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Lunabean's Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
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Lunabean Rating: 8.0
Platforms: GameCube
Release Date: 11.18.01
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
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Upgrades and Passcodes

Level Available Upgrade Location
Death Star Attack Mission Advanced Shields Tech Upgrade After you destroy the Deflection towers, and move on to the next part of the mission you should find it on the surface while moving straight at the start of that part of the mission. On Radar, it is located in a small GRAY Rectangular area. All of the other areas on radar are very light or dark.
Ison Corridor Ambush Advanced Proton Torpedoes At the beginning of the level, you should see a square tunnel in a large piece of debris. Fly into it.
Battle of Hoth Advanced Lasers After the AT-ATs destroy the shield generator return to the now-blown-up shield generator to pick up the upgrade.
Prisons of the Maw Advanced Cluster Missiles Between the second and third objectives, you'll see a radar dish and a dome. Blow up or bomb the dome. The upgrade is in it.
Razor Rendezvous Advanced Proton Bombs Destroy the Shuttle that is trying to escape on the far side of the Destroyer.
Vengeance on Kothlis Homing Proton Torpedoes Fly into, that's right, into the bridge of the wrecked Star Destroyer to get the bonus. You'll probably die, but it's worth it.
Imperial Academy Heist (Daytime) Advanced Concussion Missiles Fly into one of the large hangers that surround the Academy. Just explore the hangars.
Imperial Academy Heist (Night) Scatter Proton Bombs Fly into the large hangar on the right. Again, just explore the hangars. You'll find it.
Raid on Bespin
Homing Concussion Missiles Above the second gas platform is an Imperial Gas Tanker. Blow it up, and the bonus will be on the nearest platform. You may have to blow up some gas tanks on the platform to get it.
Battle of Endor Homing Cluster Missiles Once you destroy the left Star Destroyer, it'll fall down towards the planet below. Fly near the Star Destroyer's Hangar and you'll find the bonus.
Strike at the Core Advanced Targeting Computer Right before you get to the last tunnel, the one with blue light at the end, there will be some pipes in the down to your right. Go under the pipes to get the last upgrade.
Passcode Reward
Enter these codes in Options Menu > Passcodes
*Please note, when 2 passcodes are required, R2D2 will not give a confirmation beep until you return to the passcode screen and enter the second passcode.
BLAHBLAH Unlock Audio Commentary
COMPOSER Unlock Music Hall
EXHIBIT! Unlock Art Gallery
LIONHEAD Unlock "Black and White" Mode
?INSIDER Unlocks Documentary in Special Features if you haven't done so the normal way.
THATSME! Unlocks Credits in Special Features if you haven't done so the normal way.
Unlocks Naboo Starfighter (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks Milennium Falcon (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks all Normal Levels (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks First Bonus Mission (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks Tie Fighter (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks Slave I
Unlocks Tie Advanced (with Vader's homing missles)
Unlocks Imperial Shuttle
Unlocks Infinite Lives
Unlocks Death Star Escape Level
Unlocks Triumph of the Empire Level (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks Asteroid Field Level (From Lunabeanie, Gandhi)
Unlocks Death Star Escape Level
Unlocks Revenge on Yavin Level
Unlocks Endurance Mode
Unlocks All Tech Upgrades
Unlocks Ace Mode
Unlocks The Car
Unlocks Double Lives (Code courtesy of Lunabeanie, Neil)

The Walkthrough

Death Star Attack
Written by the illustrious Inebriator, master of all living things, revered IGNboard poster and brave humanitarian, more almighty than the eight richest kings of Europe put together, destroyer of worlds, harbinger of souls, intergalactic Rogue Leader guru extraordinaire.
After a long wait, the Empire has finally discovered the location of the hidden rebel base, and they just happened to bring along their favorite toy, the Death Star. In a last resort mission, the few snubfighters the rebelion has must strafe the surface of the death star, fly down the trench along it's equator, and shoot a proton torpedo in the exhaust port at the end, which connects directly to it's core.

