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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part I - The Beginning

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part I - The Beginning

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
7. ***Tales of Symphonia Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The Beginning

Upon selecting a "New Game" you'll get an opportunity to change game features. We left them as they were, with a Semi-Auto battle system activated. Once you make your selections you'll be told a story of a Mana Tree and a Chosen One. After you (Lloyd Irving) are told to wake up, hit "A" to move through the dialogue with Professor Raine. You'll be told of the Desians. Pay attention. This game is heavy on story...if you lose it, there's no point in even playing. In the middle of the lesson there's a flash. Raine goes to check out the chapel. You finally have control of Lloyd.

As Lloyd, move around the classroom and talk to your classmates. When you're done, head to the open door and Genis will approach. Tell her you'll stay (second answer) and a Pastor will walk in and collapse on the floor. When Colette says she'll be going to the Temple, opt to go with her. Exit through the open door, then move toward the TV screen and select "Go Out".

Outside you'll encounter Frank. Speak to him and learn Phaidra (Colette's grandmother) is waiting in the Temple. You must go meet her.

The Village of Oracles - Iselia

You are still standing by the school. Notice a barely there white circle in the grass at the corner of the school house. This is a Memory Circle. Walk into it and save your game. Next, approach the archway just behind the school house and your first monster will appear. You'll be taken into battle with a Zombie. As Lloyd, approach the Zombie and slash him with your Wooden Blade by hitting "A". Defend yourself when he attacks with "X". You can also use your Demon Fang attack by hitting "B". Once he's toast, go through the conversation, then face the next monster, which will bring two enemies to battle. You are to learn here how to choose your targets. Simply hold down "R" and use you Control Stick to select the one you want to attack. Once that's done, head up the path to the Temple. Hit "A" to go "To Field".

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Use your C-stick to adjust the camera, and move north, along the left side of the water. The black monsters will take you into battle if you touch them. Run from them or take them on. If you battle, be sure to keep an eye on you and your party's HP (health). If it goes down to a critical spot, hit "Y", select your "Item Menu", and select the character you want to heal. Then provide them with some Apple Gel for health. If one of them dies on you, go ahead and feed them the Life Bottle after the battle is over. You can continue to give members of you party items, even if you're the one who has been knocked down.

Continue North and you'll see a little miniature village to your left (West). Approach it and enter the Martel Temple.

Martel Temple

Move up the stairs and you'll get a cutscene with Lord Botta and his "Desians". Fight his Desians as you are most comfortable. You'll then have to take on a crazy mace-wielding enemy. Hit him a few times and you'll be aided by a mysterious stranger. The Mysterious Stranger has the power of First-Aid, so, when you're harmed, get near him and he'll juice you up.

Speak to Kratos (the Mysterious Stranger), choose "What did you say?" and continue the dialogue. You will acquire the Training Manual. Read it by hitting "Y", then selecting "Items". Look at your "New Items" and select the "Training Manual". We've already covered much of what's in it, but get used to doing this as you'll get many readings throughout the game. Also, upon defeating the last big bad guy, I earned a level up and a "Combo Newbie" title. Go into your same "Y" menu, select Lloyd, then select his current title, "Swordsman", then change it to "Combo Newbie". Once this is all done, exit back out to the game.

In front of you are three staircases. The one to the left leads to a blocked path. The one directly in front of you is where you want to go, but the path is sealed and you need a Sorcerer's Ring to get by, so head down the path to the right. Here you'll meet some enemies. Run down the stairs and you'll spot the Sorcerer's Ring. Then, you'll be forced to fight a Golem. Once you defeat the Golem, he'll turn into a block. Colette will push it down a hole, giving you a clue about what to do next. Walk around until you see another Golem. Fight him. Grab onto the block he creates and push it through the hole along the top row (closest to the Ring), and in the middle. Defeat the next Golem and repeat. Move down the stairs along the left side, cross over the block Colette pushed down, and push the block toward the ring and you will be able to cross over. Head up the stairs, to the Ring, and collect it. Once you have it, hit "X" to see that you can shoot fire from it.

