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Pikmin 2 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Pikmin 2 Buy Pikmin 2

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Lunabean Rating: 8.2
Platforms: Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date: 08.30.04
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
Official Site: Nintendo's Official Pikmin 2 Site
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Pikmin 2 Table of Contents:
1. Introduction and Game Basics
2. LB's Pikmin 2 Walkthrough
3. LB's Pikmin 2 Treasure List
4. LB's Pikmin 2 Review
5. LB's Downloadable and On-Demand "Pikmin 2" Strategy Guide
6. LB's "Pikmin 2" Guide via E-mail or CD-ROM

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About this Pikmin 2 Guide

Our "Pikmin 2" guide is broken into two main parts. First we have the Pikmin 2 Walkthrough. The walkthrough will get you 10,000 Pokos worth of treasure in 12 Pikmin Days. Why 12 days? We are experienced gamers, and the first time we played through the game it took us 12 Pikmin Days to collect the necessary treasures. With a walkthrough by your side we think gamers of all levels should be able to make it through in 12 days. There are tough days, but we also leave you with some time to explore and create Pikmin on your own. We have seen people make it through in 8 days, and that's great, but that's not what we do. We help all people get through games. If you want to really challenge yourself beyond the norm, our guide will help in that it gives treasure values and locations. With these values, you can figure out the best route, but, again, the walkthrough portion of our guide is for the normal "I just want to get through the game and enjoy it" gamer.

The second part of our guide, The Pikmin 2 Treasure Guide includes listings and short location descriptions of the remaining treasures, for a grand total of 201 treasures (many more than the 30 in the original game).

Finally, read the information below as it will help you understand more about the different kinds of Pikmin and how to best use our walkthrough.

About the Pikmin

There are six different kinds of Pikmin you will encounter and need to use to most effectively make it through this game. They are:

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Red Pikmin - There are the Pikmin you will first meet. Red Pikmin are immune to fire and they are strong in battle.

Purple Pikmin - The Purple Pikmin are the second group of Pikmin you will meet. You will find them first in the Valley of Repose's Emergence Cave. They are only found in caves and are created by tossing Pikmin into Purple Flower Blooms. The Purple Flower Blooms will spew out one Purple seed for every Pikmin tossed in. Purple Pikmin are your strongest Pikmin. They fight the hardest and they can carry 10 times the weight of normal Pikmin. They are, however, the slowest of the Pikmin.

Yellow Pikmin - Yellow Pikmin are first discovered in the Perplexing Pool. Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity and they are light-weight, so they can be tossed higher than other Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin - Once you have the Yellow Pikmin in your possession, you can return to the Awakening Wood and break down the electrical fence to the Blue Pikmin. Blue Pikmin can swim and survive water attacks.

White Pikmin - The White Pikmin, like the Purple Pikmin, can only be found in caves. They are first found in the White Flower Garden of Awakening Wood. White Pikmin are immune to poison and they are diggers. If there's a buried treasure, you need White Pikmin to dig it up. White Pikmin are, themselves, poisonous. If you're willing to sacrifice a White Pikmin and you let an enemy eat one, that enemy will be greatly damaged, and most will die. Finally, White Pikmin are the fastest of all the Pikmin.

Mini Bulbmin - The Mini Bulbmin are first found (in our walkthrough, at least) in the Valley of Repose's Frontier Cavern. You get them by defeating their Bulbmin leader. Once the Bulbmin leader is down, whistle at them to bring them to your team. The Mini Bulbmin are immune to fire, electricity, poison and water. They aren't strong fighters, and there are some enemies they won't fight at all. Finally, when you leave your cave, the Bulbmin will remain in the cave and you will not get them back.

Always note the sprout or flower atop your Pikmins' heads. Pikmin with flowers move faster and work harder. You can get Pikmin to sprout by not plucking them from the earth right away. If you give them time in the ground, their flowers will blossom. However, if you don't want to wait, look for nectar. Nectar is most often found in Nectar Eggs. Have your Pikmin break Nectar Eggs so they can suck on the nectar inside. Pikmin will sometimes find nectar in other places. Sometimes nectar is found in patches of grass or in some stone areas. Your Pikmin will let you know if they find it as they'll stop and start digging. If they do, let them dig. You really want all of your Pikmin to have flowers on top of their heads. Note that Flower Pikmin can lose their flowers when damaged.

You can build up your Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin numbers. You do this by attacking Pellet Posies (the plants with the numbered pellets), and by bringing the bodies of defeated enemies back to the Onions. The numbers on the Pellet Posies tell you how many Pikmin are necessary to carry the Pellet. Pikmin will want to carry Pellets back to their own Onion. So, a Red Pikmin will carry a Pellet to the Red Onion. If you have three Reds and two Blues carrying a Pellet, the Pellet will be taken to the Red Onion. Also note that the Pellets come in different colors. For the most Pikmin, you want the Pellet color to match the Onion color.

