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Quick Review
Thumbs Up for Jer Thumbs Up for Ali
"Luigi's Mansion" is everything and more that you would expect out of a game that launched with the Gamecube. It's a good time, and it's full of eye-candy. It's completely kid friendly, and a good time for adults, too. I'd write more, but I'm writing this almost a year and a half after playing the game, and I felt I needed to say something on this page about the game, as it was put up before we started reviewing games. Anyway, for a full review of the game from Gamespot, please go here.

FAQs/Sticking Points
Q. My game is playing in Japanese! How do I change it?

A. There is no language option in the game. The confusion stems from the fact that the gibberish that Professor E. Gadd speaks could be misinterpreted as Japanese.
Q. I just got the fire emblem and I'm stuck in the "Mirror Room"!!

A. Just light the candles to open the door.
Q. Where do I find the Key that unlocks the door leading to the second floor staircase?

A. In the Rec Room, run on the treadmill (on the left wall) for several seconds and the Key will appear.
Q. How do I get into the room with the sealed door?

A.K.A.: Capture the Dozing Girl (Sue Pea)

1. After capturing the Clockwork Ghosts, enter the center guardhouse in the Clockwork Room to go to the Roof.

2. Go to the right smokestack and climb (A Button) the ladder. At the top, walk off the plank and fall inside to appear in the Sealed Room.

3. Open the chests to make Ghosts appear. Capture them all to make a new chest appear, then open it to collect a Key.

4. Vacuum the covering from the Mirror on the back wall, then Search it to return to the Foyer. Return to the second floor.

5. Go towards the staircase leading to the third floor and enter the last door on Luigi's right before going up the stairs to appear in the Sitting Room.

6. Vacuum a Fire Elemental, then use it (L Button) to light the candles on the back wall. Capture the ghosts that appear, then vacuum a Water Elemental and use it to remove the Fire Ghosts that appear.

7. Go through the door on the right wall to appear in the Guest Room. Go forward to Sue Pea in her bed and use the Water Element to wake her, exposing her heart.

8. Vacuum normally, avoiding the flying clown dolls, until Sue Pea is completely captured.

Note: To open the chest that appears on the ceiling, exit to the Sitting Room and allow the Guest Room to flip over, then reenter.

Next: Collect the Key in the Armory

Q.How do I get the gold frames in the Gallery?

A. The style of the frame and composition of the portrait depend on the Pearls you can extract from the regular Portrait Ghosts and the damage you sustain while battling the Bosses.

Note: The frames have no bearing on the outcome of the game and serve only as a marker of how well you did in capturing the portrait ghosts.

Bronze Frame: Collecting only Small Pearls from a Portrait Ghost or taking on significant damage during a Boss Battle.
Silver Frame: Collecting at least one Medium Pearl from a Portrait Ghost or taking on medium damage from a Boss.
Gold Frame: Collecting the Big Pearl from the Portrait Ghost or taking no damage from a Boss.

Help! I'm walking on the ceiling!

Description: A white circle split into red and blue halves. A white double-ended arrow runs down the center.

Purpose: When Luigi steps onto one of these icons, he will automatically be lifted so that he may walk on the ceiling. There is always another icon somewhere on the ceiling so that Luigi may come back down.

Where Found:
Tea Room

Q. How do I release the Boos?

A. Go to the Storage Room, which is behind the Ballroom on the first floor. Look in the mirror on the far wall. You'll see a reflection of a switch on the near wall. You can also view the switch with the Game Boy Horror's first-person perpective. Press the switch to make a wall move away. Move into the secret area. Vacuum the poster off the wall. You'll reveal another switch. Press it to release the Boos.
Q. Where is Uncle Grimmly?

A. In the Closet on the second floor. This is the room between the Waiting Room and the Second-floor Balcony. Uncle Grimmly loiters in front of the mirror. When this dour chap raises his hands to frighten you, turn your flashlight on and reel him in with the Poltergust 3000. Your reward for capturing Grimmly will be the Breaker Room Key.
Q. I got Mario's Hat from the Laundry Room, brought it back to the Seer, and now I'm stuck.

A. Find the floating candles that roam the hallway on the first floor. Light them. This reveals the Butler. The room off the "Laundry Room" is the Butler's Room. He'll take you there. Soon you'll get to hear old Mario Music. Yay!
Q. Can I clear out the hallways like the rooms?

A. The hallways become clear only after completing the Area corresponding to it.
Q. Why can't I get through this door? The Boo sends me back to the Foyer!

A. If you are trying to get to the Balcony, you must have collected at least 20 Boos. If you are trying to enter the Secret Altar, players must have collected at least 19 Portrait Ghosts and 40 Boos.
Q. How do I get the best ending (biggest mansion)?

A. Collect at least 100,000,000G.
Q. I saved my game, but the money I've collected didn't!

A. The money you collect will not be added to your game total until you turn in your Portrait Ghosts at the end of each area.
Q. Is King Boo the 50th Boo?

A. There are 50 other Boos besides the King. King Boo is technically the final Portrait Ghost.
Q. How do I earn the tent?

A. Play through the entire game without collecting any money, except for King Boo's crown, which you can't avoid collecting. Even one coin will keep you from it.

Tips and Hints
The Mirrors are Warps

Just about every mirror in the Mansion works as a warp. Use your Game Boy Horror (X button) to activate it.
Hidden Hearts

You can find hidden hearts in just about every other vase. If you can't find them, then you're not really lookin'.
Secret Treasure Rooms

There are two secret rooms in the mansion where there's a ton of loot. The first one is in "The Butler's Room" on the first floor. Use the Game Boy Horror to locate a mouse hole and do the A button zoomy inny thing to activate it. It'll warp you in. Watch out for mean ghosts. The second Treasure Room is on the roof. Take the elevator from the Toy Chamber to the roof and fall in the chimney.
Reward for 50 Boos

A large diamond.
Water the Seed to get a Diamond

Once you have the ability to use the Water Emblem, water the seed (outdoor area, under the balcony with Toad). Go into the dog house, beat the second boss, and water the plant again. Return after you beat the third boss and water the plant again. A diamond will crop up.
Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) Mode

Choose this option once you've recused Mario once, and you will be in for some new mansion surprises.
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