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Pikmin 2 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Pikmin 2 Buy Pikmin 2

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Pikmin 2 Table of Contents:
1. Introduction and Game Basics
2. LB's Pikmin 2 Walkthrough
3. LB's Pikmin 2 Treasure List
4. LB's Pikmin 2 Review
5. LB's Downloadable and On-Demand "Pikmin 2" Strategy Guide
6. LB's "Pikmin 2" Guide via E-mail or CD-ROM

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Day 1 - Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose

"Pikmin 2" starts off immediately where the original game left off. Olimar has made it back to is home planet of Hocotate...only to find that in his 30 day absence, the company for which he worked has fallen into financial trouble. It is up to you to return to earth to collect items to pay off the $10,000 debt.

Upon landing on Earth, your first goal is to find your assistant, Louie. Before heading out, however, you'll run into some Pikmin. Hit "B" to call them over to you. Once they're behind you, pick one up with "A". Guide the purple circle cursor over the little bug (a Dwarf Bulborb) with your control stick, then hit "A" again to toss the Pikmin onto his back. Toss a couple at him and you'll take the little bug out with no problem.

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After defeating the Dwarf Bulborb, the ship will call you. It seems Louie is safe. Hit "Y" and you'll find yourself in control of Louie. Hit your "Start/Pause" button and you will find a map. Louie is the blinking blue triangle. Olimar is the blinking red triangle. Make your way toward Olimar, and you'll run into an Onion (a Pikmin home base). A red Pikmin will be released and planted. Walk up to it and hit "A" to pluck it out of the ground.

Upon plucking the red Pikmin from the ground, you will be told how to control him with your "C-Stick". With the "C-Stick" you will be able to move your Pikmin in any direction, and you will be able to issue objectives. With "X", you can disband your Pikmin. When you get control of the game, play around with your C-Stick. Notice the direction in which you push it is where the Pikmin will place himself in relation to you. This may not seem important now, but when you have 100 Pikmin with you, it's very important. Once you've played with that, hit "X". The Pikmin will no longer be under your control. To get him back, either whistle with "B", or physically run into him.

Next, check out the plant with the red pellet center. This is a Pellet Posy. Pick up your Pikmin, aim the blue circle cursor at the plant and toss your Pikmin onto it. The Pikmin will take down the plant, and you'll be left with the red pellet center. If your Pikmin doesn't automatically pick up the pellet, throw him onto it and he will do so. The number "1" on the pellet notifies you of how many Pikmin are needed to lift the pellet. Watch as your Pikmin carries the pellet to the Onion and how the Onion sucks it up, then releases more Pikmin. Wait for them to sprout, then pluck them from the ground. Repeat this process with the surrounding plants, including the two up on the ledge. Learn to pluck Pikmin rapidly by tapping "A".

With about 11 Pikmin by your side, continue along your path toward Olimar. Along the way you will find a Duracell Battery. The Duracell Battery needs to be appraised, but Olimar needs to be with your for the appraising. So, continue along your path to Olimar. Here will be your first obstacle: A paper bag.

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Toss your red Pikmin on top of the paper bag and you'll see a count: X/15, where X represents the number of Pikmin you have in place, and 15 is the number you need to have in place to get the obstacle out of the way. Well, Louie only has 11 Pikmin to toss on the bag...so what do you do? You switch back to control of Olimar by hitting "Y", and toss his Pikmin onto the bag. When 15 are place, their weight will lower the bag and Louie and Olimar will meet up.

Here you are given new controls. "B" forms a single group, "X" takes a solo action, and "Y" changes leaders. Again, it sounds more difficult than it is...

Courage Reactor (Duracell Battery) - $280

With your boys together, head back to that Duracell battery and toss all of your Pikmin onto it. Together, they will bust it out of the snow. However, when they try to pick it up, you'll find you are a few Pikmin short of the 20 you need to actually move it. So, return to the ship (where Olimar was trapped), and have your Pikmin pick up the corpse of the little Dwarf Bulborb you took out earlier. They will automatically carry the bug to the Onion (have more Pikmin than the minimum requirement and they'll carry it faster), and the Onion will release more Pikmin sprouts. Pluck them and you will have enough to pick up the Battery. Have them do so and they'll carry it to the ship.

Once the item gets to the ship, you'll discover its new name, the Courage Reactor, and its value of $280. Only $9,720 to go. The day is done. You will get a report of the funds earned and Pikmin created. You will also get a piece of mail, which will tell you to check your treasure hoard. Save your game and you will be taken to your treasure hoard and shown your new treasure. Hit "X" for details and "A" to zoom in and check it out. Return to the menu and hit "L" or "R" to go to the Piklopedia, or your enemies list. Here you'll find your little bugs (Dwarf Red Bulborb) and the plant (Pellet Posy). Back out with "B" and choose to select your area. Back to the Valley of Repose.

Day 2 - Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose

First, notice the new meter on top of your screen. This is your day meter. This is how long you have to collect treasures, then return to your ship to escape the danger that is night. So, keep an eye on it. With that in mind, walk over to the Onion, stand in the light circle beneath it and hit "A" to call out your Pikmin. Use your Pikmin to take out the Pellet Posies in this area, then head out beyond where you smashed the paper bag and take down these big Pellet Posies. You can also return to the area where you first found the Onion for even more Pellet Posies. You need at least 35 Pikmin to flatten the next paper bag, which needs flattening to collect the next item. Flatten it and move through the new opening.

Utter Scrap (Juice Can) - $170

In front of you is a Dwarf Red Bulborb. Toss a few Pikmin at him to take him down, then toss a few more Pikmin at him to carry his body back to the Onion. Look beyond where you took out the Dwarf Red Bulborb and notice the Large Red Bulborb in the middle of a large circle. You can fight this Large Red Bulborb the same way you fought the Dwarf...because you will win with your large number of Pikmin. However, if you are trying to keep your Pikmin numbers up (and you should be), you may want to be a little more careful, as the Large Red Bulborb has a big mouth, and he will eat any Pikmin directly in front of him, and he's a little stumbly, so if Pikmin are beneath him, he'll fall and kill them. Not good. So, gather your Pikmin and guide them behind the the big guy. From here, either continue to guide them with your C-stick to his body (where they'll immediately begin to attack) and start tossing the Pikmin onto his back. When the Large Red Bulborb shakes them off, hit "B" to call them to you in order to protect them from the wrath of the big monster, and repeat until his health meter runs out. When he's out of the picture, pick him and the large pellet up. They'll both be taken back to the Onion.

Before returning to the Onion to get your army back, notice the smashed can in this area. You need 35 Pikmin to move it. Also note a gate in this area. Gates like this can be taken down by Pikmin. The more Pikmin you toss at the gate, the faster it will go down. With this in mind, return to the Onion, collect the 35 Pikmin and return to the can. Have your Pikmin collect it and return it to the ship. Collect all of the Pikmin available and return to the can. Have 35 Pikmin carry the can back to the ship, then assign the rest of them to the gate.

Once the Utter Scrap has reached the ship, return to the gate with your Pikmin. If it's not down yet, toss more Pikmin at it. Once it goes down, pass through and approach the hole in the ground. Hit "A" to enter the hole. You should have at least 20 Pikmin with you when you go down.

