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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part III - Crossing the Sea

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part III - Crossing the Sea

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The Port City - Palmacosta

You will be delivered in Palmacosta. Move through the market, buy, sell and trade what you want, then enter the village. Colette breaks the Palma Potion, which you will have to replace. Enter the building next to the scene of the accident, and you'll be in an inn. I felt no need to rest here, but it's a good place to save. Exit out.

Cross over the canal. Speak to the woman and ask who Neil is. The first building beyond the bridge is the potion shop. They are out of Palma potion. Exit out and enter the next building. Here will be a couple of Desians bothering the shop keepers. Here you can buy Palma Potion for 1,000 Gald. Don't purchase it. Exit out and you'll be told you can earn money at the cafeteria at the Palmacosta Academy. Run upstairs and read the Dwarven Vows book on the bookshelf. Exit out then cross the large bridge.

Here you'll see Dorr speaking to a child. Follow him inside the building and speak to him. You discover the Book of Regeneration was given to an impostor Chosen. Exit out and enter the church. Speak to the Pastor. No help here. Exit out and enter the next doorway, connected to the church. This is the academy. Inside, accept the challenge. Next, approach the odd ball container in the entryway. This reveals the Wonder Chef, who gives you a recipe of Omelets. Move down the hall and enter the rooms. Speak to the people. In the second room speak to the chef and agree to be a waitress. Simply listen to what the customers order, watch where they sit. Order everything at once, then deliver the items to the correct customers when it's all ready. If you do it all correctly (or close enough), you'll receive 350 Gald AND the Palma Potion. Nice. Colette is a "Turbo Waitress".

Next, head up the stairs and go into the first room down the hall. Answer what you can. I answered 2, 1, 3...and I have no idea how I did. Exit out and enter the next room to start the challenge. You don't do anything but watch the cutscene. Genis will obtain the title of "Honor Roll". Exit out and leave the academy. With your Palma Potion in hand, return it to the man outside of the Inn. In doing so, you'll learn this is the group with the prized book. They say they'll sell it to the junk man on Hakonesia Peak. Save in the Inn. Exit out and head left. Go to the Field.

Once in the field, head SE to Nova's Caravan. Enter and speak to everyone there about the glowing bird and the Linkite Tree. You will receive a Linkite Nut. Take note of what is said, save and leave. In the Field, head NE, cross the bridge, and continue along the NE path to the House of Salvation. Enter the area, then enter the House. Speak to the woman who tried to kill you earlier. She calls herself "Sheena", then disappears. Upstairs rest and save. Exit out of the House and the area, talking to those you encounter along the way.

Back in the Field, go north along the path until you reach Hakonesia Peak. Enter the town.

Hakonesia Peak

Enter the little house to your right and talk to the owner, who offers you a road pass for 100,000,000 Gald. Kind of crazy. Continue speaking to him about the book the traitors gave to him, containing the Legend of Spiritua. He offers you a look at the book for the Spiritua Statue back in the House of Salvation. Exit out and you'll learn Palmacosta is about to be attacked by the Desians. Exit out of the house and return to the Field. Head south, then look to your map. Notice a little section of land that juts NE. Walk out on it. At the end you'll find the Guidepost Monument for NE Palmacosta and Hakonesia Peak. Now you can use Long-Range mode. Hit "X" to travel south to the House of Salvation, if you'd like to save and rest, or just head directly back to Palmacosta.


In Palmacosta, head toward the Academy and you'll come to a cutscene where you'll meet Magnius. You'll be left to fight a few Desians. Do so. Once you beat them, head down the stairs, buy what you want from the shop, and exit out. Head to the Town Hall, enter and speak to Dorr's daughter, Kilia. Once you've done this, head back toward the Field entrance. At the base of the bridge leading to the Field is a man. Agree to escort him to Hakonesia Peak, and you will be transported there. Head toward the shop and you'll get a cutscene. You are told you have a new goal of saving Chocolat. Agree to do so and head to the Field.

Move toward the Palmacosta Human Ranch, which is to the SE. If you look at your map you can spot a little dot indicating the location.

