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Lunabean's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Walkthrough >
5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Weapons and Items
3. Beginning > Vulcan Raven (1)
4. Nuke Building > Sniper Wolf
5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)
6. Warehouse North > End
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Review
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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"Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes"
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5. Medical Room > Vulcan Raven (2)

Medical Room

If you're into this story at all you should watch this cutscene as much is revealed. The reason I had you save should be apparent now. If you fail the torture test your game will be over and there will be no "Continue" for you. However, passing the torture test isn't that hard, unless you were one of the poor people who couldn't pass the "Test of Strength" in "Starfox Adventures". All you have to do here is quickly hit your "A" button as you are being tortured. Repeat the process three times and you'll be taken into a cell. If it looks like you're going to die, and you haven't saved in some time, then surrender with "Start" + "A". However, if you surrender you'll get the "sad ending". This is the one opportunity you have to change the ending to this game. Survive = happy. Surrender = sad. Death = start from last save point.

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In the cell, use your Codec to speak with Campbell and to pass time before you are taken to the torture chamber again (if you didn't surrender). From the Codec you'll learn that Naomi has childhood issues, and you still consider a recent nemesis, Frank Jaeger, to be a friend . Check your map. You'll discover you are in a Medical Room located on B1 of the Tank Hangar.

If you survived the first torture, you'll be tortured again. Survive the torture three times, and you'll be taken back to the cell. Wait a few seconds and the guard will run to the bathroom. At this point, Otacon will reveal himself to you. He'll give you a Level 6 Security Card, Ketchup and Sniper Wolf's Handkerchief. The Handkerchief will be used later to protect yourself from the Wolves. After the cutscene, crawl under the bed before the guard comes back out. He'll notice you're gone and open the door to your cell. When he does, emerge from under the bed and either take him down with your fists, or run out to the Torture Chamber to the north. If you run the guard's stomach will fall out on him again, and he'll lock himself in the bathroom. You can also trick the guard into opening up your cell by lying on the ground and using the Ketchup Octacon gave to you. It's a funnier little trick, but it doesn't give you as much time to escape as the bed trick. Also, if you fail at either trick, wait for the guard to fall asleep while guarding you, then try again (of course the Ketchup only works once). An interesting note here is that when I was replaying the level to figure out the best method of escape, I was once hiding under the bed and the Ninja came and opened the door for me.

In the Torture Chamber, collect your belongings and exit out the door underneath the security camera.

Tank Hangar (B1)

You'll notice you are near the Holding Cells where you first encountered Meryl. Toss a Chaff Grenade at the Security Camera Guns, then call the elevator. If you didn't get the PSG1 before, now you can go ahead and get it from the Armory located on B2 (check the Underground Passage section above for details if you have problems getting it). Even if you did get the PSG1 earlier, you should go to the Armory now that you have a Level 6 Security Card if, and only if, you want the Digital Camera. Otherwise, skip the next paragraph.

As explained in the introduction, the Digital Camera is used to Ghost Photos for your photo album. A Ghost Photo is a picture taken in a certain area from a certain angle. When you save and look at your Photo Album the photo will have an image of a game developer appear on top of it. Otherwise they are pointless. However, if you're into that sort of thing, head down to the armory, avoid or take out the guards, and go through the tunnel you created so long ago in the southwest corner of the room. Pass through the next hole. Now, instead of going left through the next hole to where you fought Revolver Ocelot, notice the cemented over section of wall in front of you. Use your C4 to blow it out and pass through the hole. Keep your eye out for the Security Camera Guns and go through the Level 6 Security Door (the first one). Here you'll find Stinger Ammo, which you can't get yet. However, also notice a gated in areas. Crawl under the gate and grab the Camera. Voila.

Get back to the elevator and take it to Tank Hangar (1F), then work your way back, again to the Underground Passage. You know the route by now. Along the way you may get a Codec call telling you a bomb is on your person. Check your "Items" menu and locate the Time Bomb. Hit "A" to select it and toss it aside before it blows up.

Also, you may find Snake sneezing on occasion at this point. If this is the case you're going to need to get him some Medicine, which is on the way. When you get to Nuke Building (B1) return to the southernmost room. Enter the middle office along the west wall with your Level 6 Security Card and you will find the Medicine.