Emergence Cave - Sublevel 1

The day clock you had before no longer exists, so don't worry about your time. Also, please keep in mind that these underground caves all differ. They differ between games and they differ between restarts. The treasures are always the same, they're just placed in different positions. If the treasure is just sitting out, obviously placed, that's how it will be indicated in the walkthrough: "Obviously placed". Once you find a treasure, pick it up and carry it to the Support Pod for credit. Also, carry the bodies of enemies to the support pod as they're worth Pokos...not many, but they're worth collecting. With that being said, take out the little bugs and carry them to the Support Pod before picking up the treasures. Once you have both treasures, locate and hop down the next hole.

Quenching Emblem (7-Up Cap) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Citrus Lump (Orange Half) - $180 - Obvious placement.

Emergence Cave - Sublevel 2

Upon entering this "Final Floor", check your map. Notice the tunnel leads to a little blue icon. That is where you are headed. Move forward and take out the Snow Dwarf Bulborbs and let your Pikmin take them to the Pod. Continue along and you'll come to a buried globe, which requires 101 Pikmin. Well, we don't have 101 Pikmin, so move along, taking out the many Snow bugs as you go.

Eventually, you will make it to Purple Flower Blooms. Before tossing your boys in, continue to where the blue icon is on your map. Here you will find a geyser. This will be how you will return to the surface...but not yet. Let's deal with the Purple Flower Blooms first.

Return to the Purple Flower Blooms and toss your Pikmin in. Toss five Red Pikmin into each Purple Flower Bloom, and each flower bloom will spit out five Purple Pikmin seeds. Pluck one up to meet your first Purple Pikmin. The Purple Pikmin are your power horses. With your 10 Purple Pikmin, return to the Globe and stick the big boys on it (dismiss the Pikmin with "X" and they'll separate into two groups, hover your cursor over the Purple Pikmin and hit "B" to have them at your disposal). One Purple Pikmin is worth 10 Red Pikmin in what they can carry. So, with 10 Purple Pikmin and one Red Pikmin assigned to the globe (more for speed), pick it up and let the little guys carry it to the Support Pod.

Once your Spherical Atlas has been named, return to the geyser and hit "A" to return to the surface. Where you will learn your day's work is complete. Save. Check your info and head to Awakening Wood (use your control stick to select the area).

Spherical Atlas (Half Globe) - $200 - Obvious placement. This treasure will allow you to travel to a new area.

Day 3 - Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood

Sunseed Berry (Strawberry) - $170

Call your Purple Pikmin out of the ship and then call out your Red Pikmin, too. Toss a Purple Pikmin at a Posy Pellet and you will learn about swapping Pikmin. To do so, hold down the A Button and notice the Pikmin Color Indicator near your Pikmin count. While still holding the A Button, hit your D-Pad left or right to swap the Pikmin that you want to throw. This enables you to throw the Pikmin that you want.

Continue to collect the Posey Pellets in the area. Head toward the Dwarf Red Bulborbs and defeat them. Next, get behind the Large Red Bulborb, utilizing your C-Stick, then toss your Purple Pikmin at his back for a quick kill. Near you, on a ledge, you will see a Strawberry (Sunseed Berry). Toss Red Pikmin up to the Strawberry and they bring it to the ship for $170.

Next, there is a wall that you have to lower. From the Red Onion, face the tiled area, and notice a path heading right, just before the tile. Take it up and you will find a black wall. Assign about 20-30 Red Pikmin and a couple of Purple Pikmin to the wall.

Meanwhile, you'll see some odd red flowers with cluster berries. Toss some Pikmin at the base of them. They'll climb up and pluck the berries. Have your Pikmin carry 10 berries back to the ship and you'll earn a Ultra-Spicy Spray. Spray the Pikmin with it by pressing up on your control pad and they'll become temporarily faster and stronger.

Next, head across the tile from the ledge where the Strawberry was and you'll see a half-exposed potted-area with flowers. Toss your Pikmin up into the flower pot and a Beetle will appear. Kill him for some big time pellets. Continue exploring the area for other Beetles. You may also come across some Nectar, which instantly matures Pikmin into flowers, thus making them faster.

Throughout this Pikmin numbers building process you may get to your 100 Pikmin limit. If so, extra Pikmin are stored inside the Onion. Fight the little bugs that are around.

Once the black wall falls, gather your Pikmin and go through. Kill the Beetle in front you and have it carried back (look out for his nose, as it will shoot out and skewer your Pikmin). Go forward and you'll see a Paper Bag that requires 200 Pikmin. Can't do that yet. Instead, head left, opposite the Paper Bag, and you'll be attacked by a large venus fly trap-esque plant. This is a Creeping Chrysanthemum. Toss as many Pikmin (or use your C-Stick) at it as you can and defeat it. Carry back the remains.

Continue along and find the Subterranean Hole. Go back and gather up as many Pikmin as you can and then head to the Hole. Enter.

Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 1

Check your map and the area completely. Take out the little bugs that emerge from the ground (just cover them with your boys by guiding them with your C-Stick), then locate the treasure and take it to the Support Pod. Once you have it, hop down the next hole.

Stone of Glory (Nintendo Controller D-Pad) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 2

There are two nectar eggs in the area. After you get them, go along the open path. Here you will find some Purple Flower Blooms. Toss 5 Red Pikmin into each of the two flowers and you'll end up with a total of 10 Purple Pikmin. Head down the next hole. Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 3

Head forward and watch out for the fire geysers. Your Red Pikmin are immune to fire, so leave your Purple Pikmin behind and go forward and find the Yellow Floppy Disk, near the next hole. Have your Red Pikmin bring it back to the Support Pod. Meanwhile, have your Red Pikmin destroy the fire geysers by tossing them or using your C-Stick. Once that's done, enter the fireplace and destroy the fire geyser inside.

Cosmic Archive (Yellow Floppy Disk) - $230 - Obvious placement.

Strife Monolith (Majong Tile) - $150 - In the fireplace.

Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 4

Explore the area for some Nectar. Take the open path to the Purple Flower Bloom. Toss in 5 Red Pikmin to earn 5 Purple Pikmin. Take out all of the enemies, as one has eaten a treasure.

Dream Architect (Handheld Game) - $280 - Inside the Large Bulborb.

Luck Wafer (Ace Card) - $140 - Obvious placement.

Day 3 - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 5

Prototype Detector (Love Tester, Treasure Gauge) - $200

On this Final Floor, check out the map and you'll see the water geyser. Head toward it and you'll see a sleeping huge rolled up Empress Bulblax! She's nasty because she rolls over and crushes Pikmin. The way to deal with this lady is to toss Pikmin onto her head and then just before she's going to roll, call them off to safety. You are safe at her front, her behind, and along the sides there are areas you can safely stand, but it's best to just remain facing her face. When she stops rolling, repeat. It's useful to use only Purple Pikmin. If you do lose too many Pikmin for your liking, simply hit "reset" on your Gamecube. If you recall, there was a save point just before this final floor, so this is where you'll restart. Once the Empress Bulblax is dead, it will reveal a Love Tester. Carry it back to your Pod, then escape to the surface via the geyser.

Prototype Detector (Love Tester) - $200 - Inside the Empress Bulblax. This is your Treasure Gauge. Note it in the lower right of your screen. The needle will move to the right when you are near treasure.

Awakening Wood - Surface

Your day will be close to ending. Build up your Pikmin while you wait for the day to end, and make sure your boys are close to the ship or you will lose them overnight. Save and return to Awakening Wood.