Palmacosta Ranch

In front of you are three paths. Take the one to your right and you'll meet Neil. Neil tells you Dorr is working with the Desians to trap Colette. When you get the chance, choose to attack. When you get control again, take that same right path you were taking when Neil interrupted you. Fight the Desians you encounter. Open the doors and continue to battle. Enter the building.

Approach the glowing object and the power of your Sorcerer's Ring will change. When you hit it, you'll temporarily activate a radar. Don't worry about the Warp circle at this point. Instead, go left, through the door. Take out this Desian and collect a Memory Gem. Return to the central room, then go right. Fight the Desians then activate your radar. Doing this allows you to examine a few things in the room. Locate the Omega Shield and the White Silver. Next examine the little blue terminal. Cross the bridge then learn about the Refresher. Use it, then use your Radar. Fight the Desian, retrieve the Purple Card and activate then cross the next bridge for a Life Bottle. Return to the central room.

In the central room, activate your radar, then warp. Save at the Memory Circle. Go left and you'll come to the captives. Free them and one will give you a Blue Card. Return to the room with the Memory Circle and go right. Here, turn on your radar and you'll see a couple of twinkles. Push a block out of the way to get to one, then push another block over the hole to get to the other. Collect the Mage Cloak and the Ex Gem Lvl 2, then push another block over the hole beyond the first hole you covered, and you have connected the room to the room you were in earlier. Drop the other two blocks in the remaining holes. Activate the bridge, cross it, then move down the stairs. Here, Colette will find the Red Card. Before returning to the room with the Memory Circle, move across your block bridge and Refresh at the Refresher.

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Back in the room with the Memory Circle, use your radar and warp. You will use your Cards. Use your radar again and you'll see two more warp points and another twinkle. Collect the twinkle, fight the Desians then warp through the left (west) warp way. Then, warp west again. Warp north, west, west, south, west, north, west, north, west. This may not be the most direct route, but it's what worked for me. Here you will find Chocolat. Fight the Desians, then follow Chocolat. You will end up in a control room with Magnius. After a series of events you will take on Magnius, the man, and his 8500 HP. Again, I opted to have both Raine and Kratos' first aid powers going in the background.

Upon defeating Magnius Raine will blow up the human ranch. Make your way down the path in to the Field. Once in the Field, head SW to Palmacosta. Hit the House of Salvation along the way. Rest, save, and speak to the Grand Priest. You learn the Spiritua Statue is a fake. Offer to go get it. Return to the field, then Palmacosta.


Save at the inn, buy, sell, trade and upgrade in the market, then head to the Town Hall. Dorr isn't there, so head to the basement. Here you learn what's going on with Dorr, and Kalia, for that matter. Then you must fight Kilia and her 10,000 HP. However, she has a lot more surface area to work with, so she was slightly easier than Magnius to defeat. Colette's Angel Feathers are lovely, along with Lloyd's Tempest. Upon defeating the demon seed, say OK to Dorr, and you will receive a "Pass". Head to the shop where Chocolat worked. Speak to her mom, shop if you'd like. Head to the field, then check your map and select "The Spiritua Statue". This will give you the location of the port along the east coast where you need to go. Enter the Thoda Dock.

Thoda Island - Sightseeing Boat Dock

Enter the Salvation House to your left. Save and rest upstairs, then speak to the man at the desk. Pay the 200 Gald for the boat. Save on the dock, then move up the trail to see the geyser. Walk up to the sign. Genis will cast his magic. You have to get over to the statue. Push your control stick in the direction Genis tells you. If you are successful, you will acquire the Spiritua Statue.

Once you have the Spiritua Statue, walk over to the small podium and examine it. When you do, you'll be taken to a cave to unlock the Seal of Water. Move down the path and open the treasure chest for the Mermaid's Tear. Move down the stairs and go to the glowing structure to change the power of the Sorcerer's Ring. Collect the goods from the treasure chests, then go down the path along the right side of the room.

