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Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Introduction and Training
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Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike >
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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*This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
Strategy Guide Navigation
  • Introduction:
    Controls, Unlockables, Gold Medal Strategies, Cooperative/Versus, Tech Upgrades, Passcodes, Training.
  • Luke Missions:
    Defiance on Dantooine, Defenders of Ralltiir, Extraction from Ralltiir, Battlefield Hoth, Trials of a Jedi, The Sarlacc Pit.
  • Wedge Missions:
    Raid at Bakura, Relics of Geonosis, Deception at Destrillion, Guns of Dubrillion, Fondor Shipyard Assault.
  • General Missions:
    Revenge of the Empire, Speeder Bike Pursuit, Triumph of the Rebellion.
  • Bonus Missions:
    Death Star Rescue, Escape from Hoth, Flight from Bespin, Attack on the Executor, Rebel Endurance.

  • Introduction
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Rebel Strike. As opposed to previous incarnations of this series, this time around we do a little 3rd person, on foot, action as well as controlling ground craft like the AT-ST and the AT-AT. Very cool. In this introduction you'll find some helpful tips, unlockables, passcodes, and controls. Please read the introduction as it helps to give you a general feel for the game.

    On Foot Controls

    L-Button - Target Lock: You'll see a green target (reticle) around the enemy. You can now circle strafe around him/it.

    R-Button - Duck: While ducked you can roll by using the control stick in whatever direction.

    Z-Button - Dive.

    Y-Button - Electro-Binoculars: Press and hold Y. Enemies are in RED. Friendlies are in GREEN. Mission critical targets are in YELLOW.

    X-Button - Jump.

    A-Button - Primary Weapon.

    B-Button - Secondary Weapon: When available.

    Control Pad (D-Pad) - Command Cross: Press in any direction to get the Command Cross to appear on the screen (upper left). Then, choose from the various choices.

    C-Stick (Yellow Stick) - Special Action: Open certain door, take control of a turret gun, etc. You'll get an icon on screen when you need to use it.

    Flight Controls

    L-Button - Decrease Speed: Click down to do a Hard Brake.

    R-Button - Increase Speed: Click down to do a Speed Burst. You must wait for the boost to recharge before you can do it again.

    Z-Button - Roll.

    Y-Button - Targeting Computer: Press and hold Y. Enemies are in RED. Friendlies are in GREEN. Mission critical targets are in YELLOW.

    X-Button - Camera Mode: Toggle between cockpit and 3rd person view.

    A-Button - Primary Weapon: Press and hold for rapid fire. Tap for "link the lasers" (shooting your lasers simultaneously...more powerful).

    B-Button - Secondary Weapon: Press and hold or tap depending upon the ship and the situation.

    Control Pad (D-Pad) - Command Cross: Press in any direction to get the Command Cross to appear on the screen (upper left). Then, choose from the various choices.

    C-Stick (Yellow Stick) - Look Around.


    Slave 1 - Get all Bronze Medals in standard (non-bonus) missions.

    Millenium Falcon - Get all Bronze Medals in standard and bonus missions.

    Jedi Starfighter - Get all Silver Medals in standard and bonus missions (note, this ship will not appear in the "Available Craft" menu but will be in your Hangar).

    Tie Hunter - Get all Gold Medals in standard and bonus missions.

    Naboo StarFighter - Complete Training at 4 different times of day (see Tatooine Training).

    Tie Bomber - Destroy all of the ground turrets cannons on the Raid at Bakura Bonus Objective. You have to target each group of them together. You'll hear somebody say, "nice job," etc. when you've done it correctly. Just worry about the cannons on the canyon floor.

    Star Wars Arcade Game - Complete Triumph of the Rebellion mission.

    Documentary - Complete Triumph of the Rebellion mission.

    Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game - Complete all standard missions.

    Audio Commentary - Get Bronze Medals in all standard missions.

    Ace Mode - Get all Gold Medals in all standard and bonus missions and complete training at the 4 different times of day.

    Gold Medal Strategies

    A big part of this game is getting Gold Medals for every mission. After the Gold Medals there is a "Best Ever" challenge to meet, but, if you get all Gold Medals, well, you've done enough and it's obvious what you need to do to get the "Best Ever." The first time you play through the game don't worry about medals at all. The thing that you should be doing, however, is finding each and every Tech Upgrade along the way. I have put the Tech Upgrades underneath the walkthrough for each particular mission. You can't miss them. So, getting the Tech Upgrades is your first step to getting the Gold Medals.

    After you go through the entire game and have all of the Tech Upgrades I want you to go through and get at least a Silver Medal on every main mission and each bonus mission. This will unlock the versatile and dangerous JEDI STARFIGHTER. This ship is key to your success as it has the Sonic Mines and is faster than Slave I (Boba Fett's ship which also has Sonic Mines). Next, I want you to do the Training Level at the 4 different times of day (see Training section below). This unlocks the NABOO STARFIGHTER which is my second favorite ship. With these two ships you should be able to dominate the Gold Medals!

