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Lunabean's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough >
3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Weapons and Items
3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)
4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf
5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)
6. Warehouse North > End
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Review
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)


You are Solid Snake, a retired FOXHOUND soldier. The Colonel has located you in Alaska for a special task. Watch the introductory briefing for details. From the beginning, choose your difficulty level. This walkthrough is written based on a "Normal" difficulty. Difficulty only has to do with the amount of damage you take, and the amount of damage your enemies take. The game remains the same (although rarely weapons are in different places). Also, choose your Radar Type. In the game you have a radar in the top right corner of your screen showing you where you and your enemies are located. If you choose Radar Type 1, your radar will remain where it is if you are spotted. If you opt for Type 2 is will disappear until things cool down a bit. We chose Type 2, but do whatever you need to do.

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After the introductory cutscene you are thrown into your personal radio, or Codec. This is how you will contact members of your team. As the game goes on, you will be taught new frequencies to contact members of your team who will help you get through the game. Once you learn them they will be put in the Codec's Memory. To activate your Codec, press the "Start" button and "A". Do the same to exit.

It is revealed in your first conversation that you need to make it to the elevator along the North side of the room. The elevator needs some time to make it to your level first, and you really need to avoid being spotted. So, before heading to the elevator, go ahead and jump into the water down the stairs in front of you. Watch your O2 meter and collect the Ration (Health) and the AP Sensor under the water. Climb up the stairs leading you back to your entrance. To get out of the water, press your back against the ledge and hit the "Y" button.

Above the water now, press the "L-Trigger". This will show you items in your inventory, along with the Ration you just picked up and the AP Sensor. Simply select the item you are interested in and follow the directions on activating it. I recommend equipping the AP Sensor now as you're about to be stealthy.

It seems you are trapped in this area. Not so. Notice the pipe above the puddle by the wall? Crawl by hitting your "X" button and move under the pipe to the other side. Hit "X" again to stand up. Watch your radar and avoid the men as you make your way to the North side. If you run and enemies are close, they will hear you. Move slow to avoid them. If their field of vision (the blue cones coming from the enemies on the radar) turns green, they're suspicious. If it's red, they know you're there. Stay out of their line of sight and use the crates for cover.

At the North wall, notice the lockers along the left side. The locker farthest to the left has an M9 inside (On Very Easy Mode the M9 is actually next to you at the beginning, on Easy mode the M9 is actually outside of the locker, and on Hard and Extreme Modes you won't get it until you hit the Armory). Open the locker with "Y" and walk into the locker. Snake should automatically close the locker behind him. Wait here and watch the guard who is circling around the crates in front of you. When his back is to you, sneak out and shoot him with your M9.

Shooting in this game is a bit "different". First off, hit the "R-Trigger" and select your weapon. You can shoot people in third-person mode, but first is more accurate. So, go into first-person mode by hitting your "Z" button. Pressing down on the "A" button will target someone (notice the red laser). Then, releasing the "A" button will actually fire the shot. Honestly, it takes some practice, but it becomes second nature rather quickly. This is a good area to practice, as, if you die, you'll just start from the beginning, which isn't far away.

At this point you should get a cutscene of the elevator coming to your floor, and a man inside the elevator. Hide from the man and try to make your way to the elevator unnoticed. However, chances are you will be spotted. Take out the enemies with your M9. Once they're down, step into the elevator.


Here you'll get a cutscene and some Codec information. The most important information is that of saving. To save, contact Mei Ling at 140.96.

You are also given your next objective: Get into the building in front of you by entering one of two ducts. One is on the ground, the other is up the stairs. This walkthrough will guide you to the duct on ground level.

With your M9 equipped, run up onto the Heliport. When the lights split, run down the center and collect the Chaff Grenades. Run down the stairs in front of you. Approach the back end of the truck in front of you and hop in by pressing up against it at hitting "Y". Behind the crate grab the SOCOM. Wait until it is clear and exit out. Check your radar and notice an open room along the west wall of the area. There is a security camera in the room, so, before heading in, toss in the Chaff Grenade and wait for it to jam the camera. Enter the room and collect the Stun Grenades from the locker.

Exit out and head north, along the west wall. Hide behind the crates. Notice a guard who is falling in and out of sleep along the north wall. At his feet is the duct. Wait until he sleeps (notice the Zs coming from him), step out and toss a stun grenade his way. Run to the duct (you will most likely be spotted) and simply crouch ("X") and crawl forward.