Move down the stairs, collect the Stun Bracelet and Circlet from the chests, then move down the next set of stairs. Pass through the white archway and push the block over the small square under the white archway. Exit back out into the room with the Sorcerer Ring switcher. Switch your ring power back to fire and go down the path opposite the stairs. Grab the Ex Gem from the treasure chest behind the first pillar along the right side of the screen, then pass between the middle of the pillars to access two more treasure chests for more goods. Exit out, then check out this balcony area. There is a Memory Circle which can be activated here. Activate it and save.

Head over to the altar area. There's a jug with a lid on it. You need to get the lid off. To do so, light the two torches on either side of the altar. Return to the ring switcher and get your water shooter back. Return and the jug's lid will be off. Shoot water into the jug. The block you moved below will prevent the door from closing. Return back down to it, pass through the archway and fill the jug here with water. This will raise the platform next to you up to the above level. Return up there, save, then walk into the circle and warp.

To get the seal you'll have to battle some underwater creatures. Face the two little guys first, then take on the one with the claws. Again, Raine replaced Genis in my party here, only so she could replenish health and magic to the gang. I also added fire to some of my attacks with the Red Quartz. Be sure to watch everyone in your party, because if someone gets cornered by the claw monster, they will be toast. Constantly refuel and fight with all you have. If you need to buy anything, exit out of the cave and speak to those by the geyser, as one tourist is selling items. Upon defeating the fish monsters, you will release the second seal. When you gain control again, exit all of the way out of the cave. Colette collapses and camp is set up. Go through the cutscene, then hop in the wash bin back to the town. Exit to the Field and head to Hakonesia Peak.

Hakonesia Peak

Enter the store and speak to the Koton. For the statue you will be able to read the Book of Regeneration, which will tell you the location of more seals...kind of. Exit out and start climbing. The pass Dorr gave you is what is needed to climb the mountain and enter the Field north of it.

In the Field, head straight to the House of Salvation to rest and save. From the House, head west to Asgard.

The City of Ruins - Asgard

The first building in Asgard is another rest/save spot. Do what you want to do, then coninue up the stairs. Up here check out the stores and the "Shrine of Rite" cave. Upgrade and customize your weapons. Head down the stairs. Check out the large hotel with the windmill, but don't stay. Exit out and go down the small set of stairs, then enter the cave here. Speak to the man then exit out. Enter the next little building, the Fresco. This is where I rested up. Exit out and climb the large staircase to the Asgard ruin.

At the Ruin, Raine will speak at length about the history. When she begins repeating herself, run to the backside of the ruin and eavesdrop on the people there. Somehow, Raine activates the bomb and Lloyd disarms it. You will end up in the village again. Climb the stairs and you're told of someone named Linar. Return down the stairs and begin looking for the two (one being Linar) who were trying to destroy the Ruin.

Move past the Fresco into the next area. Climb the stairs and enter the first house to your right. You learn Aisha is going to be sacrificed. Check out the rest of the buildings in the area and speak to the people. The kids are looking for Pete. Good to know. Return up the stairs to the ruin, where Raine offers herself instead of Aisha. Raine will do her thing and an evil creature will be released. He has 10,000 HP on him, yet he's fairly easy to defeat. Work on him until he goes down. For me, here is where Colette earned the title "Chosen", and Kratos "Magic Swordsman". You'll also get a Map of Balacrut. Raine will leave with Linar, and you will all rest up in the Hotel. Return to the house where you first found Linar and Harley. Raine is here. She has figured that the seal is in the Balacrut Mausoleum.

Exit out of the village, to the Field. Go east. Save at the House of Salvation. Talk to the man inside, who speaks of a unicorn, then head east again (over the bridge) to the Balacrut Mausoleum.

Balacrut Mausoleum

Before heading up the ruin, speak to the people around and collect the Gald from the treasure chest. Then, head up the ruin. With the Map and Colette's hand, a new passage is opened up.