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~Part One~
Your objective in this part of the mission is to destroy the large deflection towers which are scattered throughout the area. There are 12 of them in total, and they take quite a few laser shots to take down, but since they cannot fight back, they are easy prey. Your radar will direct you to the nearest tower, so just keep following it an easy completion. You can have your wingmates form up on you so they can assist ever-so-slightly in destroying the deflection towers or other turrets.

~Gold Medal Tips~
You'll want to take out as many of the smaller turrets as possible. Destroy any that are in your flight path in between deflection towers, and any that are scattered near the deflection towers themselves. And don't forget that you're not allowed to die in this mission for the gold medal.

~Part Two~
Your objective in this portion of the mission is to destroy all of the TIE fighters in the area. They travel in large groups at first, so you should be able to eliminate many of them in a single pass. Send your wingmates after the TIEs to make this part go by quicker. Once there are only a few left, you'll be able to follow your radar to see their general location.

Upgrade - Advanced Shields - At the very beginning of this part of the level, fly down to the surface of the death star and a little to the left, you should see a little white cone upgrade some ways in the distance. Advanced Shields will provide more protection to your ships and when your shields are at full power, will appear as blue in the shield indicator.

~Gold Medal Tips~
You might want to use homing torpedos to take out any TIEs that are alone or swerving around in a hard-to-hit fashion. It will save you some much-needed accuracy.

~Part Three~
The famous trench run. Take it slow if you're new to the level, or have a hard time swerving around the many obstacles that get in your way. There's no need to destroy the turrets, especially if going after them will cause you to hit a wall or beam. Just fly right on by them, and ignore the constant inaccurate shots. Soon enough, you'll hear R2 beeping incessantly, warning you of TIE fighters approaching from the rear. When you see them fire shots at you, or when the 'enemy camera' zooms out far behind you (if you're in external view) to show them riding your tail, slam on the brakes and fly down close to the ground until they pass you. Then you can fly back to a comfortable height, and blow the crap out of them. There will be another wave of them approaching shortly after, and then finnally, the Darth himself will try to take you out. You can either continue zooming down the trench at full speed, dodging his shots, or you can slow down as you did for the TIE fighters, and shoot him up. He cannot be destroyed, but after enough hits, he'll take off like the cowardly little girl that he is. Whether you shoot him off or not, he'll be back for more, but luckily you have Han and the Falcon to get rid of him for good. With all other threats out of the way, you just have to sit back and wait for the wall at the end of the trench to close in on you, and then fire off a torpedo or two at the bottom of the wall by a press of the B button. You could also use the targeting computer to see where you're supposed to shoot, but you won't get a gold that way. If all goes well, KA-BLAMMO!!! You win.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Since time is important, you'll have to go full-out on the afterburners with s-foils closed, only opening them to shoot turrets or TIEs to increase your enemies destroyed. And since you cannot use the targeting computer, you'll have to use the next best thing, the force, to know where to fire your torpedo.

Ison Corridor Ambush
Inspired by the defeat of the Emporer's toy, but frightened by the knowledge of an assured second attack, the Rebels have packed up their bags and abandoned Yavin 4, and are headed out for a new base. To get there, they must travel through the Ison Corridor, a foggy field of debris left behind by the Death Star, and other anonymous space junk. But upon entering the corridor, you find that the first convoy met some unusual foes while traveling in the seemingly non-hazardous void.

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~Part One~
Once you wipe the drool from your chin which is no-doubt present after seeing the jaw-dropping level for the first time, you'll hear your allies speak of enemy starfighters approaching. Send your wingmates on their merry way to eliminate the TIEs, and follow your radar to attack them yourself. The TIEs are after the transports, so you'll have to stop their attack before any serious damage is caused. A short cutscene will play once the attackers are all gone, but sure enough, more are on the way. Do the same as before, and you should be on your merry way to victory.

Upgrade - Advanced Proton Torpedos - At the start of the level, dive down under the frigate to a large debris chunk with a makeshift tunnel composed of girders on one side. If you fly through the girder tunnel, you'll receive the upgrade. Advanced Proton Torpedos increase the damage done by proton torpedos, the X-Wing, B-Wing and Naboo Starfighter's secondary weapon.

~Gold Medal Tips~
If you have unlocked Slave 1 and advanced homing cluster missles, use it here. Just point yourself of the bad guys and press 'B' a few times. Bam, you're done with the level.