Tank Hangar - 1st Floor

Inside the duct, crawl forward, then left, then right. Go all of the way to the end and look right. Here you'll get a quick cutscene (if you were spotted outside). Now, backtrack and you'll see some rats. You'll be called by "Master". His frequency is 141.80 if you ever need to talk to him. You'll also be told the "rats" are, in fact, mice. Follow them through the vents (through the water) and to the opening.

Wait here until you are sure no guards are in front of you. Crawl out of the vent, stand up and run toward the tank in front of you. Run to the tank for cover from roaming guards and you'll get a call from Campbell. He tells you of a cargo elevator in the area. The elevator is, again, along the north side. Avoiding the guards, make your way to the elevator, stand next to the control panel to the right and hit your "Y" button to call the elevator. It will take a few seconds for the elevator to make it, so continue avoiding the guards. When the elevator gets to you, step inside, turn around and face the control panel to the right of the open door. Use your control stick and select B1, then "A".

Holding Cells (B1)

Exit the elevator. There are no guards here. You get a Codec message that the DARPA Chief (who you are currently supposed to be rescuing) is the flashing green dot. You can't get to him directly, so make your way to the southeast section of the floor and find the ladder. Next to the ladder is a vent opening. Crawl into it to find a Ration, then backtrack out (the vent leads to a dead end). Hit "Y" to climb the ladder.

In the vents, head left, then left again. Watch the man use the facilities below you, then continue along and collect the M9 Ammo. Turn around to the main vent and head left again. Follow the vent to a cutscene of a locked up woman, followed by a man. Once you find the man you will come to a very, very, very long cutscene. This is the DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson. Long story short, nuke launching by terrorists is a possibility with a little something called "Metal Gear Rex" (we have a title!). You have the DARPA Cheif's trust and he gives you his Level One Security Card. Then, he dies. You are left to escape his cell.

Before doing anything, crawl under the bed and collect the Ration. Wait a second and the cell door will open up. Here you'll find a naked man, and the woman from the cell next door who has escaped. After a little song and dance, it's time for you to start shooting at the men who are coming in through the door in front of you. First, step back and collect the SOCOM behind you (if you didn't already from the truck in the Heliport). Then take aim and shoot the men coming through the door in front of you. Head shots are best. If you run out of Ammo, there is some in the locker in the office next to you and there is some in the bathroom next to the office. As the enemies die many will drop Rations or Ammo. Pick them up. Eventually, you'll get a cut scene. The woman will disappear and you'll "hallucinate". After the cut scene, Naomi will explain that the hallucination was caused by Psycho Mantis. Return to the office and bathroom to collect anything that is remaining. There is a book in the bathroom which can be used to distract enemies if you set it down on the ground.

Go to the elevator, call it, enter and go down to B2.

The Armory (B2)

Call Campbell on your Codec and he'll explain that you're looking for sections of the surrounding wall that look different. These sections can be blown up with C4. You are safe here, there are no guards, but there are some trap doors so be careful. You will see six storage rooms. You can enter the storage rooms that have a Level 1 Security, and there are a few with no security clearance required. Collect what you can from the accessible storage rooms. You will find C4, Grenades, and Ammo. Once you've collected everything, move to the southwest corner of the room. Face the south wall and go into First Person View. Notice the cemented-over section of the wall. Place a C4 near that section with "A", step away, and then detonate the C4 with "B". Pass through the hole. (Please note there are two other cemented over sections in this room, on both sides of the elevators...blow them to collect the goods inside).

Armory South (B2)

Run down the hall. At the end of the hall you'll see a white section of the wall. Use C4 on it. Pass through. Again, find the white section of the wall, use C4 and go through. Here you'll run into Kenneth Baker who is rigged with trip wires linked to C4. Don't touch the wires.

Boss Fight: Revolver Ocelot

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You are fighting Revovler Ocelot. Arm your SOCOM and run back and forth avoiding Ocelot's fire. Notice at the top of your screen the indicator showing how much ammo he has in his pistol. When he runs out and goes to reload that is your opportunity to fire at him. Face him, go into First Person View and shoot him in the head. Simply repeat this process until his meter runs out.

Note that if you run toward him, he'll run away, so it's best to keep your distance. And, also remember that the trip wires are still live so if you run into those, game over. Once his meter is down you'll get a cutscene and a half. First, you'll be introduced to invisible Ninja guy. He helps you, but is he on your side? You don't know. Post Ninja, you'll have quite a conversation with Kenneth Baker. His story is pretty much the same as the DARPA chief's: A terrorist attack with Metal Gear Rex's abilities is a reality. And, just like the DARPA chief, Baker dies upon handing you his Level 2 Security Card and the MO Disc.