Day 4 - Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood

In the Awakening Wood, have some Pikmin build up your forces, then make your way back to the Paper Bag we ran into before, along the path to the Hole of Beasts. If your Purple Pikmin forces were damaged by the Empress Bulblax and you're still lacking the numbers needed to weigh down the paper bag, don't fear. Simply return to the Hole of Beasts and find the purple flower blooms to rebuild your Purple Pikmin numbers. Time doesn't pass while down there, and you can simply walk by most enemies. So, get your numbers up then make your way back up to the surface and to the Paper Bag. Note that near the Paper Bag your new treasure gauge will be going nuts. Don't worry about it. There's a Carmex container that you can't access yet, so let it go.

Weigh down the Paper Bag with your Purple and Red Pikmin, then take out the big bug. Here you will find another hole. Hop on down.

White Flower Garden - Sublevel 1

Just take out enemies and collect the treasure.

Alien Billboard (Kiwi Shoe Polish) - $80 - Obvious placement.

White Flower Garden - Sublevel 2

In this next area, leave your Purple Pikmin by your Pod and take your Red Pikmin with you to take down the Fiery Blowhogs. Just keep chucking the Red Pikmin at the pigs until they go down. The Blowhogs won't be able to hurt your Pikmin as they only blow fire, and Red Pikmin aren't hurt by fire, but they can hurt you, so stay away from their front ends. Also, be aware that after they blow fire, they will buck the Pikmin off their backs. They can toss them over the edge, so try to call your Reds off before this happens.

Drought Ender (Dr. Pepper Cap) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Petrified Heart (Heart Gem) - $100 - Obvious placement. Don't forget to let your treasure gauge guide you now.

White Flower Garden - Sublevel 3

White Pikmin - Make your way around and you'll come upon the White Flower Blooms. Start tossing Red Pikmin into the blooms and you'll get your first 15 White Pikmin! White Pikmin are immune to poison (the purple fog). White Pikmin are good at finding buried treasure. They are also poisonous to enemies that eat them. You can do huge damage to an enemy if you're willing to sacrifice a White Pikmin or two. Once you have your White Pikmin, check your map and head to the exit. I say "check your map" as the path is oddly hard to see. Along the way your Whites will unearth the treasure.

Superstick Textile (Packaging Tape) - $80 - Obvious placement.

White Flower Garden - Sublevel 4

There is poisonous fog in this area. Separate your Pikmin and grab the White ones. Have your White Pikmin attack the poison spouts. Once all of the poison spouts are no longer spouting, locate the two treasures in the area. One may be up on an odd tree stump structure. If that's the case, toss your Pikmin up there, call them, then guide them with your C-Stick over to the treasure and they'll automatically grab it.

Toxic Toadstool (Poison Mushroom) - $30 - Obvious placement.

Survival Ointment (Chapstick) - $90 - Obvious placement.

White Flower Garden - Sublevel 5

On this final floor you'll encounter the Burrowing Snagret. He's a nasty bird that sticks out of the ground and eats little Pikmin like it's nobody's business. Prepare to lose some Pikmin here. First, separate your Whites from your Reds and your Purples. You don't want to lose any Whites at this point and the small amount of poison in the area isn't worth risking it. Gather your Purples and your Reds and start tossing them at him. Tossing them onto his face is the most damaging but also the riskiest attack because he can easily eat any mistossed Pikmin. Try to attack him from behind and swarm some Pikmin around his neck. He'll gobble up two to three Pikmin at a time, so don't worry about losing some Pikmin. Feel free to use an Ultra-Spicy Potion on your Pikmin here, to kick up their fighting a notch. Once the Snagret's defeated, you'll receive the garden glove (Five-man Napsack). Take it back to the Support Pod for $100.

Once you've defeated the boss, gather your Pikmin, head to the geyser, and go back up to the surface.

Five-man Napsack (Garden Glove) - $100 - Inside the Snagret. It allows you to take naps with "X".

Awakening Wood - Resurface

You are now back on the surface. Gather your Pikmin and make your way to the Poison White Gate which is near the "Hole of Beasts" cave entrance; check your map. Separate your Pikmin and have the White Pikmin attack the Poison White Gate. While you wait for the gate to drop, do some exploring with Louie and some Pikmin and do your best to build up your numbers by attacking bugs and plants.

Geographic Projection (Half Globe) - $200

When the gate drops go through, and let your White Pikmin destroy the poison pods so that you can pass. Then, keep them back while you go through the gate with your Purples and Reds because you'll soon be attacked by a Creeping Chrysanthemum. Destroy it and you'll see a half globe and a rolled-up bridge.

First, start your Reds and Purples in on making the bridge as it creates a much quicker path back to your ship. Then, with Louie, take your Whites to the entrance to the "White Flower Garden" (see your map) and attack the Poison White Gate there.

Switch back to Olimar and wait for the bridge to be done. When it is, have your Purple Pikmin carry the Half Globe (Geographic Projection) back to your ship.

At this point, if you have enough time left in your day, the Poison White Gate that Louie is working on might come down before the day ends. However, if it doesn't, just do as much damage as you can to it until you feel it necessary to gather up your Pikmin in order to make it home in time.

With the other half of the globe in your possession, a new world will open up for you. Head there.

Day 5 - Perplexing Pool

Perplexing Pool

Yellow Pikmin

Welcome to the Perplexing Pool! Gather your Pikmin from the ship and from the Red Onion, then check your Map. Notice near the middle of it is a Yellow Onion. Make your way toward it and the camera will show you your little yellow buddies. After you're shown the Yellow Pikmin, take the left path around the barrier wall. Here you'll meet a Yellow Wollywog. These guys do their damage by jumping up in the air and landing on groups of Pikmin. It's best to weigh them down so they can't jump. So, select your Purple Pikmin and quietly sneak behind him. Toss the Purple Pikmin on his back and take him out. Have a few Red Pikmin carry his body and pellet back to the Onion.

Continue along the wall barrier, ignoring the cave entrance as you go. You'll eventually come to two square stones. These function as a weight balance. From the lowered square, toss all but one of your Pikmin to the above level. Once they're up there, toss your remaining Red Pikmin onto the raised square. This will lift you up. Collect your Pikmin and move into the walled in area.

Here you will find a few enemies. First there's the floating bug with long arms. He doesn't do damage, but he's annoying. He'll pick your Pikmin up and toss them into the ground, making you waste time in their unplucking. To take him down, just throw Red Pikmin at him. Their weight will eventually take him down to the ground where the rest of your boys can attack.

Next up is the Fiery Bulblax, who happens to be guarding a Poison White Gate. Separate your Pikmin and grab your Reds. Have them take on the Fiery Bulblax. Once he's out of the way, direct your White Pikmin to take down the Poison White Gate, then collect your Red and Purple Pikmin and direct them to the rolled up log bridge. Make them get to work unrolling it. Grab a few of the Reds and have them focus on taking out the Fiery Blowhog, which is close to the bridge. Notice the "moldlike botanical entity" by the Blowhog. When your Pikmin are done with the bridge, assign them to the mound in the middle of the "moldlike botanical entity". Once you destroy the mold, plants will be able to grow. These plants have berries (ultra bitter essence), which will allow you to make an Ultra Bitter Essence, which is a poison that momentarily turns your enemy into stone.

From here, start cleaning up bodies and pellets. Pikmin can carry them across the new bridge for a quicker path to the base camp. Return to your White Pikmin, who should be close to being done with the Poison White Gate. Wait until the are, then enter the new area are your Yellow Pikmin. Move to the tree and whistle at them. Yellow Pikmin are resistant to electricity, and they're lighter, so they can be tossed higher in the air.