First, head right. There's a Memory Circle, but you can't unseal it without a gem. There's also a torch here which remains lit momentarily. Not much you can do now, so, open the chest, collect your goods, and return to the center. Face forward and move left, then down the path with the sandwich spikes. There's another torch here that can't be lit. Continue up the stairs and around the path. Read the script next to the lit torch, light the two torches (they do stay lit and reveal a passage), then move down the stairs to the Sorcerer's Ring switcher. Switch your ring, read the passage next to the lit torch down here, then go through the path you opened up a second ago. You will get a cutscene.

After the assassin sneaks in, you will find yourself in a room with windmills. Beyond the windmills is a door leading to the seal. However, you can't pass through quite yet. So, use your wind on all of the windmills, exit out, return to the ring switcher and get your fire power back. Instead of heading back up the stairs, move along the path to the right.

Push the block over the square switch and listen for a click to make sure it's on. Open the chests for the goods, then light the torch at the end of the path. Read the script. Backtrack to the entrance, and light the torch along the way. Read the script. At the entrance, climb the stairs. Wait for the spikes to give you an opening, cross over and light the torch. Read. Repeat with the torch around the corner, then grab the block and push it over the edge. Move down the stairs to meet the block. This is where I met the creature who gave up the Memory Gem, once defeated. Continue to the block and push it over the switch. Run to the right of the screen and you'll be at the entrance. Run to the Memory Circle and activate it. Save, then light this torch. Read this script. Return to the Sorcerer's Ring switcher, get your wind power back, and enter the room with the windmills.

If you read the the scripts, you should have found the clues on how to open the door to the seal. Body parts are associated with gems, gems are associated with colors, which, ultimately ends up with red, yellow, green, white, blue. Blow the windmills in that order, and the door will become unlocked. Note, if you want an Ex Gem Lvl 2 before heading in, exit out to reset the windmills (or blow them again), then start with the red windmill and work your way around clockwise, then hit the central windmill. This will reveal a chest for you.

Your enemy here (Iapyx) has 14000 HP. However, his lack of accomplices makes him fairly easy to beat. I stood with my traditional party: Lloyd, Kratos, Genis and Colette as Genis's magic spells do some decent damage on the guy. If you're fighting him close, watch your own HP as he can swipe you and take 100s of points off. With that being said, it's obviously best to keep your distance from him, so choose spells that allow for this (Angel Feathers, Fire Balls, Lightning and Stalagmite).

Upon defeating him you and the gang will have released another seal. As you head to the exit, you'll be stopped by Sheena (which is, perhaps, why the other beast was so easy to defeat). Focus on her beastly friend first, as he does the most damage, then take her on. When you defeat her, save, then leave. Colette will become ill again and you'll all camp out. You learn that Colette is without feeling. After figuring some more out about Colette, exit out to the Field.

In the Field, head west, then north along the main path. It will lead you directly to a town called "Luin". Enter the town.

The City of Devastation - Luin

Make your way around the destroyed town and you'll come again to Sheena. She explains this was a Desian attack, and that the villagers have all been taken to the human ranch, NE of Luin. Clara, in monster form, shows up and slashes Sheena. Raine heals her. Agree to help Sheena, and Sheena will join your party.

Speak to the man by the dock and he'll tell you Sheena stole the key to the Tower of Mana from him. Exit out to the field. Move NW along the path and cross the bridge east to find the Guidepost Monument to the north. If you continue moving north along this section of land you'll come to the Tower of Mana. However, you cannot enter it yet, so there's no point in going. Instead, go in the opposite direction of the Guidepost. Pass your original Luin entrance. Stand at the dock entrance and turn around. You'll see a grassy area to the NE. Go there and enter the Asgard Ranch.

Asgard Ranch

You and the rest of the gang ambush the Desian Patrol, then Raine and Sheena dress as Desians and the rest of you pose as prisoners so you can infiltrate the ranch. Enter the building, then make you way to the guard blocking the NE door. Speak to him then pass through the NW door. After a bit you'll encounter Botta and some "Desians" again. Then you'll meet Kvar, one of the five Desian Grand Cardinals. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in the "factory" part of the Ranch.

