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Lunabean's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough >
4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Weapons and Items
3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)
4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf
5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)
6. Warehouse North > End
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Review
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf

Nuke Building (1F)

Grab the Ration from the far end of the catwalk, then make your way down the ramp. Crouch, make sure the guard passes by, and slip under the door into the storage facility. Inside you'll be told your weapons have been neutralized due to the danger of a stay bullet hitting a nuclear container. You need to make it up either set of stairs to the walkway along the north wall, then to the elevator. The elevator is closer to the west side, so I suggest climbing the west set of stairs.

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Move west and get yourself into a locker (there M9 ammo in the one to the left). Wait for the guard to pass by again, then head north and up the stairs. There will be a guard who patrols the walkway from the top of the stairs to beyond the elevator and around the corner. Wait until he moves around the corner then move up to the top and call the elevator. While you wait, press your back up to the ledge in case the guard comes back before the elevator comes up. Pop into the elevator and select floor B2.

Nuke Building (B2)

Exit the elevator and pass through the two sets of doors in front of you. Here you will get a cutscene showing you the route to a power supply box that powers the electrified floor in front of you. "Deepthroat" will call and tell you that you need a remote control guided missile to take it out. Use your Codec to discover one can be found on B1. Exit out, hop into the elevator and go to B1.

Nuke Building (B1)

Exit the elevator. There is a guard in the men's bathroom, located to the west of the hall you are in. You can take him out to collect his goods and the Ration in the bathroom, but do it silently. Also, when you're done with him, pick up his body (remember you must be unarmed to do this), and drag him into one of the stalls. Hide in the other before the next guard comes in. Wait there until he leaves as he'll most likely spot you, even if you sneak up behind him.

Once the area is clear, exit out and move back toward the elevator, then to the room to the south. Here is where you will find the remote control guided missile (the Nikita), and a roaming guard. Sneak up behind the guard and take him out silently. Collect the Nikita and its ammo, the Ration in the locker, and anything else you want from the room, then return to the elevator and move back downstairs.

Nuke Building (B2)

Exit the elevator and, again, pass through the two doors in front of you. Stand at the electrified floor and shoot off a Nikita missile. You will be put in first person view as the missile. Guide it to the end of the hall, hang a right, then another right, then move down to the end of the room. At the north end of the room is an open glass door. Pass through it, then move right again, through the next door. The power supply is along the wall to your left. Smash the Nikita missile into it and you will have de-electrified the floor. If you have trouble with time, try to keep your missile aimed in a straight line as it moves. It will move faster this way. Also, watch the camera guns for an opening. Finally, don't forget to step outside to recharge your 02 meter.

Once the floor is no longer a threat, step outside the room to refill your O2 level, then return and move down the hallway. Go through the third door down. There's a camera inside, but there's also a Book and a Gas Mask inside. Equip your Gas Mask, then check out the remaining open rooms for ammo and grenades. Make your way all of the way to the room with the power supply box for a Ration). Once you have your supplies, exit via the easternmost door.

Pass through the next door and watch the bloody cutscene in front of you. It's the Ninja again. You'll be fighting him next. Work your way down the hall, collect the FAMAS ammo and enter the Level 4 Security door at the end. Here will be another cutscene of the Ninja messing with your man, Emmerich

Boss Fight: Stealth Ninja

It's time to take on Mr. Ninja Pants. The most important thing for you to understand is the Ninja's outfit is somehow electrically charged, which means Chaff Grenades will stun him long enough for you to take aim at him with your FAMAS and shoot away. Do this twice for a cutscene. The Ninja will tell you your weapons are no good. This is not true as you can continue tossing Chaff Grenades at him, then shooting him with your FAMAS as long as you have Chaff Grenades. However, once you run out, hand to hand combat (the "B" button) is all you can really do...plus it truly is more damaging, and you should save your Chaff Grenades for a little later in the fight. Note there is a Ration behind the glassed-in server area, a couple of Chaff Grenades, Socom ammo and some FAMAS ammo in the room.

