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Walkthrough - Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime - Walkthrough >
Nintendo >
GameCube >
Metroid Prime >
Metroid Prime Walkthrough and Guide

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1. Shooting at Red Lights and Hitting Switches 2. Tallon Overworld - Chozo Ruins - Getting Acquainted 3. Magmoor Caverns to Phendrana Drifts
4. Tallon Overworld and Phendrana Drifts (again) 5. Chozo Ruins (again) 6. Phendrana Drifts, Part Deux
7. Getting to Phazon Mines 8. Phazon Mines 9. Tallon Overworld (back again)
10. Magmoor Caverns (hello Magmoor, so nice to see you again) 11. Revisiting Phazon Mines 12. Artifact Hunting...wheee
13. Artifact Temple 14. Impact Crater
Part 8: Phazon Mines

POWER BOMB (This part took me 8 hang in there. It's really mean.)
You took the elevator down to the Mines. Go through the hallway area and through the door. You'll get a cutscene showing that you are now officially in, "Phazon Mines." You're in the, "Main Quarry." Soon, you'll get an incoming scan data telling you to get your butt to, "Central Dynamo." So, in the, "Main Quarry," you'll see the door you came in, 2 Ice Beam doors, and 1 Wave Beam door. The Wave Beam door is a Save Room. Save.

See the orange forcefield? Scan the Primary and Secondary Forcefield controls, one is right by the door, the other is not too far away, you'll find it. Proceed on and you'll get to, "Mine Security Station." You have to fight some nasty dudes here. Take care of the first wave of guys, then, upstairs (up the little ramp/catwalk/tunnel thing), you're going to face some Wave Troopers. They have Wave Beams (just like you) but, are vulnerable to just that, so, use your Wave Beam on them. Once they die, the doors in the room will open. Work your way around the upstairs until you come to the Wave Beam door in the ceiling. This is, "Security Access B." Shoot the gates that are blocking you with your Wave Beam to destroy them. This will trigger some nasty Shadow Pirates. Use your Thermal Visor and dispense of them. Go through the Ice Door in the ceiling and you'll be in, "Elite Research." Take care of the two bad guys. Do some Scanning. You'll lower the platforms. Jump up, fight the Wave Troopers, then activate the next set of platforms. Jump up and you'll have to fight a Power Trooper. This guy is vulnerable to your Charge/Power Beam. Dispose of him. Now, start Scanning. You'll notice that the wall is weak just about everywhere. Now, go over to the Computer and Scan it. This will fire the large pulse beam cannon and destroy the wall. Now, go to the ball spinner and spin (hold "B"). This will turn the cannon. Then, Scan the Computer again to blast it. You have revealed the Ice Door. Also, if you keep going around with the cannon, you'll find a Missile Expansion. Go through the door and then another.

You are now in, "Ore Processing." Take care of the two Power Troopers. By the hologram, hop into the Morph Ball hole and place 1 bomb. This will rotate the bottom part of the pillar. Go up the Blue Track and go into the next Morph Ball hole near the next hologram. Place 2 bombs and you'll see the red track connect with the partial red track sticking out from the left and above you. Now, hop back down to the first Ball Hole/Hologram and bomb it 3 times so that the red track lines up. Go up the red track and through the Ice Beam door.

Go down, "Elevator A." You'll be in, "Elite Control Access." See the exploding box and the square grate to the left of it? Well, charge up an Ice Beam and send it at the grate. This will take care of the two bad guys in here for you. You'll have also opened a Missile Expansion. Get it.

Now, enter, "Elite Control." You have to fight an Elite Pirate. Go to Thermal Visor and you'll what you should take out first; do it with your Missiles. Then, put on your Combat Visor, target him, and hit him with Missiles while he charges up. You'll know you hit him when he flashes red. Now, there are 3 Ice Troopers that you need to deal with. Also, do much Scanning of the area. Work your way up and you'll get to an orange forcefield. Do some Scanning and you'll deactivate it. Go through the Ice Beam door in the ceiling. Just run through the, "Ventilation Shaft."

Soon, you'll be in, "Omega Research." There are 2 Wave Troopers, and 3 Power Troopers in this area...very mean. The 2 Wave Troopers aren't that bad. The 3 Power Troopers are very mean. See if you can stay up on the upper level shoot them from above. It gets nasty if you fall down with them. Continue on.

You have made it to, "Central Dynamo." Now, you have to face a nasty little guy. You can't see him at all really, so, just try to keep an eye on him while he shoots. I used the Wave Beam and charged it up. If you hit him right before he's ready to shoot it seems to work. I hit him 3 times. This will open up a electric maze for the Morph Ball. So, go at the maze. While in the maze, if you see a kinda shiny/icy space, put a bomb on it to proceed. Congrats! You have the POWER BOMB. One of the 2 Ice Beam Doors in this room is a Save Room. Save, for the love of God! Save! Don't worry about the other Ice Beam Door. It's time to backtrack and get, dare I say it, the Grapple Beam. Yes, soon enough, you'll get an incoming data scan telling you to head back to, "Ore Processing;" it's the room with the rotating magnetic rail column and holograms.

Start backtracking. When you get back to, "Omega Research," you have to face another Elite Pirate. When you get up to the top, hop across and blow up the rubble with a Power Bomb. If you don't have one, blow up one of the boxes/crates near the rubble. In the, "Ventilation Shaft," place a Power Bomb near the fan. You'll get an ENERGY TANK, and the room will clear of fumes. How nice. Now, you have to do the half-pipe to get back up. Keep going 'till you get to, "Ore Processing." Okay, jump across to the rubble that's blocking the next hologram/Morph Ball hole. Blow up the rubble with a Power Bomb (if you don't have one, just kill enemies and look for crates until you find one). Go into the hole and place 2 bombs in there, spinning the top part of the column so that the yellow rail lines up with the yellow extension. Now, go down to the next level and bomb it 3 times, moving the yellow rail in line with the top one. Now, down to the ground floor. Bomb it 1 time. Yay! Go up the Yellow Magnetic Rail. You'll be in, "Storage Depot B." You get the GRAPPLE BEAM. Exit, stay on this level, Grapple across, and go through the Ice Beam door. Work your way through the Morph Ball water puzzle (head left) and you'll be in the, "Main Quarry." Save in the save room. Now it's time to work your way to Tallon's not far. Just take the elevator marked, "Transport to Tallon Overworld South."

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