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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part II - The Journey

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part II - The Journey

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
7. ***Tales of Symphonia Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Across the Field

Move south through the field. You'll pass Nova's Caravan. Enter to rest and fill up on your HP and TP. There is also a Memory Circle here. Exit back out to the field and continue south. Noishe will bring a letter to you. It tells you of the Traveler's Guide and how to use the Ex Gems. Pay attention and learn how to set your Ex Gems and Ex Skills, even though you can't do anything with them now.

Continue south along the dirt path to the House of Salvation. Enter.

In the little town area, speak to the man. He'll ask for you Sylvarant Map and tell you about Guidepost Monuments and "Long-range Mode". Behind you is the House of Salvation. You can go inside to rest if you want. There's also a Memory Circle here. Once you're ready, exit out, then continue past the man, along the dirt path, back out to the field.

In the Field again, continue south and through the desert to Triet, and enter.

The Desert Oasis - Triet

In the town you'll find you are a wanted man. Talk to the citizens of the town and you'll learn Colette spoke to the fortune teller at the Oasis. It's off to the Oasis we go...unless you want to buy some stuff. If you want some goods, head left to the marketplace before heading up the curving path through town. I purchased many things, including a Knight's Saber to replace Lloyd's Wooden Blade and a Fine Star for Genis. Also, speak to the man who makes weapons. He asks for a Beast Hide. If you have it, hand it over. If not (like me) keep it in mind. Finally, be sure to save 100 Gald for the Fortune Teller.

Once your shopping is done, move up the central curving path to the next screen. At the end of the path is the Fortune Teller. Enter her tent and speak with her. Pay for the fortune, then exit out, all of the way to the Triet entrance. Genis will want to look at the poster. Go over to it and examine it. Try to exit again and you'll be stopped. Fight the Desians. Once you defeat them, you'll be zapped and taken to the prison.

Sylvarant Base

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Inside the prison, use your Sorcerer's Ring to zap the roaming guard. Once he's hit, exit out of your cell, open the one next door and collect the Beast Hide (AHA!), then go to the next cell and save at the Memory Circle. Move the opposite way down the hall, collect your equipment from the treasure chest behind the desk, then battle the two Desians. Pass through the door and you'll be in an electrical room of sorts. Watch the cutscene to learn how to exit.

When you get control of Lloyd again, walk over to the glowing blue orb and examine it to change the power of your Sorcerer's Ring to "electrical". Next, your goal is to hit both of the roaming bots with the electrical charge (hit "X"). However, the key is to hit each one as they are directly above the blue panels. This charges the panels and unlocks the door. You can tease the bots by getting close to them. Let them follow you, then zap them at the right time. Pass through the unlocked door.

Move down the hall. Avoid or fight the enemies. Hang a right at the hall. Collect the Beast Fang, and buy what you want from the vending machine. Exit back out into the hall, continue along the first hall and move up the stairs. If you have picked up a Memory Gem, the Memory Circle near the room's entrance will be activated. Save if you care to do so.

Here you have a Gamecube in the middle of the room, and three rotating pillars along the left side. The pillars are 1, 2 and 3, starting from the top. Hit 1 then Pillar 2 with your electrified Sorcerer's Ring. Pass through the door on the south side of the room. Collect the Magical Cloth, then return to the Gamecube room. Hit 3, 2, then one to line up the green buttons, then go through the north door. You'll be tossed into a cutscene where you'll encounter a new Mysterious Stranger, and Botta. You'll also find your friends. Battle Botta and the boys with your party. Remember, Kratos has the power of First Aid, so keep him alive and keep his TP up so he can help you. Upon taking him out, you and your party will be moved outside.

Back in the Desert, head East, which is beyond the Sylvarant Base. Continue going straight east and you'll run into the Triet Desert Guidepost Monument. Long-Range Mode will now be available in the area. As Lloyd, hit "X" to activate it and you'll find yourself on the dog's back. Travel north, past the Sylvarant Base and go back to the House of Salvation to Save at the Memory Circle.

After saving, head out to the Field, then South and back to Triet.


After a brief cutscene, exit out of the room and head up the stairs of the inn. Enter the first door and speak to Raine. Exit back out, then follow Kratos. After this next cutscene, you'll be well rested, back in your room. Before exiting out, run up the stairs to the end of the walkway. You will get the option to "Examine". Here you will reveal a Wonder Chef who will teach you the recipe for Cabbage Rolls. Once you have it, go outside. You are to head to the Triet Ruins, SW of Triet. You will also be given the Monster List. Go into your Items Menu to check it out. It's dataless now, but you can see how useful it will become, particularly with the Magic Lens, which, when used, tells you info about your enemy.

Before exiting Triet, return to the market area. Now that you have the Beast Hide, speak again to the weapon maker. In exchange, he'll give you Soft Leather and customize something for you. I selected the Hard Leather, then Equipped it for better defense. Buy whatever else you want from the market and exit back out to the Field (be sure to save at the Inn before you do).

In the Field, head SW (a little more West than south), and locate the Triet Ruins at the foot of the cliffs just beyond Triet. Enter.

Triet Ruins

Immediately upon entering you are brought into battle. Upon defeating the Fire Element, you'll be taught "Guardian", "Damage Guard" and "Force Field". Go into your Tech Menu to set them for each character. Move up the stairs of the ruins and you'll come to another cutscene where Raine will obtain a new title (set it), and a hole will be opened up with Colette's powers. Enter.

