it comes to gaming (in addition to movie making), he knows that of what he speaks.

Old Ico Trailer:

If you're wondering why I consider the two games, both products of SCEI's International Production Studio 1, to be masterpieces, it's because they both took place in an ethereal realm of light and puzzles, where even mild violence was somehow beautiful. I'm calm when I play these games. I don't think I can say that for any other title.

Old Shadow of the Colossus Trailer:

Read the interview with Guillermo del Toro

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As mentioned yesterday, Guillermo del Toro has proclaimed both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to be videogame "masterpieces". Today, the Pan's Labyrinth director should be quite pleased to learn the people who gave us the two games, known in the industry as "Team ICO", are preparing to show off its next creation "soon".

The news comes via Videogaming247.com:

“I cannot tell,” said the exec was asked specifically if the new Team ICO game will be shown at Tokyo Game Show this year.

“But I can say that they’ve been working very hard since the release of Shadow of the Colossus.

“Soon you’ll see.”

As Joystiq points out, the Tokyo Game Show (which takes place this year from October 9 - 12) is, "the last major opportunity this year to reveal the project".

And, with that being said, it would be disappointing to me if Sony didn't use the show and the time frame to show off the highly anticipated yet-to-be-revealed title for the PS3.

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We are beginning work on the LB Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360.

Per usual, you can check in on our growing guide as it's being written. It will eventually include everything you need to complete the game. Enjoy!

LB Game Guide: LB Tales of Vesperia Game Guide.

Update: For those who need Tales of Vesperia help beyond the current scope of the walkthrough, please post your questions in our Tales of Vesperia Help Thread in our forums.

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Shares of Nintendo closed up more than 8% today on an updated profit forecast which beat expected profits by 26%.

The company said it expects to post net income of 410 billion yen, or $3.8 billion, for the year ending March 31, surpassing Wall Street's expectations of 382.6 billion, according to Bloomberg. That anticipated performance marks a 59 percent increase in profits over the previous year.

Of course, the reason for the success is the Wii, Wii Fit, and the DS, plus all of the software that they sell.


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