Immediately begin building up your Yellow Pikmin population by collecting the pellets from the surrounding Posy Pellets. Continue building your Yellows until time runs out.

Day 6 - Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood

Healing Cask (Carmex Container) - $60

With Yellow Pikmin, we can get Blue Pikmin. With Blue Pikmin, we can fly through the rest of this game. So, with that in mind, travel back to Awakening Wood and continue to build your Yellow Pikmin numbers with the surrounding Posey Pellets. Once you have about 50, head along the path to the White Flower Garden. If you didn't completely knock down the Poison White Gate just past the White Flower Garden on Day 4, you'll want to take your White Pikmin with you. Bring a handful of Reds with you, too.

Watch your Treasure Gauge as you make your way through the area with the Spicy Berry Plants. Notice the Carmex container up on a tree stump. You're new and lightweight Yellow Pikmin can be tossed up to that stump. Toss 7 up and they'll pick up the Carmex container. Let your Yellows fall to the ground, then call them to you. Assign your Reds to carry the container back to the ship.

Chance Totem (Die) - $100

Just past the tree stump, and to the right, is the path leading to the White Flower Garden. If you pass the path, there's a ledge to your right. Toss about 25 Yellow Pikmin up onto that ledge, then move down the path to the White Flower Garden. To your left is a body of water. Pass through the body of water, collect your Yellows and toss them at the electrical fence. As they work on it, hit "Y" to gain control of Louie and the remaining Pikmin.

With Louie, move down the path to the White Flower Garden. If the Poison White Gate still needs to come down, assign your Whites to it and wait for it to come down. When it does, pass through and make your way to the square stone weight balance. Toss all of your boys up on the ledge, with the exception of a couple. Standing on the low square, toss your two Pikmin to the raised square and you will be lifted to the ledge. Walk over and collect your Yellow Pikmin. Guide them up the central mound and have them cross the tree trunk bridge. Toss these guys onto the electrical fence here. Once they're busy doing that, return to your remaining Pikmin at the ledge, then use your Treasure Gauge to locate the Die in the surrounding area. Have your boys pick it up and carry it home.

Blue Pikmin

With Louie's Yellows still working on the electrical fence, and his Reds and Whites taking the Die treasure back to the ship, switch back to Olimar. The electrical fence here should be down, or close to being down. Assign your Yellow Pikmin to any bodies or pellets in the area, and send them back to base camp with these objects. By yourself, walk beyond the newly downed fence and into the water. Approach the swimming Blue Pikmin and whistle at them with "B". Once they are under your control, start building your Blue Pikmin army with the surrounding Posy Pellets and little fish enemies. Switch back to Louie. The electrical fence his Yellows were assigned to should be down now, revealing a hole. We'll search it tomorrow. For now, collect your Yellows (and any stragglers) and lead them to base camp.

Decorative Goo (Paint Tube) - $80

Switch back to Olimar. Once the Blue Pikmin are done using the resources around them to build their numbers, have them grab the tube of Paint in this area and carry it back to the ship. Once back at the ship, notice the small pool of water and white fence in the area. Take your Blue Pikmin into the pool and you'll find a bump of sorts. Assign your Blue Pikmin to it. Once they destroy it, the pool will drain. If you have time, have your Pikmin work on this gate.

Day 7 - Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood

Upon landing, take out 100 Pikmin of mixed variety. If the gate in the drained pool area by the ship is still up (see end of Day 6), have them work on it. Once the gate is down, lead your mix of Pikmin up the path, then up the mound and across the log bridge to the newly opened area, once blocked by the Electric Fence. Here is a new hole. Approach it and enter.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 1

First, you'll see a Red Bloom. You can use this to turn Pikmin of a different color into Red Pikmin if need be. Grab your Red and Purple Pikmin and begin attacking the Dwarf Bulborbs. Your treasure is hidden in one of the Large Bulborbs. If you don't want to take them both on, use your treasure gauge to figure out which one has eaten the treasure and only attack him. Upon killing the Large Bulborb you will receive the Crystal Clover (clover gem). Progress along the path and go up the spiral raised area and kill the remaining Dwarf Bulborbs.

Crystal Clover (Clover Gem) - $150 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 2

Grab your Red Pikmin and have them clear the path of fire geysers. Then, kill the two Spiders by throwing Red Pikmin on top of them. When this little area is clear, toss your Red Pikmin up onto the raised area with the Blue Gem and the fire geyser. Using the alcove, direct the Red Pikmin to destroy the fire geyser. Then, toss your Reds up to the Blue Gem and guide them with your C-Stick to it. They will carry it back.

Tear Stone (Blue Gem) - $150 - Obvious placement.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 3

First, find the nectar egg near you and destroy it. Next, grab your Purples and Reds and start tossing Purple Pikmin at the floating blow bulborbs. The Purples will weigh them down while the Reds beat on them. Repeat this until the area is clear. Separate your Pikmin and grab the White ones. Take them to the area where your treasure gauge is active. The Whites will dig up some buried treasure, a Sea Shell. If you failed to bring any White Pikmin with you, there is a White Bloom where you can exchange other Pikmin for White Pikmin. Gather your Pikmin and head down the next hole.

Olimarnite Shell (Sea Shell) - $40 - Use your treasure gauge to locate this item, then have your Whites unearth it.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 4

Explore and you'll find some electricity bugs (Anode Beetles). Gather your Yellows and have them destroy the bugs. Whatever you do, don't walk anything but Yellows between to Anode Beetles that are firing up. Their electrical charge is deadly to all but Yellow Pikmin. Also in this area you'll find a Glint Beetle running around. Toss your Pikmin upon him reveal a treasure.

Next, grab your Yellow Pikmin and take out the electric bugs and the electrical nodes, which creates a deadly charge. You'll find a Yellow Wollywog. Either take him out with your Yellows, or draw him to a non-electric spot and have the Purples attack. Here's another treasure. There's a Purple Flower Bloom in the area, if you want more Purples.

Crystal King (Quartz Crystal) - $110 - Inside the Golden Flint Beetle.

Unknown Merit (Token) - $100 - Inside the Yellow Wollywog.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 5

Look out for falling bombs. When one falls, get all of your Pikmin far away, or expect many casualties. Grab your Purples and Reds and have at the Dwarf Bulborbs. Once they are dead you'll find that your treasure gauge is going crazy right near the area. Have your Pikmin unearth the Seed (you don't need your White Pikmin) to find the Anxious Sprout. If the Large Bulborb isn't in your way, just leave him alone.

Anxious Sprout (Seed) - $50 - Half-buried in the earth.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 6

There are fire geysers around and some more Dwarf Bulborbs. You'll also notice a few Red Blooms and a Purple Bloom in the area if you need more of either Pikmin. You will be fighting the level boss in the next level, after all. Have your Red Pikmin destroy any fire geysers and then have the rest of your Pikmin attack the rest of the Bulborbs and the Spider. There is one large Bulborb left near the hole. Gather up your Purples, Reds and Yellows and go at him from behind. Then, take out the fire geyser blocking the walled path. There is a Large Bulborb who has eaten a treasure. Find and destroy him.

Colossal Fossil (Skull) - $140 - Obvious placement.