Pikmin also are built up by bringing the bodies of defeated enemies back to the Onions. When you pick up an enemy you will see a fraction. The top number is the number of Pikmin required to carry the body. The bottom number represents the number of Pikmin currently assigned to the body. The more Pikmin you assign to carrying items, the faster the items will be carried.


Also new to this sequel is the presence of potions. There are two potions which can be used by Olimar and Louie. The first is an "Ultra Spicy Potion". The Ultra Spicy Potion is used on your Pikmin. It makes them fast and it makes them fierce. It's good to use in battle, or it's good to use if you want your boys to accomplish a task faster than normal. You acquire 1 Ultra Spicy Potion for every 10 Ultra Spicy Berries (red berries) collected by your Pikmin. These berries grow on large plants which are hard to miss. You'll first encounter them in the Awakening Wood. Occasionally Olimar or Louie will find a potion in a Nectar Egg.

The second potion is the "Ultra Bitter Potion". This potion is used on enemies to temporarily turn them into stone. Again, it takes 10 Ultra Bitter Berries (purple berries) to make one potion, and these berries grow on plants that are nearly impossible to miss. These potions can also be found in the occasional Nectar Egg.

Pikmin in Battle

You can toss Pikmin onto your enemies, or you can swarm the enemies with your Pikmin by using your C-Stick. The C-Stick is a good option if you're surprised or if an enemy is coming at you fast, but if you have time, always toss your Pikmin at the enemy first. A tossed Pikmin will always do more damage than a swarming Pikmin. A good habit to get into is to toss several Pikmin onto an enemy, then swarm that enemy while the tossed Pikmin are doing their damage. It is also another good habit to note the patterns of your enemies. As you get to more difficult enemies, they have a pattern. Study it. As you go through this guide and meet these enemies, their patterns are noted.

A Note Concerning the Caves

The caves in "Pikmin 2" vary from game to game and even from reset to reset when it comes to cave shape and your initial placement. However, the enemies and the treasures remain the same. With this being said, we couldn't give you a "go right here" type of walkthrough for the caves. We ask that you look at your map and use your treasure gauge. If a treasure is obviously placed, we write "Obvious placement". If it requires more, we let you know. If there are tough enemies and we have tactics on defeating them, we, again, let you know.

Use the "Reset" button to your advantage. If you don't like where you are placed in a cave, or even where a treasure is placed in a cave, hit "Reset" on your console. The next time you start the game, chances are it will all be different.

Finally, if you find yourself in a cave and in trouble, you can choose to "Return to the Surface". If you take this option, you will lose all of the treasures you have collected in this cave and you'll have to start all over again. Some later and larger caves have geysers throughout them. Geysers are used to return to the surface with all of the treasures you have collected. However, when you re-enter the cave, you will have to start back at the beginning. Still, since you've collected the treasures you can just run from your Support Pod to the next hole.

Finally, enemies toasted in caves can be carried back to the Support Pod. These enemy bodies do not create more Pikmin, but they do count toward your treasure total. The Pikmin 2 Walkthrough in 12 days requires that you pick up the majority of the enemy bodies and all of the boss bodies.

A Note Concerning Days

Unlike the original "Pikmin", "Pikmin 2" has no limit on days. In the first game you had to complete your goal in 30 15-minute "days". While we still have the 15-minute time clock to represent a "day", you can spend as many days as you want finding these treasures. Interestingly enough, however, time stands still when you enter caves. You can use this to your advantage if you are trying to accomplish your mission in the fewest number of days.

Note that when your day runs out, any Pikmin who are not near your base camp, nor near an Onion, nor buried in the ground, will be lost. Also note that those Pikmin who are buried, will not travel with you. So, if you know you're leaving an area and you have several unplucked Pikmin who you would like to have in the next area, you must unpluck them.


You will get the chance to save after every day. The game will automatically save when you enter a cave and it will save every time you dive down to a deeper level. Again, because of this, use the "reset" button to your advantage while in caves.


Start/Pause - Pauses game and allows you to access the Radar, Menu and Item Screens.

Control Stick - Tilt fully to move the leader, tilt slightly to move the cursor.

Control Pad Up - Sprays Ultra Bitter Spray.

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Control Pad Down - Sprays Ultra Spicy Spray.

Control Pad Left/Right - While holding "A" allows you to select specific Pikmin.

C-Stick - Controls movement of Pikmin.

B - Whistle and call your Pikmin to you (hold for a louder whistle).

A - Punch an enemy, Pluck a Pikmin, Throw a Pikmin.

X - Dismiss and Separate Pikmin by color.

Y - Change leaders.

R - Zooms camera position.

L - Centers camera behind leader.

Z - Places camera either behind you or on top of you.

More questions?

Read through the Pikmin 2 walkthrough. We did a good job of telling you how things work as they are encountered. Use it.

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