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Move forward down the hall. At the intersection, head all of the way left. Shoot your Sorcerer Ring flame at the rocks atop the chest here and open it up for some Lemon Gel, then, pass through the door. Head right and you'll come to a little cutscene. Again, use your Sorcerer Ring flame on the unlit torch and the floor will move. Run into the bird here to take part in a Battle. For this, you will earn a Memory Gem. Exit back out and move down the path again. Move past the central doorway, all of the way down to the door at the far end (don't open the chest at the end of the hall, unless you want to face a very ugly battle).

Inside, take a right from the entrance and make your way down the path. Push the next block over the edge near the unlit torch, then stand on it to light the torch with your Sorcerer's Ring. The open the chest for a Stiletto. Equip Kratos with it. Lighting the torch moved some platforms. Go to them. They lead to stairs and another unlit torch. Light the torch, then exit out of the room, back into the hall. Head to the central doorway, opposite your original path.

Inside, open all of the chests you can get to at this time. You should find a Bracelet inside one of them. Genis can use that. Equip it. Next, grab the a block and push it opposite the doorway until it falls. Grab the other block and push it over the fallen block. This will create a bridge for you to the platform you created in the last room. Stand on the platform and light the torch. Return to the far room. This time, climb up the stairs. First, open the chest for the Circlet, then make your way to the central platform. Examine the circle and unlock the memory seal, then save. However, hold off before walking into the circle of light. Instead, exit out and run to the first room you entered in this area, and climb the short staircase. Light this torch, then relight the first torch, then return to the middle room and run up the stairs. You now have access to several new chests. Collect the Savory, Mumei and 1000 Gald from them. If you want, save again. Through the light circle, you will warp to a nasty fight. If you care to return to Triet to stock up on some goods and rest, now would be the time to do it (but, be aware, you'll have to relight the torches if you do). Back in Triet, enter the Inn and pay the 100 Gald to sleep, then buy and sell what you want to buy and sell. Gear up your characters and head back to the Ruins.

To defeat the horrible battle of the fire monsters, I opted to take Genis out of my fighting party and replaced her with Raine. This worked quite well as long as I watched and maintained Raine's and Kratos's TP (with Orange Gel), as their First Aid powers help more than anything when fighting these guys. Upon defeating them you will have released the first seal, and Colette will gain the power of the angels, and learn "Angel Feathers". You are told the next seal is east, across the sea. When the scene is over, warp back down and save. Exit out of the Ruins.

Outside, Colette falls ill. You set up camp outside the ruins. Speak to Kratos and tell him what happened at the village was your fault. Speak to Colette and give her her necklace. Speak to Raine and ask about Colette becoming an angel. Then speak to Genis and tell her the Tofu Curry was tasty. Speak to Colette again and she'll go for a walk. This will end the time in the Ruins.

Back in the Field, head to Triet to stock up on some goods and rest at the inn. Along the way, Raine will be upgraded to "Sisterly Love". Once you're ready to go, exit out to the field. Move directly east, toward the sea. Watch the cliff to the left as you go for a little dirt trail, with some rocks near it. Approach it and enter the Ossa Trail.

Ossa Trail

Move along the trail and you'll meet up with an enemy. After accidentally taking care of her, select the first dialogue option, then continue up the trail. Collect items from the treasure chests as you go, and fight what you want. At the top of the hill, save at the Memory Circle, collect the goods from the treasure chest, then head down the opposite side, where you'll run into your earlier attacker. Defeat her and her beastly accomplice. Colette's "Angel Feathers", and Raine and Kratos with their "First Aid" powers help here. Upon defeating the duo, enter the cave (you will have another big battle inside, so you may want to climb back up the hill and save first).

In the cave there's a straight path, then two others going off to the sides. Check the side paths and collect the goods from the treasure chests, then take the central path. Collect the Ex Gem from one treasure chest and the Beast Fang from then other. Before you approach the skull (where you will battle), exit back outside and approach the exit to the Field by the cave entrance. Here you will learn about Unison Attack (U. Attack). You learn how to fill the gauge up (successful hits), then how to unleash the U. Attack (Z-button). You then hit A, B, X, and Y to unleash your attacks. Read about how to set up such attack. It seems overwhelming, but you'll get it. Check your Training Manual for instructions if you're confused, then, check your newly available "U. Attack" menu. Leave things as they are for now.

Return to the cave and start fighting the various enemies. Watch as you Attack Gauge fills at the bottom of your screen. Once it's full, approach the skull again and take the challenge. Immediately unleash your U. Attack with your Z-button, then hit your A, B, X and Y buttons. Chances are you won't survive this. Don't worry about it. You have learned how to use your U. Attack. That's the purpose. You won't actually die here. You'll be returned to the cave. Exit out and go to the field by the cave entrance. Head SE to the little fishing town of Izoold.

The Small Fishing Port - Izoold

First thing first. Pop into the first house to your left and rest up. Exit out, speak to the wandering man, then enter the next house, speak to the two inside, then exit out. Enter the house behind the Pink Kat to find a Wonder Chef with a Rice Ball recips. Exit out and cross the bridge, then speak to the townspeople. Approach the person dressed as a Pink Kat to "Play some EB". EB (Emotional Balloon) is a memory game. You'll be shown symbols that different directions on your control pad indicate. Study them, then, when the cat shows you a symbol, hit the corresponding symbol on your pad. You'll receive treats for doing so.

Continue looking around, then go onto the dock closest to the bottom of your screen, and you'll get a cutscene. Lyla gives you a letter to deliver to Aifread in Luin. Say "OK". You will acquire Lyla's Letter. If you're done exploring, speak to Max and hop on the ship.

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