Eternal Emerald Eye (Golden Broach) - $150 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 7

On this final floor, take care of the fire geysers. You'll see two ominous eyes poking out of the sand. Egad, it's a drooling huge Emperor Bulblax! Toss Red and Purple Pikmin at his face as it's the only part of his body that can be damaged. Be very careful that you have no Pikmin beneath him because he can jump up and pound the ground and take out lots of Pikmin. If you have White Pikmin to spare, throw a few near his mouth in hopes that he will eat them. This was the final boss on the original Pikmin game, but this time, he's much easier. Once you beat him, you'll get the Toy Robot. This piece acts as a Scorch Guard, making Olimar and Louie immune to fire.

There is a white gate here. Start knocking it down. Once its down, explore the many fire geyser pool area. Go around the right side with your Red Pikmin, toss them up the ledge, have them destroy the fire geyser and then grab the wooden statue. If you need more help, use a Purple Pikmin. Once all that is done, head to the geyser and go back to the surface.

Forged Courage (Toy Robot) - $100 - Inside the Emperor Bulblax. Makes you fire resistant.

Gyroid Bust (Wooden Statue) - $250 - Obvious placement.

Awakening Wood - Resurface

The rest of this day will be spent building up your Pikmin numbers (if you're like me, you lost a few in the last cave), and making a path to the next area, which will be dealt with on Day 8. So, with that being said, get all of your Pikmin together and start gathering Pellets and taking out small enemies in the immediate area. Also, you may want to get to work on the mold overgrowth over the spicy berry plants. Once satisfied with your numbers, gather a mix of Pikmin (you'll definitely need a lot of Blues and all of your Whites, but Reds and Purples may also be helpful), and cross the bridge you created some time ago, near the tiled section around the base camp. Once you cross the bridge, face it again and notice a small path to your right. Take it.

In front of you is a Yellow Wollywog in some water. Call your Blue Pikmin to jump into the water and draw him closer. He's easiest to kill on land, with your Purple Pikmin, but if you have Blues to spare, you should just take him out in the water...just don't let any get beneath him. Once you've taken him out, walk along the water until you come to another Wollywog. Take him out the same way. Next, toss your Blue Pikmin up to the rolled up bridge (the one that isn't poisoned) and have them get to work unrolling it. Once this is done, cross the bridge with your White Pikmin and have them take on the poisoned bridge. Once that's unrolled, make sure they take out the poison spewing vents, then gather all of your Pikmin and return to the base. Use whatever extra time you have building up your Pikmin Army.

Day 8 - Awakening Wood

Awakening Wood

Air Brake (Shuttlecock) - $100

Gather your Pikmin from their various ships. Get at least 35 Blues, then mix up the rest of the group however you prefer. Head to the area you just opened up (across the wooden bridge) and prepare for battle as you will run into a Burrowing Snagret (you may want to leave your Blues in safety, as you'll need the 35 or so in a minute). You've fought him before, just repeat your actions. Toss Pikmin at his head and use your C-stick to guide the rest around his neck. Whatever you do, don't let your Pikmin stand under the Snagret's head, as he will pluck them up in his beak if you do. Repeat this process until he goes down. From here assign every Pikmin, except your Blues, to the white gate in the area.

Lead your Blues into the water and watch your Treasure Gauge. Follow it to the stone square. This is another balance weight. The other stone square is on the opposite side of the bridge. You need to use the original stone square to access the Shuttlecock upon the above cliff, and the second stone square to get you up there. First, toss at least 15 Pikmin onto the first square, then step onto the square yourself. Hit "Y" to control Louie. Walk Louie and the rest of the Pikmin over to the other square. Toss at least one more Pikmin than you have on the first square onto the second square. When it lowers, stand upon it with Louie, then use "Y" to go back to Olimar's control. As Olimar, start tossing the Pikmin up onto the cliff and have them collect the Shuttlecock. Let them carry it back to the ship. You may have to protect them from a Creeping Chrysanthemum along the way.

Once your Blue Pikmin deliver the Shuttlecock, take them back to the white fence, which will be down now, and enter the newly revealed Snagret Hole.

Day 8 - Snagret Hole - Sublevel 1

Move along the path, taking out the little bugs as you go. In front of you will be a Large Bulborb. Take him down as there's a treasure inside of him. Explore all areas to find both treasures.

Crystallized Telekinesis (Yellow Marble) - $120 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Leviathan Feather (Feather) - $10 - Obvious placement.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 2

Outside is nice. If you start behind the bridge, take small groups across or you'll lose massive Pikmin numbers. If there's a treasure behind the bridge, then you'll need Blue Pikmin to carry it across the water and back to the Pod. There's a White Flower Bloom in the area if you want more Whites than you already should have. It's always a good idea to have at least 10 with you.

Taste Sensation (Sushi) - $40 - Obvious placement.

Combustion Berry (Strawberry) - $190 - Obvious placement.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 3

On this third level you will run into a couple of Snagrets. One of them has a hot dog inside of him. Once you toast him, carry the hot dog back to the pod. This is the only treasure in this level. However, behind the gates is a White Flower Blossom, a Purple Flower Blossom and a single Spicy Potion Dose (if you're lucky), and more nectar. Use them as you'd like.

Meat Satchel (Hot Dog) - $40 - Inside a Snagret.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 4

With your Blues take out the Watery Blowhogs and the Dwarf Bulborbs. Next, gather your Yellows and take down all of the electrical nodes in the area. Once they're down, take out the many enemies. You'll meet Cannon Beetles here. Treat Cannon Beetles like you do the blowhogs. Toss Pikmin onto their backs. After they "blow", call the Pikmin off, as they're about to be bucked off. Once the Cannon Beetle bucks, stick your Pikmin back onto it. Inside one of the Cannon Beetles is a treasure.

Heavy-duty Magnetizer (Magnet) - $150 - Inside a Cannon Beetle.

Cupid's Grenade (Cherry) - $20 - Obvious placement.

Crystallized Telepathy (Red Marble) - $120 - Obvious placement.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 5

Move forward and you'll find an Antenna Beetle. If your boys get caught up in his spin, they'll become dizzy and you'll have to whistle them back to control. When the Beetle stops spinning, toss your Pikmin onto his back and take him down. When he goes down, a treasure will be revealed. Continue moving along the open path and you'll find many Nectar Eggs. You'll also find some Dwarf Bulborbs. Take them out as you make your way to the hole and you'll find one who has swallowed a Marble.

Emperor Whistle (Whistle) - $75 - Inside the Antenna Beetle.

Crystallized Clairvoyance (Blue Marble) - $120 - Inside a Dwarf Bulborb.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 6

Surrounding you are many poison spouts, some water and another Antenna Beetle. With your Blue Pikmin, hop into the water and take down the Beetle. While they're doing this, assign your Whites to the many poison spouts, most of which have flower blooms behind them. If there are poison spouts which have water between your Whites and it, toss your Whites onto the ledge by the closest flower, run through the water and pull them down on the other side. You may have to maneuver all of your Pikmin like this if there is water between your boys and the exit.

Continue to take out poison spouts, and take out enemies that approach as you go. You'll meet a Dwarf Bulborb along the way. Take him down and collect the Magnify Glass in his stomach. Have your Blues carry it back to the Pod. Continue exploring and taking down gates. You'll have to fight a couple of Snagrets (it is "Snagret Hole", after all). There's a treasure inside of one of them.