~Part Two~
You'll see a cutscene which describes to you how you can switch ships in mid-level, and once it ends, you can too, if you want. It's not neccessary, you can either keep the X-Wing's superior firepower and shields, or go for the A-Wing's superior speed. It's all up to you. So, now that you've made that decision, head out to the pretty volumetric fog cloud, and turn on your targeting computer to see where danger lurks. There are TIE Interceptors in the fray now, so you'll have to try that little bit harder to stay on par with them. Once that's said and done, you and what's left of your fleet will be on their way to Hoth.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Once again, the Slave 1 and a few taps of the 'B' button will end this level with a gold in a minute or so.

Battle of Hoth
No sooner has the Rebelion established a reputable base on the remote ice world of Hoth, than the Empire has found out where it is, and has come to destroy it. Going in full-force, the Empire has sent 9 AT-AT's, 17 AT-ST's, and countless ground troops and probe droids to flush out the Rebels. And, as usual, it's your job and your job alone to save your helpless allies.

~Part One~
You start out headed in the general direction of the battle, but before the real fun begins, you can take some pot shots at a few probe droids in the canyon. Once that's said and done, you'll see a nice view of the battle, with the ion cannon to your right, and the imperial forces to your right. Attack the four AT-ST's at 10 o'clock, turn left some more, and take out the other three in the distance. If you're quick enough you can catch an Imperial Cargo Shuttle and it's cargo container in mid-air before it gets the chance to drop off the AT-ST and ground troops within. After that, head back to the ion cannon and take out the other three AT-STs to the left of it. You'll now be informed that you've completed one objective, and the longest cutscene ever will begin playing. After that, you'll be playing as Wedge, so follow the path that all the AT-ATs are taking, and rope up the three lead ones by pressing B while flying close to their legs, and circling around them three times. Once those three are eliminated, a cutscene will play, showing your failure.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Make sure you take out every single probe droid at the beginning, and accurately eliminate the AT-STs. If you feel the need, you can shoot up the AT-AT's hulls for a quick accuracy increase. And always go as fast as possible unless you're shooting AT-STs, since you don't want to turn around and make multiple passes.

~Part Two~
Head out immediately at top speed to where you're pointed in the direction of, swooping down to attack those lovable probe droids if you feel like it. Head over to the rebelion icon and swap crafts to an X-Wing, it should come in handy. If you turn to your left, and look up, you'll see the TIE Fighters and Bombers approaching. The Fighters are there to bug you, and the bombers are there to destroy, and to be destroyed. Eliminate all the bombers by flying behind them as they strafe the transports, and you'll be done in no time. The Rebel convoy can safely flee somewhere else.

Upgrade - Advanced Lasers - After the cutscene where the AT-AT's destroy the power generator, turn right around to where the generators used to be and find the upgrade sitting around. Advanced Lasers make the primary weapon on all ships more devastating.

~Gold Medal Tips~
You must accurately destroy most, if not all of the probe droids. Fire off some homing torpedos at random TIEs to up your kills but maintain your accuracy.

Prisons of the Maw
Wedge and company have decided to fly out to the site of the Death Star's construction for some reason, and they'll find a reason to stick around soon enough.

~Part One~
Starting out in a rock filled void may seem cool at first, but there's nothing cool about flying to a target on the other side of the map with a sluggish Y-Wing. When your wingmates inform you that there's TIEs on the way, send them off to deal with them, and just keep following your radar to the shield. If any TIEs come up behind you, just dodge their fire until you get close enough to the shield for them to leave you alone for some reason. The shield itself is composed of two large hexagonal blue walls intertwined amongst themselves, but what you must disable are the small generators located at the corners of the shield. Hold down the B button to charge the ion cannon, then when you're close enough, release B, and let loose with an ionized burst of disabiling joy. Repeat for two more generators, and the shield will go down, and you're on your way to the planet.