Collect the White Robe from the treasure chest. Move down the stairs and along the walkway to the Memory Circle. Save, then continue along your path. Be sure to grab the Iron Bracelet from the treasure chest just off the path, then continue moving forward. You'll come to a cutscene where you'll see people moving along a conveyer belt, and you learn that Human Ranches are actually Exsphere manufacturing plants. Sheena will help you escape with one of her Guardians.

Exit out into the Field and return to Luin. At the "Exspere Cutscene" say "All right". When you're in control again, cross the dock and return to the Field. You are told of an escapee of the Ranch named Pietro, who lives around Hima. Off to Hima we go, then!

Check your Synopsis Map and select "Into the Ranch". Note that Hima is west and slightly south of you. Take the west path to it, then a little south. Find the dirt path leading to Hima and enter.

The Village of Adventures - Hima

Move forward and enter the first building you see. You learn Pietro has passed away. Save, then rest if you need it. Look for the Wonder Chef disguised as a tea kettle. Exit out and speak to the man under the blue tarp attached to the inn if you'd like to buy or customize anything. Next, make your way up the hill to Pietro's grave, where Pietro will actually appear. Pietro's a little messed up. You strike a deal where you will go to the Tower of Mana, but first, you must face the Ranch. After the cutscene you will receive te Desian Orb.

Before heading down the mountain, make your way up to the top. Speak to the man then make your way down the mountain to the field. Return to the Asgard Ranch.

Asgard Ranch

Examine the boulder in front of you and move it with the Desian Orb. You'll immediately be tossed into battle. When you defeat the guards you'll be shown a map and told you have to disarm a guard system. Easy enough. You are shown where the two switches are. You also have to do something with the conveyer belt to get to Kvar. The decision is made to break into two teams. I opted for the infiltration team to consist of Lloyd, Kratos and Genis. The rest of the players were put on the deactivation team.

Climb down the stairs to the Refresher and refresh and/or shop. There is also a Memory Circle here, so save. Move back up the stairs and exit out the door up on this level. Grab the Cleric's Hat from the treasure chest, then continue along the path. Open the next two treasure chests, then examine the little console. Choose "Shutdown", return to the main room, then pass through the door on the lower level. This is where you were the last time you came. Switch the power of your Sorcerer's Ring, then again, make your way along the pathway, past the Memory Circle, and down to the area with the treasure chest. Walk up to the green console and read about deactivating conveyer belts. You have already accomplished the first task by shutting down the console in the previous room. Now you must step on the conveyer belts and aim your fire ring at the six glowing objects in the middle. A direct hit will put one out. Put all six out and the belts will stop moving.

Next, continue along the pathway, beyond the console with the instructions. Climb the stairs, then climb the conveyer belt. Climb the next set of stairs and pass through the door. In front of you is an inactive Memory Circle and a Warp Circle. Try to warp and control will be transferred over to the other group...the ladies.

Here, refresh, save, then exit out the SE door. Fight the enemy, then note the door behind him is locked. Exit out the south door and you'll be outside. Make your way through the metal blocks to your right. Move the blocks around so you can gain entrance to the steel door behind them (the easiest way is to just move them down the path you came from). Pass through the door.

Inside, go north and face the Desian. Continue north to the blue panel on the ground and Examine it. This moves the sliding door. Open the treasure chest for the Card of Earth, then pass through the west door. You'll meet some enemies here. Defeat them and the prisoners will be released. You learn Chocolat has been taken to Iselia.

Head south until you get to a little four-way area. When you do, move west to the next switch. Examine it and pass through the door. You're back in the prison area. Go south, again, to the four-way, and go east. Pass through to the area you opened previously and a robot will be protecting the switch. Fight him, then backtrack to the four-way hall. Go west, again, and go through the open doorway. Fight the bot, then activate the switch. At this point, you'll be in control of Lloyd again. You may opt to backtrack to the control room with the Refresher before you warp.

