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Video Game News from March 2009

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You may remember Mickey DeLorenzo from his WiiSports Experiment back in 2007. Ever since then, we've been following his work on his site WiiNintendo.net. We've also been following his personal life via Facebook.

A few days ago, Mickey and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Weston. Unfortunately, there were complications with the birth, and the little guy emerged with two skull fractures and some bleeding around the brain. At this time Weston's prognosis remains unknown.

Needless to say, Mickey, his wife, and little Weston could use your prayers, happy thoughts, Force energy, or whatever it is that you put out there when you're asking the universe to make things go a certain way.

You can follow Weston's progress here: WestonDeLorenzo.com.

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While I'm not promoting the use of marijuana, I have to wonder how dangerous a drug can be when the White House Drug Czar's office is telling people to stay away from it, not because it's dangerous and can ruin your life, but because it can, "directly influence your gaming ability". Say it isn't so!

The Drug Czar's website explains how hand-eye coordination, memory, and perception are all affected by pot, making it difficult to "win a background" (wtf?), beat an opponent, and defeat a game.

Hmm. While I'm not someone who smokes pot and plays videogames, I'm not sure I agree with the Drug Czar's assessment of the situation, as not all videogames are created equal. I mean, sure, if you're planning a massive assault in the World of Warcraft, perhaps getting high isn't the best idea. However, if it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and you're in the mood for a little Tiger Woods Golf, is getting stoned really going to hurt? And could it even, dare I say, help? Not that I'd know anything about that... OK. It was the Nintendo 64, it was Wailea Open, and I was in college. Leave me alone!!!

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Resident Evil 5 is a game set in Africa. It would follow, then, that many of the characters are African. This same logic would apply to a game set on Kashyyyk, home of Wookiees. One would expect to see many of Chewie's kin.

Yet because of Resident Evil 5's setting, we've been hearing a multitude of voices claiming that the game is racist. Most recently, via the Wall Street Journal.

The controversy stems from the fact that you play as white man, Chris Redfield, who is sent to several villages in Africa to investigate an odd virus that is affecting said villagers and turning them into zombies. ZOMBIES!?! Yes, zombies. And what do you do with zombies? Well, you certainly don't have tea with them due to their tendency to eat brains. More specifically, your brains. So, you kill them. You kill them any way you can. Be it with guns, knives, machetes, a Bic pen...anything. They're zombies after all and it's you or them.

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We are deep into our LB Resident Evil 5 (RE5) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Per usual, you can check in on our growing guide as it's being written....if you dare!!!

LB Resident Evil 5 Game Guide.

Update: For those who need RE5 help beyond the current scope of the walkthrough, please post your questions in our RE5 Help Thread in our forums.

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If the Nintendo Gamecube passed you and your family by, then you missed one of the greatest family-friendly videogames ever made. Thank goodness it has been remade for the Nintendo Wii as part of its "New Play Control!" series!

Safe for kids and strategically challenging for most adults, Pikmin casts you as Captain Olimar, a victim of a stray meteor who must command Pikmin to fight predators, break barriers, and retrieve lost ship parts, all while continuing to build forces. Providing hours of strategic planning, Pikmin is a great $30 buy (or even a great rental).

And, of course, while you're trying to figure out how to get that darn Omega Stabilizer away from the poisonous Mushroom Monster, you're going to want the LB Pikmin Game Guide by your side.

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • 100% Completion
  • All Ship Parts
  • Detailed day-by-day guide
  • Complete in 23 Pikmin days!
  • Instantly Downloadable
  • Written by professional guide writers

Download Pikmin Wii Walkthrough Now!

LB Pikmin Wii Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

Download Now with the LunaPass - $4.95 | More Info

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Biggest announcement at the Game Developers Conference this week? Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo DS. Look for it later this year.

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