~Gold Medal Tips~
None really, just don't fire at all, other than the ion cannon for the shield generators. Must keep up accuracy! Random Anti-Plagiarism-Insert - Written by Inebriator of IGNboards

~Part Two~
Welcome to PrisonVille. Population: A bunch of defenseless runaways who need you to save their sorry ass 4 times. This part of the level is pretty straight forward though, just follow the radar, blow up all of the gun towers in the first two areas, then the seven communications arrays, then fly all the way back to the other side and blow up the last of the gun towers there. By then the prisoners are ready to haul ass to Lollapalooza, and you're done the level.

Upgrade - Advanced Cluster Missles - Between the weapons storage facility and the communications array is an environmental dome which you can destroy and get an upgrade from the wreckage of. Advanced Cluster Missles increase the damage done by cluster missles, the TIE Advanced x1 Prototype and Slave 1's secondary weapon.

~Gold Medal Tips~
You need lots of kills, and gun towers alone won't do the trick. Whenever you see a group of three AT-PTs walking around, bomb them. When you're at the communications towers, bomb the gun towers around them. When you're getting near that final gun tower zone, try venturing off to the left a little bit, you'll find a whole new valley full of AT-PTs and gun towers ready for being bombed, so you can senselessly increase your kill total here. Finally, never fire your lasers, you need godly accuracy, so only fire if you're aiming point blanc for the broad side of an AT-PT.

Razor Rendezvous
The premise of this level is that the Rebel Blockade Runner is holding some useful information inside, or something like that, and that it's being hijacked by the mean old Star Destroyer. So, you must destroy the Star Destroyer, and get that information back. A weak plot, I know, but it's a good game, just give it a chance!

~Part One... wait... there's only one part...~
The frigate is a whore! No one cares if the TIEs are attacking it. Just send your wingmates on the TIEs if they don't know what to do. With that out of the way, get up close and personal with the nearest shield generator dome on the top of the Star Destroyer, and fire off 4 torpedos with the B button, and finish it off with lasers. Get some space, and do the same to the other generator. Now fly way down underneath, until you can't fly down anymore, and turn back upwards, aiming for that bubble dome on the bottom. Fire off 4 torpedos, or however many you have, and however many it takes to blow it up. Use lasers if needed, then it will collapse. Fly back up to the top, and aim yourself at the bridge. You have two possible choices, either shoot it up with lasers and torpedos, or valiantly slam into it with all the might your ship can muster. I prefer the latter option. If you crash into the bridge, you win, and the level ends, and it doesn't count as losing a life. Now the Star Destroyer is on it's merry way to a first meeting with the surface of Kothlis.

Upgrade - Advanced Proton Bombs - At the start, you'll see an Imperial Shuttle flying on the far side of the Star Destroyer towards the docking bay of the SD. Destroy it, fly through where it was, and get the upgrade. Advanced Proton Bombs increase the damage done by proton bombs, the Y-Wing's secondary weapon.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Getting a gold on this level requires an almost entirely different approach than normal. But you do only need 10 kills in a short amount of time, so it's not too taxing. Start off by destroying those four blue-laser-firing turrets on the side of the Star Destroyer.

If you're using a B-Wing then take out the first shield generator with four torps or so and lasers to finish it off, and one little gun turret beside it. Destroy the other shield generator in the same manner and catch a little turret next to it as well. Then fly down below, use your other four torps on the bottom dome, and laser it to smithereens. Now fly back up top and smash into the bridge. If you're using an X-Wing, it's basically the same, but use 3 torps for each generator, and immediately crash into something once they're destroyed. You'll now have a fresh load of torps when you respawn, and a better angle of fire at the bottom dome. Destroy that with either all your torps and then crash into the bridge, or use most of your torps and lasers, and use torps and lasers on the bridge.

Vengeance on Kothlis
The Star Destroyer you slew in the previous level has stopped it's fall with the help of a planet, and now all that remains is to break in and take back the data. You'll have to escort a transport, escort the commandos, and crack the case of the Star Destroyer so they'll have an entrance to get in through.