Head back upstairs to the floor with the holes in it. You can opt to go straight to the sealed door, but if you want some items, head up the left set of stairs, instead of the right. Find the treasure chests here for some Apple Gel, a Life Bottle and 250 Gald. Head back down the stairs, then up the right staircase to the central room. Here, go up the middle staircase and hit "X" to shoot your Sorcerer's Ring on the door. Walk into the circle of light and "Warp". Here you'll meet Remiel, an angel of judgement. He reveals the Tower of Salvation for Sylvarant. Colette must break through the seals on the Tower. She is told to first head South, to the Seal of Fire. When the conversation is over, warp back through the circle of light.

Move forward and you'll meet up with Raine...who will kick you in the face. Odd. Exit out and head back down to the fields and enter Iselia.


With the school and save to the left, head down the path to the right. Enter the first building you encounter and you will walk in on a meeting. You are given a Collector's Book, but your help is rejected. You are to head home, with Genis tagging along. However, you must stop at Genis's house before you take off, so, head back toward the school, pass it, and move along the path to the left side of your screen.

Here you'll see some wooden stairs. Move up them and you'll be at Genis's house. Enter the house and Genis will speak of ingredients. He then explains that because neither of you partake in healing arts, you must cook and eat to maintain strength. Opt to hear an explanation about cooking. You can cook if you have all required ingredients. Dishes can be prepared from the Cooking Menu, as well as hitting "X" after a battle (you'll get the option, if available). After learning about cooking, you'll obtain ingredients for the sandwich. Go into your "Y" menu, select "Cooking", choose a character, then "Cook Dish" with "X". It's that easy. Exit out of your menu and the house.

Move down the stairs and continue south along the path. You'll come to an open area where you can choose which path to take. One road leads back into the town. The first house on your left here is a store. Enter it and buy what you'd like (Apple Gels and Life Bottles for me), then go in the opposite direction and you'll find a gate leading to the field. Approach it an you'll automatically speak to the guards. You'll meet Noishe, your "dog", and you'll be told of the northwest forest and the human ranch. Head to the Field.

In the Field, take the NW path (veers to the left of the screen from the village), and enter Iselia Forest.

Iselia Forest

Make your way up the hill, avoiding or taking on enemies as you go. Check all paths as you go for items in treasure chests, but continue to work your way upward. You'll eventually get to the Human Ranch, and a Memory Circle. Stand in it to save, then follow Genis to the Human Ranch.

Head left of the entrance and you'll come to a cutscene where you'll meet Marble, who has an Exphere. Say "Fine", then "...Okay". After Marble is taken away, run toward the entrance of the camp, then behind the line of bushes. Approach the little cliff and "Jump", continue to work your way up to the top, grabbing the Orange Gel from the treasure chest along the way.

After the cutscene, you'll be in battle with the Desians. Defeat them. After the next cutscene you'll find yourself outside the Human Ranch, by the Memory Circle. Save, then continue making your way up the hill. Fight the enemies you want to fight, open the treasure chests, cross the bridge and continue up. If you spot an unopened treasure chest across the river, that means you missed it. Cross back over the bridge and open it up, because inside are the Leather Gloves. Once you have those, go into your Equip Menu and equip the Leather Gloves for your Arm. Continue up the hill. In a tree along the way will be a treasure bag. Walk up the tree trunk and examine it for Orange Gel, then go into the Field.

Pass through the field to Dirk's House.

Dirk's House

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Go to the front door and enter to speak with Dirk, your Dad. Pay attention, as there's some good stuff in this conversation. Then, your "Dad" punches you. Classy. Outside, speak to the gang, then speak one on one with Colette. From Lloyd's room, head down the stairs and exit the house. Follow the path around to the back to speak with Dirk at the grave. He'll give you many things, of most importance are the Key Crest and Sylvarant Map. After the conversation, you'll be back at the gates of Iselia.


Head back to the Town Hall, where you spoke with Phaidra, Colette and the Mayor previously (save at the School House along the way). Enter and speak to Phaidra and Frank. As soon as you're about to get a juicy secret, there's a loud noise outside. Exit out. Iselia is burning. Head first to the school and battle the Desians here. For saving the man, you'll get a few Gels. Get yourself to full health by using your items or "cooking", then head toward the entrance to the Field. You'll find yourself in a bit of trouble, and you'll be thrown into battle with a crazy monster with 5000 HP. Fight him. With his rough close attacks, you may want to go into your Strat Menu and make sure your partner attacks from far.

Once you defeat the monster, the monster will help you, and you will be banished from Iselia. And, with that, that real journey begins.

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