When you get to the Caves, equip Wolf's Handkerchief and the Wolves will love you. Back in the Underground Passage, again, run to the end and go through the door next to the stairs. Here you will be asked to insert Disc 2. Simply open your Gamecube up and do so.

Communication Tower A

Move down the hall, collect the ammo, then run through the Level 6 Security Door. Here you will trip some security lasers. Take the men who come after you out, then collect the Stun Grenades and the rope. Pass through the next door. Here you find a lot of ammo, a Ration and a set of stairs taking you up several floors, ultimately, to the roof. Along the way guards will attack. The best way to deal with them is by tossing Stun Grenades and regular Grenades as you make your way up the stairs.

You'll eventually get to a Level 6 Security Door and some ammo. At the door Otacon will call you and tell you the door is iced over from the other side. You have to get to the roof.

Continue up the stairs, dropping Grenades as you go (you might even have to resort to some FAMAS shooting). At the 27th floor you'll reach a walkway that will take you to a ladder. Climb the ladder ("Y"), and you'll be on the roof.

Communication Tower Roof

Exit out the door, approach the stairs, and you'll get a cutscene. It seems your dear brother has gotten a hold of a helicopter and is targeting you. You can't fight him now. As soon as the cutscene ends, go to your "Item" menu and select the rope. Doing this will automatically take Snake over the ledge.

Now you must rappel down the side of the building while avoiding helicopter gunfire, and while watching your grip meter. Call Campbell for detailed instructions on rappelling. All you really need to know is hit "A" to kick off and use your control stick to guide yourself down. If you go fast, you won't even need to worry about your Grip Meter.

Communication Tower Corridor

On the Connection Bridge, grab the Ration and approach the door to the south. This is the iced over door you tried to go through earlier. Place some C4 at the foot of the door and detonate it (if you don't have any there's some right next to you). You don't need to go through the door now, as you were just opening it up. Instead, turn around and equip your Sniper Rifle. Look at the far end of the bridge and you'll notice some guards. Start taking them out. The Nikita is also fun to use here. Once they're all down, cross the bridge and the Helicopter will sneak up on you. Collect the Rations and pass through the door.

Inside, collect the Stinger and Stinger Bullets. They are what you need to take down the Helicopter, however, you'll have to fight him from the roof. So, pass through the next door.

Communication Tower B

First, run forward to the elevator. The elevator doesn't work at the stairs up are blocked. Collect the ammo, then work your way around and down the stairs. At the drop off, turn around and head back to the elevator. Here you will meet Otacon, who got here via the elevator, which, again, isn't working. Now that the stairs are unblocked, work you way all of the way up to the 27th floor (look out for Security Camera Guns on floors 11, 15, 19, and 23). Here you'll find Chaff Grenades, Stinger Bullets, a Ration and another ladder to the roof. Take it up and go through the door.

Boss Fight: Liquid Snake

This is a fairly simple battle. All you have to do is pick a spot where you're not completely open to attack (I chose the middle, next to the caged in tanks, facing the Ration), equip your Stinger, locate the helicopter with your Stinger, wait until the Stinger targets the Helicopter (the central square and diamond will glow red), and fire away. Watch your radar for the location of the Helicopter. Also, note that your Stinger sees through objects, but it won't shoot through them. Don't blow yourself up as you fire. Repeat the process until the Chopper's meter goes away. Watch the cutscene and Liquid Snake's fall to the ground. Ocelot will let you know the elevator is working.

Communication Tower B

Pass through the door, climb back down the ladder, and take the stairs down to level 9. Use your Chaff Grenades on the Security Cameras if you'd like. Before calling the elevator, equip your FAMAS. Call the elevator, step inside and select "1". You'll get a call from Otacon. He reveals other stealth suits are missing and enemies are on the elevator with you. AHHHHH! Shoot them with your FAMAS. On level 1, collect the Ration and ammo, then pass through the Level 6 Security Door to the south.

Collect the ammo, look out for the Security Camera Gun and pass through the next door. Run along the hall, doing your best to avoid the Security Camera Guns along the way. Before exiting, be sure to grab the Pentazem.