    Basically, that's all of the equipment you're going to need. Then comes the skills! Yup, you have to get really good at speed, accuracy, and picking up targets without the use of your Targeting Computer. One way to help accuracy is to use the LINKED LASERS. When flying, instead of holding down the A-Button, tap it. This causes your lasers to be fired in conjuction (simultaneously). This makes it so that one blast is more powerful and more accurate. If you've done all of the above, a single linked shot should take out most TIE Fighters that you encounter. Another good technique to use is holding down the B-Button with your thumb while also using the A-Button with the same thumb. On ships that are equipped with homing missiles, the holding of the B-Button will make it so that as you fly you'll be picking out targets. This makes it easier for you to see them if you can get them with your lasers. Otherwise, just release the B-Button to fire (in most cases) multiple missiles at once.

    For the on foot missions, well, there's really not a lot of advice I can give you. Basically, it's just a matter of getting to know the level very well and learning where each and every enemy comes from. Once you know that you can take them out easily with your blaster. Most of the on foot missions were more difficult to get a Gold on than the flying missions as you really don't have any control over speed.

    That's all of the general Gold Medal strategy I have for you. I have specifics for each mission after the general walkthrough for each mission.

    When you get all 19 Gold Medals you can turn on "Ace Mode." Go to "Options" > "Special Features" > "Ace Mode."

    Cooperative and Versus

    Rebel Strike has two different modes for those of you with friends: Cooperative and Versus. They are fairly self-explanatory. Cooperative has you play Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, a GCN launch game that was a darn good game in it's own right. Anyway, the graphics and AI have been updated. If you need help with this part of the game please consult our Rogue Sqaudron II: Rogue Leader Walkthrough and Strategy Guide.

    Tech Upgrades

    Tech upgrades can be found in each specific level. Just consult the walkthrough for the level you are on and the info will be there.


    Here are the passcodes that I am aware of as of November 1, 2003. I'll be adding to this list as they become available. If you'd like to check on the official site go here and go to "Gameplay" and then "Codes."

    Enter the codes at "Options" > "Passcodes." You'll hear R2D2 beep when you've done it successfully.

    WHATTHE? - I still haven't figured out what this one does. It is a code though. If you discover it, let me know.

    FREEPLAY - Allows you to play the Unlockable Arcade Games without credits...freeplay.

    LOOKMOM! - Unlocks the Credits

    THEDUDES - Unlocks the Documentary

    You have a timer of 40 minutes. Keep in mind that you can leave training at any time. However, if you leave, or die (you have 5 lives in training) when you come back you'll have to start from the beginning again. Nothing that you've done will be saved. For example, if you've unlocked a ship or found all of the Bonus Items already, well, you'll have to find them all over again.

    Also, if you do the Training at 4 different times of day then you will have earned the NABOO STARFIGHTER which is very important for getting Gold Medals. To do this, take out your Rebel Strike game disc and set your Gamecube clock to four different times of day. I used 6:00am, 12:00pm (noon), 6:00pm (18:00), and 12:00am (midnight, 24:00).

    You start off on foot as Luke. Just look around for the various Orange Markers and when you have learned all there is to learn in here, exit out the door up the stairs.

    You can now choose between the two ships: The Landspeeder or the T-16 Skyhopper (the triangle ship). I chose the Landspeeder first, but, it doesn't matter.

    Landspeeder Objectives

    Complete all tutorial lessons.
    Here you get your first taste of the Speed Boost (R-Button). Click it down to get a Speed Boost. To do another boost you have to wait for your Boost Meter to recharge. The Boost Meter is the center part of the circle ship meter in the lower left of your screen. When you boost you'll see the middle turn transparent then it'll start to fill in again.

    Just keep following your radar, watching out for chasms. Soon enough you'll reach Tosche Station.

    Race to Tosche Station.
    See above.

    AT-ST Objectives

    Complete all tutorial lessons.
    Fun. We're in an AT-ST. The R-Button moves the walker. You aim with your control stick, fire with your A-Button, and you can lock the head in place with the L-Button.

    Win the EASY droid hunt.
    Just stay still because if you move your accuracy goes down. Look for the droids...they're the things that are moving.

    Win the MEDIUM droid hunt.
    Not too hard, just stay in one spot and rotate your head.

    Win the HARD droid hunt. - REWARD: LANDSPEEDER
    Same thing. This took me about 7 tries. Just stay put, constantly holding the A-Button and look around for droids.

    When you're done with the AT-ST objectives go to the Blue Marker. You will now have Swoop Bike/Speeder Bike training.

    Swoop Bike Objectives

    Complete all tutorial lessons.
    Nothing new here. You know how to operate this craft by now. Just hop on the Swoop Bike and go.