Watch the Ninja's moves. He'll chase after you and pull some fancy jump move off. Avoid these moves by keeping your distance and by rolling out of his way when he gets too close with the "X" button. After he's complete one of his jump moves, run up to him and punch him three times with "B". After the third hit (or swing), run away. Keep at this until his meter has only about a third left. Here the Ninja will go stealth. You can see him, but it is a little more difficult, which is why I suggest keeping the Chaff Grenades until this point. Watch him, when he nears, toss a Chaff Grenade and shoot at him. The FAMAS works, but so does the Socom to the head. Continue doing this until your Chaff Grenades run out, then return to your hand to hand fighting until the you get one more quick cutscene.

Now, the Ninja isn't using stealth, but he does have a new little move. When you near him, he'll rush you in one or two quick bursts, then he'll take a swing at you. Getting in his way during any of this is damaging, so keep away and remember your roll ("X"). The Ninja will pause after he goes for the punch. While he's in "pause" you need to swing at him. Repeat until Ninja's meter runs out.

Here you will get another long cutscene. You kick Ninja's butt, you have a brief conversation about how he was killed in Zanzibar, then the Ninja "loses himself" and disappears. It is revealed via Codec the Ninja is Grey Fox. Genome soldiers and the like are discussed. If you're really interested, watch the cutscene.

The cutscene continues with an interrogation of Hal Emmerich. You tell him about the nuclear capabilities of Metal Gear. As the engineer of a device meant to protect turned into a weapon of mass destruction, Emmerich aligns himself with you. He tells you where Metal Gear Rex is located. He'll use his stealth suit to hide then contact you in a bit via Codec. Watch the cutscene if you'd like to see a couple of Nintendo characters in the form of Mario and Yoshi.

In the cutscene Meryl is spotted, you need to find her. Otacon also gives you his Codec Frequency, which is 141.12. Exit out of the server room, move down the bloody hall, then return through the gas way to the elevator and back up to B1.

Nuke Building (B1)

Emmerich made a comment about where a lone woman could be in order to speak with you without being spotted. The answer is the ladies' room, which is to the east of the elevator, across from the room where you acquired the Nikita. However, it will not be unlocked upon arrival on B1. So, run to the mens' bathroom and take out the guard, collect his Ration and the Ration in the corner, pull the guard into the stall, then exit out and run to the east end of the hall. Hide behind the pillar here, wait for the guard to come out of the Nikita room and follow him to the bathroom. Take him out, then return to your pillar. Watch as Meryl (dressed as a guard) moves from the Nikita room into the ladies' room. Follow here in and you'll get a cutscene.

You and Meryl are a team. Follow her into the hallway and through the Level 5 Security Door to the north. Watch as her mind is taken over. Follow her into the next room where you will meet Psycho Mantis.

Boss Fight: Psycho Mantis

This is a fun little fight which shows off Nintendo's personal gaming style. First off, get your Gamecube next to you as you're going to do some controller socket switching. Next, take care of Meryl without killing her. This means you'll have to disarm and take a couple of swings at her. Easy enough. Next up you're going to have to fight Psycho Mantis himself. Avoid his attacks, whether they come in the form of electric orbs, floating chairs, statues or pictures, avoid them. Watch the cutscene as he proves to you what you're thinking by reading your Memory Card. Because he knows what you're thinking, it's impossible to kill him, so get on your Codec and speak to Campbell. The Colonel will tell you to unplug your controller from socket one and put it in socket 2. Do so, then simply go into first-person mode and take aim at him with your FAMAS. If, while in first-person mode, you get a black and white screen, hit the "Z" button to get out of it.

After working Psycho Mantis down a bit he'll start reading your mind again. He'll start saying "It's useless" and your shots to him won't hurt. At this point, plug your controller into socket 3 and start shooting again. Just past Mantis's halfway meter point Meryl will get up again. Punch her out, then knock her out again before she gets a chance to take her own life. Once she's out, finish off Psycho Mantis. If he reads you mind again, just plug your controller in another socket and you'll be good to go.

When it's all over Meryl will regain her mind and Psycho Mantis will die, only after he explains that wars are caused by man's desire to spread their DNA. Alrighty then.

Plug your controller back into socket 1 and exit out of the room via the sliding bookcase. Move down the stairs, collect the Ammo, then pass through the door.