~Part One~
Straight-forward dogfighting with slightly smarter TIEs and Interceptors. Have your wingmates help you out in their annihilation, and move quickly to take them out before they seriously damage the transport. When there's no more threats, you can take out those ever-so-loveable blue-laser-firing turrets on the side of the Star Destroyer yet again, if they're there. Soon enough, the transport will land, and the annoyance will begin.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Slave 1. That's all that needs to be said. Well, I could also say that if you're waiting for the transport to land, stick near to where it'll be, since you don't want to go venturing off and taking another 5 minutes to get back there with the Slave 1's ridiculously slow speeds.

~Part Two~
Three AT-ATs have emerged from the watery depths of the Star Destroyer, so head over to the transport and swap to an Airspeeder by flying through the Rebelion Icon. Do as you did on Hoth and wrap up the AT-ATs, and then be done with this part of the level.

~Part Three~
Now that the commandos are on their merry way to the Star Destroyer, you'll have to make sure the path is clear. Switch your Airspeeder with a Y-Wing at the second Rebelion Icon, and head out to the bow of the Star Destroyer and bomb all of the little Stormtroopers at their gun emplacements. Sooner or later, you'll be informed that there are AT-PTs coming out of the water. You can bomb them, even when they're still in the water, or shoot them with lasers when they're out of the water. If the commandos ever pop up needing advice on what to do, just tell them to defend, or flee, if it makes a difference. Soon enough, they'll all be disposed of, and another cutscene will roll.

Upgrade - Homing Proton Torpedos - In the smashed up bridge section of the crashed Star Destroyer there is a hole on the left side which can be accessed from the front. The upgrade is contained within. Homing Proton Torpedos allow you to lock onto enemies and fire torpedos that hunt down their opponent with the X-Wing, B-Wing, and Naboo Starfighter.

~Part Four~
The commandos are all ready to go inside, but they still need a hole to go in through. Turn on your targeting computer for a second of two and find the large section of the Star Destroyer which is highlighted in yellow. This is where you must bomb. It's more effective if you bomb right along the midline of it, instead of near the edges. After many bombings, the hull will crack, and the commandos will storm on in. Now all that's needed to be done is mop up any remaining AT-PTs or stormtrooper gun emplacements, and after that, the commandos will have reached their target, and the mission is finally over.

~Gold Medal Tips~
There aren't many additional tips for getting the gold, just bomb everything and anything to increase your kill count. Don't lose accuracy by shooting at vagrant TIEs like a madman, have your wingmates do it, or wait until you have the perfect shot.

Imperial Academy Heist
In preparation for their confrontation with the Empire near Endor, the Rebels have sent out a lone pilot (you) to steal an Imperial Shuttle, so that they can use it to infiltrate the forest moon of Endor, and deactivate the shield protecting the second Death Star. You must make it past the sensors, into the spaceport, steal the shuttle, and escape. This level features both day and night settings, both of which are covered.

As a Y-Wing, you'll have to deactivate the sensors with your ion cannon before they can detect you. Be sure to fly relatively low, and wait until you're in range of the sensors before you fire, just so you don't have to wait for the cannons to recharge again. Check your radar for the sensors, which appear as red dots, so you'll know if one is around the corner. Once they have all been deactivated, you can resume normal flying. You can ignore the walkers and parked TIEs and just go straight to where the radar is pointing you. If any TIEs get on your back, just shake around and avoid their fire. Sooner or later you'll reach the spaceport. The only thing you need to do is bomb the four laser turrets that surround the shuttle on the far side, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can shoot or bomb the legions of parked TIE fighters for kicks. Once the turrets are destroyed, you can fly to the Rebelion Icon and switch craft to the Imperial Shuttle. Now just follow your radar to the rendezvous point, shaking and dodging fire as you go. You can press B to fire your rear laser cannon, to take out any following TIEs. Once you reach the rendezvous point, you win.

Upgrade - Advanced Concussion Missles - In the hangar to the right of the big tower at the spaceport (that is, if you were facing the shuttle, it would be to your right). Advanced Concussion Missles increase the damage done by concussion missles, the A-Wing and Millenium Falcon's secondary weapon.

~Gold Medal Tips~
For the gold medal, you'll have to shoot or bomb quite a few parked TIEs. Shooting would help your accuracy, as long as you were... well... accurate, so I'd do that. Wait, I already did that, and I got gold. So do like me, and shoot them all.

