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Cheats, Rewards, Golden Spider Locations - (See Below)

Spider-Man: The Movie Information
Thumbs Up from Jer Thumbs Up from Ali
Spider-Man opens in theaters everywhere this Friday but if you can't wait that long then you should check out Spider-Man: The Movie, a new third-person platformer for all three systems (PS2, GameCube, and Xbox...we played the Xbox version). Unlike previous console incarnations of the Spider-Man series, this one is actually fun. As Tobey Maguire (Yes, it really is Tobey...whiny voice and all) you discover your Spidy powers and start the game trying to avenge the death of your Uncle Ben (not the rice king...just your uncle) by beating up everybody around you. However, as you weave your way through the game, tasks become more difficult than simply kicking thugs' asses. You have to use stealth, which is a good addition to a Spider-Man game because of your ability to crawl on walls and ceilings. This adds a third dimension to your usual stealth fare (if only Solid Snake could've hung from ceilings). You also have several open air/city scape web swinging missions to accomplish in addition to several very mean bosses to defeat.

The graphics in Spider-Man: The Movie are excellent (at least for the Xbox). Spider-Man looks exactly like he does in the movie previews, we could both easily pick out Willem Dafoe as one of the bad guys, and the city scapes were amazing...gliding from building to building and using the web attack while swinging gave us both great joy.

Game play, in general, is fairly fluid. The missions are well laid out and no one mission is particularly difficult or impossible to accomplish. This allowed us to get through the game within about 3 days. The controls are laid out logically enough, but left much to desire. There are almost too many things that Spider-Man can do. They should have trimmed some of the extra, unnecessary moves. The learning curve for the controls is pretty steep and it takes at least an hour of playing to begin to feel comfortable. That's not to say that Spider-Man doesn't have some cool moves. In addition to the awesome swinging, you have a web attack (like a bullet), the ability to wrap people up with your web and toss them around, a web dome which protects you then blows up to harm any enemies near you, and, the ability to hang silently from ceilings and ease yourself down (Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise, style).

All in all Spider-Man: The Movie deserves to be picked up as a rental. It's fairly easy to beat and a little frustrating but will provide you with at least a weekend of good times. Also, if you have a choice, pick it up for the Xbox. We've heard that the other two versions are a little inferior graphically.

To enter these cheats, go to the "Cheats" menu in "Specials" and enter the code.
Cheat Code
Unlock All Levels IMIARMAS
First Person Mode UNDERTHEMASK
Play as a Thug THUGSRUS
Play as a Lab Scientist SERUM
Play as Mary Jane GIRLNEXTDOOR
Play as Knuckles KNUCKLES
Play as Uncle Ben's Killer STICKYRICE
Play as the Shocker HERMANSCHULTZ
Play as a Cop REALHERO
Play as Captain Stacey CAPTAINSTACEY
Enemy Big Head Mode JOELSPEANUTS
Play in Goblin Suit FREAKOUT
Unlimited Webbing ORGANICWEBBING
Accomplishment Reward
Finish any Level Level Warp, which allows you to revisit any level you've beaten to get a better score. Level Warp Menu found in "Specials"
Earn 10,000 points in Story Mode Pinhead Bowling - Becomes available in Training Mode.
Earn 20,000 points in Story Mode Vulture Movie - Becomes available in Gallery.
Earn 30,000 points in Story Mode Shocker Movie - Becomes available in Gallery.
Earn 50,000 points in Story Mode Unlimited Webbing
Beat the game once on at least "Easy" Play as Peter Parker - Must turn feature "On".
Beat the game once on at least "Easy" Play as Wrestler Spider-Man - Must turn feature "On".
Beat the game once on at least "Normal" Play as Alex Ross Spider-Man - Must turn feature "On".
Beat the game once on "Hero" or "Superhero" Unlock Green Goblin Movie
Golden Spider Location FAQ
A big thanks to LanMan_themovie for giving us permission to include this guide on our site.

Version 0.87
Last updated 04/29/2002

Written by Orlando Barrowes
aka LanMan_themovie
What's in this FAQ?
This FAQ tells you where the golden spider icons are in a very descript, easy to find, manner.

This FAQ pertains specifically to the Xbox version of Spider-Man. Many locations may be similar to the game on the Playstation 2 and GameCube consoles, however. These are also specifically found in Normal Mode, though others may be added later. Also, there are still two combos I have yet to find, so if you've found them and would like them to be listed in this FAQ with your credit, please contact me.

What do these icons do?
-These Icons are necessary to activate more of Spider-Man's fighting combos. All the moves are listed in the Pause Menu but must be activated by finding the incons hidden in the levels.

Can you go back and get the icons you've missed?
-Yes you can. From the main menu, select Specials, then Level Warp, and you can re-visit past levels in search for icons.