Upon warping, you'll come to Kvar. Take on Kvar's protectors first, each carrying 5500 HP on them. Next, face Kvar, who has 10,000HP. Avoid Kvar's pink attacks as best you can (run when you see them coming, or knock him down). Upon defeating him you will receive a Holy Ring and an Ex Gem...and you will have avenged your mom. A lot happens in the cutscene, so pay attention. The Human Ranch is destroyed and you end up back in Asgard. Save in town, then return to the Field. Head directly north of Asgard a little bit, to the bushes hiding Lake Umacy. Enter.

Lake Umacy

At the lake a Unicorn is spotted. Raine discusses the healing power of the Unicorn Horn. Sheena offers to summon the water god, Undine, so you can access the unicorn. To do so, you must go back to the water seal. Head all of the way through the Hakonesia Peak pass and back to the Thoda Dock. Use the boat to travel over to the island. Make your way across the bridge, then through the "dungeon" and warp circle to where you battled for the Seal of Water. Sheena will summon the Undine, only to find Undine has a pact with Mithos. Finally, you must battle her and her 13000 HP for a Guardian Symbol, and Sheena will form a pact with the Undine. You will also acquire "Aquamarine". Sheena will learn "S. Seal: Water" and "Summon: Water".

Once all of this is done, return to Lake Umacy. Sheena will summon the Undine, who will wake up the unicorn. The unicorn will give Colette the Unicorn Horn, and the unicorn will die. Back on land, Raine will learn "Resurrection" and will earn the title "Grand Healer". Exit out. Now you are to heal Pietro and Clara. Oy. Return to Hima.

Upon entering Hima, you're told there's something happening in front of the inn. Go there and you'll see Clara, who will drop the key to the Tower of Mana. You need to go there. Again, it's just north of Luin.

Tower of Mana

Approach the door and open it. In front of you is an oracle stone. However, it doesn't work like those in the past. Three must stay behind to keep the door open. You have to pick one other person to go with you as Colette has to go. I chose Kratos.

Move forward and up the spiraling staircase. At the top, collect the Armet Helm from the chest and pass through the door. Run to the far side of the room and burn the red curtain with your Sorcerer's Ring. Push the block exactly into the center of the room, so the light is deflected to the east and west. This will cause the west door to open. Pass through it.

In this next room, activate the green console next to the blue circle. You will now be in charge of Raine. Head up the stairs. Burn the red curtain in this room, push the block to the center, and go north. You will appear in the same room and Lloyd and the gang, but you can't quite get to them. First, save at the Memory Circle and collect the goods from the chests. Next, burn the red curtain. Here, you have light. You must place the reflective blocks in the correct position so all of the white orbs are touched by light. You have four blocks. By looking at the placement of the triangles on top of them, they are identified as SE, NE, NW and middle. First, push the SE block so it deflects light onto the central white orb. Place the NW block just north of it, on the left side of the northernmost white orb to light it up. Place the NE block on the opposite side of the block, and the light will shine south. Catch the light with the "middle" block so it shines, again, through the central white orb, and through it to the western orb. When all orbs are activated a bridge will appear on the top of the room.

Exit north, out of the orb room, collect the treat from the treasure chest, then go east. From here, go south and you'll be on another spiral staircase. Make your way up it. Pass through the door, then go west. Collect the goods from the chest, then go over the bridge. When you do, you'll return to Lloyd's group.

Cross over the light bridge here, move up the stairs, and cross the next bridge. Make your way up to Raine and the warp will be activated. If you're ready to go into battle, pass through. Honestly, this was one of the easiest "boss battles". Lloyd, Kratos, Sheena and Colette together beat this guy easily. Use Lloyd's many sword attacks and try to hit Iubaris from below, and his 16800 HP will run out in no time. Upon defeating him, you will receive "Brass". The summoned spirit, Luna (hehe), will ask for Aska. You are told you must find Aska to restore her power. You are also told by Ramiel, that you are to head to the Tower of Salvation. Colette will learn "Sacrifice". Warp out. However, before exiting the dungeon, be sure to collect the Boltzman's Book from one of the many bookshelves.