As an Airspeeder, you'll have to fly low under the cover of fog and avoid the sensors so they cannot detect you. Stay in the fog, and fly on the opposide side of the canyon that the sensors are on. Check your radar for incoming sensors, which appear as red dots, so you'll know if one is around the corner and you don't fly right into it. Once you've passed them all safely, you must follow your radar throughout the twists and turns of the canyons to reach the spaceport. Shoot some TIEs if you want, and shoot the four gun turrets around the shuttle, then switch with it at the Rebelion Icon, and fly the shuttle out of there in the same fashion that you did in the day.

Upgrade - Cluster Proton Bombs - In the hangar to the left of the big tower at the spaceport (that is, if you were facing the shuttle, it would be to your left). Cluster Proton Bombs alter the secondary weapon of the Y-Wing to spread into a cluster of six smaller bombs upon impact.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Pretty much the same as daytime, just shoot as many parked TIEs as you can before leaving with the shuttle, keep the accuracy high, etc.

Raid over Bespin
In the final staging operation for their attack on the Empire, the Rebels must raid the gas mining colony of Bespin, stealing it's precious tibanna gas for their own use in weapons and such. You must first take-over three gas platforms, deactivate the power of Cloud City, and prevent TIE Bombers from destroying other gas platforms.

~Part One~
Taking it to the foggy air with your trusty A-Wing, you are thrust immediately into the action. Throughout this level you will come across many balloons with gun emplacements on them. The foolish thing to do would be trying to shoot each indiviual gun emplacement, which would take a very long time, and end up with you losing the mission, most likely. The right thing to do, is approach the balloon from below, and shoot any of the four gas burners that are positioned around the central shaft of the balloon platform. Just turn on your targeting computer to see them if that is unclear. A few shots, and the entire balloon bursts into flames and falls down towards the planet or city. You also get kills for all of the gun emplacements on there when you destroy the balloon. So anyways, destroy any balloons when you first come across them, and then deal with the super-smart TIE Interceptors afterwards. Have your wingmates go after the fighters too, to possibly provide some help. Once the balloons surrounding a gas platform are gone, and some TIE Interceptors in the area are destroyed, you can move on the to next platform, and the next, and so forth.

Upgrade - Homing Concussion Missles - Quickly go to the second storage container platform, and destroy the Imperial "Dildo freighter", which sets off a chain reaction and blows up half of the gas containers on the platform. The upgrade will appear there afterwards. Homing Concussion Missles allow you to lock onto enemies and fire missles that hunt down their opponents with the A-Wing and Millenium Falcon's secondary weapon.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Some people recommend using the Slave 1 for quick and accurate destruction of the TIEs, and then swapping for a Cloud Car once you reach Bespin in part two. That works, so do it if you can. Otherwise, just play it as you always would, but stay accurate with your shots.

~Part Two~
Arriving at the city of Bespin, you'll see a slew of balloons, TIEs, and guns scattered all over the place. Here you must destroy the three power generators which are located in the trenches of the city. If you just want to get the level over with, follow your radar wherever it's pointing, turn on your targeting computer to see where the power generators are, then dive into the trenches and destroy them. Just try not to careen into the walls too much. Once those are taken care of and the power is out, follow your radar once more to a group of gas platforms that are under attack by some gun balloons and a handful of TIE Bombers. Take out the balloons, and the bombers, and you're done.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Basically, you just need to shoot down every single balloon. That will almost guarantee you a gold as far as kills are concerned. Other that that, stay accurate, use missles or torps on the bombers if they're playing hard to get.

Battle of Endor
All that planning has come down to this, the Rebel's final strike against the Empire. Arriving shortly after the time when General Solo's team should have deactivated the shield, the Rebel fleet comes to the conclusion that Solo is a miserable failure. Now they must survive amongst a horde of TIE fighters, and other lovely enemies.

~Part One~
Starting out, if you want to save some time, just turn around and head towards the fake Star Destroyers. It will make the TIEs appear a lot faster, and can be more... uh... fun, yea... fun. So, you'll have plenty of targets to shoot at, the important things to remember from past dogfights are to not crash into things, and to shake off TIEs that are on your tail. After a certain amount of time, you'll be informed that there are TIE Bombers incoming. They are now your new priority. They will be highlighted yellow in your targeting computer, so they are easier to pick out from the crowd. Eliminate them, and you will be finished this part of the level.