Contact Campbell again and he'll tell you that Meryl (the masked woman in the holding cell) has the detonation code release keys. You are told to contact Meryl with the frequency written on the back of the "package". The "package" is actually the game box that the game came in. If you rented the game, you won't know this. Pretty rotten. The frequency is 140.15.

Contact Meryl using the 140.15 frequency. Meryl lets you know that you look just like Liquid Snake. Hmm? She tells you how to get in touch with Emmerich who is the designer of Metal Gear. He is in the research lab in the 2nd-floor basement of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building to the north of the armory.

Meryl also tells you there is a cargo door on the 1st floor of the building you are in. That is where you are headed.

Collect the ration in the middle of the room then exit out the Level 2 door. You will be in the Armory again.

The Armory (B2)

This time there are guards in the Armory. Now that you have a Level 2 Security Card you can into the southeast storage room. Enter it and then quickly crouch and crawl because there are invisible security lasers in the middle of this storage room. Collect the FAMAS, FAMAS Ammo, and Box 1 (a cardboard box that you can hide under). If you trip the lasers, kill anyone who comes into the room. It's best that you don't trip the lasers. Crawl back under the lasers and make your way back to the elevator on the north wall, while avoiding any guards. Call the elevator and go to Level 1.

Tank Hangar (1F)

Upon arriving on the 1st floor, Meryl will contact you and warn you of the dangers behind the cargo door. She tells you of lasers that, when tripped, will lock you in the cargo bay as poisonous gas will seep in and kill you. Good to know.

The cargo door is next to the elevator. It is already open for you. You can easily sneak in from here, but, before passing through the cargo bay door, you should have a Mine Detector. It's not vital to gameplay, but it does help. Also, since you now have a Security Level 1 Key you can pass through the Level 1 Security Door on the east side, take out the guard and collect the SOCOM Suppressor. The SOCOM Suppressor is a silencer for your SOCOM.

The Mine Detector is located in an office on the second floor of the Tank Hangar. Run to the west side of the room and locate the stairs leading up to the second floor walkway. Climb them to the halfway point, then notice the security camera above them. Avoid it as you make your way to the top.

Run forward and pop into the west room. If you are spotted running into this room, slide yourself behind the stack of crates in the northwest corner of the room. Guards will, most likely, not spot you here. In this room, grab the Chaff Grenades and exit out, making your way along the walkway to the other side. Notice the guard walking along the east section of the walkway. You need to slip by him. I found it best to off him with an M9 shot to the head when his back was turned. Once he's down, make your way to the office behind the Level 2 Door, near the end of the walkway.

In the office, collect the Mine Detector and the Ration from under the desk. Exit out. Don't backtrack. Instead, go to the end of the walkway (avoid the security camera here) and jump over the ledge by pressing "Y" and fall to the ground below with "X". The cargo door is right next to you. Go through it.

Inside, equip your M9 and shoot the fire extinguisher so that you can see the lasers. The lasers move up and down. Time each section and go under. Sometimes it's a little hard to see which laser goes with what, so pay attention to the right side where the lasers are generated. If you trip a laser, you'll die. Just try it again. When you get through successfully approach the door on the other end and it'll open for you.


Move forward and you'll get a call from "Deepthroat". He'll warn you of mines ahead. Thank goodness for the Mine Detector you just found! Equip it and check your radar for mines. Work your way to the North end where you will encounter Vulcan Raven and his tank.

Boss Fight: Vulcan Raven

The best way to take out Vulcan Raven and his tank is by tossing grenades so they hit the enemy manning the mounted gun on the tank, itself. Tossing them close him does a little damage. Tossing them in the hole where he is sitting will do a lot of damage. It's really not that difficult. Just get close to the tank and chuck Grenades toward him...I believe the game is pretty generous with accuracy here. Avoid any grenades that miss him and ricochet back toward you. Also, avoid the tank, itself. You can slow the tank down by tossing grenades at its tracks. There are more Grenades in the area, along with other kinds of ammo worth collecting. Also, remember your "Y" button will pull you out if you fall in the nearby ditch.

Note that the tanks is equipped with an electrical system of sorts. To get close to it without being nailed with missiles, toss a Chaff Grenade toward it. When it blows, it won't be able to track you, giving you an opening.

After you toast the first guard, you'll have a second guard (and a refilling of the life meter) to deal with. Simply repeat what you've been doing until you run the second meter out. Then, watch the cutscene. You are a wanted man.

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