Outside, Colette gets ill and a rest is needed. During this time, Sheena tells about her world, Tethe'alla and how it's interconnected to Sylvarant. After the cutscene, head to the Field, then to Hima (there's a man in Luin who will get you there fast if you agree to accompany him to Hima).


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In Hima head to the inn and into the upstairs room to find Pietro. Once he is healed, he'll speak of the Desians' hopes of reviving the Angelus Project and the development of the Mana Cannon. Exit out of the inn and you'll be reminded of the Dragon Tour in Hima. Head up the path...all of the way up the path, to the top. Here you'll meet the man offering the tours. Agree to meet him the next morning.

When you split up from the group, find everyone and talk to them. Sheena, Raine, Genis and Colette are by the inn. Kratos is up the path. Speak to everyone, then return to Colette and say, "That's all right". Here you'll get a conversation with Colette, then an Assassin's Ring after a Kratos encounter. After all of that, save at the inn, buy what you need for battle, then return to the Dragon Tour. I chose to ride my dragon with the Professor.

Tower of Salvation

Upon arriving, it seems Colette and Kratos have already entered the tower. Follow them in and warp. Here, Colette will sacrifice herself in order to revive the Goddess Martel. You learn Remiel isn't the guy you thought he was. After all of this, Colette learns "Judgement". It is then up to you to fight Remiel, and you must do it with Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Sheena. Use your Guardian spell often, to protect from Ramiel's attacks, and fight him with everything you have. Also, I deactivated all low TP attacks by Genis and Sheena, so they would focus on the high-damage stuff. Make sure everyone's (including your own) Guardian spell is accessible. You will need to protect yourselves from Ramiel's magic attacks. Keep Raine's TP up as she has the power to heal and even resurrect those who go down. This is a battle where you almost focus more on keeping your friends alive than defeating the enemy. If you do this, and toss in some of your own attacks, you will be able to strip him of his 16000 HP.

Once you defeat Remiel, you'll learn something new about Kratos. He is one of the Four Seraphim, sent to keep an eye over the Chosen. Then, you must battle Kratos. After Remiel did his damage, I was little match for Kratos. Upon being defeated, Lord Yggdrasill appears...then, if you are like me, you will be defeated again. Botta appears and takes Colette with him. However, you awaken in Triet Desert at the "Desian Base". However, you learn you were saved by these Desians, who are actually "Renegades". Raine figures Cruxis, Kratos's organization, may be the same as the Desians. You will meet Botta and the blue-haired leader, where more is explained.

Once you escape from them, head down the hall, then north. Make your way down the stairs, then buy what you need from the vending machine. Continue forward to the Memory Circle and Save. Pass through the next door, change the power of your Ring. Move into the next section of the room where you'll find three crates. Line up the two wooden ones perpendicular to the staircase, then climb back up the stairs, cross over them and get to the metal crate. Push it off the ledge. Your ultimate goal is to place the metal crate over the blue square, but first, you need all three crates to access the treasure chests. Once you get the items in the chests (Straw Hat and Ex Gem Lv2, grab the metal crate and drag it over to the blue square. This will reveal a staircase for you opposite the ring changer. Before you run to it, place the wooden crates on the platform surrounded by pink lights, next to the staircase. Line them up from north to south. Now run down the staircase.

Move down the right side first and push the metal crate down into the water. Move across and down the opposite staircase and shoot your electrified ring at the pillar. Then push the switch on the console. This will lower the platform from above, with the two crates you placed on top of it. Use the crates to run across to the other side. Shoot the pillar here, then activate the next console. This drains the water in the central area. Run down the stairs to the metal crate and push it over the blue square. This lowers the gate, then zap the next pillar. Head back up the stairs and exit out the south door. Here will be a cutscene where Raine suggests going to Tethe'alla. To get there, you need to find a craft that is in this base.

First, exit south to the jail cells where you were imprisoned a long time ago. Save, then return to the room and move west. Move north and you'll come to the Rheairds, and you and your party will travel and crash. After the conversation, move along the path and save at the Memory Circle.

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