~Gold Medal Tips~
By now, you should be fairly decent at dogfighting, so just use your wits, fire accurately, don't take any risks, and stay alive.

~Part Two~
What's that, you say? Two Star Destroyers? Yes, two Star Destroyers is correct. Seems like a daunting task, but it really isn't, since you won't have TIEs on your back for most of the level, and the guns aren't as trigger-happy as before. Use the same method you used against the Star Destroyer in Razor Rendezvous to take out these two bad boys, but watch out for fighters. They come in mighty big packs, and you don't want them on your tail. Shake them off and nail a few to get the rest of the group scattered away. Proceed with killings. Once the two Star Destroyers are done with, you'll just have to wait a little while longer for the shields to be down and your strike at the core to begin.

Upgrade - Homing Cluster Missles - As you approach the two Star Destroyers in the second part of the level, floating somewhere in space to the left and below the star destroyers as you approach them, is the upgrade. If that's too vague, once the left Star Destroyer has finished falling towards the planet after being destroyed, the upgrade is apparently in the hangar or near the nose. Homing Cluster Missles allow you to unleash a massive barrage of missles which hunt down nearby opponents after being fired from the TIE Advanced x1 Prototype or Slave 1.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Since many kills are needed, you should fly low when approaching the Star Destroyers and take out as many TIEs as you can in the alotted time. Be cautious around the Star Destroyers, since you can only die once. If R2 ever pops up with an offer to repair your shields, hit the D-Pad as fast as you can! If all goes well, you should have enough kills and accuracy to take home the gold.

Strike at the Core
With the Death Star's shields down, you can begin your run along the surface, eventually reaching a tunnel to the core, and the core itself, which must be blown up, and afterwards, escaped from. Whee!

~Part One~
With lasers coming in from all directions, you are in a very sticky situation. You must always stay close to the Falcon, close your s-foils to catch up if there are no threats in the area. When you hear the howling scream of the Twin Ion Engines on those ever-lovable TIE Fighters, wait for them to pass, and blow them out of the sky. Repeat as necessary until all threats to the Falcon are gone. Shoot random turrets for fun if you must. Eventually, you'll reach the tunnel that takes you to the core. Whee!

~Gold Medal Tips~
You can save yourself from a lot of damage by flying up high where the turrets can't get to you, and then sinking back down when you hear the TIE Fighters get on Lando's back. Accurately eliminate the TIEs and some turrets for the kills you'll need for the gold.

~Part Two~
Starting off, there will be three TIEs in front of you which you must shoot down before they get far ahead. After a set of three TIEs has been destroyed, another three will appear behind you, in a never-ending cycle. Well... it does end once you get to the core, but never mind that. Anyways, right after taking out a pack of TIEs, close your s-foils to catch up with Lando so he doesn't get too far ahead. Don't close your s-foils on turns though, because it's not maneuverable like that, and you're likely to careen into a wall. Just avoid the pipes, shoot the TIEs, keep close to the Falcon. Soon enough, you'll be in the massive core. Here, you must destroy the power regulator which is located above and to the right of the central blue shielded core of the core. Some lasers or your torpedos will do the trick, and then it's KA-BLAMMO time.

Upgrade - Advanced Targeting Computer - Near the very end of the tunnel, before you reach the cross-shaped rib section and the core itself, it is found on the lower right side of the tunnel under some which encase the upgrade in a L-like fashion. Bah, it's unexplainable, just see for yourself. Advanced Targeting Computer allows the targeting computer to be toggled on and off by pressing the Y button instead of having to hold it down, and allows you to select specific targets for your wingmates to attack.

~Gold Medal Tips~
The only things you can do here are shoot accurately, stay close to Lando, move as fast as possible, and don't die.

~Part Three~
The escape. Your only threats are pipes, walls, and encroaching doom, so there's not much to worry about. You saw the basic layout of the place on the way in, so now you just have to fly through it again, backwards, with no TIEs, but a massive wall of fiery doom riding your tail. Close the s-foils on straightaways to stay right behind the Falcon, and keep then open on turns for better turnability. Bingo bango, you're done. Congratulations, you win the game, and you only had to resort to a guide to do it.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Go fast...