    Race to the Sandcrawler.
    If you follow the radar cone it'll take you to the Sandcrawler. Don't worry about the 0 of 7 jumps. If you want, get the jumps you can along the way, but, don't spend a lot of time on them now. When you get to the Sandcrawler yo u'll get a cut scene and you'll automatically be on foot. Here you learn about using the Electro-Binoculars (Y-Button): Enemies are in RED. Friendlies are in GREEN. Mission critical targets are in BLUE. Once you have the hang of that (about 5 seconds) you'll need to get down to the tripod gun turret down and to the right of you (see picture).

    Run toward it and you'll drop down. Now, use the Jump button to hop up over the ledge to the right so that you can man the Tripod Turret Gun. Get ready to do some shooting! Use your C-Stick to engage the Tripod Turret Gun. Now, fire away. After you've killed a few guys with that, go ahead and run down the hill to the main battle area. This is a sort of training ground for blaster shooting. Make sure to run through each of the Orange Markers so that you can learn the finer points of blaster fights. Basically, it's running around and hitting "A" repeatedly. Once you've done that you'll get a Blue Marker near where you left our Swoop Bike. Work your way back up there and you'll be back to the point where you choose the Landspeeder or the T-16 Skyhopper.

    Clear all the jump symbols. - REWARD: T-16 SKYHOPPER
    If you did the "Race to the Sandcrawler" objective before you started this objective then the radar cone will help you out and point you to the jumps that you need to make. Otherwise, it'll be pointing at the Sandcrawler. Also, it's easier to accomplish this task in the Landspeeder (which you can choose after you complete the above objective) as the Landspeeder has a much tighter turning radius and is tougher than the Swoop Bike.

    There are 7 jumps that you need to clear. Use your Boost (click down on R-Button) right before the jump to get speed to clear the jump. This isn't a race, you can turn around at any time and try again. Your goal is to get the Orange Marker in the air while jumping. You don't speed boost at the marker itself. So, before the marker, do your speed boost and collect the Orange Marker. You can be pretty creative don't have to follow a set course. Some of the markers require you to do a little exploring to find a path which leads to upper canyon areas. Just fly around and try going up sides of hills and the such.

    Now, that you have all 7 jumps cleared, head back to the Sandcrawler and hop into the Blue Marker. You are now back at the original ship choosing area. Go ahead and hop into the T-16 Skyhopper.

    T-16 Skyhopper Missions

    If you chose to do these missions before hopping into the Landspeeder that's fine. I just did them in this order. It doesn't matter.

    Complete all tutorial lessons.
    Just fly through the Orange Markers. You'll learn how to fly. Flight controls are covered in the "Introduction" section, above. When you complete training you'll automatically be take to race Fixer in Beggar's Canyon.

    Win the EASY Beggar's Canyon race.
    It's good to watch your radar in these races. You are the Green Dot in the middle. Fixer is the Red Dot with a line. Pay attention to the different chasms as you fly by watching your radar. There is a path that is shorter by staying on the left. You shouldn't have any problem winning this race, though, so don't worry about the path for now. When you complete it, you'll automatically be taken into the dogfight with Fixer (see objective below).

    Win the MEDIUM Beggar's Canyon race.
    OK, now, worry about the path. Basically, about 3/4 of the way through the race you'll have the option to go left or right. Stay left. It is straighter and shorter. With this route you should have no problem on Medium. Make sure to boost anytime you should get about 3 boosts in during the race.

    Win the HARD Beggar's Canyon race. - REWARD: SWOOP BIKE
    Again, just take the shortcut to the left and boost as you go.

    Win the dogfight against Fixer
    Fixer can be a pain. Just fly fast away from him, turn around, put on your Targeting Computer (Y-Button) so that he is easier to see and blast him. Repeat this 3 or 4 times and he'll say he's had enough. Now, let's find them there bonus items.

    Find all bonus items.
    If you've done the above, at this point the radar cone should be pointing at each of the 7 bonus items. Just follow it to each one. Here they are for reference, with help from Lunabeanie, Lizking:
    1) C3P0 - Theres a large skeleton next to Luke's house (a Blue Marker). Thats the Krayat Dragon bones. C3P0 is right next to them.
    2) Bantha Herd (1 of 2) - From the exit of Beggar's Canyon, go straight. The herd will be slightly to your right.
    Bantha Herd (2 of 2) - from C3P0, turn around and head toward the Group of buidings. The herd is walking in a line.
    3) Mos Eisley - The group of buildings right in front of the second Bantha Herd. It looks like a city.
    4) Sandcrawler - from Mos Eisley (heading away from Beggar's Canyon) swoop left a bit and go forward.
    5) R2D2 - Destroy the Sandcrawler (Blast the Sandcrawler a few times using Linked Lasers...tapping the A-Button instead of holding it down).
    6) Jabba's Palace - From Mos Eisley, head towards the first Bantha herd, and keep going straight.
    The palace is a small group of large buildings on a hill in the distance. Blow it up for fun.
    7) Tosche Station - From Jabba's Palace, turn left and go straight.

    Now that you have all of the bonus items, your radar will point to the beginning of Beggar's Canyon. Fly there and do the Medium and Hard race.

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