If you're short on Blues there is a Blue Flower Blossom and a Multi-Colored Flower Blossom (you will need at least 20 Blues to carry the Dannon Lid treasure if it has to be carried over water). The Multi-Colored Blossoms are fun, as one Pikmin produces up to ten once tossed in the flower.

Stupendous Lens (Magnify Glass) - $120 - Inside a Dwarf Bulborb.

Triple Sugar Threat (Candy Stick) - $60 - Inside a Snagret.

Salivatrix (Dannon Lid) - $30 - Obvious placement.

Science Project (4 Leaf Clover) - $20 - It looks just like many of the clovers, so use your Treasure Gauge to identify it.

Snagret Hole - Sublevel 7

Final Floor! Surrounding you are many fences, flower blooms and Nectar Eggs. Knock down the gates, and avoid moving through the center of the area as it will stir up the Pileated Snagret in the middle. Collect the Nectar from the Nectar eggs, and build up your numbers at the Multi-colored Flower Blooms. Once you're ready to fight, walk through the middle and stir up the Snagret.

This Snagret is a little tougher than the others, simply because he has more mobility, and he'll eat more of you (he'll either scoop you up or eat any Pikmin attached to his beak). First the big guy will half pop out of the ground. When he does, toss your Reds and Purples into his face. Once he's fully out, keep your distance then toss your Yellows at his face. Do the best you can to avoid his beak. When he dives into the ground, collect your boys and repeat. Feel free to use any Spicy or Bitter Potions you have on you throughout the process. Also, if you want to speed up the process, sacrifice a few Whites. Remember, enemies who eat Whites die a lot quicker than those who don't. Repeat until he goes down.

Justice Alloy (Toy Robot) - $100 - Inside the Snagret Boss. It provides you with a Metal Suit Z, which is simply a stronger suit that will better protect you.

Awakening Wood - Resurface

Pilgrmim Bulb (Bulb) - $55

Back at your base camp, build up your numbers. Lead your White Pikmin to the two potted plants closest to the Blue Onion. Walk up the path and make your way to the top of the lower of the two pots. Toss your White Pikmin onto the taller pot. Here they will start digging up a new treasure. Once they unearth it a bit, toss more Pikmin up to help them, then, together, they will all carry it back to the ship.

This is your last treasure in the area, therefore, you won't be coming back to Awakening Wood. Since this is the case, be sure to pluck all of you Pikmin out of the ground, and continue to build your Pikmin numbers until time runs out. Bye bye Awakening Wood!

Day 9 - Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose

Pink Menace (Heart Ring) - $100

Back to the Valley of Repose! It's been a long time! First up, we must take care of some water issues. So, grab all of the Blue Pikmin you have and exit out of the area. Hang a right and you'll see a Dwarf Bulborb. Take him out, then continue along, staying right so you don't disturb the sleeping Large Bulborb in the center.

Continue along, toward the Emergence Cave, then hop into the water. Assign all of your Blues to the white gate in the middle of the water. Switch back to Louie.

With Louie grab some Yellows, Reds and as many Whites as you have left. Walk them to the area where your Blues took on the Dwarf Bulborb. Notice a path in the patch of snow to your right. Your treasure gauge should also be getting hot. Toss your Pikmin up onto that path, then, by yourself, hop into the water, then take the path now to your right where you will meet the Pikmin you tossed up. You will also encounter a Snagret. Take him down.

While your Yellows and Reds are working on the Snagret, switch over to Olimar. The Blues should have the gate down. Lead them through the gate and a little right. You'll find a drain here. Get them working on the drain, then switch back over to Louie and the Snagret. When the Snagret goes down, don't let any Pikmin carry him until the water below is drained.

Still with Louie, your treasure gauge should be going a little nuts. Grab your White Pikmin and let them dig up the heart ring. Once the water is drained, bring the Snagret head and ring back to the base camp. Switch to Olimar.

Have Olimar and the Blues climb into the next pool of water, then lead them out via the steep slope to the left. At the top of the slope go right. Here will be two Fiery Blowhogs. Take them on. Don't forget, your whistle blows out Pikmin fires. Once they're out of the picture, assign your Blue Pikmin to the rolled up bridge. Switch to Louie.

Have Louie collect all of the Pikmin possible, and lead them all to the bridge that is being unrolled for you. Cross it and gather your boys. Now, you need to go straight, but be aware there are some nasty creatures above. Two of them are rock blowing caterpillars (Cannon Beetles) whose rocks can be incredibly damaging to your Pikmin numbers, as they don't just blow straight, they follow you. With that being said, it's a good idea to keep your Pikmin numbers low as you approach them, that way you'll have better Pikmin mobility and fewer Pikmin taken out by an accidental rock collision. Take about 30 with you. When you get to a Cannon Beetle, charge him with your C-Stick. You should be able to reach him before he blows his rock. Once he does blow his rock, watch where it goes and use it to your advantage. If the rock hits the Beetle, the Beetle is dead. So, try to use the its body as a block between your Pikmin and the rock. If all goes right, it's a quick battle and you will have lost few Pikmin.

After taking out both Cannon Beetles, deal with the other enemies in the area. Note a White Poison Gate near the Watery Blowhog. Ignore it for now (primarily because my White Pikmin numbers were hurting here), but do take out the Watery Blowhog.

Opposite the White Poison Gate, notice a small barrier. One of the three barrier stones is crossable. Cross over it and move quickly out of the way of the Cannon Beetle up the slope to your right. Don't even worry about him now. Instead, take down the Withering Blowhog then unroll the bridge to the next cave. Gather all of your Pikmin and enter.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 1

Enter and immediately be aware of the Poison Beetles. They'll let off a poisonous gas which will hurt all non-White Pikmin. There's no point in doing battle with him, so just run and blow your Pikmin out if they get hit. Locate the Purple Flower Blossom and use it if you'd like. I always like to have at least 10 Purples by my side. Here you'll have to fight some Large Snow Bulborbs to clear a path for your Pikmin. Do so.

On this level pay careful attention to your treasure gauge as both treasures are buried and need White Pikmin for their unearthing. Locate them and let your Whites go at it. Keep in mind, the Whites are necessary for the initial unearthing, but all Pikmin can dig.

Essential Furnishing (Ornament) - $100 - Use your White Pikmin to unearth it.

Essence of Rage (Red Gem) - $70 - Use your White Pikmin to unearth it.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 2

On this second level, move your large group away from the Cannon Beetles. Dismiss them, then collect about 30 to take both of them out. Once the Cannon Beetles have been destroyed, start looking for treasures. If one is up on a tree stump, you will need 15 Yellows to toss up there and bring it down to you.

Continue taking out enemies in this area and you'll stumble upon a boot decoration. Collect it and send it to the Support Pod. Gather your gang and head down the next hole.

Joy Receptacle (Wrapped Gift) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Icon of Progress (Boot Decoration) - $85 - Obvious placement.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 3

Depending upon where you are dropped in this level, you could be attacked by a Large Bulborb and his punk Bulborb minions immediately. If this is the case, then go at 'em. You may want to consider sacrificing a White Pikmin, as the fact that this Bulborb is actively looking for you (instead of sleeping) does make him tougher. If the Large Bulborb isn't there when you drop, wait, because he'll come for you eventually. Upon defeating him he'll drop a bell.

Next, seek out the Bulborb with the leaf on his back (a Bulbmin). Defeat him and he'll give off several mini Bulbmin who will be new members of your team. YAY!