Death Star Escape
Unlocked with 20 points. Taking place during 'A New Hope' when the Falcon had escaped from the Death Star with Princess Leia in tow, you must man the gun turrets of the Falcon and shoot down TIE Fighters which are in your way.

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The analog stick moves your gun, the camera stick allows for better angles of fire, and the L and R triggers fire the gun. TIEs will move around across the screen, going back and forth in a fairly childish manner not suited for true Imperial pilots. Show them their ignorance by killing them mercilessly.

~Gold Medal Tips~
The only way to get gold in the ridiculously small amount of time they give you, is to basically memorize where the TIEs come from, and their patterns of movement across the screen. Stay accurate and you might barely meet the requirements.

The Asteroid Field
Unlocked with 30 points. Taking place during 'The Empire Strikes Back' when the Falcon is escaping capture from several Star Destroyers by flying into a nearby asteroid field, this level has you dodging asteroids, and shooting TIEs that approach you from the rear.

Easiest. Level. Evar! Just tap A to make the rear firing cannon shoot TIEs that are behind you, avoid the asteroids, and fly to the Rebelion Icon on the Star Destroyer at the end to win.

~Gold Medal Tips~
See above... but faster and more accurate.

Triumph of the Empire
Unlocked with 30 points. This is an alternate reality level of sorts, where you play as Darth Vader and try to eliminate the Rebel attack on the first Death Star.

Before you even start this level, just get the seeker cluster missles. That makes the level as easy as The Asteroid Field. Fire as many as needed to destroy the X-Wings and Y-Wings flying around in the first part, and then use lasers or more missles to destroy the ones in the trench in the second part.

~Gold Medal Tips~
Use half of your seekers on the enemies in the first part, and the other half on enemies flying above the trench in the second part. Kills don't grow on trees, you know.

Revenge on Yavin
Unlocked with 40 points. This is another alternate reality level in which you play as Darth Vader again. You must destroy the Rebel Transports before they take off from the planet.

Destroy the transports... when all of them are destroyed, you can go inside the big temple and destroy the other transports... that's it...

~Gold Medal Tips~
Umm.... destroy the transports really fast and accurately... and shoot X-Wings and such...

Unlocked with 20 points. Once you get here, you'll know what to do.

~Gold Medal Tips~
99 waves, 1300 TIEs, 400 minutes, 8% accuracy, 13 deaths. Are you man enough to handle it?

Secret Ships

Millenium Falcon - Unlocked after getting Bronze medals on the 10 main missions.

Slave 1 - Unlocked after getting Silver medals in the 10 main missions and first two bonus missions ('Death Star Escape' and 'The Asteroid Field').

TIE Advanced x1 Prototype - Unlocked after getting Gold medals in all 15 missions.

Naboo N1 Starfighter - Unlocked after completing Tatooine Training in each of the four time settings.

TIE Fighter - Unlocked after stealing the TIE Fighter in 'Imperial Academy Heist' level in both day and night settings.

TIE Fighter Stealings

Day: Go through and disable all of the sensors with your ion cannon, then once that's done, turn around and go back to the very first sensor. Fly over the left canyon wall and try to locate a large communication tower and a parked TIE fighter in an otherwise empty clearing. Fire your ion cannon at the tower to disable it, and after the TIE fighter takes off, disable it by firing two or three ion cannon shots at it. It will fly around for a bit, then land, and then you can swap with it at the rebellion icon.

Night: Go through the canyon until the last sensor, where you must make a left turn instead of a right. There will be a building with a parked TIE fighter next to it, and a pilot coming out of the building on the left side and running to the right to get to the TIE. Shoot the pilot, and you can take the TIE by flying near the rebellion icon. Don't forget that you leave your gunner behind when you take the TIE. After you take the shuttle later in the level, you have to bring it back to where you first captured the TIE fighter, instead of the usual ending zone, to complete the level.

Thanks to Inebriator for that great walkthrough and all of the hard work!

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