Meryl tells you to follow her. It would have been easier had she have not disappeared. First, move straight across the snow and collect the Ration and ammo at the dead ends. Come back then go down the snowy path that leads north. At the end, crouch down and you'll see an opening. Arm your M9 and crawl through it. Here will be a wolf dog. Shoot him with your M9. Continue north along the path, then head along the east path to your right. Hop in and out of first person view so you don't stumble upon an attacking wolf. Hit the next wolf with a M9 shot, then, at what appears to be another dead end, crouch down and crawl into the next area. Here Meryl has the wolves by her side. Apparently, they love they ladies. Collect the Ration and pass through the door.

Underground Passage

Watch as Meryl walks along the mine covered patch of snow. Follow her trail to cross it unharmed, then continue watching as Meryl gets housed. You'll learn the only way to save her is with a Sniper Rifle of your own, which means you'll have to backtrack to the Nuke Building B1 to retrieve the PSG1-T. This is a Sniper Rifle that shoots Tranquilizers, but it will do the job on Sniper Wolf. If you want the PSG1, which shoots normal bullets, you'll have to backtrack all of the way back to the Armory, which is located on B2 of the Tank Hangar. It's really not as far away as it seems. Either way, you're going to have to backtrack.

Exit out through the Caves, back through the room where you took on Psycho Mantis, then to the elevator. If you want the PSG1-T, simply go through the door opposite the elevator (to the south), take out the guard inside, then enter the office in the southwest corner. Here you will find the PSG1-T, and some ammo. Check the other offices in the area for Box 2, Pantazem and other treats. If this Sniper Rifle is good enough for you (and it should be for now since you will have an opportunity to grab it in a bit), go ahead and backtrack to the Underground Passage and skip the next paragraph. If you need the real Sniper Rifle now, read the next paragraph.

Take the elevator to level 1, then work your way down the stairs to the garage door. If you're spotted and the alarm sounds the garage door will close, so don't let that happen. Crawl under the garage, run up the ramp and you'll be in the Canyon. Now there are guards and security cameras. Make your way along the west side to avoid both most easily (toss a Chaff Grenade if you'd like at the cameras), and make your way to the Cargo Door of the Tank Hangar. Inside, make your way to the elevator and hit "B2" to make it to the Armory. I suggest silently taking out the guards here with your M9, as they are difficult to just sneak past considering one is guarding the storage room you want to enter. One is circling around the NE storage room. Sneak up behind him and take him out. Next, focus on the one making rounds along the east side. Once he makes it to the north hall, take him out. Finally, sneak up on the guard guarding the door to the NW storage room. Once you do this, enter the NW storage room. Inside the NW storage room, crouch and crawl to the far side as there are security laser here. Collect the PSG1. Collect the ammo, then exit out. Check the other storage rooms for more ammo, grenades and C4. Watch out for the SE storage room's security lasers. Once you have everything here, exit out and return to the Underground Passage.

Boss Fight: Sniper Wolf

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Back in the Underground Passage you will be immediately thrown into your boss battle with Sniper Wolf. This is not a difficult fight once you locate Sniper Wolf, herself. First, grab the box of Pentazem located by the door. Taking Pentazem steadies your hand with your Sniper Rifle. Avoid Wolf's red laser pointer, then step out and equip your PSG1. This will automatically put your in first person view. Look down the tunnel to the far end. Sniper Wolf is on the little catwalk above the ground level on the building across the way. Zoom in on her with "B". Zoom back out with "X". If you see the rat walking across the beam, you're looking to high. Sniper Wolf is below him.

Once you get her location, pop a Pentazem and take aim at her. Head shots are very damaging to her. She will, most likely, run around after being shot. Continue to shoot at her. Also, she may hide behind the metal beams, herself, but you should be able to see her red laser pointing at the ground to pinpoint her location. Stick on her until she reveals herself, then take a shot. If she shoots you, she'll shoot your rifle up in the air. It's easiest to simply unequip the gun, than it is to re-equip it in order to get your focus back. Simply keep shooting Sniper Wolf until her meter (pink or blue, depending on which Sniper Rifle you're using) is down to nothing.

Once she's down, run down the passage. Watch out for the security gun to your right as you're running, but if you move fast, it shouldn't be a problem. At the end climb up the stairs to the catwalk and Sniper Wolf will be gone. Collect the ammo, then move down the stairs and toward the door next to the stairs. Here you'll come to a cutscene. ***Please note, you should save before getting to the cutscene.

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