From here, begin clearing the area of obstacles. Have your Red Pikmin take out fire spouts, have your White Pikmin take out the poison spouts, and have your Yellows take out the electrical nodes (your new Mini Bulbmin can take on all three for you, too). There's a White Flower Blossom in the area, if you need it. Watch your treasure gauge to look for both buried and unearthed treasures. You will find a candle at one dead end. Pick it up and carry it home.

Next you will have both a geyser or another hole to choose from. If you use the geyser you will return to the surface and keep all of the treasures you have collected thus far (as opposed to escaping the cave and losing all of your treasures). However, when you return to the cave, you still have to battle through all sublevels. Our goal is to keep going. So, for purposes of this walkthrough, we're jumping down the next hole.

Danger Chime (Bell) - $120 - Inside Large Bulborb.

Fleeting Art Form (Candle) - $75 - Obvious placement.

Gemstar Husband (Star Ring) - $100 - Needs unearthing with White Pikmin.

\Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 4

Gather your Yellow Pikmin and get them to work. Put them on electrical nodes and the electric beetles. Watch out for the long armed floating bugs. Some (the ones with the larger wings) will go after Olimar and Louie instead of the Pikmin, and they can do some damage to Olimar and Louie if they are slammed to the ground. Yellow Pikmin are best used to bring these guys down, then stick some Purples on them to take them out fast (there's a Purple Flower Blossom in the area, if you need it). Innocence Lost (Star Tree Topper) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Omniscient Sphere (Small Marble) - $85 - Obvious placement.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 5

Here you're in an area with three dead ends and one open path. The dead ends each have a flower at the end, and one should have a rock monster. Toss your Purples at the rock monster to take him out quickly (he won't hurt your boys, but he will bury them). Once you defeat him the Iron Fist will be revealed. Carry it to the Support Pod. You will learn that it is not only treasure, but a Rocket Punch, giving Olimar and Louie more power with their personal attacks.

This is the only treasure in the area. Spend the rest of your time here taking out enemies for small treasure dollars. Again, you'll have the option to escape to the surface via a geyser, or hop down to the next level. We're hopping down to the next level. However, be sure to use the Blue Flower Bloom before you do.

Brute Knuckles (Iron Fist) - $100 - Inside the Rock Monster. The Brute Knuckles make your own personal attacks stronger.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 6

Prepare immediately for attack. Either another Bulbmin or another Cannon Beetle could be ready to take you on from the get go. Get to them first. You should clear out the area of all devastating enemies and fire spouts before looking for treasure. There is also much water to cross here. My Blues were low, but, luckily the mini Bulborb Pikmin can cross water (and survive all of the elements). Finally, the water will need to be crossed by all of your Pikmin eventually (in order to pass through the next hole). This is why the water is full of "islands". Toss your boys from island to island to get them to the other side. Your Pikmin can cross very small sections of water...just keep whistling at them. This is a tough area, so take it slow and follow your treasure gauge.

Worthless Statue (King Chess Piece) - $80 - Obvious placement.

Priceless Statue (Queen Chess Piece) - $80 - Obvious placement.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 7

This sublevel is pretty easy in comparison to previous sublevels. All you're fighting here are Bulborbs of various sizes. You do, however, have to keep and eye out for meteors falling from the sky. Listen for them, then move your boys out of their shadows before they hit. Again, you can chose to return to the surface or hop down to the next (and final) level. We're going down. However, whatever your decision, scout out the area by yourself first, as massive meteors will come shooting down around the geyser and the hole upon first reaching them. Don't let them take out your precious Pikmin.

Spouse Alert (Bell) - $120 - Obvious placement.

Flame Tiller (Yoyo) - $120 - Needs unearthing.

Frontier Cavern - Sublevel 8

Final Floor! I entered this area with 28 Pikmin. Point being, you can defeat the level boss with as few as 28 Pikmin. The best thing to do in this level is scope it out first via your map. Find your most direct path to the Empress Bulblax (who happens to be "releasing" the Bulborb Larva). Don't even worry about the Larva, just avoid them as best you can.

Find your way to the Bulblax's face and start chucking all of your Pikmin at it. In the second before she shakes your Pikmin loose, call them back to you. As the boss rolls around (hopefully taking out many Dwarfs) take out any Larva Bulborbs who are in your immediate area. Simply repeat the process until the big gal goes down. Once she does go down, collect the Shoe and carry it back to the Support Pod. The shoes will act as sticky feet for your Olimar and Louie. Exit out.

Repugnant Appendage (Shoe) - $100 - Inside the Empress Bulblax.

Valley of Repose - Resurface.

If you're like me, your boys are pretty much wiped out from going straight through this entire dungeon, and you have very little time left in Day 9. So, go ahead and build up your Pikmin as best you can until it runs out.

Day 10 - Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose

Unspeakable Wonder (Crown) - $120

Again, my numbers were hurting and I didn't have much time to rebuild until the end of Day 9 came. So, if you're like me, continue building. Our goal here is to make it through the White Poison Gate (along the path the the Frontier Cavern), and to get our Pikmin numbers back up before we enter the next cave. While building, lead whatever White Pikmin you have to the White Poison Gate and get them to work. If you need more, return through Frontier Cavern and find the white flower blooms (the first one is on the 3rd level), get what you need and escape (go to your start menu and select the option). I had 8 White Pikmin to take down the gate. This is doable in the time limit, but it does take time.

While your 8 Whites are taking down the White Poison Gate and the poison spouts, head over to the Frontier Cavern with the rest of your team and take out the Cannon Beetle who is up the hill and guarding the crown treasure. Take your boys up one side of the hill with your C-Stick to avoid the blasts. Once he's down, grab the crown and have your guys carry it back to the ship.

Back at base camp, wait until the crown arrives, then return, with all of the Pikmin you can, to the White Poison Gate. Wait patiently as the Whites take it down. When the poison spouts are deactivated, run through the gate to the next cave entrance and hop down.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 1

What we have in this level is fairly straight forward. Take out the poison spouts with your White Pikmin, and take out the Bulborbs and the long armed floaters with everyone else. Follow your treasure gauge to the roll of packing tape, which is sticking halfway out of the ground, dig up the other half and carry it to the Support Pod.

Exhausted Superstick (Packing Tape) - $50 - Obvious placement.

Nouveau Table (Phone Dial) - $100 - Needs to be unearthed by your Whites.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 2

On this second sublevel you must be very careful. First, there are bombs everywhere. If you see those bombs getting ready to explode (they'll reveal yellow cracks and their health meter will start ticking down), get as far away as you can from them, as soon as you possibly can. Also, the enemies hanging by balloons up in the air will drop bombs on you. Here, the same rule applies. As soon as they're counting down, get out of their way. I suggest going out with a team of about 20 Yellows, as they're fast movers, they're easy to toss at the balloon enemies, and taking out a team of any more than 20 is just asking for trouble. So, with your 20 Yellows, start clearing out the area of enemies. If you are patient and take your time, you shouldn't lose many Pikmin. You should also be very much aware that the edges to this level are not protected. In other words, if you toss a Pikmin over an edge, you're not getting him back.

Once the area has been cleared out, locate the treasures. Before assigning your Pikmin to collect them, approach them first by yourself to trigger the dropping bombs. Wait for them to blow, then have your Pikmin pick it up and take it to the Support Pod.

Spirit Flogger (Cog) - $70 - Obvious placement.

