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Pikmin 2 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Pikmin 2 Buy Pikmin 2

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Pikmin 2 Table of Contents:
1. Introduction and Game Basics
2. LB's Pikmin 2 Walkthrough
3. LB's Pikmin 2 Treasure List
4. LB's Pikmin 2 Review
5. LB's Downloadable and On-Demand "Pikmin 2" Strategy Guide
6. LB's "Pikmin 2" Guide via E-mail or CD-ROM

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Valley of Repose and Awakening Wood

If you are looking for treasures in the Valley of Repose or in the Awakening Wood, then check the Pikmin 2 Walkthrough portion of this guide as they are all included in it.

Perplexing Pool

The "Perplexing Pool" becomes accessible once the Geographic Projection (Half Globe) is found in the Awakening Wood.

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Impediment Scourge (Bottle Opener) - $50 - See walkthrough "Day 12".

Optical Illustration (Ragu Cap) - $140 - See walkthrough "Day 12".

Aquatic Mine (Fishing Bobber) - $80 - Take out the Toady Bloyster in the body of water to the right as you exit the base camp. Toss your Blue Pikmin on the shell on his behind to take him out.

Fortified Delicacy (Conch Shell) - $60 - After draining the pool to the right of the base camp, use your treasure gauge to locate the buried treasure. Have your White Pikmin dig it up.

Gherkin Gate (Vlasic Pickle Lid) - $100 - From the base camp, cross the bridge that leads to the moldy overgrowth and the Fiery Blowhog. To your right and past the body of water is a multi-tiered structure. Locate the ramp up to it and guide your Yellow Pikmin along it. At the end you will find the Pickle Lid up high. Toss 15 Yellows up there and have them carry it home (you should take out the Fiery Blowhog before heading up, as he will burn your Yellows carrying the lid).

Onion Replica (Onion) - $30 - From the base camp, head left with your Blue Pikmin. Keep going left until your run into the river. Once you do, enter the river and take down the Black Gate with your Blue Pikmin. Once the gate is down, take out the Yellow Wollywog. There's a small section of land in the middle of the river. Your treasure is buried here. Switch to the other leader, who should be back at the ship. Have him pull White Pikmin out of the ship, then guide them along the sand pit behind the ship. This will take them to where the Blues are waiting. Have the Whites dig up the treasure, then have the Blues carry it back home.

Massage Girdle (Washer) - $100 - In the area next to the Submerged Castle cave entrance you will find four square block weights. Number 1 is the one to the far left, and number 4 is the one farthest to the right. Toss at least 20 Pikmin onto number 4, then step onto it with Olimar. Switch to the other leader and start chucking Pikmin onto block number 2. This will lift number 4. When number 4 is raised, switch back to Olimar and have him and all of his Pikmin drop down to block number 3. Next, switch leaders and pull the Pikmin off block number 2. Toss them at number 1. This will raise block number 3. Switch to Olimar and have Olimar lead the Pikmin to block number 2. Raise block number 2 by chucking Pikmin at block number 4. When block number 2 is raised, drop Olimar and his Pikmin to block number 1. Raise block number 1 by hitting block number 3. Once block number 1 is raised, lead your Pikmin to the washer. Toss them up and have them carry it home.

Perplexing Pool - Citadel of Spiders

Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 1

The entrance to this cave is in a tree basin near the base camp. Exit the base camp and head left. Move along the white path and you'll walk straight to it. There's nothing tricky to Sublevel 1.

Love Nugget (Tomato) - $40 - Obvious placement.

Citadel of Spider - Sublevel 2

Red Pikmin are good to have here, as there are fire spouts and fiery spiders. There's a Purple Flower Bloom here, worth taking advantage of.

Creative Inspiration (RC Cap) - $100 - Inside a Yellow Wollywog.

Paradoxical Enigma (Rubber Duck Head) - $80 - Half-buried in the sand.

Lip Service (Lipstick) - $50 - Obvious placement.

Citadel of Spider - Sublevel 3

You'll need White Pikmin to unearth a treasure here.

Memorial Shell (Sea Shell) - $100 - Needs unearthing. Locate it with your radar and have your White Pikmin dig it up.

Patience Tester (Water Chestnuts) - $130 - Obvious placement.