Boss Fight: Sniper Wolf

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It's a repeat of your first encounter with her. However, this time she's running back and forth in front of the building to the north. She's using the trees and a couple of the snow banks for cover, but you'll be able to spot her via the red laser coming from her gun. Also, if you lose her via your scope, put away your Sniper Rifle and note where her red laser is coming from. Keep on her and, like before, use your Pentazem and aim for the head. Also, if you crouch down and shoot at her from the ground you're aim will be more steady. There is more Pentazem in back of the truck parked in the SW section of the Snow Field. Run her meter done and watch the resulting cutscene.

Snow Field

Approach the north side of the Snow Field and you'll get another cutscene of Sniper Wolf's death. The wolves and Otacon will come and pay tribute. Then you'll "set her free". Once this is all done, check the surrounding bunkers for ammo, grenades and Rations. Stand outside the bunkers to check for Security Camera Guns before entering. Avoid them or toss Chaff Grenades inside. Also, be aware of the mines in the NE bunker. You are ultimately heading for the NW door, which leads to a storage facility with more Security Camera Guns. Use Chaff Grenades here to pass through and move down the stairs unharmed.

Blast Furnace

Continue down the stairs and hide behind the metal crate at the bottom. Wait for the guard to pass then sneak up on him and take him out with your M9. Move down the south catwalk to the end. Here, notice the small ledge sticking out from the wall. You must press up against the wall and make your way across via this ledge. Duck to avoid the obstacle with "X".

Move along the next catwalk and down the stairs. Take out the guard. Go down the west stairs for a Ration, then move up again and go down the east stairs. The door to the next area is to the north. However, look at your map. Notice an open door to the south. Pass through it to collect much ammo. Avoid the steam simply with timing. In the southwest corner of this room, crouch and look west. Notice a small opening. Crawl through it, then toss a Chaff Grenade to stun the Security Camera Guns. Stand up and grab the Body Armor on the opposite side of the crate. When equipped, the Body Armor makes it so inflicted damage is half of what it normally is. Once you have this, crawl back through the steam room, then finally pass through that north door which takes you out of the Blast Furnace.

Cargo Elevator

Activate the Cargo Elevator (you are automatically placed on it) by activating the control panel with "Y". Equip your FAMAS and prepare to be attacked. Take out the guards then continue to work your way down. At the bottom, notice the security camera NE of you. You need to move NE, so jam it with a Chaff Grenade. Move onto the next Cargo Elevator and make your way down. You can simply ignore the ravens along the way. You will get a call from Master here, warning you of Naomi's motives. At the bottom of the elevator you should notice your screen has an icy frame. Collect the C4, Ration and Nikita Ammo. Move forward through the door.

Boss Fight: Vulcan Raven

Your Nikita is your only range weapon that will damage Vulcan Raven. Follow him from behind, hide behind a crate, and guide a missle toward him. You will be able to hit him two or three times before it starts getting really difficult. When it does, put away your Nikita. C4 works pretty well on Raven. Simply place it, then watch your radar and wait for him to pass over it. At that point, hit your "B" button to blow it at his feet. However, the real winner here is the Claymore. The Claymore can be collect, and will regenerate, along the west wall. From a distance, get Vulcan Raven to follow you. Let him see you turn a corner, then place the Claymore. Note that the Claymore does have a front side. Snake will place it so it's facing away from you. Make sure it's facing the direction from which Vulcan Raven is coming. Don't walk in front of it or you'll get blasted yourself. Place the Claymore in various location to set traps for Vulcan Raven, but don't forget where you've placed it (equip your Mine Detector if you need to). Sometimes it's best to just hide behind a crate after placing the Claymore. This fight is fairly easy once you master the art of laying Claymore. Note, there is a Ration in the NW corner of the room.

When Raven's meter runs out you'll get a cutscene. Raven dies, and gives you a Level 7 Security Pass. He also tells you some interesting information, including the fact that the DARPA Chief, whom you saw die, was not the DARPA Chief, but an impostor. He doesn't tell you why. Master will call again concerning Naomi. Master has her pegged as a spy. Good to know. With that, pass through the Level 7 Security Door in front of you.

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