How do I change difficulty level?
-From what I've found, the only way is to Start a new game, and select the option that lets you keep your current points instead of resetting them.
Icon Locations
Level Icon Location
Search for Justice *Note: to explain locations here, we'll have to assume that since the sun sets in the west, the sun would be on the WEST side. So, using that as a guide, the museum you go to at the end, for example, would be in the SOUTHEAST corner. The building you start in is somewhat close to the WEST side, towards the SOUTH.
  • Web Hit: This building is the third one going NORTH of the warehouse. The rooftop is about two notches from the top of the height meter. It's on top of a building with a lot of little alleys and cooridors on top of it and has about two thugs wandering around. The building has white stripes going vertically, with rows of windows inbetween that reflect a gold color. The golden spider is around a corner near the northwest side of the building.
  • Field Goal: Right underneath the eagle's head you start out on. If you just walk forward off the ledge you should probably hit it.
  • WareHouse Hunt
  • Backflip Kick: One of the first ones in plain site. Right by where you start. Walk out the door of the room you start in and around the corner.
  • Birth of a Hero
  • Handspring: An obvious combo that's in the hallway right after you find the question mark telling you how to aim your targeting reticle.
  • Oscorp's Gambit
  • NONE
  • The Subway Station
  • Scissor Kick: In a big gap along the big right wall and at the far end from where you start.
  • High Web Hit: Under the stairway on the opposite end of the station from where you start (note: not the one with the whole in it from Shocker), you'll find it on the ceiling in the corner.
  • Chase through the Sewer
  • DiveBomb: Above the Big Water Pipe that some of Shocker's goons turn on. Easy to see.
  • Advanced Web Gloves: After you turn off the water of the big pipe and go through it, you'll be in a room where the pipe is broken and you fight a couple guys. High on the wall of that room is a door that leads to a switch. Flip the switch and go back to the room where the water poured out of the big pipe onto the electricity. It is safe to go down there now without getting electricuted, so go down and there's a door that should now be open. It's a secret area with the Adv. Web Gloves.
  • Advanced Impact Web: In the Big Room where a whole bunch of guys come at you and fight you in the water, after you get the key you have go into a pit and open a door, and hit a switch. The similar looking door on the opposite end of that pit has this item in it.
  • Showdown with Shocker
  • Uppercut: You've gotta be quick to get this one. Right after you get down the first hallway toward Shocker, you'll leave the room and go up a small staircase. Immediately when you enter the next small room, you'll see a canal, and a split second later the icon will go floating by. You'll probably have to zip line to get it.
  • Vulture's Lair
  • Gravity Slam: In the maze that winds, about half way up there's one around a bend if you drop through one of the broken staircases and walk around. Not too hard to find if you just keep searching.
  • Vulture Escapes
  • NONE
  • Air Duel with Vulture
  • Dive Kick: On top of the building that Vulture rests on when he's tired. Climb up there and jump when at the top and you should get it.
  • Sting: It's on a lower ledge of the main building. It isn't one of the VERY lowest ledges. The height meter should still be about six notches from the top. It's the ledge right under another ledge with the big, gray spike poking out of them. You'll find it on the corner of the building that is farthest from you when you start the level.
  • Corralled
  • Advanced Web Dome: On the side ramp that connects the 2nd level to the top level. Scorpion uses it to go up, I think.

    *Note: In Hard Mode, this one is actually found in level 3: Birth of a Hero. As you begin, use stealth to get past the first room full of guards before you get to the first Steam Room (where Bruce Campbell originally explained about targetting). As you reach the door to the steam room, the door to your left should open to reveal the golden icon.
  • Scorpion's Rampage
  • Tackle: Inside one of the broken pillars in the main room.
  • Coup D'etat
  • NONE
  • The Offer
  • Flip Mule: Right when you go in the building to fight G.Goblin hand to hand, there's one up against one of the walls on the main floor.
  • Race Against Time
  • NONE
  • Kraven's Test
  • NONE
  • The Mighty Hunter
  • Low Web Hit: In the air duct in the ceiling in the room with the poisonous gas. After the door closes and begins to fill with gas, climb up into the air vent directly above your head and in the second vent from the top there is a Combo Icon.
  • The Razor's Edge
  • NONE
  • Breaking and Entering
  • High Stomp: By one of the cubicles in one of the brown-carpeted rooms with computers. Easy to see.
  • Chemical Chaos
  • Palm: On the Ceiling in the Chemical Plant. Towards the door for vats C and D.
  • Head Hammer: Open the small room right across from Door D. There it is.
  • Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon
  • NONE
  • Escape from Oscorp
  • Haymaker: Straight across from where you start out, in front of the doors.
  • Mary Jane Kidnapped
  • NONE
  • Face Off at the Bridge
  • NONE
  • Acknowledgements
    Thanks to Treyarch for doing such a great job of a Spider-Man game.
    Thanks also DTJAAAAMJS for help finding the Head Hammer, Scissor Kick, and Tackle Icons.
    Thanks to Parker 126 for help finding the Dive Kick icon.
    Thanks to TheMasterCheif182 for helping to find the Adv. Web Gloves icon, and Low Web Hit, and cpslostang78 for helping find Sting.
    If there's anyone I missed who contributed information, I thank the people on the GameFaqs message boards for helping put this together.
    Legal Info
    This Golden Spider FAQ Copyright 2002 Orlando Barrowes

    If you want to put this on your site, just please ask permission from me first and make sure I am clearly credited. Otherwise, do not put this on your site, or claim credit for it. You may print this document for personal use, and distribute it by any means, provided it is not modified in any way, and I am clearly credited. The newest version of this FAQ can be found at

    I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Sony, Spider-Man, or Marvel comics. Use of these names within this document does not infringe on the rights of any party or parties, and all rights to these names are reserved by their respective owners.
    Contact Me
    You can contact me at Please let me know of any changes that need to be made in the FAQ and you will be credited. Thank you.

    Have more questions, passcodes or hints? Please post them on our Nintendo Help Board, and we will get back to you ASAP.

    © 2002