Citadel of Spider - Sublevel 4

There are some never seen before crab creatures here (Hermit Crawmads). To damage them, lure them out of their holes and attack their little green bums. There is also a White Flower Bloom here, and some gates that need to be taken down.

Time Capsule (Locket) - $70 - Obvious placement.

Flame of Tomorrow (Matchbox) - $10 - Obvious placement.

King of Sweets (Chocolate) - $15 - Inside one of the green-bummed crab monsters.

Citadel of Spider - Sublevel 5

It's a Final Floor! This means there's a boss fight. Head into the battle arena and you'll meet the Beady Long Legs. If you played the original "Pikmin", you've dealt with this guy before. You can only damage him by attacking his "body". To lower the body to a point where you can hit it with your Pikmin, you need to attack his feet. With every foot you pin down with your Pikmin (Purples are good weights), the lower the body falls. Have some Yellow Pikmin ready to go, then toss them at the body as soon as it's reachable. When your boys are shaken free, collect them and get them under you control, as the boss stomps can be devastating. Repeat until his meter runs out.

The Key (Key) - $100 - Inside the boss's belly. The key allows you to access "Challenge Mode" from the title screen.

Regal Diamond (Diamond) - $100 - Follow your treasure gauge and dig the gem up with your White Pikmin.

Perplexing Pool - Shower Room Cave Entrance

From the base camp, head right to the body of water. Facing the water, notice a path along the left side of the body of water. Also notice a little wall to the left of that path. Toss some Yellows up to that wall, then walk along the path. They will follow you to the rolled up bridge. Have them unroll it, then get them to work on the electric fence. While they're working, grab Pikmin of every color (I suggest 20+ Blues), and head to the fence that's being worked on. Obviously the Blues can make it through the water, but take everyone else along the same path that you did the Yellows. Once the electric fence is down, lead your Blues into the pool of water behind it. Lead them to the rock in the middle and have them dig it up. Beneath the rock is the entrance to the Shower Room. Also, once you remove the rock, the entire area will drain. Collect the rest of your Pikmin, walk them across the empty pool area and enter the cave.

Shower Room - Sublevel 1

Look out for the White Wollywog, who may try to get your boys from the start. Use your Yellows to take down the electrical nodes, and your Blues to fight the Watery Blowhogs. There is also a White Flower Bloom, if you care to increase your White Pikmin numbers. You will need some for the next Sublevel. Also, look out for falling rocks.

Merciless Extractor (Strainer) - $90 - Obvious placement.

Shower Room - Sublevel 2

Use your Whites to extinguish the many poison spouts, and learn how to fight the jellyfish, as there are many in this cave. They're actually not bad. They will suck up your Pikmin, but as soon as you kill them, all of your Pikmin will be released. Just take them out fast with your Purples.

Durable Energy Cell (Battery) - $160 - Obvious placement.

Sud Generator (Soap) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Shower Room - Sublevel 3

Look out for falling Wollywogs and Jellyfish. Depending upon where your exit is, you may have to toss some Pikmin up on ledges to avoid water.

Mirrored Stage (Compact Make-up) - $140 - Inside a jellyfish.

Vorpal Platter (Tin Lid) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Scrumptious Shell (Sea Shell) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Shower Room - Sublevel 4

Look inside pipes for treasures, and check your map for the route to the next hole. There's also a geyser (if you care to use it), and there are spotted flower blooms, allowing you to build up your numbers. You should have some Red Pikmin for the next sublevel, and at least 20 Blues.

Arboreal Frippery (Leaf) - $10 - Obvious placement.

Shower Room - Sublevel 5

Have your Reds take out the fire spouts and the Fiery Blowhogs. Look out for surprise jellyfish, White Wollywogs and the blowhards. Take down the gates to reveal treasures.

Pondering Emblem (Yoohoo Cap) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Broken Food Master (Pan) - $90 - While treasure placement do change, I found this one by following my treasure gauge. It led me up a huge mound, next to a grate. Toss 20+ Blue Pikmin into the grate to get this treasure. Or, of course, you can restart from the last save, and chances are it will be in a different position.

Shower Room - Sublevel 6

Here keep your eye out for the White Wollywog and the Bomb Spider...they are a lethal combination. Also be aware that a Poison Beetle could emerge and poison your boys. Be ready to spray the poison off if this happens. Also be aware that there are other Spiders, who will try to steal your treasures.