Network Mainbrain (Fuse) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 3

Here, get your Reds started on extinguishing the many fire spouts. Be aware of the Cannon Beetles in the area. Take them all out to ensure a clear passage for your Pikmin. One of the Cannon Beetles has swallowed a Screw. Use your treasure gauge to figure out which one.

Superstrong Stabilizer (Screw) - $60 - Inside a Cannon Beetle.

Coiled Launcher (Spring) - $70 - Obvious placement.

Omega Flywheel (Cog) - $70 - Obvious placement.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 4

This level is interesting as there are no treasures here. There are, however, several white flower blooms. Are they trying to tell us something? Just make sure you have about 20 White Pikmin before going down to the next level (forget the geyser). Also, drink all of the nectar you can before hopping down.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 5

There are more bombs in this level, so it's, again, a good idea to only take a few Pikmin with you, at least until the falling bombs and the spider bombs are cleared out. You can't fight any of them, so just keep out of their way before they blow. Once the area is clear, use your treasure gauge to locate the clock face.

Mystical Disc (Clock Face) - $75 - Obvious placement.

Adamantime Girdle (Washer) - $70 - Obvious placement.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 6

Take your Whites and whatever Yellows you have left, and start taking out the electrified beetles, the poison spouts, and the balloon enemies. Once the area is clear, find and collect the treasures. If a Spider gets to them first, take the Spider down. Note Red Spiders spit fire and Purple spiders spit poison...attack accordingly. For reference, there is a geyser here.

Repair Juggernaut (Large Screw) - $85 - Obvious placement.

Space Wave Receiver (Oven Dial) - $80 - Obvious placement.

Vacuum Processor (Fuse) - $100 - Obvious placement.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 7

Be aware, you could be attacked from the beginning by a new enemy, and he is nasty. They call him a Groink, and he'll shoot explosives at you. He'll shake your Pikmin off his body, which can hurt if he's by the area's edges and he flings them off. He'll also sit down and smash and lowly Pikmin. If he does come after you at the beginning, just run. Wait until he goes back to his perch. When he's on his perch, you can sneak up behind him and bombard him with many Pikmin. If you have enough Pikmin, you can take him down with no damage done to you or your boys. Once he's out of the picture, carry his body back to the Pod, as he will come back to life. Also carry the treasure that he was hiding. Be aware of a bomb tossing balloon enemy and bomb spiders.

Furious Adhesive (Red Tape) - $60 - Obvious placement.

Thirst Activator (Treetop Lid) - $300 - Obvious placement.

Indomitable CPU (Fuse) - $100 - Inside the Groink.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 8

Here we have another level with various flower blooms and nectar eggs. Put a team together of your liking. For reference, I had 34 Pikmin the first time I played through here. Before hopping down to the next level, I created a team of 15 Whites, 13 Purples, 11 Yellows, 9 Reds and 2 Blues (remember, the Multi-colored Flower Blooms put out more seeds than Pikmin that are put in), for a total of 50 Pikmin. Get them all nectared up and move down to the next level.

Subterranean Complex - Sublevel 9

On this Final Floor collect all of your Pikmin and approach the central node. It will pop out and become the boss, the Man-at-legs. This is a time consuming boss, but he's very easy to defeat, if you are patient. Toss Yellows at his body. When the Yellows weigh him down enough, start tossing Purples for more damage. Watch the boss as he twists around. When this happens, call all of your Pikmin back and run, as the big guy is about to shoot his laser gun. Control your Pikmin with your C-stick and run them ahead of the laser gun, until it runs out. You can also hide behind certain barriers. Repeat the process until the big guy goes down, revealing a light bulb treasure. Pick up the bulb. When you get it back it'll be revealed that the bulb will help with dark underground areas.

With all of the treasures in the cave collected, go ahead and take the geyser up to the surface. Rebuild your numbers until time runs out and the day is done.

Stellar Orb (Light Bulb) - $100 - Inside the Man-at-legs.

Day 11 - Valley of Repose

Valley of Repose

Spiny Alien Treat (Rose Bud) - $50

On this last day in the Valley of Repose we have some Pikmin building and treasure collecting to do. Build your team up, then collect some Reds, 30+ Blues, 25+ Yellows, a few Purples and whatever Whites you have, then lead them past the Emergence Cave entrance and into the drained pool. Notice that from the pool there's a quick way back to base camp. Lead your Pikmin close to this ledge, then watch your treasure gauge. Walk them all to the left, along the small snow ledge, and your treasure gauge will go nuts. Have your Whites start digging and you'll unearth a Rose Bud. Have your Whites continue digging and have a couple Purples help, then move on and cross the bridge. The Whites and Purples will take the treasure back on their own.

Fossilized Ursidae (Bear Carving) - $160

You've crossed the bridge. Instead of going straight, as we have before to the cave entrances, hang a left and follow the path alongside the water and into the snowy area. Watch your treasure gauge. It will spark up as you near a snow bank. Note the bear carving on top of it. With your Yellows, climb the small slope leading up to the bank, and toss your Yellows onto the path leading to the bear. They will automatically run to the bear and pick it up. Have them walk it back to the ship.

Temporal Mechanism (Pocket Watch) - $110

While your Yellows are carrying the bear carving, it's time for you to focus on the next body of water, which is to the right of the snow bank with the bear carving atop it. Head into the water with your Blues and exterminate all of the enemies. Across the way is a Fiery Bulborb. You need Reds to fight him, which means you have to quickly guide your Reds through the water, using the islands in the middle as safe spots so they don't drown. Have them fight the Fiery Bulborb, and he'll spit out the pocket watch. Assign your 30 Blues to the watch, then safely guide your Red Pikmin back over the water and home. That's all of the treasures in the Valley!

Day 12 - Perplexing Pool

Impediment Scourge (Bottle Opener) - $50

We're back at the Perplexing Pool. We were here for a short time before, as we grabbed our Yellows and ran. With that in mind, collect your Yellows and exit the bare area. Head a little right and cross the bridge you created last time you were here (there will be bugs to battle around it). As you cross it, notice your treasure gauge getting excited. There's a bottle opener atop the tree stump to your left. Move around to it and toss 10 Yellows up to get it. Let them walk it back to the base.

Optical Illustration (Ragu Cap) - $140

With the Yellows walking the Bottle Opener back, return to the base camp to collect some Blues and more Yellows. Exit the base camp and head left and around the central tree stump, just like you did the first time you were here and you were looking to meet up with the Yellows. This time, keep your eyes to the left as you wrap around the tree. Pass the cave entrance and look for the Yellow Wolloywog in the water, who is guarding a rolled up bridge. Grab your Blues and take him down. Next, take half of your Blues and unroll the bridge. Take the other half along the same path you took to the Yellow Pikmin so long ago, and get them to the spot opposite the first electrical fence. Notice another Yellow Wollywog in the area. Take him out.

By this time, your bridge should be unrolled. Cross it with your Yellows. Walk to the back wall and notice there's a spot where you can see through to the other side. Toss your Yellows through the spot, and whistle at them. Have your Blues follow you through the water and around the root, then approach the Yellows from around the corner. Whistle at them again, then lead them to the electrical fence, where they will start taking it down from the opposite side. Wait or clean up bodies as they do this.

The moment the fence comes down, call the Yellows back over to dry land, then cross over with your 15 Blues and have them collect the Ragu Cap. This Ragu Cap was what put me over the $10000 mark! Woohoo! Game over! Mission accomplished!

Next up, collect all 201 items and poor Louie. Check out our Pikmin 2 Treasure Guide.

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