Abstract Masterpiece (Snapple Cap) - $30 - Obvious placement.

Behemoth Jaw (Lower Dentures) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Rubber Ugly (Rubber Duck) - $90 - In a pool of water. You'll need 8 Blues to take carry it out.

Shower Room - Sublevel 7

It's the Final Floor! Break down the gates to find your way to the boss, the Large Toady Bloyster. You've fought the smaller version of this guy in the pool outside the Shower Room entrance. The fight is the same, he's just a bit bigger. Avoid the front of his body, as he'll occasionally shoot some prongs out of his mouth, sweeping up your team. Simply focus on tossing your Pikmin onto the little blue bud emerging from his rear end. This is the only place damage can be done. It's a fairly simply battle, really.

Amplified Amplifier (Amplifier) - $100 - Inside the boss. This serves as the Mega Tweeter, increasing the acoustic range of your whistle.

Perplexing Pool - Glutton's Kitchen Cave Entrance

From the base camp, cross over the bridge as though you were going back to the area where you collected your first Yellow Pikmin. Move beyond the area where the Yellow Pikmin were and notice a few more hollowed out tree stumps. There's an electrical fence in this area, but there's also a Yellow Wollywog. Have your Blues take on the Wollywog, and your Yellows take down the fence. Behind the fence is this next cave entrance.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 1

Take on the many Dwarf Bulborbs and look in sandboxes for treasure.

Master's Instrument (Mario Paints Stick) - $30 - Obvious placement.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 2

Look on top of structures for your treasure here. You may need some Yellow to reach them, or you may have to guide your boys along the tracks to access them. Also, look out for the Beetles here. They'll try to take your treasure, and your attached Pikmin, down a hole with them. Don't let them do it. Either fight them, or attach so many Pikmin to your treasures they won't have the strength to pull it away from you. If the Beetles do escape with a treasure, you'll have to take them out to make the treasure reappear. To fight them you have to toss a Pikmin directly on top of him...a few times. OR, you can pull him over to the Support Pod by putting many Pikmin on whatever it is they're dragging. When the item gets sucked up, the Breadbug will be damaged. It's much easier if you don't have to deal with them. There's also a Purple Flower Bloom in the area. Use it if you'd like.

Massive Lid (Yoo-Hoo Cola Cap) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Imperative Cookie (Cookie) - $25 - Obvious placement.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 3

Take your Yellows out and have them take down all of the electrical nodes, along with the many electrified beetles. You have more of the Breadbugs around. Don't let them steal your treasure.

Harmonic Synthesizer (Castanets) - $120 - Obvious placement.

Director of Destiny (Compass) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 4

Same old, same old here.

Happiness Emblem (Squirt) - $100 - Inside Large Bulborb.

White Goodness (White Chocolate) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Invigorator (Coffee Cup) - $130 - Obvious placement.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 5

Depending upon where your Support Pod places you, you may need to start off by immediately leading your Pikmin to a place where the one of the three Cannon Beetles won't be able to hit you. Once they're safe, lead a small group of Purples and Reds to the Cannon Beetle, then take him out. Once he's gone, focus on the Dwarf Bulborbs in the area, then locate the other two Cannon Beetles and take them out. Only grab the treasures when once all three Cannon Beetles are dead. There is also a Purple Flower Bloom in the area. Use it if you'd like to do so.

Boom Cone (Party Hat) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Sulking Antenna(TV Antenna) - $150 - Obvious placement.

Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 6

On this Final Floor, your boss is actually quite easy to defeat, as it's simply a Giant Breadbug. Start off by clearing out the area of everything electrical with your Yellows. When you kill the electric beetles, the big guy will come after them and he'll try to take them to his hole. Don't let him. Assign many Pikmin to the beetle and win this tug-a-war. When the beetle is sucked up in the Support Pod, the big guy will bonk his head. Do this twice to eliminate him completely. Also note the other items are obviously placed, however, chances are they'll be taken down the Breadbugs' holes before you get to them. This means you'll have to take all of the Breadbugs out to get them back.

Dream Material (Eraser) - $100 - Inside the big guy. Once you get it, you'll be protected from electric shocks.

Hideous Victual (Fried Egg) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Meat of Champions (Ham) - $35 - Obvious placement.

Sweet Dreamer (Doughnut) - $40 - Obvious placement.

Perplexing Pool - Submerged Castle Cave Entrance

Next to the Glutton's Cave entrance area there's a Black Gate. Have your Blues take it down, fight the Hermit Crawmads, and work your way around to this final cave entrance.

Submerged Castle - Sublevel 1

With only Blues at your side you'll have to be careful while putting out fires, or fighting Fiery Blowhogs. Always have your Whistle ready to go. While collecting my goods, I ran into a mysterious steam rolling enemy. There's no purpose in fighting him, just avoid him as his attacks can be devastating. Place Pikmin you're not using in protected areas, like pipes (if they're around) and ledges.

Bug Bait (Cookie) - $15 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Pastry Wheel (Doughnut) - $35 - Obvious placement.

Diet Doomer (Pink Candy) - $25 - Obvious placement.

Submerged Castle - Sublevel 2

There are some black gates in this level which need to come down. Make that happen. There's also a large Bulbmin, which will give off some Mini Bulbmin once defeated. The Minis are very helpful as they're resistant to fire. You may need to get to high ground and toss your Pikmin in order to access a treasure. Also, check your map and search all areas to find other treasures. I had to climb a steep slope and move through pipes to access one. The steam roller will be back. Look out for him. Finally, you're going to have to dig the cover off the hole to the next level. Do so.

Comfort Cookie (Cookie) - $10 - Inside Large Bulbmin.

Confection Hoop (Doughnut) - $65 - Obvious placement.

Chocolate Cushion (Chocolate Doughnut) - $45 - Obvious placement.

Submerged Castle - Sublevel 3

Use your Mini Bulbmin to take out the electric nodes and the yellow spiders. If you don't have any left, wait for the Large Bulbmin to approach you, and take his. There is a White Flower Bloom in the area. Use it. Again, look out for the evil steam roller enemy. Toss any Pikmin you aren't in control of up on the ledges, so they can't be steam rolled. This is a tough level. I hit "Reset" several times.

Succulent Mattress (Cookie) - $50 - Obvious placement.

Activity Arouser (Wilson Tennis Lid) - $100 - Inside the Floating Blowhog.

Compelling Cookie (Cookie) - $10 - Obvious placement, although a bit buried.

Submerged Castle - Sublevel 4

Here will be another Large Bulbmin. Take him out, then collect his Minis. Use the Minis and Whites to eliminate the poison spouts. Look out for bombs...and many of them. Take out small groups of Pikmin when you explore, as there are so many bombs it's difficult to evade them all with a big group. The steam roller is in this level, too, but you get a little more time before he drops down on you. Again, it's ugly. Your Pikmin must dig out the next hole.

Proton AA (Battery) - $50 - Obvious placement.

Drone Supplies (Ham Can) - $130 - Obvious placement.

Pale Passion (Yellow Candy) - $25 - Inside a buried Golden Flint Beetle. The Beetle will emerge from the ground once you get near it. Have your treasure gauge guide you.

Submerged Castle - Sublevel 5

It's the Final Floor! Thank goodness. This does mean it's boss fighting time, and, of course, the boss is the punk who's been trying to steam roll us. For being such a jerk through the level, he's quite easy to take out here. Be sure to nectar up your Pikmin so they move fast, and use the Purple Flower Bloom to create some tough Pikmin (sacrifice and Mini Bulbmin you have left). Walk into the arena and the boss will drop down. Simply stay before him and aim for his lower back with your Pikmin tossing. When you hit him, he'll turn purple and solidify. When he does, stick all of the Pikmin you have on him. If you have enough, you can take his first meter out with one attack. Once his first meter runs out, he'll get off the bike. He's not dangerous now, so just take your time and, again, hit him in the lower back with your Pikmin.

Professional Noisemaker (Megaphone) - $100 - Inside the boss. Use it on your Pikmin spouts for group unpluckings.

Wistful Wood

Wistful Wood is opened up after you have collected the 10,000 Pokos.

Doomsday Apparatus (Dumbbell) - $3000 - Exit the base camp and hang a right. Here will be the barbell, which has a weight of 100. You'll need 100 Purples to collect it. I found the best way to collect Purples was to return to the Subterranean Complex in the Valley of Repose. Enter with two Pikmin (Whites are good as they move fast), then fly through to Sublevel 8. On sublevel 8 you'll find some Multi-Colored Flower Blooms and three Purple Flower Blooms. With every trip you'll emerge with 15 Purple Pikmin.

Conifer Spire (Pine cone) - $15 - From the base camp, head right then along the black track to the crab. Take him down then have your Blues take out the fence. Once this is done, find the stone in the body of water and destroy it to drain the area. Take out the moldy overgrowths and the Blowhogs, then assign your Yellows to the Electric Fence. Past the fence and past a Cannon Beetle is this treasure.

Seed of Greed (Acorn) - $70 - From the Cavern of Chaos entrance, head up the path to the left. Wind around and make your way to the water, taking out enemies as you go. Have your Blue cross the water and start on the bridge. When the bridge is done, have your Whites cross to work on the Black Poison Gate. One of the large Bulborbs has eaten this treasure.

Anti-hiccup Fungus (Mushroom) - $30 - Near the Dream Den Cave Entrance. Armored Nut (Acorn) - $60 - There's a Black Poison Gate near the Dream Den Entrance. Pass through the gate and take out the Creeping Chrysanthemums. The Acorn is in one of them.

Wistful Wood - Cavern of Chaos Entrance

Exit the base camp, and take the path around to the left. You'll find a Cannon Beetle in the central area here, and a nasty Gatlink Groik. The Groik is standing atop the entrance to the Cavern of Chaos. Eliminate him (attack behind his mask). Take a good number of Reds (more than 40) into the cave, and mix the rest as evenly as you can.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 1

Use your Yellows to deactivate the electrical nodes, clear out the bombs and take down bomb tossing enemies. Be careful not to toss your Pikmin off the ledges when attacking enemies. Also be careful when dealing with the Blowhogs, as they'll shake the Pikmin off their backs and over the ledges.

Enamel Buster (Almond Candy) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Mirth Sphere (Blue Marble) - $85 - Obvious placement.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 2

You need your Reds for this level, as each of the Fiery Bulborbs has a treasure inside of them. Try to call your Reds off the Bulborbs before they shake them off, otherwise, they'll be eaten.

Essence of Despair (Green Gem) - $80 - Inside Large Fiery Bulborb.

Gemstar Wife (Star Ring) - $85 - Inside Large Fiery Bulborb.

Frosty Bauble (Square Ring) - $100 - Inside Large Fiery Bulborb.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 3

Here is a fairly easy level. Your Purples alone should be able to take care of all of the enemies, including all of the Creeping Chrysanthemums. Look out for the many falling rocks. Your Whites are needed to dig up a treasure.

Infernal Vegetable (Green Pepper) - $30 - Obvious placement.

Child of Earth (Potato) - $40 - Needs unearthing.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 4

You must fight the many Emperor Bulblaxes here. Don't let you Pikmin get beneath them, and call them to you before they get shaken off. Try to push the bombs between you and him, as he will eat them if they're in the right place. When the Emperor roars your Pikmin will go crazy. Whistle at them to get them back. Look out for bombs and water hazards.

Milk tub (Creamer Container) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Mysterious Remains (Lobster Claw) - $150 - Inside an Emperor.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 5

There's nothing to do here but stock up on nectar and use the White, Purple and Multi-colored Flower Blossoms. There's a geyser here if you want to surface.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 6

You'll need a few Yellows to deal with electrical issues. Other than that, it's fairly straightforward.

Growshroom (Mushroom) - $50 - This object is half-buried. For me it was half-buried in water. You need 5 Blues to carry it.

Princess Pearl (Pearl) - $100 - Inside an Emperor.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 7

Use your Whites to take care of the many poison spouts

Impenetrable Cookie (Cookie) - $25 - Inside one of the purple floating Blowhogs.

Fuel Reservoir (Battery) - $120 - Obvious placement.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 8

Be aware immediately that you may have to take on a Groik immediately. Remember that once you eliminate him, you have to take him back to the Support Pod, or he'll come back to life. Otherwise, this level consists of taking out the several Dwarf Bulborbs which are between you and the treasure. Just take your time. There's no need to lose many Pikmin here.

Fruit Guard (Apple Juice) - $130 - Obvious placement.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 9

You'll need some Whites here to deal with the poison spouts. You may need some Blues, depending upon the placement of your treasures.

Maternal Sculpture (Bottle Top) - $55 - Obvious placement.

Wiggle Noggin (Cat Toy) - $85 - Obvious placement.

Cavern of Chaos - Sublevel 10

Final Floor! Here's a boss fight against Mr. Crawdaddy (Segmented Crawbster). Mr. Crawdaddy may swing at you with his razor claw, so keep your distance until he starts rolling. When he starts rolling, keep out of his way, but lead him so he crashes into a wall. When he does his belly will be exposed. Toss your Pikmin onto the exposed belly and let them hack away. Call them off before he flips back over and swings with his razor arm again. Repeat. It's not too tough, even with very few Pikmin.

Silencer (Scary Doll Head) - $670 - Inside Mr. Crawdaddy.

Wistful Wood - Hole of Heroes Entrance

Continue moving along the narrow path beyond the Pine cone and you'll come to this cave entrance.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 1

No tips here.

Corpulent Nut (Acorn) - $80 - Obvious placement.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 2

Look out for falling bombs. You will need your Whites to unearth the treasure.

Essence of True Love (Blue Gem) - $60 - Follow your treasure gauge to the digging spot.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 3

Dropping bomb spiders are the danger here. Be aware and don't let your boys stray.

Love Sphere (Yellow Marble) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 4

Here's a mini boss level of sorts. You'll have to fight a Snagret AND the Boss Snagret. Don't worry about the sand pit, as you'll never be sucked in.

Lustrous Element (Gold Coin) - $1000 - Inside of the Boss Snagret.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 5

This is simply a refueling level, as there's nectar and a Multi-colored Flower Bloom, but no treasure.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 6

You'll need at least 15 Blues to carry the treasure across the water, if that's where it's placed. Guide your other boys across the narrow passages of water by maintaining an almost constant whistle.

Nutrient Silo (Skippy Peanut Butter) - $130 - Obvious placement.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 7

Here's another mini-boss fight. Take out the surrounding Cannon Beetles, then focus on the boss. Try using your Yellows and Blues were my best tail attackers here.

Joyless Jewel (Green Ring) - $100 - Inside the rotten boss.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 8

Again, no treasure, but a time to build up. There's a Multi-colored Flower Bloom and three red flowers. There's a Bulbmin to defeat, and his Minis to collect. Finally, there's a geyser, if you want to go to the surface.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 9

It's a Large Bulborb extravaganza! Be careful here. There may be one awake and roaming around. If so, you have to take him out or he'll wake everyone. The treasure is inside the Large Fiery Bulborb, so you have to use your Reds or your Bulbmin to take him out. I also used the bitter potion and turned him to stone before I attacked.

Dimensional Slicer (Can Opener) - $100 - Inside the Fiery Bulborb.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 10

You have some poison spouts and and couple of Emperor Bulblaxes here. Take out the poison spouts, then identify the Bulblax who has eaten the treasure. Try to fight this one and this one only, then slide past the other to your exit.

Treasured Gyro Block (Nintendo Block) - $80 - Inside an Emperor Bulblax.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 11

Now it's time to fight the Empress Bulblax. You've fought her before, and the same rules apply. Oh, and look out for the falling rocks when she rolls.

Treasured Gyro Block (Blue Nintendo Block) - $80 - Inside the Empress Bulblax.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 12

Locate the Flint Beetle and toss Pikmin on here when she emerges. This block will pop out of her when hit. There's a Multi-colored Flower Bloom, and a Geyser here also. Make some Blues if you don't have many, as you'll need them in the next sublevel.

Lost Gyro Block (Green Nintendo Block) - $80 - Inside the Gold Flint Beetle.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 13

This enemy is in water, so you will need some Blues here. You've fought this guy before, too. Remember to call your Pikmin off of him as he's twisting, or they'll spray in every direction. After he releases his twist, run to a far point, or behind a barrier, where his cannon can't hit you. Repeat.

Memorable Gyro Block (Yellow Nintendo Block) - $80 - Inside the large enemy.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 14

Here you have spiders, and another water enemy. This guy is like the last one, but you need to attach to his feet to get his body to drop. Use both Blue and Yellows...you can save your Yellows if you blow your whistle before they're tossed off his body. YOu need five Blues to carry the treasure home.

Fond Gyro Block (Red Nintendo Block) - $80 - Inside the large enemy.

Hole of Heroes - Sublevel 15

Final Floor! Thank goodness! This guy is actually quite easy. He looks like a bigger version of the last guy, but, this time, you don't need to stick to his feet. Just stay beneath his body and chuck Pikmin up at it. Pull them off before he shakes. Repeat. The treasure had a weight of 11, but I also had exactly 11 Pikmin, so I'm not sure what to tell you about that.

Remembered Old Buddy (View Finder) - $250 - Inside the large enemy.

Wistful Wood - Dream Den Entrance

From the Cavern of Chaos entrance, head up the path to the left. Wind around and make your way to the water, taking out enemies as you go. Have your Blue cross the water and start on the bridge. When the bridge is done, have your Whites cross to work on the Black Poison Gate. Beyond the gate and the Large Bulborbs is the Dream Den Entrance.

Dream Den - Sublevel 1

You'll need some Whites here to deal with the poison spouts. Other than that, simply take out the enemies between you and the treasure.

Disguised Delicacy (Kiwi) - $40 - Obvious placement.

Dream Den - Sublevel 2

Destroy the Dwarf Bulborbs between you and the Groik, then take some Yellows up the central structure and take out the Groik. Once he's out of the picture, take your time and take out the enemies.

Implement of Toil (Pencil) - $55 - Obvious placement.

Manual Honer (Pencil Sharpener) - $130 - Inside the Groik.

Dream Den - Sublevel 3

Look out for falling bombs and take out the surrounding enemies. Have your Yellows eliminate the electrical nodes, and have your Whites work on the poison spouts. Once all paths are clear, follow your treasure gauge, and look out. As soon as the gauge goes "hot" a nasty Large Bulborb will drop on you. Take him out for his treasure.

Glee Spinner (Control Stick) - $140 - Inside the Large Bulborb.

Dream Den - Sublevel 4

This is an extraordinarily ugly level, as it's full of narrow paths and Cannon Beetles. All you can do is focus on taking out the Cannon Beetles. Never forget to call your Pikmin off of the Cannon Beetles before the Cannon Beetles shake them off. You could lose many if you don't. You can take out a few Cannon Beetles by getting them to face and shoot each other. The poison spouts can also be taken out this way.

Mirrored Element (Silver Coin) - $300 - Obvious placement.

Dream Den - Sublevel 5

More ugliness. You'll need a good number of Red here as the treasure is hidden inside a Large Fiery Bulborb. Locate him, eliminated all obstacles between you and him, and use a potion, if necessary, to have your Reds take him down quickly. Once you get the treasure, make a beeline to the next hole.

Insect Condo (Apple) - $40 - Inside the Large Fiery Bulborb.

Dream Den - Sublevel 6

If you're placed near the Cannon Beetles, get your gang to a protected area ASAP. From here, take down the fences for nectar, then focus on the jelly.

Future Orb (Marble) - $200 - Inside the purple jelly.

Dream Den - Sublevel 7

There's nothing too tricky here. Just keep your eye on the sky and take out enemies.

Essence of Desire (Purple Gem) - $90 - Inside one of the purple Floating Blowhogs.

Dream Den - Sublevel 8

Take your time here and clear out the electrical nodes, the fire spouts, the many spiders and the poison gates. There's no reason you should lose any Pikmin here.

Extreme Perspirator (Blow up doll) - $150 - Obvious placement.

Possessed Squash (Pumpkin) - $180 - Obvious placement.

Dream Den - Sublevel 9

There are no treasures here. There are only bugs which will give off nectar when damaged, a geyser and a hole.

Dream Den - Sublevel 10

You'll need at least 15 Blues here to carry the treasure.

Talisman of Life (Decorative Box) - $90 - Inside a jelly.

Dream Den - Sublevel 11

Just put out the poison spouts and take out the enemies. Depending on where your treasures are placed, you may have to toss a few Pikmin up a tree stump, then guide them with the C-stick to the treasure. If that's the case, do so.

Yellow Taste Tyrant (French's Mustard Cap) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Boss Stone (Game Tile) - $110 - Obvious placement.

Dream Den - Sublevel 12

Many poison spouts here. Other than that, it's very straightforward.

Stringent Container (Baking Powder) - $100 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Universal Com (Square Ring) - $100 - Needs to be unearthed by White Pikmin.

Dream Den - Sublevel 13

There's only one treasure inside one of the many Large Bulborbs in front of you. Use your treasure gauge to figure out which one.

Hypnotic Platter (A & W Cap) - $100 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Dream Den - Sublevel 14

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Final Floor! Thank goodness! OH! And is that Louie? It's time to fight the final boss and save Louie. If you're like me, your Pikmin are wiped out and you may have to play through the dungeon again in order to get to the boss with an acceptable number of Pikmin. Try to have 20 Blues, 30 Reds, 20 Yellows, 20 Whites and 10 Purples. The boss has different weapons attached to his body. You have to knock every weapon off the big guy's body. Each weapon is designed for each group of Pikmin (minus the Purples, the Purple are there for man power only). There's a Water Tap which spews bubbles. Your Blues are immune to it. There's a fire spout that spews fire. Your Reds are immune to it. There's a gas cannon the spews poisonous gas. Your Whites are immune to it. And, finally, there's an Electric Capsule that sends out steel bulbs and connects them with electricity. Your Yellows are immune to it. However, keep in mind, you can't blow off electricity with your Whistle, so if any group but the Yellows are hit, they're toast. So, with that in mind, here's how I took out the boss.

Leave your Blues near the Pod, as you don't want all of your Pikmin with you. We're leaving the Blues because the boss has one attack that will come outside of the circular arena, and thats the water attack. If the Blues are hit with it, they'll be fine. So, with all of your other Pikmin, head down to the pile of trash. Get close to the water tap (there's a blue gauge which helps to identify it). As soon as the monster emerges, start tossing your Pikmin onto the Tap. They'll go at it for some time, then an attack of any kind will come. Avoid it as best you can. Continue to go after the Tap. It will start smoking and the water attacks will increase in number and in intensity as the Tap gets close to falling off. Feel free to use your Spicy Berry Potions on your Pikmin to speed up the process. Once the tap falls off, leave it where it is and return to your Blue Pikmin. Leave everyone with your Blues except for the Yellows. It's time to go after the Electric Capsule.

Again, with the Electric Capsule, simply toss your boys onto it. Since your Yellows are immune to electricity, feel free to toss them onto the capsule even when it's charging up. Once the Electric Capsule is off, trade in your Yellows for your Reds, then take your Reds down to attack the Fire Spout. Once the Fire Spout falls off, drop off your Reds and exchange them for Whites, then take out the large purple Gas Cannon.

Truthfully, you can take off the weapons in whatever order you choose. However, I really like removing the water attack first (so I could make the exterior a safe spot), and I'm a strong proponent of taking the Electric Capsule off next as electricity attacks can be devastating. Also, note that you can attack any weapon with any color of Pikmin, it's just suggested you bring certain groups down so attacks are easier to evade. And, trust me, when you see how long this takes, you will gamble and take several into the arena with you.

Once all of the weapons are removed, you'll have to fight the Titan Dweevil, which is an easy fight. Simply toss Pikmin at his body (I liked the underpart of his body), and let him have it. Blow your whistle to pull them off before he shakes them off, then repeat. Again, this part is very simple.

When the big guy goes down, all you have left to do is bring Louie and the treasures back to the Support Pod. Louie has only a weight of one, but the other treasures have 30 weights. This is why the Purples are here. Even if your team was devastated in battle, you should have at least three Purples left to carry the treasures back. Once you do that, exit out via the geyser, and you're done with the game. Congrats. What a long, strange trip it's been.

King of Bugs (Louie) - $10 - Inside Titan Dweevil.

Comedy Bomb (Gas Cannon) - $1000 - Inside Titan Dweevil.

Monster Pump (Water Tap) - $1000 - Inside Titan Dweevil.

Shock Therapist (Electric Capsule) - $1000 - Inside Titan Dweevil.

Flare Cannon (Fire Spout) - $1000 - Inside Titan Dweevil.

**This page, along with all pages at Lunabean.com, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

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